What If

These are collections one shots. This one is the story if Cindy went to Dimmsdale after her fifteenth birthday.

(Cindy sneaks out of her house and crosses the street. She takes out a strand of Jimmy's hair out of her pocket and sneaks into the lab. She gets the transporter ready.)

Cindy: I can't take it for another second. I'm going to Dimmsdale. Timmy just has to know about all of this…. (The transporter shows Dimmsdale. She takes a deep breath.) Here we go. (She jumps through and hits the sign. She gets up and sees that she is in Dimmsdale.) Dimmsdale, it hasn't changed in five years. (She heads into the suburbs. She passes by a soccer stadium where she sees a fifteen year old boy practicing. He's tall, short messy brown hair, blue eyes, a pink baseball cap, bucked teeth, a green dress shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.) Can it be?

Timmy: (He's pretending to be an announcer.) Turner is alone with the goalie. He shoots. (He shoots the ball and makes it.) And he makes the winning goal! His father must be proud. (He scoffs and goes back to his regular voice.) Yeah, right. The only ones who would be proud of me like that would be Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof.

(Cindy grabs Timmy's backpack and comes over.)

Cindy: (She is behind him.) My parents could be proud of you like that, Timmy.

Timmy: (He spins around and sees her.) Cindy? Cindy, is that really you?

Cindy: (She giggles and gives him his backpack.) Last time I checked.

Timmy: (He puts his backpack on. He hugs Cindy and stops.) Cindy, I've missed you so much!

Cindy: So much that you didn't call or write?

Timmy: Hey, not my fault that they don't have inter-dimensional mailmen and phones. I thought Neutron was going to take care of that stuff.

Cindy: (She looks bummed now.) Actually; Timmy, Jimmy is the reason I'm here.

Timmy: (He's concerned.) Why? Did something happen?

Cindy: Yeah. Jimmy became a big jerk.

Timmy: Boyfriend trouble huh? Well, luckily for you, I happen to be at your service.

Cindy: (She giggles.) That's great but what about your girlfriend?

Timmy: I'm sure Trixie won't mind me helping out an old friend of mine as long as you don't.

Cindy: (She smiles.) Nope.

Timmy: Why don't we go to the park and you can tell me everything, hm?

Cindy: (They arrive at the park.) So you still have Cosmo and Wanda?

Timmy: Yup. They're my watch. (He shows her the watch. Cosmo is the minute hand, Wanda is the second hand, and Poof is the hour hand.) Say hi guys.

(Wanda, Poof, and Cosmo appear.)

Wanda and Cosmo: Hi, Cindy!

Poof: Poof, poof!

Timmy: (He laughs.) Poof, this is Cindy. Cindy, this is Poof. Poof is Wanda and Cosmo's son and my little brother. At least he is to me.

Cindy: It's nice to meet you.

Poof: (He hides behind Wanda.) Poof.

Wanda: Poof is a little shy around strangers but once he gets to know you, he's fine.

Cosmo: Not me!

Cindy: (She laughs.) You haven't change, Cosmo. (She turns to Timmy.) Anna told me the truth about them.

Timmy: So, you know Anna too? (Cindy nods.) That's a relief. (He turns to Wanda, Cosmo, and Poof.) Could you guys leave us alone for a while?

Wanda: Sure thing, Timmy. If you need us….

Timmy: I know Wanda. Just call. (They disappear.) Wanda is such a worry wart especially after what happened with the Darkness and all…. (Cindy gives him a curious stare.) But enough about me let's focus on you.

Cindy: Well, ever since Jimmy turned thirteen, he became an absolute jerk. He shut out me, our friends, and he almost shut out his parents too.

Timmy: Why?

Cindy: He never told us. (She starts to cry.) Oh, Timmy. (She collapses into him.) Was it something I did?

Timmy: (He tries to comfort her.) I don't think so, Cindy. Jimmy would never….

Cindy: Then, what?

