The Exciting Middle Part

(We're in Fairy World and we see Cupid walking his dog and all of the sudden, we see Eliminators.)

Cupid: Ah! The Eliminators are back!

3: Eliminate Timmy Turner!

(Timmy and Jimmy show up, with the white wand.)

Jimmy: Don't you mean…?

Timmy: The Chosen One?

(Timmy plays the guitar and the Top Eliminator shows up after they destroy the other Eliminators.)

1: You cannot stop the Darkness, Chosen One. (It sucks in both Timmy and Jimmy.) The Chosen One and his best friend are eliminated.

(The Top Eliminator is destroyed and Jimmy and Timmy are alright.)

Jimmy: And you…

Timmy: Cannot stop the Chosen One and his best friend! (He plays and we see that was a video game sequence. We're at some sort of convention hall.) And that's how you play: 'The Chosen One' video game.

Kid fairy 1: (He's playing the game.) I hear when you play this game it makes you feel like you're the Chosen One!

Kid fairy 2: (He is also playing the game.) Don't call my house anymore because I'm playing this game until I die!

All: Chosen One! Chosen One!

Jimmy: Awesome, thousands of fans cheering for you buddy.

Timmy: As they should, Neutron.

Wanda: (She, Cosmo, and Poof appear.) Well, you two defeated the Darkness and saved Fairy World!

Cosmo: You're action heroes! Only you don't have rugged good looks, tight gluteus, trophy wives who love you for your money as opposed to your first wives who loved you when you had money. Oh, and you don't have cool catchphrases!

Timmy: Hey, our glutei are very tight.

Jimmy: Sort of, Turner. But we do need cool catchphrases. Like, 'don't touch our cheese'.

Timmy: Nah. Oh, how about 'Hungry? How about a fillet of fists?'

Wanda: Well, the fists one has some possibilities.

All: Chosen One! Chosen One!

(Just then, a bolt of lightning brings in Turbo Thunder.)

Turbo: Do not cheer for Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron! I am the true Chosen One!

Jimmy: Oh, no.

Timmy: Here we go again.

Turbo: For I, Turbo Thunder, trained myself for many years and would've defeated the Darkness easily. And I would have too. If I wasn't late.

Fairy 3: You stink!

Turbo: You won't think I stink when I save you all from the Darkness with my thunder pits!

(Turbo demonstrates his thunder pits and gets hit by tomatoes.)

Fairy 3: You're thunder pits stink!

Sparky: Hi, I'm Sparky. Will you sign my white wand controller?

Timmy: 'To Sparky, keep rocking. Signed, the Chosen One. Your hero who stopped the Darkness and you love because he's so cool.'

Jimmy: Modest aren't you?

Wanda: (Timmy shoots Jimmy a look and she appears.) Sorry your modest one but we're late for your white wand statue decantation.

Timmy: What? And leave thousands of fans who totally love the Chosen….

Jimmy: Poof us there in a hurry, Wanda. Turner is making me queasy.

(Timmy shoots Jimmy another look and Wanda poofs them to Fairy Hall.)

Jorgen: And that's why we decant this statue to Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron of them holding the real white wand that stopped the Darkness!

(Jorgen pulls off the curtain and reveals the statue of Timmy and Jimmy holding the wand together.)

All: Chosen One! Chosen One!

Timmy: Hm, not sure it captures our heroic senescence.

Jimmy: Do we have one?

Cosmo: (He flicks on the legs.) Yeah, the glutei are way too tight!

Wanda: Come on you two. Time to hit the talk show circuit.

Timmy: What? And leave thousands of fans who totally love the Chosen….

Jimmy: Poof us there in a hurry, Wanda. Turner is making me queasy, again.

(Timmy shoots Jimmy another look and Wanda poofs them to Billy Crystal Ball's show.)

Billy: We're here with everyone's soft gluteus boys. The Chosen One: Timmy Turner and his best friend: Jimmy Neutron. Tell us boys, are you worried that the Darkness might return and oh, I don't know, destroy you two?

Jimmy: Well, Bill. If the Darkness does come back, it better come back hungry.

Billy: Why is that?

Timmy: Because we plan to serve it up a (they reveal that they have flaming fists) fillet of fists!

Wanda: (She, Cosmo, and Poof are back stage.) Where did they get the flaming fists?

Cosmo: Oh, they wished those up when you were in the can.

Timmy: That's why the Darkness is never coming back!

Jimmy: You got that right, buddy!

(They celebrate. Meanwhile, on Yugopotamia….)

King: (He comes out of the capitol and approaches his wife. He takes a deep breath.) Another glorious Yugopotamia day. The garbage is in bloom. The lake monsters are singing.

(The lake monster roars.)

Queen: And the sky is filled with giant fireballs headed right for us.

King: It's just like the night we… (He realizes.) Giant fireballs? (He looks and sees the fireballs land and Eliminators come out of them. The Eliminators start to attack everyone.) We're under attack!

(King runs over Queen, goes into the capitol, and he gets the three escape pods come out.)

Queen: Are you sure you know how to work the royal escape pods?

King: Of course! I'm the king! Watch! (He blasts off one of the escape pods.) One of us should been on that.

Queen: Oh, give me that before you… (She takes the remote, presses the button accidently, and blasts off another escape pods.) Eh, my bad.

King: Only the prince's pod is left! But, Mark is spending his days on Earth, hating his home planet, and chilling with the universe's greatest warrior, Timmy Turner.

Queen: (She points behind him.) Isn't that Mark right there?

Mark: Yo, rental units! 'Sup? Okay, I came back home to get a new fake-I-fire as my old one is on the fritz and only converts me into ladies footwear.

(Mark spins the dial and becomes a flat heeled shoe. He then becomes a high heel shoe.)

Queen: Ooh, nice pump!

(Mark turns back to normal but before he can grab another belt, more fireballs crash into the capitol and more Eliminators come out. King puts Mark into his escape pod.)

