Not Long to Wait

Ch 1 – White Boy

She spun around the pole slowly then leaned back against it and slid down, rubbing her hands down over her breasts and stomach to her knees. She licked her lips and leered at the man perched near the edge of the stage then slowly opened her legs and thrust her hips out as he waved a fistful of bills. She dropped to her knees and crawled over to him then turned and pushed her ass toward his face. He reached out and slowly slid his hand down her back as he tucked a few bills into the elastic of the tiny thong that circled her hips. His hand continued its journey over her ass and down her leg as the song drew to a close.

She turned around to give him a smile. "Thanks, Mike. See you next week?"

He licked his dry lips and nodded slowly. "You know I'll be here, Sunny."

She crawled around the stage picking up loose bills and blowing kisses to the other men gathered around, then got to her feet and backed up to the curtain as she rubbed the bills over her breasts. When the curtain touched her back, she gave one last wave and ducked behind it. A robe was draped over her shoulders and she shoved her arms through the sleeves then stuffed the bills into the pockets. "Thanks, Betty. I'm gonna get dressed and head out. See you next week."

"Don't forget to leave Butch's cut in the safe before you go."

She laughed, "Have I ever forgotten?"

Betty smiled and waved at her as she walked toward the dressing room.

She dressed quickly and counted out the money. *Not bad. Almost $1100 tonight. After Butch's cut that leaves me with just over $800. Pretty good for only thirty minutes of work.*

She stuffed her money into the pocket of her jeans then slipped quickly into Butch's office. Taking an envelope off the stack on his desk, she scrawled her name across it then stuffed the bills inside and sealed it. She dropped it in the slot in the safe in the corner then flicked off the lights on her way out.

She stepped out the back door into the alley and pulled her smokes from her pocket. Lighting up, she leaned against the rough brick wall and closed her eyes. *Little chilly tonight. Need to dig out a warmer coat if the weather keeps up like this.* She walked to the mouth of the alley and looked across the street. *Wow, Club Stud is awfully busy tonight.* She heard a lot of male voices chanting 'White Boy' over and over. *Wonder who's on stage to draw such a huge crowd?*

She walked across the street to the bouncer manning the door and smiled. "Hey, Tony. Who's up there tonight? This place is packed to the rafters."

Tony smiled at her and drew her into a hug. "How's it going, Sunny? John's on stage tonight."

"John? Why's everybody calling him 'White Boy' then?"

"Yeah, as in John Doe. He won't give us his real name, not like we really need it, and they call him 'White Boy' because he's extremely pale. Seemed to fit."

"Oh. Mind if I check it out?"

"Sure, Sunny, go on in."

She walked into the club to the groans and complaints of the people waiting in line and pushed her way through the throng of guys crowded around the stage. She headed for the back corner of the club, near the bar, and finally turned to see him. He was pale. Creamy alabaster skin on a thin frame… thin, but with well defined muscles. Broad shoulders that tapered to a thin waist encased in rock hard abs. Long, muscular legs topped with a well formed ass. A mop of light brown hair bounced around his head and fell over his eyes almost to his lips as he moved around the stage, strutting and posing. He was wearing a leather harness over his chest and stomach that was attached to the barely there leather thong straining against him.

To a chorus of whoops and catcalls he dropped to his knees in the middle of the stage and ran his hands down his chest and stomach to the clasps holding the thong to the harness. Slowly he unhooked the thong and grasped it in his fist then pushed the hair out of one eye and looked around at the crowd as if asking a question. The noise became deafening as they shouted 'Take it off!'

He smirked and raised his head just a little, flicking his one uncovered eye around the club. Suddenly he seemed to be staring right at her, even though she knew he couldn't see that far back into the club because of the stage lights. *His eye's blue.* He turned his head and seemed to scan the club again as the crowd chanted louder. His eye seemed to settle on her again and she saw something else as she drew in a quick breath. *His eye just flashed amber. For just a second, but I'm sure his eye was amber.*

He pulled the thong loose with a flourish and tossed it behind him then fell backwards. Supported on shoulders and knees, he started thrusting his hips to the heavy bass beat of the song. *Wow, he's big… like really big. And he's not cut.* His hard length bobbed in time with his thrusts and he reached up and grasped it in his fist, pumping himself slowly as the crowd went crazy. Bills flew through the air and fluttered down, landing on him and the stage. The song ended with a loud clatter of drums and he jumped to his feet in a smooth motion, his hand still slowly pumping. He backed up to the curtain as more bills flew onto the stage then stepped behind it with a final smirk as the stage lights blinked out.

A scruffy man with a push broom made a quick sweep of the stage and pushed the pile of money through the curtain as the crowd hollered for White Boy to come back out. When it was clear that he wasn't coming back to the stage, the crowd thinned out and most of them started heading for the bar. Sunny made her way back to the door then pushed through the crowd and burst outside into the cool night air. Tony touched her arm. "So, what'd you think?"

"Wow. You said his name is John Doe? He never gave you any other name? How long has he been working here?"

"No, he never gave us any other name and he's been working here a few years. He comes in every three or four weeks. He calls a few days before he comes in so the manager can put up a notice and the place is packed like this every time he does a show. Why? You know him?"

"Maybe. Thanks, Tony. See you later."

"Later, Sunny."

She walked down the street, quickly checking behind her to see if Tony was looking in her direction before she ducked into the alley beside the club. She walked slowly in the dark, trying not to trip over the piles of trash and who knows what scattered over the dirty pavement. *Geez, it stinks back here.* The barest hint of light was shining from the corner of the building and she bee lined for it. She rounded the corner and spied the battered door in the back of the building then quickly made her way past it and ducked down beside a foul smelling dumpster to wait.

Just under twenty minutes later the door opened and a slight figure stepped out into the weak light from the naked bulb mounted on the wall above it. He was dressed in ratty jeans and a long sleeved white shirt with clunky black boots. His hair was a mess of brown wavy curls that fell almost to his shoulders and obscured most of his face. He glanced quickly around the alley then walked toward the street with his shoulders hunched and his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jeans.

She stepped out from behind the dumpster and followed him quietly until he was almost to the street then stopped and said, "Nice show."

He startled but didn't stop walking as he mumbled over his shoulder, "Thanks."

She started walking toward him and his pace quickened. "Hey, hold on a minute."

He stopped but didn't turn around. His shoulders slumped and he seemed to draw into himself like he was trying to make himself seem smaller… unimportant. "Look, Miss… I'm glad you enjoyed the show, but I don't do anythin' 'extra.' If you want somethin' like that, you could check out some of the other dancers. The bartender'll know which ones to ask."

"That's not what I want." He nodded curtly and started walking again, quickly putting distance between them. She watched him for a second then jogged to catch up to him, laying her hand lightly on his arm. "Hey, could you just stop for a sec?"

He flinched violently at her touch then backed up to the wall of the nearest building and just stood there, staring at the ground. His voice trembled as he said quietly, "I don't have much money, but you can have it if you'll just leave me alone."

She stepped back to give him some space, "I don't want your money, Spike."