Inspiration has struck me to start (another) new story. Here is the summary!

After graduating from the Academy, Jim believes his life will get better… unfortunately, in order to get something good, you have to face the bad, and this time it's harder for him to do.

Well, don't stop there! Keep reading!

Note: Bold print will be Jim's narration.


A young man with slightly-long brown hair, blue eyes, who was about 16, burst through the door and began running down the metallic walk that lead to the hull.

See that guy running? That's a guy who became a hero after discovering one of his favorite child-hood stories was actually true. AKA, me.

He took a sharp turn, knocking a couple of barrels behind him. Right around the corner, a band of ferocious, blood-thirsty, pirates raced after him, undoubtedly in a murderous pursuit.

My name is Jim Hawkins. About a year ago, I found a legendary planet full of riches beyond your imagination, all the while having to deal with God-knows-what-kind-of-creatures that wanted their hands on it first.

Jim ducked around a corner, letting the pirates race past, then snuck out and began to run. "Hey, there he goes!" One of them yelled, spotting him.

They were pirates, in case you didn't figure it out, and they were like the creeps who are after me now… only, not as ugly.

He raced through another doorway, slamming it in their faces while he used his laser-pistol to weld the handle shut- a trick he learned from one of his friends, then ran down a flight of stairs.

You've probably heard my story before, and probably asking yourself how I could have gotten into another mess like this. Well, I'll tell you…

Jim ran as fast as he could, his legs starting to ache, until he came to the longboat hold, where he quickly opened the hatch and hastily began untying the longboat, but didn't get far when he heard the shouts from the pirates, and a laser-blast shot past him, nearly hitting his shoulder.

I had this friend, who I met during my first voyage.

"Well, 'Jimbo', looks like this is going to be the one treasure-hunt you won't finish… alive." Another pirate said.

He was a pirate… but later, he became more to me. He gave me the self-confidence I needed, and helped me get my life back on the right track. He saved my life in more than one way… And one day I knew I needed him again, which is where my next adventure started.

He knew he had no other choice as he looked down at the starry sky below him, and jumped, closing his eyes as the wind rushed up against his face…

It all happened one year after I found Treasure Planet.


A/N: And there's your teaser. Sorry it's so short!