King: Quick, go to Earth my son! And carry on the legacy of our beloved planet! Though you will be superior to earthlings, do not… (Queen blasts off the escape pod.) I wasn't finished!

Queen: (The Eliminators corner them.) But, I think we are!

King: Well, then. Let me protect you my sweet.

(King puts her in front of him and the Eliminators take them. 1 comes in.)

1: He will not escape us this time because he will come right to us.

Mark: (He's in his escape pod and sees the Darkness eating Yugopotamia.) Is there, like, anyone who can help us?

(Meanwhile, in Fairy World….)

Announcer: They were just two ordinary gorgeous, tight gluteus earth boys who saved Fairy World from destruction. Emu and Kin Hoe as Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron in the 'Chosen One: Ninjas.'

Cosmo: (We're in a mansion where he, Timmy, and Jimmy are in the hot tub, watching television.) Cool! Fairy wood adapted Timmy and Jimmy's life story for the big screen!

Wanda: (She comes over with Poof.) But, when did you two become ninjas?

Jimmy: Well, Turner and I might have tweaked the script just a little.

Timmy: (His character on the screen kisses a girl who looks like Trixie. He laughs a little.) Don't I wish?

Jimmy: You have good taste, Turner. Though, I wish I could tell Cindy how I feel. (His character on the screen kisses a girl who looks like Cindy.) I wish.

Timmy: (He scoffs a little.) Now you know how I feel.

(Poof is copying the ninja's moves.)

Wanda: (She turns off the television.) That's it. No more action movies for Poof! The violence could negatively affect him.

Cosmo: Oh, relax Wanda. That's just a myth.

(Poof throws Wanda into the hot tub and smack dab into Cosmo.)

Jimmy: Actually, that is the truth, Cosmo.

Timmy: (He grabs the phone.) Yeah, hi this is the Chosen One in the Chosen One suite. I was wondering if you could send up six pizzas, some milkshakes, extra towels, and anyone else want something.

Cosmo: Nine pounds of cocktail weenies!

Timmy: And nine pounds of cocktail weenies.

(A fairy poofs in the stuff.)

Jimmy: Why do you want nine pounds of cocktail weenies?

Cosmo: Because I love cocktail weenies! Don't touch my weenies! Hey, that could be my new catchphrase!

Wanda: Timmy, don't you think that it is time to wrap up the whole Chosen One thing and oh I don't know go back to school and Earth and be regular good old Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron, again?

Jimmy and Timmy: Yeah….no.

Timmy: Why would I want to go back to Dimmsdale to a horrible life? My parents constantly ignore me, I am constantly running for my life when I'm left with Vicky, Francis bullies me, Crocker gives me constant failures-even when I'm right, my dream girl keeps rejecting me, and I barely know my Uncle Emmet. The only thing that makes my life bearable is my friends, you guys, and once in a month Anna/Nacey comes to visit!

Jimmy: Who?

Wanda: Anna Smith and Nacey Cortex-O'Connell. They are one in the same. You see, Nacey is a magical being and she can know about us fairies just like you, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Wow, I had no idea.

Cosmo: She's awesome!

Jimmy: And who is this Uncle Emmet you keep mentioning?

Wanda: That's what I want to know!

Timmy: Long story but why would I want to go home when I can does stuff like this? (He picks up the phone.) Yeah, this is the Chosen One and I would like a ton of wrapped presents sent up to the Chosen One suite. And don't tell me what's in them. Surprise me. (With a poof, presents appear. He opens one and they are roller skates.) Roller skates? Well, I did say surprise me.

Wanda: But I bet your parents are worried sick. Aren't they, Cosmo? (Cosmo has cocktail weenies in his mouth and mutters something.) What's that, Cosmo? We should poof Timmy and Jimmy home before they ask us not to? Okay!

Timmy and Jimmy: Uh…. (Before they can say anything, Wanda poofs them to Timmy's bedroom.) That was so un-cool!

Cosmo: Weenies? Weenies, where for art thou weenies?

(Poof kicks Cosmo and Cosmo smashes into the wall.)

Jimmy: I think we're in no position to argue with Poof right now.

Mr. Turner: Oh, Timmy. Are you home? And is Jimmy with you?

Wanda: (She whispers.) See? I told you that your parents were worried sick about you.

Timmy: Okay, maybe you're right.

(Wanda, Cosmo, and Poof disguise themselves as goldfish. Mr. and Mrs. Turner come in.)

Mrs. Turner: Hi, sweetie. We just got back from our ski trip and we were wondering….

Mr. Turner: Did we forget to bring you and your friend?

Timmy: (He shoots Wanda a look and she smiles sheepishly.) Yeah, but it is okay. I'm the Chosen One.

Mrs. Turner: Great! Now, we're going to go pack for our tropical vacation.

Mr. Turner: And we promise not to forget you or your friend!

(They leave and the fairies appear.)

Wanda: O-oh, a vacation with your parents. A chance for you to reconnect with your parents and Earth.

Timmy: Three, two, one.

(The car takes off.)

Jimmy: Turner was right, Wanda.

Cosmo: You were wrong and I want my weenies back!

Timmy: And Neutron and I want all of the other stuff.

Wanda: Fine.

(Wanda poofs up the stuff.)

Cosmo: Must eliminate weenie!

(Poof kicks Cosmo and Cosmo hits the wall again. Poof goes into the weenie batch and emerges with several weenies in his mouth.)

Jimmy: And now it's time we go back to Fairy World.

Timmy: We're action heroes, Wanda. And if there is a call for help, the Chosen One and his best friend must heed that call.

Wanda: But, the Darkness hasn't come back and no one is crying for help!

Mark's voice: (He yells.) Timmy Turner, like, help!

Jimmy: (He, Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo, and Poof go outside and see Mark.) Timmy, who is that?

Timmy: Oh, that's Prince Mark Chang. I wished him up a long time ago. He's from the planet Yugopotamia where everything is the opposite. (He goes over to Mark.) What's up, Mark?

Mark: You must help me! Evil robots and a swirling vortex of death have swallowed up my entire planet!

