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Your Guardian Wolf

Chapter 1- Can't take my eyes off you

For the last couple of weeks, my life has been an emotional wreck. Okay well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But ever since Bella moved in with her dad, my old childhood feelings for her had resurfaced. And to top it all of those damn leeches triggered a gene and now I turned into a horse sized wolf. Everything started happening so fast. As soon as those bloodsuckers returned, Sam phased less than a month after. It took less than a year for all of us to phase. My biggest concern arose when Bella decided she wanted to develop a relationship with the eternally damned. By then, they had been here two years, and I had a little over a year of experience. Needless to point out, I was stuck between my hate for those damned things, my growing feelings for her, and my pent up emotional distress over what I had become. Yeah, it wasn't good. It wouldn't be so bad if Bella wouldn't insist in being with him. I don't get it. How could she voluntarily choose to be with him after knowing what he was, what he truly was!

I had to put a stop to it. I couldn't allow her to grow "feelings" for him. Unwillingly, contrary to most of the packs believe, I phased in front of her. She saw me, the furry me. It wasn't my fault she was so frustrating and stubborn. Why was it so hard to understand he wasn't safe? Good thing her shocked faced pulled me back from my rampage. Boy that would have turned ugly really fast. Those filthy leeches would never let me live it down. "You dogs have no self control. It's dangerous for her to be around." It seemed that was their constant motto of lately. It was the "expressed concern" they used to try and keep her away from La Push, like it ever worked. If she didn't come down here, I went out there, and if that didn't work we talked on the phone. The problem was that damn parasite was starting to be too controlling.

This brought me to my current state of mood. I haven't seen her in two weeks, two very excruciating long weeks. Sure we texted here and there, but it was taking her longer to do even that. I worried over her, but most importantly I felt I was losing a battle that I was meant to win. My constant PMS'ing as the guys would call it, fucken ass holes, had my whole pack distressed. I was starting to get worst than Leah. Except for Embry and Quil, no one really wanted to patrol with me. They said they hated hearing me whine and complain. Like I ever did that, they're just sissy's who can't handle my stress.

Today, Emily and Sam decided it would be a good idea to have a small gathering/BBQ on the beach. To alleviate to an extent all the pressure and drastic changes over the last couple of months. I didn't want to come, but Embry and Quil pretty much begged and wouldn't shut up. They reminded me every single fucken day and wouldn't stop talking about it. Until one glories' day I said I'd go if they'd shut up already. I've never been so happy to comply, the silence was blissful.

Maybe coming hadn't been such a bad idea after all. I was having fun now. Enjoying the all American past time of a good football game with the guys. Feeling the sand spread underneath my feet as I took my place as a wide receiver. My current objective was to get a touchdown or a field goal. Either one was good. All we needed was to break the tie. Our victory revolved on my success. So as I crouched low in my spot, I looked at everyone. Collin, their cornerback, would be easy to overcome. My biggest problem would be Paul, after he got rid of our offensive tackle, Jared, he would come after me. I knew he wanted his revenge after I tripped him earlier. It was so easy seeing the plot develop in his brain. I knew to keep my eye out for him.

Leah was our quarterback, we choose her for that position because she was light on her feet. And if for whatever reason anyone got past Brady, Jared, Embry or I, she would quickly know what to do. She was our quarterback, fullback and running back. She was alone back there, but she was fully capable of handling it on her own. Besides, Seth was on Sam's team, neither of them would attack her. We had the upper hand.

As soon as Jared touched the football, Paul tackled him, giving him hardly any time before tossing the football to Leah. By then I had easily avoided Collins side tackle and rushed past him. I pushed harder as I saw Leah positioning herself, preparing to throw the football across. Quil saw the move and jumped, trying to intersect it in mid air, but failed. I smiled as I kept running, waiting for the ball to fall into my hands. It was a clear victory. No one was near me to stop me from catching the football. Seth screamed a long 'no!' but I only smiled wickedly. Loser team would patrol for the winning team. I was kind of happy I came to this BBQ. Now I could shake of some patrolling hours and go hand out with Bella. I looked at the ball coming my way. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. I took a brief look at the guys before returning my attention to the football. Their faces were panicked as I readied myself to jump for the ball. I instantly felt something different. There was something wrong. They actually looked scared. I was momentarily distracted by their frantic calls and exaggerated movements. They kept pointing. It was all suddenly happening so fast. I realized that maybe there could be someone behind me, trying to intersect the ball. Someone must have gotten past me. I turned around quickly, but not soon enough. I crashed into that person. We both fell on the sand, grunting as the air left our lungs.

Mindless son of a… why would anyone just stand there! I thought. I opened my eyes, ready to verbally bash out at the mindless idiot who got in my way.

The idiot was a girl.

A painfully out of breath girl. She struggled to breathe as a small tear escaped her closed eyes. "Oh shit!" I voiced unconsciously. I was still on top of her. The force of the impact was painful for me. I could only imagine the discomfort she was going through. I quickly got off remaining near the floor, scrambling for any idea of what to do.

"Are you okay?" of course she's not okay fucken idiot. You crushed her! "What can I do?" I continued. She was struggling to move.

"Help me sit!" she demanded still clutching her stomach, trying to take in deep breathes. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to a sitting position. Her hands were really soft, small and cold, fitting flawlessly into my large rough ones. I stared at our hands, awestruck at how perfectly they fit together, at how right they felt. Her skin was slightly lighter than mine, contrasting beautifully with my hands. I didn't want to let go. In fact, I wanted to pull her into my arms and comfort her, take away the pain I had caused her. I usually didn't consider or notice any of these details but with her, they just seemed to stand out. She placed her head in between her legs, breathing deeply. Her hand slipped out of mine and it felt empty. I wanted to take it back in mine and caress her soft skin. Console her, but I wouldn't.

