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Why did Edward's hands became warmer when she helped him?

About Edward. He was able to feel the warmth because, since she's technically a wolf and at the moment she was running a temperature higher than a normal human, not quite 108, but higher than normal, she was able to warm Edward's otherwise cold hands. It's like her heat was able to seep into his skin, because she's a wolf, when noting else could. Think of it as, wolfs are the only ones-aside from other vampires-that can break a vampires skin, why shouldn't their body heat be able to penetrate the vampires skin too? :D something like that...lol I hope you can follow my logic. At least it sounds reasonable in my head-kind of like the half imprint thing :D

Has being near a vampire for the entire evening triggered her wolf gene?

Yes, being near Edward for so long and so close did start to trigger the wolf gene. That's the reason she made that remark about not wanting to catch a cold/flue. She was starting to feel a sickly warm.

Your Guardian Wolf

Chapter 17-Loving among nightmares

She tossed and turned, breathing heavily, unconsciously tangling herself in her sheets. She'd been having recurring dreams lately; ever since her date a week were always of her and Jacob, laughing and kissing and enjoying their time together, much like they did during the day. They'd become inseparable. Well, almost. They still went to different schools.

But those recurring dreams just proved to her how much she wanted Jacob. Every night she'd go to sleep and every time she dreamt of him. He came to her, always by the beach or in a clearing in the forest, and he made love to her. Always with such an intensity and so much love that when she woke up she groaned angrily, wanting to go back to sleep and continue where she left off.

Jacob didn't try to go any farther after that night out on the road. They kissed and touched and moaned and grinned but they didn't go further. Even their friends teased them, telling them they needed to get laid already so they'd stop looking at each other like that. In front of us! Paul complained. You guys are disgustingly corny! Naomi would blush and hide her face using Jacob's wide chest, secretly inhaling his masculine scent.

But tonight was different. Her dream wasn't pleasantly arousing and loving. It was dark and full of fear. A fear so real, so deep, she thought the pain would kill her.

She was alone, walking through the forest, an immense fear filling her. She didn't know what she was afraid of. All she knew was that it wasn't because she was lost. Or because it seemed that the darkness surrounding her was endless and that the moon did not shine over her. No she wasn't afraid because of that. She felt followed, watched. She felt like the prey. Apprehensive, her senses on full alert, watchful for something she had yet to recognize. She walked farther, not knowing where she was going, fearful tears running down her face. She wanted to call out for help, call for her dad, for Jacob. But she was afraid. She feared that whatever was hunting her, watching her, would find her quickly. Or strike the moment she spoke.

So she kept quiet, silently crying and praying that someone would find her; someone that wasn't getting ready to kill her. She walked forward trying to watch out for leaves or fallen branches when she realized a thick fog was surrounding her, covering the base of the forest as it circled itself around the trees. It was like a living fog, making its way to her, leaving but a small perfect circle around her, untouched. It seemed so surreal to her, almost like a dream. But the fear and intensity of it, proved it otherwise. At least to her. She became frantic, unsure of what kind of evil would cause fog to do this; to seemingly think on its own.

A branch broke to her left. Her head turned to her left instantly; alerted to any kind of movement coming from that side. Her heart starting pounding in her chest and she prayed it wasn't loud enough to be heard. A blur of white flashed before her eyes, quickly disappearing into the darkness in front of her. She took a fearful step back. Something in her heart told her to run! To run and get away from whatever was out there.

The blur of white returned this time from the right, quickly pushing itself past her, knocking her down to the floor. Her silent tears became sobs as she tried to push herself off the floor. The sharp rocks tore the skin of her palms. She saw it coming again, but this time it stopped in front of her. He looked human. But she knew better. His blood red eyes looked at her and the sardonic smile he gave her sent chills through her body. She backed away from it, still on the floor. But she wasn't able to get far. He grabbed her by the throat, squeezing, preventing any air from reaching her lungs. She was off the floor, her feet dangling in the air as she struggled to remove his hands from her neck. He said nothing. He just looked at her, tilting his head curiously, watching her weak attempts to free herself.

His lips then curled into a smile, slowly. His eyes shined a red so deep, so unreal.

A low growl rumbled out of him.