Jimmy: It sounds like the Darkness is back.

Timmy: Well, it better come….

Both: The Darkness is back!

(They scream, run into the tree, and hid in it.)

Wanda: Spoken like true action heroes.

Mark: (He gets them out of the tree. He grabs both of them.) But, you are like the Chosen One! And you must help me fight!

Timmy: (He laughs a little.) See, technically I'm not the Chosen One. That's what they call me, though…

Jimmy: Wait. How did you know that he was the Chosen One? He never told you! And you're holding us kind of tight!

"Mark": Because I must… (A black vortex comes from his mouth.) Eliminate Timmy Turner!

Cosmo and Wanda: It's an Eliminator!

Jimmy and Timmy: We wish the Mark Eliminator was gone!

(Cosmo and Wanda try to poof away the Eliminator but the Eliminator takes the wands. The Mark Eliminator pulls them closer in.)

Cosmo and Wanda: Jimmy, Timmy! No!

(Just then, the real Marks' escape pod lands on the Eliminator, freeing them. Mark comes out.)

Mark: Yo, Earth buds! 'Sup?

Jimmy and Timmy: (They pick up the robot arm.) The Darkness is back.

(They both freak out.)

Cosmo: It's another Mark Eliminator!

(Poof throws a dirty diaper at Mark and Mark eats it.)

Mark: Whew! Diaper delight!

Jimmy: Did he just….?

Mark: Who the heck are you?

Timmy: Prince Mark Chang, this is Jimmy Neutron. My friend from Retroville. What's up?

Mark: (He bows to Timmy.) Oh, greatest warrior in the universe. (He grabs Timmy.) You must help me defeat the metal robots dudes and the swirling vortex of death!

(The Eliminator disappears and leaves behind a fake-I-fire.)

Wanda: And they stole your fake-I-fire s!

Mark: (He throws Timmy aside and gasps.) A new fake-I-fire! With Wi-Fi, cha. (He spins the dial and becomes a shelf, a bear, and a human.) Cool! I'm Justin Jake Austin! Earth teen dream with three first names.

Jimmy: Technology that disguise you into anything or anyone….

Timmy: (He catches onto Jimmy's train of thought.) That's how the Eliminators were able to disguises themselves as Mark.

Wanda: But, why would the Darkness want to take over Yugopotamia and not the rest of the universe?

Cosmo: Maybe it doesn't want to destroy the universe. Just Timmy and Jimmy. I mean if two soft gluteus boys stopped me from eating the universe, I try to take them out before I try it again. Wouldn't you?

Wanda: (She's surprised.) Did Cosmo just figure this whole thing out?

Cosmo: Got that right. Corndog, what?

Jimmy: And now it's gone.

Timmy: This calls for the Chosen One.

Mark: Yes! (He starts to cry happily.) I knew you would like help me, Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron!

Jimmy: Not us!

Timmy: I agree! We mean Turbo Thunder. There is no way we're fighting the Darkness again.

Cosmo: Is that your new action phrase because it's rather long…

Jimmy: We'll find Turbo Thunder, he'll fire his thunder pits at the Darkness…

Timmy: The Darkness goes bye-bye and Neutron and I live happily after in both Retroville and Dimmsdale, where Neutron will marry Cindy Vortex and I'll marry Trixie Tang. (He goes over and waves at Trixie.) Hi, Trixie!

Trixie: (She screams.) Help, police! Ah!

(Trixie runs off.)

Jimmy: That was weird.

Timmy: Yeah, but she digs me. Now, let's find Turbo Thunder!

(Meanwhile, in Fairy World….)

Turbo: (He's holding up a sign that reads, 'The Darkness is coming back'. He also has a cup next to him.) The Darkness is coming back! (A fairy flicks a quarter into his cup.) Thanks. And you'll all be sorry that you rejected the true Chosen One, Turbo Thunder!

Jorgen: (He poofs in.) I'm only sorry that I didn't ban you from Fairy World sooner.

Turbo: What? I'm Turbo Thunder! You can't ban Turbo Thunder from….

(Jorgen poofs Turbo Thunder in a poof of smoke that reads 'banished'. Jimmy, Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo, Poof, and Mark poof in.)

Jorgen: Hey! You just missed me banning 'Turbo Blunder" from Fairy World!

Jimmy, Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo: Oh, no you didn't!

Timmy: Where is he?

Jorgen: Who knows? Who cares? He kept ranting that the Darkness is coming back!

(Jorgen laughs.)

Jimmy, Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo: The Darkness is coming back!

Jorgen: (He stops laughing.) Oh. (We go to the Cave of Destiny. We're in front of the cave drawing.) What are you saying? That I missed the hidden part of the cave prophecy? Turner, Neutron! I have the eyes of an eagle, the speed of a puma, and the wisdom of a great horned owl!

Jimmy: (He gets a whiff of Jorgen's breath.) And the breath of skunk.

Timmy: (He goes over to another cave drawing and claps. It becomes light.) 'Part Two: How to Find the Second Wand'.

Jorgen: Okay, maybe it is the eyes of a mole and the wisdom of a clothes hamper but I still have the strength of a lion!

Jimmy and Timmy: There's a second wand?

Cosmo: (He points to a cave drawing that shows the Eliminators taking over Fairy World.) Hey, check this cave drawing out! This looks like the Eliminators taking over Fairy World! (He laughs then stops.) Corndog, what?

(Meanwhile, in downtown Fairy World. Cupid's chocolate arrives and he's having lunch with Juandissimo.)

Cupid: Argh, this is solid! I said that I wanted my heart filled with caramel and nugget!

Juandissimo: Why don't you have a salad for once? Caramel makes you irritable.

Cupid: No, what makes me irritable is how busy it is in downtown Fairy World. What's with all the fairies?

(Some of the fairies turn into Eliminators.)

Juandissimo: Those aren't fairies! Those are Eliminators!

(They all fly off and we go back to the Cave of Destiny.)

