Needed: Chapter 01/?

Okay this is a new fanfic project that I have written out before posting so every day I will share a new chapter so that there is no waiting before continuing with my LJ fanfic entitled 'Moving Forward', I made some things up as the one thing that I hated about Scrap Teacher is that there was no elaboration on Takasugi, Irie and Yoshida's background at all. So I hope you enjoy it and hope you comment and advise me. XD Please though no harsh criticism cuz I have bad imagination and I just do this for my own fun and for others. It's not like I could be or want to be a pro writer (like that would eva happen anyway.)

Takasugi had left the school grounds and began to separate from Yoshida and Irie because he had an errand to run.

"I'll meet you later I have something to fetch" he shot a rare real smile to his friends who seemed rather nervously worried for some reason.

"Okay then, see you later at home" Irie said smiling back as Takasugi turned his back heading off in the opposite direction.

For some reason in the past week, from after school till late in the evening Takasugi had been going off somewhere and would not spill on his whereabouts of which he was spending hours staying at for the past 7 days.

Whilst they were attending the 8th district middle school in Tokyo the three of them had been sharing a luxurious apartment that their fathers had been renting out for them. Even though he didn't show it Takasugi truly cared for Irie and Yoshida as so did them for him. The only thing with Takasugi is that maybe after not being open enough he didn't notice.

Takasugi left the shop holding his school bag and also an extra bag that carried two medium sized wooden boxes with tags holding an address and Takasugi's name so that they knew who the boxes belonged to on pick up.

Feeling extremely content with himself Takasugi wanted to rush back to the apartment as fast as he could. Without realizing it had already become late he began to run across a bridge not noticing the guys he rushed passed whilst knocking some of them over in the process.

"Oi, brat" A voice called

Takasugi stopped before looking back behind him and tutting knowing that he had no time for this so he just decided to ignore them and continued to walk forward knowing that they would not leave him alone if he stuck around.

"Hey don't you walk away you little bastard" One guy came up from behind Takasugi jumping ready to bring the sole of his foot against Takasugi's back however with a swift movement his body turned and grabbed the mans ankle. Forcing it away from him and colliding his own fist with the mans face causing the attacker to fall harshly against the gritted bridge path.

"Jiro-san" Whispers called as the man stood back up clenching his fists in surprise when a maniacal laugh came clapping his hands. Walking forward revealing himself outside of the shadows. He was coming to a stop with his actions as he deeply stared at Takasugi. Wearing a black hood, lounge pants, trainers and a bandanna around his head the man Jiro seems at least in his early 20's ith his young face and dyed blonde hair.

"Takasugi Toichi? Is that you?" The man claimed as Jiro asked leaning forward curiously whilst the guy who attacked Takasugi backed up behind the group of guys and his boss.

"Huh it's you, Komura Jiro" He smirked turning his body and lifting his chin so he could see directly into Jiro's eyes. "Well if we're gonna do this I'll make it short" Takasugi went to step forward but was stopped by Jiro's shout

"Stop, Toichi-kun. Do you really think I would dare head against you after we met in Fukuoka that time. Do you think I'm that stupid?"

"Two things to tell you Komura. First, it's Takasugi no 'Toichi-kun'. Second, if I see you dong anything dirty or harmful I won't hesitate to put you in place." Takasugi looked serious and kept his voice tone low so he shows as slightly intimidating.

"I understand, I promise Takasugi-kun" Jiro held up his left and kept his other hand hidden behind his back like he was trying to grasp something but it was hard to notice because of the shadows as they were out of the way of the main street light.

'hmph' was the sound that came from Takasugi as he still had a tight hold oh his belonging before walking away.

"Foolish Brat" A small whisper to himself Jiro as in one second he pulled out a gun which had a longer barrel than normal and it wasn't a silencer. He pulled the trigger directly aiming for Takasugi's neck of which next was hit by an arrow shaped dart.

Takasugi swayed as he dropped the bags and fell to his knees. Reaching up to his neck he attempted to pull the dart out but was stopped when he felt a hard impact against his jaw. Losing his senses second by second Takasugi had completely collapsed against the floor soon to be rolled over onto his back he saw Jiro standing over him once again laughing once again so maniacally before losing his consciousness unable to fight giving into the darkness. His head dropped to the side and his eyes dropped closed.

"Take him back to the factory, dump him in the fountain, then chain him up so he can't attack anyone. I've got undealt business with this scumbag kid."

Jiro's men all scurried at once as two grabbed Takasugi by an arm each and dragged him backwards.

"Not so super now are you, To-i-Chi Ku-n" Jiro smiled and followed his men off the bridge and out of sight not noticing that Takasugi's belonging were laying spread out over the bridge. The two wooden boxes had fallen out of the strong plastic bag and onto the bridge path.