Her eyes blurred, watering. She couldn't breathe. She tried opening her mouth, to suck in air; but none of it reached her lungs. His hold tightened on her. He suddenly pulled her to him, still holding her up in the air with one hand. His nose grazed her neck, inhaling deeply. He laughed a mockingly evil laugh. She knew this was her end. That she would not live past this weird night.

Suddenly another blur of white came flying out of nowhere and knocked the inhuman creature away from her. She gasped for air, inhaling desperately, coughing. Her throat was dry, raspy. Her eyes watered as she tried to see who her savior was. Through her tears she saw a white wolf running up to that thing. But he just moved expertly to the side, dodging all the wolf's attacks.

Tears fell from her eyes. She turned around wanting to find something that would help. She wanted to run but she also knew that she had to help the wolf. She felt a sort of attachment to her, like she knew her. She couldn't bring herself to run, like she knew she should. She turned to look at the wolf, only to see how that man, that beast, broke her neck. Her body fell to the floor. It laid there limp, free of life.

Noise came from her right and she turned to find Jacob, Paul and Embry coming out of the trees. They wore their usual cut offs as they angrily growled at the beasts standing triumphantly over the dead wolf. She screamed at them to get away! To run! But they paid no attentions. She begged them to get away but no matter how hard she screamed they would not turn. It was as if she wasn't there; like they couldn't hear her.

The inhuman beast was looking at her now, walking menacingly towards her. She stepped back, pleadingly looking towards the guys. But they crowded over the fallen wolf, silently morning their loss. They didn't see the man walking right past them. They didn't see her crying in fear. They couldn't help her! They couldn't see her! They didn't know she was there!

The man ran to her with invisible speeds. She screamed and lifted her hands in her last attempt to stop him. The blow she was expecting; the pain that would bring her to her death never came. After a few fearful seconds, she opened her eyes. Her heart dropped. It stopped beating. Her eyes watered as she shook her head in denial, backing away slowly.

The bodies of her friends laid lifelessly next to the white wolf. Paul, Embry, Seth, Quil just laid there; their eyes lifeless, blood dripped from their bodies. Everywhere she looked there was a broken bone, popped out or simply latched off. Next to them, laid Sam, Jared and Jacob. They looked at her, all of them. Their eyes were wide open and dead. She wanted to run! She wanted to wake up. To make it all go away. She wanted it all to be a dream; a horrible nightmare

Suddenly out of the corner of her eyes, she saw movement. The man that murdered her friends reappeared, holding a young girl in his arms. She didn't know who she was but she saw the fear in her eyes. He looked at Naomi, smiling before he twisted her neck and allowed her body to drop limply next to the rest.


She woke with a muffled cry. Her eyes opened to the darkness that surrounded her in her room. Just a dream, she repeated in her head. One after another she repeated it but it did nothing to weaken the fear that had followed her out of the dream. Her body shook with the sudden sobs, clear images of her dead friends running through her mind.

She noticed the time on the alarm across the room. It read two-fifteen. She felt wrong; like something was off. She feared for Jacob; for her friends. She wanted to run out her house, throught the front door, and look for her friends. She needed to see them alive and make sure it wasn't another dream; that the horrible nightmare was just that, a nightmare.

She curled in her bed, resting her back against the headboard as she pulled her legs to her. She couldn't stop sobbing. She couldn't push away that sense of dread. All she wanted was to hear their voices. She needed to know Jacob was not dead, lying lifeless somewhere out in the woods.

She hated feeling like this; having dreams so intensely. She remembered all too well what happened last time she did.

She made up her mind, not caring that she would wake him. Not caring if he thought her crazy. She reached for her phone and looked for Jacobs's number. Once she pulled it up she took deep breathes trying to calm her sobs. She didn't want to call him while she was still hysterical. With a deep breath that chocked her, she dialed his number. It rang a couple of times and she thought he was probably sleeping profoundly.

Or dead, her conscious added after. Her fear picked up as the phone continued to ring. She was about to hang up when he answered.

"Naomi?" He answered confused, surprisingly sounding wide awake. "Is something wrong? Why are you awake so late?"