Jorgen: (He rubs his head.) I just felt a disturbance in the fairy force like a thousand fairies cried out in agony.

Jimmy: There's one sound I don't want to hear. It must be creepy.

Jorgen: We must quickly deserter parts two of the prophecy and stop the Darkness…again.

Mark: (He takes out some read glasses.) Okay, it says, 'the second wand is on the dark side of the blue moon'.

Timmy: It's written in Yugopotamia?

Mark: Cha and I got to tell you. It's kind of freaking me out a little.

Jorgen: You're freaked? I think my mole vision just saw those stalagmites moved!

(The stalagmites turn into Eliminators.)

Jimmy: Those aren't stalagmites! Those are Eliminators!

(They open a vortex to the Darkness and take Wanda, Cosmo, Poof, and Jorgen's wands.)

Jorgen: Ah! Our wands!

(1 throws a net at them, capturing the fairies.)

Mark: Ah! (He grabs onto Timmy and Jimmy.) Hold me, Turner and Neutron!

1: And now I have you!

(They all scream. Just then, a porthole appears behind them escaping the three of them.)

3: We didn't see that escape porthole earlier.

2: And I have the eyes of a puma.

1: Put these with the others. Then find and eliminate Timmy Turner.

Wanda: What does he mean by "others"?

(We now switch over to Abacatraz. Cupid and Juandissimo are in a cell together.)

Cupid: You cannot keep all of Fairy World locked up! Love always conquers Darkness.

Juandissimo: And my sexiness cannot be contained! (He rips his shirt to prove his point.) See?

(They lower a metal door on their cell. Meanwhile; they throw Wanda, Cosmo, Poof, and Jorgen into an empty cell.)

Wanda: Oh, no! We're locked in Abacatraz, Fairy World's maximum security prison and who know what happened to Jimmy and Timmy!

Nacey: (She is thrown into the same cell.) I can tell you. After all, I'm the one who escaped them.

Jorgen: Nance?

(Meanwhile, with Jimmy, Timmy, and Mark… The porthole opens and they arrive back in Timmy's room.)

Mark: Cool, we're wall vomit! Now, what's going on, bros?

Jimmy: The Darkness wants to destroy Turner and so we have to find a second wand and destroy the Darkness first.

Timmy: Oh yeah and you're our new sidekick.

Mark: Yeah…no. (He takes some weenies.) You see it's the Chosen Uno, not the Chosen Duo. So, you two go out and battle the suck-y bots and the not Chosen One….that's moa, will stay here and nosh and these tiny tubes of spicy flesh.

(Mark chews down some weenies.)

Jimmy: May we remind you that you lost your entire planet to that thing?

Timmy: And you read the prophecy! Now, are you a man or a mouse?

Mark: (He turns into a mouse.) Like, squeak?

Timmy: Fine! We'll do it ourselves! At least I have Neutron by my side and he has the smarts of a real smart animal.

Jimmy: And you have the speed of a cheetah, Turner.

Timmy: And we will not be fooled by their surprise attacks!

Tamara: Oh, Timmy!

Terrance: We have a surprise for you!

Timmy: (He runs down the stairs.) Surprise? You said surprise? Boy wants surprise!

Tamara: Here it is.

Both: (Their eyes turned green.) Eliminate Timmy Turner!

Jimmy: Eliminators!

(Timmy freaks out and faints. Mark comes down the stairs.)

Mark: Back off suck-y bots!

Jimmy: Uh, Mark….

Mark: (He looks down and sees that he is still a mouse.) Oh, hold that thought. (He transforms into a kangaroo.) Better.

Jimmy: Much better.

Mark: Suck-y bots, say hello to the 'Chang'aroo.

Jimmy: And Jimmy Neutron.

(The two knock out the two Eliminators and flee Timmy. They all go outside.)

Timmy: (He wakes up.) Thanks for saving me you guys.

Mark: Hey, it's what sidekicks….

Jimmy: And best friends do.

Timmy: And I will not be fooled again or believe what anyone says.

Trixie: Hi, Timmy. (Timmy goes over to her. She puts on lipstick.) I thought I just stop over and smooch every part of your face.

Timmy: Awesome!

(Timmy puckers up.)

Trixie: Kiss me you…. (Her eyes turn green.) Fool!

(The Trixie Eliminator almost sucks Timmy in but Mark grabs Timmy while Jimmy gets rid of the Eliminator.)

Mark: Dude.

Timmy: Cut me some slack! I've wanted to kiss her since pre-k!

Jimmy: (He shakes his head.) Turner, you've got it bad.

(The Eliminators come out.)

Mark: Okay, wisdom of a really smart animal boy, what do we do now? (Jimmy, he, and Timmy ran off.) Run? That's your great plan?

Jimmy: I don't have the creativity of a really creative animal yet.

Timmy: And you're the one with the brain blast!

Chester: (He and A. J. emerge from the sewer.) Timmy! Robotic aliens have taken over Dimmsdale!

A. J.: Jump in if you want to live!

Mark: Trust them for they live in a sewer.

Jimmy: What does that have to do with anything?

Timmy: No time for that! Jump!

(The three of them jump along with Chester and A. J. Chester closes the manhole and the Eliminators fly right by.)

Mark: Sewer dwellers! Thank you for getting us out of that mess…and into this one.

Jimmy: You've got weird friends.

Timmy: Does that count you?

Chester: (Jimmy shoots Timmy a look.) And we must….

Both: (Both of their eyes turn green.) Eliminate Timmy Turner!

(They both open up a porthole to the Darkness.)

Mark: Luckily for you two, I have the extremes of a squid and the knowledge of a station engineer. (They escape the sewers and go in front of Timmy's house. The Eliminators turn to them and the three of them retreat back into the house and into Timmy's room.) Wait! I have another plan!

(Mark spins the fake-I-fire and becomes a mouse. He goes into a small mouse hole.)

Jimmy and Timmy: What about us?

Mark: Uh, I don't think you'll fit the hole.

(Just then, 1 tear through the roof and the other Eliminators make a big black porthole appear.)

