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"Everything you say, every time we kiss I can't think straight. But I'm okay." –Hey Monday, 6 Months.

"…Joe. Prophecy," Katie wheezed. Travis blinked back tears. Her cracked lips barely conveyed the message, and Travis' grief-stricken mind took entirely too long to register the message.

How could Joe be the person the prophecy was talking about? The prophecy clearly said a daughter of Demeter, yet here was the body of Joe, glowing and, well, claimed.

Then a thought struck him.

Jo. Without the 'E'. Like, as in, Josephine.

And here he'd been assuming Jo was a boy. Her hair was short, and she wore baggy jeans, sneakers, and equally baggy t-shirts. What Travis hadn't even begun to question was either child's parentage, nor even their gender. How could he have been so stupid?

Jo had arguably saved them, with the cost of her own life. If she hadn't distracted Mimas long enough for Hephaestus to swoop in, the rest would have been Monster Munch.

Katie must have realized at the last second. Or else, she was just trying to be a hero. Either way, they'd been slammed in this predicament, with a dead ten year old and a severely burnt sixteen year old. How the hell were they going to get back to camp?

Katie's breath was shallow and ragged, and Travis was praying to Apollo and Hermes and Shiva and Vishnu, whoever would listen. He ripped off his bag, digging for nectar, and hoping that would keep her sustained for the time it took to take her back to camp.

He almost went to give some to Jo, but he knew the cause was lost. If he was honest, her body was grotesque to look at; it was black and shriveled. She was undoubtedly dead.

Once Katie had had a rather meager amount of nectar, for it was all they had left, Travis turned to Dawn, who looked dazed. Cassadee had stopped sobbing now, and was glowing like her sister. Travis took a deep, shaky breath.

"Dawn. We have to get back to camp, now."

"Don't look at me. Your dad is the God of Travelers."

Of course, you beautiful satyress. He'd never tried this before. But he'd heard of some of his siblings doing it.

He hailed a conveniently placed taxi, ushering Dawn and Cassadee in, and carefully placing Katie and Jo inside. The taxi driver, who was apparently disgusted, turned to face Travis like he was some mad man.

"Woah, hey, I ain't no ambulance, man!" He said, reaching for a phone. Travis found it surprising that this man was the only mortal around. Unless he wasn't mortal.

"Oh, I know. I know. I'm a Son of Hermes," he said, as though this would clear everything up. Dawn looked at him like he was crazy. The cabbie eyed him up.

"A what now, son?"

"A Son of Hermes. Now, we have to get to Camp Half-Blood, stat."

"Whatever, boss," the man said, shrugging. Travis wasn't sure how people did it, but he remembered Connor saying he'd had the bus driver get him from New York City to DC in twenty minutes, flat. Maybe all public transport services were run by…Well, not mortals.

The cabbie shot off, faster than was definitely the speed limit, and Dawn stared wide eyed at Travis.

"Demigods. You never cease to amaze me."

Travis, to this day, still has no idea what the cabbie did. But they were at Camp Half-Blood quicker than he knew, and he spent his time praying to Apollo to keep Katie breathing.

The cabbie said he 'didn't require no fare. Personal favour to Hermes,' and jetted off pretty quick. Dawn and Cassadee lugged Jo's corpse over the hill, Travis carrying Katie.

They were greeted by a chaotic procession; some Apollo campers took Dawn, Cassadee and Jo. Travis and Katie were swept towards the Big House by more Apollo campers.

Katie was pretty badly burnt. It was mostly up her right side, the side she'd had facing the blast. Due to some talent from the Apollo cabin, and perhaps an attentive God, Katie's burns on her leg turned from a blackish colour to a pinker shade. Apparently, they would always be there, but that was the best the Apollo kids could do. A similar problem was had with her side and arms.

Her face had been hit the least, though it was still burnt. There were parts along her jaw and her temple, and her hair was still sizzling. But she'd survive.

Travis let out a sigh of relief. Katie was still Katie, and somehow, someway, she hadn't been horribly disfigured. Sure, she'd still have the burns for life, but, in the grand scheme of things, she'd come out relatively unscathed.

Travis was torn away from Katie in the ensuing chaos, and gave Chiron a rundown of everything that had happened, including his Columbo moment and the revelation with Mimas. But after that, he headed straight back up to Katie's bedside.

She woke up a couple of days later. Her voice was groggy, and she was freaking out about Jo. Travis related the entire story – again – and though Katie was upset, she was equally freaked out about the burns.

She had a shallow moment, worried about her appearance. It took hours of reassuring from Travis that he still thought she looked fine. She supposed, when she got a look a herself, it could have been so much worse. She had to remember to thank the Apollo kids, though the burns on her face would probably always be some form of insecurity on her behalf.

It was only when she got up and left the Big House she felt herself again. She was able to see her siblings, her friends, Daxter, and see how Cassadee was settling in without her sister. They burnt Jo's shroud as soon as Katie could attend. Funny, how the entire camp reacted every time someone was lost. It was like everyone had known Jo.

Katie and Travis left the funeral together, hand in hand. They walked slowly, wandering towards the beach. Each was quiet, depressed at the complete and utter lack of progress made by their quest.

"I don't really feel like we accomplished anything, except for maybe causing Jo's death," Katie muttered, and Travis squeezed her hand.

"I was just thinking the same thing," he said, and she turned to look at him. She'd taken to trying to hide the right side of her face with her hair, which didn't work out too well, because her hair had been cut to make up for the parts that had burnt off. It was now an even bob, resting just above her shoulders. It was hard to get used to at first, as Travis was so used to her long hair. Travis rolled his eyes, brushing her hair away from her face, as he had been doing since she'd started the habit. Katie sighed.

"This sucks."

"Yeah, it does. Though I suppose we accomplished something. I mean, we did figure out Gaia has forces at Long Beach."

"Yeah, then everything blew up. They're probably not there anymore. It's gunna be like a game of tag, except with monsters and giants."

"Someone's little miss pessimism today."

"Hey, at least I'm talking to you. Hell, I'm holding your hand."

"That's pretty true," Travis said, grinning at her. He liked this. Maybe, finally, they could be a couple. But if Aphrodite had plans for them, he wondered how long this could last. He still hadn't told Katie about the specifics of the meeting with her mother.

"I guess this means that there's gunna be more to the latest chapter in the life of Camp Half-Blood," Katie sighed eventually, and Travis nodded.

"We're in it for the long haul," Travis said, but he wasn't just talking about the impending doom.

It was then that Katie kissed him. She'd kissed her before, but not like this. This was different. This scared other campers off the beach. This was wonderful.

And for a moment, both forgot about everything else.