The sound of his voice sent a crashing wave of relief through her, causing her tears to fall again. She wanted to answer him, to say something, but she couldn't stop crying. "Babe, what's wrong? Are you crying?"

She covered her mouth trying to keep her sobs unnoticeable. She was overwhelmingly relieved to hear his voice. It was like finding someone after you thought he was lost to you forever.


She took a deep quivering breath. "Are y-you o-okay?" she asked, covering her mouth again as the sobs threatened to overtake her again.

"Yes, why? What's wrong? Why are you crying? Baby, talk to me please!"

She closed her eyes, cursing herself for having such a weak hold on her emotions. She listened to his even breathing. Sound broke through the phone and she heard someone else with him

Jake! What the hell are you doing out here, man! Hurry the fuck up! Sam won't start without you!

Her eyes widened and the little hold she had on her emotions crumbled. "Is t-that Paul?" she whimpered.

"Yeah." Jacob answered taking in a deep calming breath. "What's wrong?"

"Is he o-kay…"

Is that Naomi? What the fuck? She heard Paul ask.

She heard a struggle and the passing of a phone. "Shorty? Why the hell are you awake? It's two in the fucking morning! Go to sleep!"

She bit her lips to hold in a sob. "Paul?"

There was a silence on the other end; his heavy breathing was the only thing she heard. "What's wrong?"

Her eyes watered all over again and it became hard for her to see. She sniffled, pushing aside the need to let go and cry. "Nothing. I'm just overacting." Her voice was thick, chocked.


She heard another struggle and the passing of the phone. Paul grumbled and warned Jacob, If you did something to her I'ma fucking kill you! Got that?

"Yeah, sure, whatever. Fuck off Paul. Tell Sam to fill me in later."

She smiled, still sniffing and breathing unevenly.

"You there?" Jacob asked.


"You gonna tell me what's wrong?"

"No." She didn't want to remember and relive those horrible images.

"You want me to stay awake the rest of the night wondering why my girlfriend called me up in tears?"

She leaned her head against the headboard, breathing to try and calm her rapidly beating heart. "I had a nightmare."

It was silent for a few seconds. "A nightmare?"

She felt foolish now, calling him in the middle of the night, just because she had a nightmare. She closed her eyes, hoping he wouldn't think she was weird. "Mhm."

"What kind of nightmare?" He asked. There wasn't a hint of mockery in his voice.


He was silent, like thinking something over. "You want to talk about it?" Just thinking about it made it all too real for her. The vivid images began to flash right before her eyes. No, she didn't want to talk about it. She couldn't.

A renewed wave of tears stared falling and she felt like a kid because of it. She didn't want to talk about it. She just wanted to hear his voice and make sure he was okay. But she couldn't answer him. Her fear caught in her throat, preventing her from saying anything. Her sobs came out low and chocked. She was trying to be quiet. She didn't want him to hear her. She pushed the phone away, covering the speaker with her hand.

If only this same fear hadn't griped her before, warning her of death. If only she didn't have a past experience with it.

She heard noise coming from the phone. She pulled it back to her ear and talked to Jacob. "I'm sorry Jake. It's just a nightmare. I'll talk to you tomorrow-or later."

"Wait! Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes." But she knew she wasn't. She knew she'd just lay awake in her bed until the sun rose and it shined through her window.

"Okay." He said sounding unsure. "I'll call you back in ten minutes; to see if you're still all right. okay?"

"Mhm." She wouldn't speak; afraid her voice would give her away.


She didn't say it back. She just regretfully hanged up. She knew if she said anything he would know. She crawled underneath her sheets, pulling the covers over her body up to her shoulders, afraid to cover her head and left vulnerable to anything out there.

She suddenly thought about her dad. She bolted out of her bed and fearfully walked out of her bedroom down the hall. His dad always left his door ajar, claiming he could hear better if anyone broke in. She peeked in. Her dad was sound asleep. He looked peaceful, free of nightmares.

She smiled in relief and returned to her bedroom, locking her door behind her. She grabbed her Zune and played her current favorite list; full of dubstep and techno. She felt like the heavy beat and rhythm could help her forget or the loud bass would push away the horrible images. She crawled into her bed, pushing away the images that freely popped into her head. It was an uncontrollable thing. Something inside her told her not to ignore the dream. Not to push it away; to heed its warning like the last time she had one like this. But she was afraid to remember.