1: Enter the Darkness, Timmy Turner. You have no magic, you have no weapons, and you have no options.

Jimmy: (He grabs a present flying by.) Oh, yeah. That's what you think, Eliminator.

Timmy: Man, I hope it is a turbo blaster! (Jimmy opens the present and it is a boom box.) A boom box?

Both: Well, let's hope it really goes boom!

(They both throw it at the porthole and it reacts badly to it.)

Mark: Dudes, I don't think it digs the funk.

Jimmy: (He picks up the roller skates.) Well, let's see if it can rock….

Timmy: And roller skate!

(They throw the roller skates at the porthole and the Eliminators are starting to short circuit.)

1: Stop Timmy Turner… Eliminate…the Chosen One….

(Mark comes out of the hole and returns to his original form.)

Timmy: Now, let's see how they like our weenies.

Jimmy: Not the catchphrase we were going for, Turner.

Mark: Still, whip the weenies!

(They throw the weenies at the porthole, forcing them to blow up.)

Jimmy: Awesome!

Timmy: You see that, Darkness! Now, we're going to go to the blue moon to get the second wand and we're coming after you!

Mark: And where is this blue moon?

Timmy: I have no idea.

Jimmy: (He slaps his forehead.) Now you tell us!

Mark: Hey, I bet you don't even where it is mister (He uses air quotes, sort of) "genius".

Jimmy: Touché.

Timmy: Okay, chill you two. Let's just think this through. We've got the Eliminators down and the Darkness to go. Even though I have no idea on how we whipped those dudes with roller skates and weenies, it's off to Mark's space ship so we can find the second wand.

Jimmy: Good plan, Turner.

Mark: Sewer quid powers activate!

(Jimmy and Timmy jump on and they jump into the sewer. Unknown to them, the Eliminators reconstruct themselves and they have roller skates and boom boxes. Meanwhile, in Abacatraz….)

Tamara: [Mrs. Turner.] Where are we again?

Terrance: [Mr. Turner.] The last thing I remember was us getting sucked into a man who looked exactly like me!

A. J.: I cerise that we were abducted by some sort of alien race that can shape shift into any form they want.

Terrance: Either that or was a bad batch of cocktail weenies…

3: The kid is right. We're aliens.

Trixie: Aliens? Right. What are you going to show us next? Fairies?

Terrance: Ha! There isn't a bad batch of weenies in the world bad enough to get me into believing that. (The Eliminators open the cell and they see Wanda, Cosmo, Poof, Jorgen, and Nacey.) Bad! Bad weenies!

(They all faint.)

Cosmo: Awesome! A fainting party!

(Cosmo faints.)

Nacey: (She rolls her eyes.) Cosmo, you idiot!

4: I like the funny green dude.

(They close the cell.)

5: (They get roller skates.) And I like the roller feet. (They get boom boxes.) And the funk!

(They roller skate away from the cell.)

Wanda: Get us out of here!

Nacey: I can't! Half of my magic is on N. Sanity Isle with Anna! I had to split my personalities to come here!

Jorgen: Fear not, Wanda. For if I knew Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron, they are probably hurdling through space with the speed of a space cheetahs to obtain the second wand and saving us all!

Nacey: (She sighs.) We can only hope.

(Meanwhile, with Jimmy, Timmy, and Mark….)

Timmy: (There is a big hole where Mark's space ship used to be.) Where is your space ship?

Mark: Oh, I sort of left it on Yugopotamia which of course is gone. But, the good news is I have no idea where this blue moon is that we seek.

Jimmy: Uh, Mark. That's bad news.

Mark: Oh, yeah right!

Timmy: Okay, we have no space ship, we have no idea where the blue moon is, and there is no one to help us since the Darkness took all of my friends and loved ones!

Mark: Uh, isn't there someone who hates you that can help us?

Jimmy: I can think of one.

(Meanwhile, in the Crocker Cave….)

Crocker: Yes! (He eats a cocktail weenie.) After 30 years of searching, 13 nervous breakdowns, and 4,000 cocktail weenies my magic seeking telescope will finally locate the legendary Fairy World!

(Crocker looks through the telescope and only sees stars.)

Automatic voice: Fairy World not detected.

Crocker: Curses! (Jimmy, Timmy, and Mark are behind him. He turns around, sees them, and screams.) I didn't steal anything! I mean…

Mark: (He grabs Crocker, lifts him up, and drops him.) Bad news, he's not a metal suck-y bot.

Jimmy: Uh, that's good news.

Mark: Oh, right.

Crocker: What's going on? How did you sneak this squid past mother and what's Buzz Adams doing here?

Timmy: Long story short. I'm being hunted down by an evil black porthole in space and need your help to locate a mystical and magical blue moon.

Crocker: Tell me that you have fairies and we have a deal.

Timmy: I have fairies.

Crocker: No use in denying it! (He realizes.) Oh, man. That was anti-climatic. But, I'm a man of my word. (He looks through his telescope.) On my many failed attempts to find Fairy World, I did find this blue moon in the Vegan system. Gives off a large magic reading but detected no life on the moon.

Timmy: (He looks through and sees it.) The star crater! That's it!

Jimmy: We need to get to that moon, fast!

Crocker: (He presses a button and rocket appears.) Behold the Crocker rocket!

Mark: Dude, aren't you like a teacher? How do you afford all of this stuff?

Crocker: Remember the funds for the new school's science wing that went missing?

Timmy: Yeah?

Crocker: You're looking at them.

Jimmy: And this will help us get to the blue moon of Vegan?

Crocker: (He pulls out a remote.) Does this answer your question? (He presses the button and blasts off the rocket.) We've probably should've been on that.

Mark: (He screams.) What are we going to do now? We have to save my planet and I cannot pull a space ship out of my pants!

Jimmy: Calm down. We know where the second wand is.

Timmy: And I can get us a space ship. All I need is a laptop, a high speed Internet connection, and a whooping cushion.

