"Ne, you said you looked at the boxes, so you've read the letters?"Takasugi asked after another cough.

"No actually. Was going to wait because I didn't want to read the letter knowing that you were missing."An honest reply came from Yoshida. "Irie's the same we agreed."

"I have the stuff" Announced Irie holding onto more than just the normal medical kit but also what seemed to be painkillers and medicine that you would only find at hospital.

"Where did you get them?" Takasugi asked worried, afraid and slightly curious as to why they had hospital equipment and were going to try pro methods to heal him.

"Takasugi surely you know that Yoshida's family is hospital centric. He was trained remember" Irie answered handing the stuff over to Yoshida

"Yeah but when was the last time he practiced" Both Irie and Yoshida halted at the obvious question which neither of them were willing to answer.

"You haven't eaten since lunch yesterday so I'll make some food, and get you a drink because I think you might be dehydrated slightly."Irie diverted from the subject and went over to the kitchen placing the bag on the floor out of the way because it had the two boxes in them.

"ITAI! ITAI YOSHIDA!" Takasugi yelled loudly as Yoshida was disinfecting his wounds where he had been beaten with the metal pole, electrocuted and whipped. Of course it hurt but Yoshida realized he was being a bit babyish. He placed bandages around the lower part of his stomach. He admitted for Takasugi's bruises he couldn't do much but he tried his best and threw a pillow of the floor.

"Lay down on your stomach" Yoshida asked gesturing his hand to help.

" Nande! You just nearly killed me "Takasugi over reacted knowing that it was an exaggeration compared to him actually nearly being killed by Jiro.

"JUST DO IT" Yoshida lost his temper but it worked Takasugi took his help and kneeled down on the soft floor then lowering himself slowly with a few winces along with it. "You'll feel a prick okay" Yoshida added and just like he said he felt prick against hi arm which Yoshida was holding.

"Ne, what is that" Takasugi curiously asked

"A strong painkiller, so I can disinfect and give you stitches without there being too much pain.

"Ahh, okay" Takasugi didn't try to fight and rested against the pillow when Yoshida used wet clothes to draw all the blood out and also to clean his back which had blood that began to dry up. Disinfecting the large gash on his shoulder and the whip marks he received. Each time he touched them Takasugi could still feel it and it hurt. For some reason Yoshida was still affected and disgusted but Takasugi spoke up.

"Yoshida I've never seen you like that?"He asked the smaller boy tending to him.

"Like what?"

"You rushing into a fight like you did it's not you." Takasugi explained clearly

"Well I was pissed you could say, hurting one of my best friends like they've done I was afraid." Somehow Yoshida had managed to man up the courage to speak the truth.

"You say best friend….but how many times have I lied and taking you both for granted." Takasugi asked with a clear frown on his face. "For some reason I believe I deserve it-ITAI" Takasugi felt Yoshida purposely pinching his skin after preparing thread and needle.

"Don't say that! It's the last thing you deserve, it's because you that me and Irie are here. I love it being with my 2 BESTEST friends who take good care me. SO let me take care of you for once" Yoshida smiled and the two shortest students started to laugh but Takasugi coughed.

" Daijobu ?" The concerned informal Irie asked coming over with some hot food and drinks for all three of them. Yoshida didn't eat yet and continued t stick Takasugi while he sat crossed legged eating with Irie and drinking as he felt so thirsty and hungry.

"Sorry Takasugi but I'm afraid that's all I can do for now." Yoshida began to eat making sure he cleared everything out of the way.

"It's fine, I feel a hell of a lot better. Let's just I'm not dead"

"Don't speak like that I said" Yoshida reminded the brown haired boy who pushed his hair back.

"I'm serious Yoshida" Takasugi placed his food down and began to confess. "I thought at some points he was crazy and that he didn't have what it takes to do this kind of thing. But he did and it's become the time of my life where I was so scared I felt paralyzed at a point. Like I could not speak or move. It's the first time I've been struck by some fear."

"But I'll be fine Takasugi because you have us remember" Irie plastered a cheesy grin and put his thumb up.

"Yeah, that's the thing at this school…recently…it's only recently that I realised that I've made so many mistakes and mistreated people even you too. I never even wished you happy birthday or got you anything even though you did so too me."

"We did that because we are your friends and we care. It was painful for us to hear you scream in pain" Irie explained it wasn't normal for him either to be so open but he too usually hid behind a cool, strong image

"I know and it wasn't until Yoshida stormed in that I realised that you will put yourself in real danger for me. I only realised when he said he wanted revenge against what we did and stated it that I found out that I needed you so much." Takasugi finally finished still frowning and for what was the first time ever seen by Irie and Yoshida was loose tear that escaped from Takasugi's eyes and rolled down his cheek, dripping onto his forearm.

"Man Takasugi your making us go back to the same point" Irie pointed out trying to make some sort of comedy. "We are FRIENDS, we do things for EACHOTHER and we YOU NEED us as much as WE NEED you. Ya followin'" Irie said like Takasugi was an idiot.

"Irie I'm wounded not retarded." Takasugi smacked Irie on the head playfully but his shoulder hurt so he pulled back. All three of them started to laugh and finish there food so Takasugi could begin to gain some sort of strength again.

"It's getting dark but I'm so tired now I think I'll go to bed after a bath."Irie helped him to certain points then left him because he felt he could handle it now. Truthfully he felt better than before after the painful healing session and food cooked by the one and only Irie.

Irie returned to Yoshida who he found reading a letter he had found after opening the wooden carved box. Irie opened his too and found another letter, opening and finding Takasugi's handwriting. They each read them and felt sad as Takasugi had said he felt regret for his actions. Whilst the ending were different in Yoshida's letter:

'Yoshida, Arigatou for caring about me and for not giving up ever. Your the one who has has the most caring spirit and with that no one can break you.'

And Irie's ending in something he didn't expect.

'Arigatou Irie for standing up against me, that when I realised maybe my way of thinking wasn't always correct. And also, Hontou ni Gomenasai, I use your strength to help my own and seem strong but I'm sure one day I will learn my lesson and figure out that I need you.'

Both of them became teary in their eyes but hid it from each other as they both looked back to the boxes. In each of them they found a very small wooden figure, a beaded bracelet just like the one Takasugi wore all the time because it was his treasure, and lastly they found small inscriptions on thin blocks of wood.

'My Friends, My Family'

It's finally finished after so much had work to finish this short series and it's not like their characters but the point was to give a confession of how they stick together and stuff me and my brother have been through a lot to get along and I know what it is like to have trust issues and I'm going of the subject. Well I hope you enjoyed, I've enjoyed writing it truthfully and hope to get straight back to my long multi-chap which I've had a bit of a lift on that writers block.(Mult-hap I'm working on only on my LJ uedatatsuya012)