The last time she had a dream like this her step sister could have died.

Twice in one month she dreamt of her death. Twice she woke up crying, her body shaking with her sobs as she ran to her room, waking her as she launch herself into her bed and hugged her.

She became overprotective of her. She prohibited her to wear the outfit she saw her wearing in her dreams. And when her step sister causally informed her she had a stoker, she panicked. The day after that she shoved maze into her hand and told her to always carry it around.

Her step sister laughed, "He's a dork! What could he do to me?"

Naomi pouted and continued to shove the maze onto her hand. Elizabeth reluctantly took it. A week later, while she was leaving a party, someone attacked her. 'Till this day they haven't found out who it was, only that she frantically pulled out the maze from her purse, sprayed the guy and ran off. By the time the police got there, there were no signs of the man. They never found him.

After that no one questioned her dreams or made fun of her. She didn't have any kind of premonition powers or anything like that. She just listened to her gut when it was practically screaming at her, like it was doing so now.

A light tap came from her window. She panicked, shoving herself of the bed, almost falling off as she crawled to the other end of the room, away from the window. She saw the shadow of a man standing on her porch roof, knocking lightly on her window again. She blinked rapidly, ridding herself of the haze her tears had created. The man moved closer to the windows.


She pushed away from the wall, recognizing the man as Jacob. With a renewed sense of relief she rushed around the bed and opened the window for him. He wasn't half way in before she was wrapping herself in his arms.

He chuckled and pulled her into his arms, closing the window with his free hand. "I'd sneak in more often if you greeted me like this every time."

She smiled against his chest, realizing it was bare. She pulled away from him, looking him over, only to have her fear return instantly. He was wearing the cut offs. Then again, it was only logical since he seemed to love them. But she hated seeing him in them, especially without a shirt; just the way he'd been in her dream.

"What's wrong?" He said, lifting her chin with his fingers so she'd look at him. He saw her puffy red eyes and her tear stained cheeks. He felt a pang in his chest. "Was it that bad?"

Her eyes began to sting all over again. She looked away from his face but her gaze landed again on his shorts. She couldn't get the image of him just lying there, his eyes that were naturally so bright, dull of life. She couldn't shake off the feeling of dread.

He pulled her to him. "It's okay. Tell me what happened." He could hear her rapidly beating heart, smell the adrenaline and fear coming off of her. Did it have anything to do with the sudden fear he had felt a while ago? It felt similar, very familiar. Could it be that they could feel their imprint when they were distressed?

"It was just a nightmare. Just a dream." But it obviously wasn't. She was trembling in his arms, silently trying not to cry.

He pulled her to her bed. He sat in the center, resting his back against the headboard and pulled her in between his legs. She moved to her side, so that she could rest her face on his chest and hug him at the same time.

"Tell me. It was real enough-at least while you dreamt it." He said to her. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling the covers over their bodies, more for her benefit than his. He heard music coming from somewhere. He figured it was her mp3 lying somewhere on the bed. He knew how much she loved that thing.

He heard her heart rate pick up, her breathing coming in short shallow burst. "I dreamt-I mean-you were there-Paul and Embry and a wolf. It was a girl. I don't know how I know that-but I do."

Jacob's body tensed briefly before he forced himself to relax. "What happened?"

She hugged him tightly. "He killed her. He just snapped her head and dropped her on the floor like some trash to discard." She was talking quicker now, scared and frantically. "I tried to help. I wanted to run. Oh God his eyes! But I couldn't. I knew that the wolf needed my help. I felt like I knew her, like I should recognize her. But I didn't know what to do. He was too quick!"

He soothed her, sliding his hand up and down her arm in a comforting motion. "Relax. Start from the beginning. Remember, it's just a dream."