Mark: (He pulls out a laptop, a high speed Internet connection, and a whooping cushion out of his pants.) Bingo. (Timmy, Jimmy, and Crocker shot him a look.) What? I said I couldn't pull a space ship out of my pants.

(Meanwhile, in the Dark Ball, two of Dark Laser's goons are laughing at something.)

Laser: What's so funny?

Employee 1: (He looks sheepish as does his partner.) You wouldn't find it funny, sir.

Laser: What do you mean? I'm Dark Laser. I have a great sense of humor. (He looks at the computer and rubs his eyes.) Leaping light years!

Computer Laser: I'm Fart Laser! I'm Fart Laser! Pull my finger! I'm Fart Laser!

Laser: Who posted these lies? (He sees the poster and it is Timmy.) Turner.

(Meanwhile, in Dimmsdale, Timmy closes his laptop.)

Timmy: Three, two, one.

(The Death Ball lands and Dark Laser comes out with his laser sword ready.)

Laser: Turner, this time you've gone too far. I told you about my inferable boil in confidence!

Jimmy: Uh, Turner. What's with the Dark Vader look alike?

Timmy: (He pushes Laser into the Death Ball.) I'll explain on our way to the Vegan system.

Laser: We are not done with this conversation…

Mark: But, Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron. Do you think that this Timmy hating army is large enough to stop the Darkness?

Timmy: Nope, we're missing one critical and violent ingredient.

Jimmy: (Timmy gets out a fake cash register.) You're not…. (Timmy presses a button, making a ching chang sound. Vicky runs over.) You did.

Vicky: Money, money!

Timmy: Get the cash machine, Vicky! Get it girl!

(Timmy throws the cash register into the Death Ball and Vicky chases after it.)

Mark: The evil and vocations Vicky! Nice.

Jimmy: I'm not so sure about this…

(They get into the Death Ball and take off.)

Vicky: What's going on here? There is fake money in this! Why are we in an evil space pod and what is Buzz Adams doing here?

Jimmy: I'm Jimmy Neutron and Turner can explain better than I can.

Timmy: Thank you. Now, evil robots are hunting me down along with an evil wall of Darkness and they've captured my friends and family. I can only defeat it with the help of my enemies, that is you guys, and us finding a mystical and magical blue moon.

(Timmy smiles as does Mark and Jimmy.)

Vicky: Why should we help you?

Timmy: (He points at Vicky.) I'll give you twenty bucks, (he points at Crocker) you can see my fairies, (he points at Laser) and you can destroy me when this is all over.

Jimmy: (He shoots Timmy a look.) Turner!

Timmy: (He whispers.) Not like he could.

Enemies: Deal!

Laser: (He types on the computer.) I'll set the coordinates for the Vegan system.

(Laser laughs, weirdly. The Death Ball takes off. Meanwhile, in Abacatraz….)

Terrance: Uh, so Timmy has fairy godparents and that's your magic baby.

Wanda and Cosmo: Yup.

Tamara: (She points at Nacey.) And you're an inter-dimensional hero who disguises herself as Anna Smith so your world doesn't get discovered?

Nacey: That's the short version of it.

Chester: Wow! That is so cool!

A. J.: I forgot all about the possibility of other dimensions….

Trixie: Could someone fill me in, though? Who is Jimmy Neutron?

Jorgen: He's a genius like A. J. but he is from another universe like Nance.

Chester: Nance?

Nacey: It's a nickname my brother made up for me when we were young. He called me that and it just seemed to stick.

A. J.: You have a brother?

Nacey: Yes, Neo. I also have an older sister, Jasmine, two nieces, Darla and Anna-Chloe, a daughter, Nina, a son-in-law, Gus, a granddaughter, Starlet, a nephew, Kenai, a sister-in-law, Cynthia, husband, Henry, and a ten year old son, Phillip.

Trixie: Wow, you've got a big family Nance.

Nacey: Tell me about it.

Terrance: So, could Timmy wish away my man flab?

Jorgen: (He is annoyed, obviously.) Yes! And I am trying to break out of this jail cell here! (An Eliminator comes over.) I mean, I'm hungry.

(The Eliminator opens the cell, hitting Jorgen. It offers some chicken fingers to them.)

Terrance: Oh, no thanks. Chicken fingers go right to my man flab.

5: (He closes the cell.) And do not even think about trying to escape. You're not smart enough to out think us.

(The Eliminator turns around and Poof is on his back.)

Cosmo: (The Eliminator walks away.) Look! Poof busted out!

(Poof looks around and he puts on a red scarf, wrapping it around him.)

Tamara: Hey, he took my scarf!

(Poof also puts on some eye liner.)

Terrance: And he took my eye liner! (Everyone shoots him a look.) I mean, it's two-thirty.

Wanda: I knew he should've not watched that movie!

(Poof defeats the Eliminators and frees everyone. Everyone cheers.)

Jorgen: (Wanda and Cosmo hug Poof.) And now to poof to Timmy's side and help he defeats the Darkness once and for all!

Nacey: Uh, one problem. You guys don't have wands and my powers are limited right now!

Jorgen: Oh, darn it!

(Meanwhile, with Team Heroes…..)

Mark: (He fakes a yawn.) Yawn, (he tries to wrap his arm around Vicky) I am like so tired from this long space travel.

Vicky: Don't even think about it.

Mark: Right.

Jimmy: Dude, Mark has issues.

Timmy: Tell me about it. Although, I'm getting hungry from all this space travel. Are there any snacks on board?

Laser: I serve death, not snacks. But, there is a lovely cantina coming up on Fridgandara.

Crocker: Fridgandara? That's the coldest non magical sector of the universe. And we don't have heat regulating death suits like you do.

Laser: Hang on. I have fur coat, some earmuffs, a robot's barrel, and some cloaks.

Crocker: I call the fur coat!

(They go into the cantina, dressed as Star Wars characters.)

Mark: Beep, beep. Man, this thing will not shut up!

Crocker: (He gargles.) I think I'm allergic to this fur coat.