"I'm sorry. I really am. I wasn't looking. Please, tell me your okay" I whispered. I felt really bad. I pretty much tackled her. I'm such an idiot! I hope she didn't break anything!

"I'm okay. Stop apologizing. It was my fault too." I heard her murmur. She was breathing normally now. I could hear the guy's whispers coming from behind, but for some reason, they were all keeping their distance. "I was running and my phone vibrated so I took it out to txt. So it was my fault too. I'm sorry." She said finally lifting her face up. She's …. She's…

"Beautiful" she has stunning eyes, soft icy blue eyes, dark brown hair cascading around her face and natural sun kissed skin. She's just beautiful.

"What?" she whispered shyly, a hint of a blush touching her sun kissed cheeks.

I think I just said that out loud.

I could feel my own blush coming. Oh crap, I hope the idiots I consider friends didn't hear that.

The low snickering and mocking laughter warned me otherwise.

I extended my hands to take hers in mine. It was a natural instinct to do this. I didn't even think about it, my hands just reached out. She watched me, unsure of what to do, before placing her small perfect hand in mine. I slowly pulled her up off the sand, wishing I could pull harder and have her in my arms.

"Did you kill her?" I heard from behind. Paul and the rest of the guys were surrounding us now. Their eyes roaming her face and body like hungry vultures. My jaw clenched as anger slowly flared through me. I was feeling slightly possessive, as to why, I wasn't going to ponder about that right now. I would think about all of this later, when I was alone.

"No he didn't. I'm okay" she said watching in surprise as all the guys walked closer. She must be registering their overgrown builder bodies.

"No way! Is that you? ...It is!" Paul exclaimed loudly as he watched her carefully. "Naomi! I thought you left! I would have never recognized you if it weren't for your eyes." he took a couple of steps closer, but she backed away.

"Paul?" she whispered, clearly shocked. "You gotta be kidding me" she was shaking her head negatively while she kept backing up.

What the hell is going on here? Why is she afraid of Paul? What did he do to her?

"Haven't you missed me at all babe" he continued as he stretched his hands out for a hug. Babe? Did they…No…impossible.

"No Paul I haven't." she forced out. She was visibly tensed now. Something happened between these two and I wanted to know what it was.

"Oh C'mon, you know you did. You know you missed me. Don't you want a repeat?" he asked with a cocky grin on his face. His tone had a hint of a secret, one that only those two shared. Son of a bitch, what the hell did he do!

"Over my dead body" she breathed through her clenched teeth. She was upset now. Her breathing was coming rapidly and she had her fist in a ball. She was looking a lot like us.

"Not dead, then you wouldn't be responsive babe. No fun in that" Paul said as he stopped right in front of her, a malignant smile on his face.

"Go fuck yourself Paul. I didn't need your help." She was starting to shake now, her body vibrating slightly. Her heart rate was rapidly increasing. I looked up to notice the rest of the guys amazed, not only because of the confrontation between her and Paul, but because of her visible wolf signs.

Paul stretched his hands to touch her face but she instinctively pulled back slapping his hands away. "Don't. Touch. Me." She spat harshly. As always, Paul didn't take well to being hit. His body started shaking and he started breathing heavily as his veins began the bulge out on his neck. He caught her by surprise. His sudden change in mood seemed to have brought her back from her anger. She was backing away from him, looking scared. He grabbed her arm and pulled her into his chest. She struggled without any success.

I took one long stride, grabbed his arm and pulled him off her in an instant "Get away from her!" I yelled at him. I shoved him towards the guys, standing in between him and her. He was dangerously close to losing control. He was taking deep breaths, trying to control the wolf inside. Once he was under control he looked at both of us and just walked away. I turned around to see if Naomi was okay. She looked startled and confused.

"You okay?" I asked concerned, trying to keep my hands away from caressing her face, from grabbing her hands and pulling her into my aching arms.

"Yeah." She whispered "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get mad. I don't usually… I… don't…" she trailed off. "I'm sorry. I have to go…see you later? Maybe?" she asked. She looked frighten. Maybe the encounter with Paul scared her more than I thought. Or maybe he brought back unwanted memories.

"Yeah. Later." I said. She smiled and slowly jogged away. She even jogged beautifully. Could she be showing signs of the wolf gene or was it just her anger? I mean, Paul was fully capable of angering anyone.

"Dude, did you just imprint?" I turned around to see Embry's smiling face. Imprint?

Oh! Did I just imprint? I felt drawn to her. I felt a need to hold her. No. I couldn't have. I love Bella. She's my soul mate. I will never imprint. I can't. Bella needs me. With that leech hovering around, I can't be distracted now. I knew my opportunity to make her fall in love with me would come soon. She would finally see that I'm her better option. She'll see that we are meant to be together. I will not imprint!

"Did you?" Sam asked as he appeared right next to Embry.

"I don't know" I answered honestly. I thought that if I ever imprinted I would know immediately. I would feel the tilt and pull that Sam felt. But the things I did feel for her were strange. How could I feel all that I felt when she was near me? The need to want to hold her, the urge to hug her tightly and never let go. I was definitely confused. Could I have imprinted?

"I think she might be one of us" Embry whispered as he looked towards the path she had taken just a couple of minutes ago.

"I think so too" I said. Sam nodded in agreement silently telling us that we would have to keep an eye on her.

It would be my pleasure.

No wait! No pleasure. Just Duty! Remember I love Bella.

I have a sinking feeling my life just got a lot more complicated.

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