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The paper-boy dropped off a stack of fresh newspapers at the Benbow two weeks later. Rather than having a rumor in it, the paper had the following headline:


Montressor's very own Jim Hawkins returned from a search-mission for the cyborg pirate, Long John Silver, only to discover an undercover piracy-scheme, being led by the infamous Captain Scarlet and her crew.

Down on the right-side corner of the newspaper was another story that caught everyone's eyes.


Weeks ago, mining company manager Clifford Tides printed a phony story about Montressor's famed Jim Hawkins, and is now facing the gallows for not only the fraud, but for piracy, assault, and property-sabotage.

The entire planet was talking about both articles, and gathered at the Benbow Inn for a celebration on Jim's victory, and when Jim and Finn walked through the door, they were startled by an outrageous cheer by a crowd of patrons that completely filled the entire Inn. "So, this is what it's like to be a hero," Finn chuckled.

"JIM!" Elliot exclaimed, running up and jumping into Jim's arms. "I can't believe it! You took on the most hated pirate in the galaxy! AWESOME!"

"Heh heh, thanks… but I couldn't have done it without my brother," Jim replied. "Finn, this is Elliot. Elliot, Finn."

"Nice to meet you," Finn said, shaking Elliot's hand.

"Wow, you have a BROTHER?" Elliot gasped. "Boy, wait 'til I tell my fan-club about this!"

"Fan club?" Jim asked.

"Yeah, the whole membership is over there!" Elliot pointed at a group of young aliens about his age. "HEY GUYS! JIM HAS A BROTHER!"

"NO WAY!" The other fan-club members exclaimed, running over and asking Finn different questions. "You're his brother?/How many pirates did you fight?/Did you find treasure, too?/Do you own a solar-surfer?/Can I hold your guitar?"

Jim took this opportunity to slip away from his fans, chuckling as they climbed over Finn. "Jim! Jim!" Lee called to him, motioning him over to a table full of different sailors. "These are my old crew-mates. Boys, this is my son, Jim."

"Hey/How ya doin'?/Hello," Lee's old ship-mates replied.

"They wanted to hear your story,"

Jim shrugged. "Alright, but why didn't you tell them?" he asked, chuckling.

"We prefer tah hear it from deh horse's mouth, lad," Lee's crewmate, a wolfid, replied.

Jim rolled his eyes, smiling, then sat down. "Well, it started over a month ago…"

Meanwhile, BEN was over in a corner, playing with the Doppler children. "My, you certainly have a way with kids," a female android said as she watched him swing Alice around in one set of hands, while he used extras two play patty-cake with Amy, tug-o-war with Ashley, and build a tower of blocks with Derek.

"Ah, what can I say? I just love kids…" BEN said, turning to face the android, and his jaw dropped. "Lupe?"

The android, Lupe, gasped. "BEN?"

"…And that's when Silver stepped in," Jim continued.

"If you don't mind our asking, Jim, whatever happened to that cyborg?" One of the sailors, a lizardian-alien, asked. "Rumor has it he was exiled,"

Jim shrugged. "I don't know. Amelia said she was looking for a place where he could be set straight,"

"Pardon- excuse me- sorry…" Sarah said to a few patrons as she pushed by them to get to Jim. "Jim, I need you in the kitchen real quick,"

"Coming, Mom." Jim followed his mother through the crowd and into the kitchen, pausing when he saw Amelia in there. "Um, is something wrong, Captain?"

"Nothing's wrong, Jim… I was just on my way out," Amelia said, and Jim spotted a smirk on her lips as she passed.

"Jim… I'd like to introduce you to our new cook," Sarah said, putting her arm around Jim and turning his direction toward the stove.

…where he saw a familiar face. "Silver!" Jim exclaimed.

"Ah, Jimbo, lad! I was wonderin' when ye'd come back here," Silver chuckled as he and Jim hugged.

"B-But, I thought… Amelia said…"

"Aye, I've been exiled… an' apparently Amelia wanted tah torture me, 'cuz she sent me here tah be wit' you," Jim only smiled and hugged him again.

Sarah sighed deeply, smiling at the sight, then remembered the party. "Alright, boys, you can catch up later. Right now, we've got a full-house!" she said.

"Aye, she's right, lad. I'll catch up wit' ya later."