Vicky: (The waiter comes over.) What are your specials today?

Waiter: We have a lovely Chosen One soup.

Jimmy: Cool.

Timmy: What's in it?

Waiter: (His eyes turn green.) You.

(Everyone but our heroes turn into Eliminators.)

Timmy and Jimmy: It's a trap!

1: Get the Chosen One!

(They blast them with weenies.)

Jimmy: Weenies?

Timmy: They blasted us with weenies?

Laser: (He throws Timmy and Jimmy a light sabers.) Catch!

(Timmy and Jimmy catch the light sabers. Crocker pulls out a freeze ray.)

Vicky: Hey, what do I use for a weapon?

Laser: (He grabs some forks.) Here! (He throws Vicky some forks and she catches them.) Use the forks!

Jimmy: Okay, where have I seen this before?

Timmy: Search me. Split up!

(Jimmy, Timmy, and Mark hide behind the bar.)

Crocker: (He points the freeze ray at them.) I think it's time you chill out with my… (He freaks out) FAIRY FREEZER! (The Top Eliminator sucks in the ray and adapts it to his body.) Did I say my fairy freezer? I meant your fairy freezer which looks fabulous on you….

(The Top Eliminator freezes Crocker. Laser goes over.)

Laser: Ha! You're no match for my light stick! (The Top Eliminator sucks in the light stick and adapts it to his body.) Did I say my light stick? I meant your light stick which looks fabulous on you too….

(Laser breathes like Vader and gets frozen. Vicky goes over.)

Vicky: May the forks be….

(The Top Eliminator freezes her too and then sucks all three of them into the Darkness. The Top Eliminator destroys the bar where Jimmy, Timmy, and Mark are hiding behind.)

1: Get the Chosen One!

Timmy: Exactly! Get the Chosen One!

Jimmy: Turner, what are you doing?

Timmy: (He ignores Jimmy.) But the Chosen One is not here. I'm Timmy Turner. You want Turbo Thunder. Me, Timmy not Turbo. (He goes over to the Top Eliminator.) So, why don't we shake hands and call this a big mix up and go back to our lives? Okay? Okay!

(Timmy shakes hands with the Top Eliminator, making it and the others short circuit.)

1: Chosen One made nice….does not compute….

(They all go down and Mark and Jimmy come over.)

Mark: Dude, you did have a plan! You used your Chosen One death grip!

Timmy: Uh, all I did was shaking his hand and made nice.

Mark: And that works too.

(They all run out of the cantina.)

Timmy: Yes! I really am the Chosen One!

Jimmy: Was there any doubt?

(Just then, the Darkness arrives.)

Mark: Dude, what the heck does that thing want?

Darkness: Timmy Turner.

Timmy: Any last words, guys?

Jimmy: Not really.

Mark: Actually, just one comes to my mind.

(Mark screams and all of the sudden a pink comet saves the three of them and brings them to a deserted pink planet. Timmy looks up and sees who saved them.)

Timmy: It is you!

(Meanwhile, in Abacatraz….)

6: (He approaches another Eliminator.) The fairy prisoners have escaped. We were told to come and guard the magic sticks in case they go after them.

7: The magic sticks are in a vault on sector three. Those fairy idiots will never find them.

6: You said it.

Jorgen's voice: Idiot!

(Jorgen, as 6, punches 7 knocking him out. Jorgen, using a fake-I-fire returns to normal as does the other Eliminators, revealing that it is Timmy's parents, friends, and fairies.)

Nacey: Nice.

Jorgen: Now, to sector three!

Terrance: Wait! Could Timmy wish Dingleberg into a poop sandwich?

Jorgen: (He slaps his forehead.) A triple Decker! Now, let's go! (They go to the vault and he tries to open it and he can't.) Even with the strength of a medium sized cat, I can't open it!

Cosmo: Stand back! For I have the speed of a running shoe! The wisdom of a throw pillow…and a baby that knows martial arts! Chop it down, Poof!

(Cosmo throws Poof at the vault and he chews up the vault, releasing the wands.)

Jorgen: (He picks up his wand.) Yes, we have our wands back! Now, to poof to Timmy's side and stop the Darkness!

A. J.: But, we don't know where he is!

Jorgen: Oh, darn it!

Nacey: You've really got to think things through, Jorgen.

(Meanwhile, on the pink planet, it was Turbo Thunder who saved our trio.)

Jimmy: Turbo Thunder?

Timmy: You saved us?

Turbo: Of course! That's what I do! I save people from the Darkness and I know all! So, where's that second wand?

Mark: Oh, now I get it! You saved us so we tell you were the wand is.

Turbo: Hey, that's still saving. And I would've gone to the Cave of Destiny myself but….

Jimmy: Jorgen banished you.

Turbo: And I was a bit busy, too.

Timmy: Busy doing what?

Turbo: Building Thunder World! Where people will come and celebrate my victory over the Darkness and buy a ton of Thunder wear and various Thunder themed items.

(Turbo gives them some bobble heads of him. Just then, the Darkness arrives.)

Darkness: Timmy Turner.

Turbo: Tell me where the second wand is so that we may defeat the Darkness and so I can have my grand opening!

Timmy: If I tell you, you have to take me, my best friend, and my sidekick with you.

Turbo: Of course, we'll defeat the Darkness together as a team! Hurry, it's eating Thunder World!

Timmy: The wand is on the blue moon in the Vegan system! There is a star crater and….

Turbo: Later!

(Turbo goes over to his rocket.)

Jimmy: Hey, you said that we do this together!

Turbo: Yeah, I Turbo lied! (He blasts off and gets to the blue moon. He goes over to the second wand. He cracks his knuckles.) Now to pluck the wand from its rocky stealth….and…. (He tries to pull it out but it won't budge.) It won't budge.

(Unknown to him, Mark hid in his escape hole and he barfs up Jimmy and Timmy.)

Jimmy: I'm grossed out.

Timmy: Me too!

Mark: Dudes, (He points at Turbo) he's got the wand!

