Hello there, people of fanfiction. Tendou Souji here. As you can see from the title of this fic, it's going to be a tournament fic. I know there are lot of great tournament fics out there, but I think I'll give it a shot. They'll be some guidelines but not as strict as my other story. I will start on this in December as I have exams like any other being in this world. Here's the form.

Name: Full name




Clothing(casual): I'm a sucker when it comes to clothes. Try and be descriptive of your OC's casual attire. If you give me just a simple description, it's fine. I can always describe them for you.


Home town:

Personality: Be as detailed as possible. I will not accept short and brief descriptions.

History: Your OC's past.



Pokemon: There is no limit regarding the Isshu Pokemon. I will not accept Legendaries. Do not make your OC's team too powerful. I can only have a few of those so you better hurry up and submit your OC. Nicknames are fine with me. Include their gender as well.

Favoured: Try and include their personalities and history with your OC. Their list of attacks are also welcomed. You can put in more than 4 moves but less than 9.

Less favoured:

Battle style:

Battle cry:

Opinions on Seishirou:

Other: These are simple yet irrelevant facts about your OC.

To avoid confusing people with the terms, here's an example of my OC.

Name: Seishirou 'Zephyr' Syuusuke

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Shoulder-length jet-black hair which is brushed down and parts at the middle, sapphire eyes(left iris is more faded than the right), 6'2" in height, peach-coloured skin, slightly toned muscles.

Clothing(casual): A white collared-up shirt under a dual-coloured vest; white with three black pentagrams at the bottom hem of his jacket on the left side with contrasting colours on the right. He also donnes on a long necklace with the symbol of an inverted pentagram, two fingerless gloves; a black one on his left hand and a white one on his other hand, a pair of black slacks with two white belts criss-crossing each other around his lower abdomen and a pair of midnight-blue sneakers with a logo of a silver Pokeball emblazoned on each sneaker.

Clothing(formal): A midnight-blue jacket, black dress shirt with a turn-down collar, white bow tie, midnight-blue slacks and black leather shoes.

Home town: Castelia City, Unova

Personality: He is a mysterious and apathetic soul. He does not give people direct answers but instead responds in a vague and ambiguous tone. As he doesn't really care what people think of him, he is not easily riled up. He is also quite respectful towards his opponents but does not acknowledge any sort of rivalry. He has a tendency to act rather arrogant but he has the skills to back it up. He is a very good cook, often making delicious and nutritionous food for his Pokemon.

History: His memories for the first seven years of his life are non-existent. He cannot remember his parents' faces nor does he remember where he was born. All he could remember was an image of a large black dragon-like Pokemon. He was taken in by a kindly old woman and they lived together in a temple on a mountain outside Castelia City. Three years later, he left the temple and journeyed to Kanto to become a Pokemon Trainer.

He performed considerably well in the Pokemon Leagues but by the time he reached Sinnoh, he became slightly dillusional on his goals. Due to this, he opted to skip the Sinnoh League and decided to put his Pokemon career on hold. He returned home and immersed himself in spiritual and occult studies, heightening his spiritual energy in the process. This granted him some extraordinary abilities from sensing aura signatures to creating barriers.

Accomplishments: Won the Kanto League, finished 3rd in the Johto League and was the runner-up in the Hoenn League. He also conquered the Kanto Battle Frontier.

Family: Grandmother(adoptive), younger brother(adoptive)



Pikachu(Caedes 'Umbra' Telum)- Levitas was captured near Pallet Town. He has a faint diagonal scar between his eyes, courtesy of the previous 'captain'. Originally, he was very friendly and eager to make friends with other Pokemon. When the mantle of 'captain' was passed on to him, the Pikachu started to become more serious and would only express his friendliness in a subtle tone. He has accepted the darkness within his heart, granting him the ability to use Dark-based attacks with relative ease. His eyes are permanently stained amber as a result. An all-rounder and the strongest member of the team. Moves include Pursuit, Extremespeed, Shadow Ball, Night Slash, Thunderbolt, Wild Bolt, Volt Tackle and Light Screen.