Timmy: If I may be so bold, I think he's being jerky because he wants to thank me.

Cindy: (She looks up at him and gives him a curious stare.) Thank you for what?

Timmy: For getting you two together. Didn't you find it weird that the day I left Jimmy told you that he loved you?

Cindy: (She's surprised.) H-how did you know that?

Timmy: I told him that he better or I was going to do it for him.

Cindy: (She's even more surprised.) Oh, Timmy…. (She starts to cry even more.) Why didn't he tell me?

Timmy: One name: Anna.

Cindy: She swore him to secrecy….

Timmy: Probably.

Cindy: Oh, Timmy. (She looks up at him. He wipes a tear out of her eye.) Thanks.

Timmy: Anything for a friend, Cindy. (Cindy smiles at him.) Come on; I want you to at least meet my friends before you go.

Cindy: I would love to meet them.

Timmy: (He smiles.) Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof! (They appear.) I wish all of my friends were here!

Wanda and Cosmo: You've got it!

(They make Chester, A. J., Alicia, Tootie, Trixie, Remy, and Juandissimo appear.)

All: (They see Cindy.) Cindy Vortex?

Cindy: You told them about me?

Timmy: You, Neutron, you name it. (He points to A. J. and Chester.) You remember A. J. and Chester. (He points to Alicia.) This is Alicia, (he points to Tootie) this is Tootie, (he points to Trixie) this is Trixie, (he points to Remy) this is Remy, (he points to Juandissimo) and this is Juandissimo.

Cindy: Nice to meet you.

Alicia: Likewise.

Tootie: Wow, I really can't believe we're meeting you.

Remy: Turner, what on earth is she doing here?

Trixie: Did something happen to Jimmy?

Juandissimo: And is this Jimmy sexy like me? (He rips off his shirt.) I never get tired of that.

Chester: (They all roll their eyes.) Well, we do!

A. J.: So true.

Cindy: (She laughs.) They're great friends, Timmy. (The next day, the two of them are alone. She has Timmy's game boy.) So, this will get me home?

Timmy: It got Neutron home, didn't it?

Cindy: True. Now, about Jimmy what should I tell him?

Timmy: (He gives her an envelope and a DVD.) That envelope is for Jimmy and the DVD is for everyone. It tells the story about the Darkness battle. You can watch it only if you do me one small favor.

Cindy: Anything.

Timmy: Tell Jimmy that he is best friends with a Chosen One. (Cindy stares at him, curiously.) You'll find out soon enough.

Cindy: (She hugs him.) Take care, Timmy.

Timmy: (He lets go of her.) You too, Cindy.

Cindy: (She presses a button on the game boy and ends up in Jimmy's lab. Jimmy is there.) Jimmy!

Jimmy: (He sees Cindy.) Cindy! What are you doing in my….? (He sees the game boy.) It couldn't be….

Cindy: It is. It's Timmy Turner's game boy.

Jimmy: (He looks at it with awe.) I don't believe it. You went to Dimmsdale?

Cindy: Yes. Now, sit down. (Jimmy sits down.) I have much to tell you. But, let me first say the message Timmy gave me. He said that you're friends with a Chosen One.

Jimmy: What? What does that mean?

Cindy: (She's clutching the DVD.) I think it has something to with this DVD Timmy given me….

Jimmy: Let's see what's on it. (He puts the DVD in and it starts to play the whole 'Wishology' story. The DVD has ended and he has tears in his eyes.) What kind of friend am I to let him go through that without me?

Cindy: (She also has tears in her eyes.) I can see why he didn't want to talk about this with me….

Jimmy: He probably didn't want to scare you and I suggest we don't bring this up with the others either.

Cindy: I agree. Jimmy? (He turns to her and she kisses him. They break out of their kiss.) I missed him, too.

Jimmy: I'm so sorry, Cindy. Can you ever forgive me?

Cindy: I already have.

(They kiss again.)