(Turbo falls down to the ground. A rock warrior stands up.)

Timmy: That's the protector of the wand!

Jimmy: A rock guardian, cool.

Rocky: Before this wand you can posses; you first must past the Chosen test.

Turbo: I don't have time for tests! Test this! Perish rock warrior in the mighty spun of my Thunder clap!

(Turbo claps, creating a shield around him but Rocky flicks him over the horizon.)

Mark: I don't think he's the Chosen One.

Jimmy: I think you're right.

Rocky: Who goes there? Before this wand you can posses; you first must past the Chosen test.

Timmy: Look, I don't want to fight you! But, we need that wand to light the Darkness, save my friends, and sidekick's planet. Please, I need your help.

Rocky: The Chosen One never attacks unless attacked and always trusts before mistrusting. It is you. (He slams down on the rocks and a holster comes up. He hands Timmy the wand.) Here is your wand, Chosen One.

Timmy: Cool! I really am the Chosen One!

Jimmy: Again, was there any ever any doubt?

(Just before Timmy can grab the wand, the Darkness arrives and takes Rocky. The wand falls to the rocks below where the Top Eliminator takes it.)

1: Looking for this?

(They all look terrified. Meanwhile, in Abacatraz, two Eliminators bring in the frozen Vicky, Crocker, and Laser.)

6/Jorgen: Leave them here. They are no threat to us. (The two Eliminators stop, turn around, and he blasts them. He then reverts to normal.) But, let us hope they are of help to us!

(Jorgen unthaws them.)

Vicky: Who, what, where?

Laser: (He is holding Flipsy.) Flipsy!

Crocker: (He freaks out.) Fairies!

Nacey: Whoa, Crocker. Not the time.

Wanda: Where's Timmy?

Laser: If he got away he should be on the blue moon of Vegan.

Jorgen: To the blue moon of Vegan! (He is about to slam down his wand.) We're good this time, right? We have all the pieces that we need?

Wanda: We're good.

Jorgen: I just hope we are not too late!

(They poof to the blue moon. Meanwhile….)

1: No magic wand can stop us, Chosen One. We'll just keep coming in greater numbers than before. And it is time you finally met the Darkness.

(Just then, more Eliminators show up, with wands.)

6/Jorgen: Think again. (They all revert to normal.) Robot punk!

Terrance: Duck, Timmy and Jimmy!

Tamara: But, don't get your pants dirty!

(Timmy, Jimmy, and Mark duck. The others blast the Eliminators with the help of fairy and island magic, destroying them. Timmy, Jimmy, and Mark get up.)

Timmy: Cosmo, Wanda! (He sees his parents.) With my mom and dad? You saved us!

Terrance: You bet we did. (He turns to Cosmo.) By the way, Dinkleberg poop sandwich, Monday.

Trixie: To think there was a heroic and magical side to you that I never knew.

Timmy: You want a pony, right?

Trixie: (She rolls her eyes.) Unicorn.

(Timmy snaps his fingers, Wanda sighs, and poofs up a unicorn. Just then, the Darkness starts to suck in.)

Jimmy: Uh, Turner.

Chester: We hate to interrupt this greedy/romantic moment but….

A. J.: There is a whirlpool of death coming for us!

(Timmy takes the wand and goes over to its holster.)

Timmy: Now say goodbye to the Darkness…forever!

(Timmy slams the wand into its holster, creating a pulse. The wand extends up but does nothing.)

Nacey: That isn't right…..

Jorgen: It should be firing a laser that blasts back the Darkness or something but it is not firing the laser! (Just then, the Darkness starts to suck in everyone: Trixie, A. J., Chester, Wanda, Cosmo, Poof, Mark, Jorgen, Crocker, Laser, Vicky, and Nacey.) Turner, Neutron! Say the word and I'll poof us all out of here!

Jimmy: But no matter where we go, the Darkness will follow Turner!

Terrance: What does it want?

Darkness: Timmy Turner.

Timmy: I think it wants…me!

(Timmy runs over to the chain and starts to run up them.)

Terrance, Jimmy, and Tamara: Timmy, no!

Timmy: I've got to stop the Darkness before it takes you all! Even you know that, Jimmy.

(Timmy gets to Trixie, the last of the chain.)

Trixie: Timmy! How's my hair?

Jimmy: You're worried about your hair at a time like this?

Timmy: (He rolls his eyes at Jimmy. He turns to Trixie.) Perfect. (The two of them kiss. They break out of it and he turns to the Darkness.) You want me Darkness, you got me! (He turns back to Trixie.) So long, Trixie. (He turns to Jimmy.) So long, Jimmy.

(Timmy lets go of Trixie and starts to fly towards the Darkness.)

Trixie: Timmy!

Jimmy: No! (He runs up the chain and gets to Trixie.) I'm going after him. If I don't make it, tell Cindy Vortex of Retroville that I love her.

(Jimmy lets go of Trixie and starts to fly towards the Darkness, too.)

Trixie: Jimmy!

Timmy: (He has his eyes closed.) I'm sorry that I couldn't get to know you, Uncle Emmet!

(The Darkness takes both Jimmy and Timmy. It flies off.)

All: Jimmy and Timmy!

(They all land with a thud.)

Trixie: (She has a tear in her eye.) They saved us all.

Vicky: (She is also crying.) I'll never call them twerps again!

Mark: (He warps his arms around her.) There, there Vicky. Let me hold you and comfort you and make out with you… (Vicky punches him in the stomach.) I lack air.

Jorgen: The Chosen One and his best friend saved us. Now, we must save them!

(Jorgen poofs up a space pod.)

Laser: That's big. Are you sure you know how to fly it?

Jorgen: (He takes out a remote.) Does this your question?

Nacey: Wait a second! (Jorgen presses the button and the space pod blasts off, without them on it.) We were supposed to be on that….

Jorgen: (He yells.) Dang it!

Is this the end of Timmy and Jimmy? Will Cosmo realize he's an idiot?

Cosmo: Hey!

To be concluded…..