Zoroark(Xander Atra)- Seishirou received Xander as a Pokemon Egg. He is the most mysterious member of the group. His eyes are always half-closed and he always has a smile on his face. When in battle, he is almost effortless in his display. He was able to win many major battles without fighting at full strength. He is a bit of a sadist but not to the extent that he would torture someone. Like Levitas, he has accepted the darkness within his heart, resulting in his amber-coloured eyes. The 'vice-captain' and closest friend of Levitas. Moves include Faint Attack, Night Burst, Trickery, Night Slash, Calm Mind, Claw Sharpen, Punishment and Extremespeed.

Shiny Charmander(Ryujin Kamikaze)- Seishirou took Ryujin under his wing as per an old friend's dying wish. Though it may seem weak, Ryujin has a lot of experience. In fact, Ryujin should have evolved into a Charizard. However, he blatantly refused to do so as he wanted to test his own limits. He wears a bracelet made from Everstone to halt his evolution. He is by far the most aggresive of the group when it comes to battle styles. His battle style is akin to a berserker. While attacking his opponent, he would continually build up on his stats with moves like Swords Dance and Agility. Hopes to find an opponent that can force him to destroy his Everstone bracelet. Including the two before, his moves are Purgatory, Flame Burst, Nitro Charge, Flamethrower and Flare Blitz.

Sceptile(Shinobu Verde)- Seishirou saved him from a Team Magma raid when he was just a Treecko. The loner of the group but actually cares for his team mates. His durability is what makes him scary. He's able to withstand multiple high-damaging attacks like Hyper Beam and Giga Impact and still be able to pull off a win. A jack-of-all-trades like Levitas, but to a lesser extent. Always bows to his opponents as a sign of respect. Moves include Solar Beam, Energy Ball, Grass Knot, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Light Screen and Agility.

Sazandora(Exacolt)- Born in the Dragon's Den alongside Cynthia's Garchomp. When he was a Monozu, he would prefer to laze about and gaze into the sky instead of having mock battles with the others, causing him to be shunned by all except Cynthia's Garchomp. He left the Dragon's Den on his own, managing to evolve into a powerful Sazandora in just one year. Offered to become Seishirou's Pokemon as long as Seishirou remains interesting. An unparalleled strategist. Able to recognize his opponents' strengths and weaknesses and formulate counter-strategies on the spot. When pushed into a corner, he abandons all strategy to surprise and overwhelm his opponents with aggressive, powerful and controlled attacks. Moves include Claw Sharpen, DragonBreath, Dragon Claw, Draco Meteor, Twister, Protect, Shadow Claw and Aerial Ace.

Buizel(Aqua Liquidus): She was facing off against a Luxray and losing badly. She was just about to give up before Seishirou happened to past by and offered the Buizel words of encouragement. Feeling completely reinvigorated, Buizel fought hard and ended up defeating the Luxray. She tends to act rather cocky but has the skills to back it up. Moves include Aqua Jet, Ice Punch, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Sonic Boom, Whirlpool, Aqua Tail and Boling Water.

Less favoured:

Infernape, Espeon(Yue), Gardevoir, Ivysaur, Ononokusu, Pidgeot(Ventus), Staraptor(Sora), Glaceon, Luxray, Meowth(Scout), Gabite(Chopper), Jalorda, Absol(Omen), Empoleon

Battle style: Varies to suit his Pokemon's personal style(as explained above). Also trains his Pokemon to become all-rounders with few weaknesses.

Battle cry: "Scar them,-" , "Raze them to the ground,-" , "Show them your will,-"

Other: He smokes using a 'kiseru' during his free time. He also enjoys watching a full moon.

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- If you have questions, include them with your review and I'll answer them the following chapter.

- If you want to put in an OC, please read the form first before writing your OC and please use this chapter to post your OC. I don't want a scenario where someone has reviewed Chapter 3 and all I see is an OC application.

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