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"I've been waiting for this moment, all my life. But it's not quite right." –Silversun Pickups, Lazy Eye.

Travis strolled along, a good few feet ahead of his unlikely quest companion. The quest itself was pretty simple: gather intelligence on the enemy, don't die. You know, the usual.

But while he strolled along, stepping with ease through the high grass and making sure no one was trying to kill them, he heard frequent huffing and even the occasional curse from behind him. "Travis! Slow down! I can't keep up!"

That was the voice of his unwilling companion. He forgot she was shorter than he was, therefore, so were her legs. Turning slowly, he grinned at her. "Come on, Katie! Keep up! We haven't got all the time in the world! Move those little legs!" He called to her, earning the fifteenth slap today.

"Please, Stoll. Shut the hell up," she panted, having probably over-exerted herself with that last slap. Katie wasn't enjoying herself. She'd been mauled, you know, just a bit, by a sphinx when Travis had taken them the wrong way. To show, she had a couple of nasty wounds down her arm (which they'd healed, well, mostly, with a bit of nectar) and some pretty beaten up clothes. Her jeans were now ratty, ripped, and covered in a mixture of grass stains and dried blood. Her once-checked shirt looked more like a mangled picnic blanket, her hair was beginning to frizz, and her shoes were the only vaguely intact part of her outfit. Her backpack was still slung over her shoulder, and she could almost feel the weight of a spare change of clothes. Unfortunately, she hadn't had a chance to change her clothes.

Travis was inspecting her much the way you and I just have, and he grinned. "Looking hot, Gardner. Looking hot. I mean, really," he began, turning away and sauntering off towards the woods they were previously headed too, "who wouldn't want this new style you're showin' off? You look like you've just come off the runway—OW! Hey, wait, okay. That was uncalled for. Really. I meant it!" He continued, rubbing the back of his head, which had just come into contact with a rather large rock that Katie had thrown at him.

They continued in silence for a while. It wasn't like they'd specifically asked to be questing it up together; Rachel had pretty much painted it out for them. "A daughter of Demeter and son of Hermes shall go," pretty much spelled it out. Why them? Because it was the biggest practical joke know to man. Or, you know, the fact that Rachel had actively found the two of them and then started spouting poetic nonsense.

Mosquitos began hovering around their heads just as they made it into the woods. Travis and Katie looked at each other, and both nodded. They started setting up camp, which consisted of a small fire. Once this was done, they each sat cross-legged on opposite sides of aforementioned fire, and Katie yanked a comb through her brown hair. The silence was pretty awkward. They'd had a fat ass argument after Katie stopped bleeding, and that was beginning to show. Finally, Katie broke the silence.

"Thanks. For saving me. Earlier," she said, almost reluctantly. Travis didn't look up from cooking.

"No problem. Wouldn't want you mauled to death or anything," he said, finally meeting her eyes and grinning. Maybe they should just attempt to get along?

But this was Katie Gardner, and while he found her freakin' hot, and, alright, he had a crush on her, it was pretty impossible for them to get along. They were at each other's throats within seconds; though, to be fair, they never really tried to get along. He heard movement, and looked up to see Katie grabbing her bag and retreating to the bushes.

"I'm going to go change," she explained, sighing. The foliage grew thicker around her, and Travis was pretty sure it was so no one could peep in on her. Examining his own bloodstained clothes, he decided he should do the same. Quickly changing his jeans, he was just pulling another t-shirt on over his head when Katie stepped in, an eyebrow raised. She finished off the cooking, splitting the food equally.

After they'd both eaten, she scooted closer to where he was, laying out a map.

"I didn't realise how close we were," she said, and Travis started turning to look at her. Was she –Oh, no, silly Travis. She was pointing out their location on the map. They were ridiculously close to the center of their quest: a huge camp, containing a huge amount of Gaia's forces. Travis started yet again. It may be dangerous to stay here for the night.

"Maybe we should get in and get out as quickly as possible. It might be safer," he reasoned, and for once, they agreed on something.

They quickly broke camp, and crept towards their target. But, instead of a camp, there were a dozen snake-like heads in one jumbled mass, connected to a lizard like body. Katie and Travis shared a confused look, and exchanged glances. Travis shrugged, and pulled out a sword from his backpack. His bag was one of his useful magical tools; it was as heavy as a normal schoolbag, no matter what you put in there, and it could store more than the average bag, hence the fact the sword fit. He said the bag was for occasions such as this, but the bag seemed more useful to sneak various things under the noses of the camp director, such as things like, say, coke or other various sugary substances.

Katie, however, just pulled open a small lip-gloss, and immediately it lengthened into a short sword, a xiphos. Travis held a hand up, finally figuring out why his dad had given him a flashlight. When he clicked it on, it turned into a real torch. This could come in handy when battling the hydra, he now figured.

With a nod, Katie and Travis threw a rock at it from their position, and then dove in opposite ways. A furious, and now grumpy, hydra lashed at where they'd been crouching moments before. Travis dove out, parrying the hydra's gigantic teeth, and narrowly avoiding some acid spit. Katie had a slightly larger problem, as the xiphos didn't reach far enough. "Keep it distracted!" she yelled, an idea forming in her mind. She dived behind it and scrambling up its trunk-like tail.

Keeping a steady hold on its back, she yelled for Travis to throw her the torch. He did so, and she just caught it with the tips of her fingers. Climbing onto one snake-like neck, she clasped on with her knees, as though she planned to ride it in the next Kentucky Derby, and slashed its head off. Quickly, she seared the wound, causing the regenerative process to fail on the head. Quickly climbing onto the next head, she repeated the process. Unfortunately, once she'd finished off the eighth head, she failed to clear her back, and Travis realized that she was about to become hydra kibble.