Jim nodded and walked out the door, while Sarah turned to Silver. "It's good to finally see you again, Silver."

The cyborg smiled back. "Same tah you, lass,"

Back with the party, Finn was pulling away from his and Jim's fans, stepping into a clear area with his guitar. "How about a song, son?" Lee called up to him.

Finn grinned, then sat on a stool and began strumming his guitar, then finally began to play a tune. Everyone got into the rhythm and began to dance along… especially BEN and Lupe. Amelia and Delbert danced together, and their children tried to mimic their moves, only to fall down and start giggling. Morph got into the music and turned into a tiny drum set, accompanying Finn, who smiled at him.

Lee stood by the doorway, smiling at the sight. Jim stood with him, his pockets in his hands. "So… my old crew-mates want me to start sailing again," Lee said, solemnly.

"What did you say?" Jim asked.

Lee shrugged. "I told 'em I just got home and want to settle down, but I'd think about it." he faced Jim. "I was wondering- if I took up their offer- if you'd like to join?"

Jim shrugged. "Maybe. …What about Mom, Silver, and Finn?"

Lee chuckled. "I think your mother wouldn't mind, especially since Silver will be helping her out, and the ol' cyborg won't mind us leaving- probably since we wouldn't be dragging him into trouble." Jim scoffed a chuckle at this. "As for Finn…" they looked at Finn, who bowed as the crowd cheered for an encore. "He seems pretty content here,"

"Yeah. He finally got what he wanted: a home." They both smiled at Finn as he began to play another song.

~All the, small things

True care, truth brings

I'll take, one lift

Your ride, best trip

~Always, I know

You'll be, at my show

Watching, waiting


~Say it ain't so

I will not go

Turn the lights off

Carry me home

~ Na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na

(a/n: just FYI, no, Finn's not singing)

Finn's singing became a success and helped attract more customers, along with Silver's cooking. Lee and Jim, after a month, decided to take up sailing again, and their family stood on the pier and waved them farewell. As if it they were young lovers again, Lee made a heart-gesture with his hands to Sarah, who blushed.

Jim stood in the shrouds and looked back at the planet as the ship took off, and gave a salute to Finn, who saluted back, while Morph mimicked him.

~Late night, come home

Work sucks, I know

~She left me roses by the stairs

Surprises let me know she cares

~Say it ain't so

I will not go

Turn the lights off

Carry me home

~ Na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na

Na na na na na na na

Na na na na na na

Jim and Lee came back a few weeks later, bringing back gifts from the ports they had visited. Lee bought Sarah a new memory-chip for her locket so that the images would come in clearer and a model-ship for Silver (which hovered in the air, unlike old-fashioned models), and Morph turned into a mini-Silver and pretended to sail the ship; Jim bought Finn a box full of new guitar-picks. His brother rolled his eyes and gave him a soft punch in the shoulder. BEN popped up between them, seeing if Jim brought him home anything. Jim rolled his eyes and held up a small gift: a small magnetic sign that read "Babies on Board". Everyone got a laugh out of it.

They later visited Amelia and Delbert sat around the living room, listening as Jim and Finn re-told their story by the fireplace while BEN and Morph played with the kids.

~Say it ain't so

I will not go

Turn the lights off

Carry me home

~ Keep your head still

I'll be your thrill

The night will go on

My little windmill

~Say it ain't so

I will not go

Turn the lights off

Carry me home

~ Keep your head still

I'll be your thrill

~The night will go on

The night will go on

My little windmill


Or IS it?

Somewhere out in the universe…

Scarlet's motionless body floated among the stars, until it bumped against a longboat. A pair of claws reached over and pulled her in, and she regained consciousness. "Ugh… where am I?" she asked, facing a figure with a hat pulled over his face

"You WERE drifting out with the ssstars," a voice hissed. "I happened to pull you in. …And what the heck happened to you?"

Scarlet looked at herself, sneering. Her clothes were tattered and she had a few cuts and bruises. "Ugh. I had a run-in with a cyborg scoundrel, and his idiotic cabin-boy,"

"Cabin-boy, eh? I've had the ssssame problem…"

"Hm. I would guess. …And who might you be?"

"My name is Danta…" The figure grinned, pulling the rim of his had up and giving Scarlet a clear view of his crimson face. "But, you may call me, Scroop."


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