She closed her eyes tightly and took a deep breath. "I was lost, somewhere in the woods. It was so dark, there was no moon but I could still see. I felt scared, watched. I knew I needed to run, to leave and run. But I was too scared to make any sudden movement or to make noise. Then I saw something white running around. It disappeared right in front of me and then it came back from my right. It pushed me to the grown. I tried getting up. I wanted to run. But he came back. He grabbed me by the neck and lifted me off the floor. I couldn't breathe. He looked like a human but-I don't know why-I knew he wasn't. His eyes were red. Like blood. He looked at me weird and he sniffed me. I thought he was going to kill me but then the white wolf appeared. They fought, she bit him a couple of times but he was just playing with her. And suddenly, just like that, he grabs her from mid air and breaks her neck! She just twitched on the floor!" Her voice quivered, holding on tighter to him. He didn't know why but he felt her fear and for some reason his own uncertainty over earlier doubled.

"Then you appeared with Paul and Embry. The three of you were angry, shaking. You were wearing those shorts! You always wear those damn shorts!" she cried, holding on to him.

She felt foolish for acting like this. But she didn't know how else to feel.

He kissed the top of her head."Shh-it's okay. I'm here. I won't wear them anymore. Just calm down, babe. Please."

She exhaled, letting go of the breath she didn't know she was holding. "You promise?"

He hugged her tightly and chuckled. "I promise."

She gave his chest a feather light kiss and turned back to rest her face on it. "I yelled at you to run, to get away from him. But you couldn't hear me. The three of you just cried around her. You didn't even notice when-when he past right by you! But he wasn't paying any attention to you anymore. He looked at me. He ran my way and I thought I was dead. I closed my eyes waiting for the pain but it never came. W-when I o-opened my eyes, he wasn't there. But-"

He felt concern for her now, her heart rate just kept getting higher and higher. Her breathing was uneven and the fear he could feel off of her made him weary. He didn't know how to make her feel better so he just hugged her. "You guys were just there, lying next to her-you were all—d-dead! Everyone! Sam, Quil, Jared-everyone! Even you! It was horrible, he tore you up, broke your bones. It felt so real. I felt so much pain that I couldn't breathe from it."

A low growl rumbled from his chest. He remembered having dreams of vampires when he was getting ready to phase. But they were never so detailed and no one ever died in his dreams. He couldn't begin to imagine the fear she must have felt. He was sure that the white wolf was Leah. There was no other. It bothered him. How could she know? How could her subconscious come up with a white wolf that appeared to be Leah? Naomi said she felt connected to her, like she needed to stay behind and help. It had to be Leah.

It didn't help his anxiety either knowing they had chased away a vampire earlier that night and that the filthy bloodsucker got away. Yes, that did nothing to help ease his mind. It just felt like too much of a coincidence for her to have this dream on the night they chased a leech.

"It's okay. We're all okay. Leah's fine." He said and almost instantly he realized his mistake.

"Leah?" she asked lifting her head from his chest to look at him.

He looked away, unwilling to lie to her face. "Yeah. Wasn't she in your dream?"

She looked thoughtful for a second. Her eyes suddenly widen and a new fear crossed her face. "Oh my God! The wolf was Leah! That fucker killed Leah!"

Jacob panicked. "No! No why would—why would you think she was Leah?"

She returned to resting her head on his chest. She listened in comfort to the sound of his heart. It soothed her. It pushed her fear away, knowing that he was alive and warm next to her. "I don't know. But it seems right. The connection I felt with the wolf it's like the one I have with Leah. Don't ask me why she was a wolf though. I have no idea. All I know is that she's in danger."

She was calmer now, somehow. He didn't care to know how, he was just happy she was. "Don't worry. We'll keep an eye out for her. Besides, it was just a dream, right?" He felt her tense but she nodded anyways.

"Here-go to sleep. I won't leave until you do." He said pulling the pillow to lay it next to him.

She reluctantly pushed herself away and made herself comfortable next to him. She motioned for him to lie next to her, wanting to enjoy his proximity a little bit longer. He moved away from the head board and scooted closer. He pulled her close to him, cradling her in his arms. He could smell her clean hair, lavender and something else. He closed his eyes tightly, thinking this was not the time to think of the rest of her body; wet and glistening under the water as it ran down from her head to her breast, to her stomach and…

He shook away the thoughts, feeling a vital part of his body twitch to life.

Naomi moved. "Jake?"

"Hmm?" He had his eyes closed tightly, willing his dick to calm the fuck down.

"What is that?" She asked. There was a subtle laughter in her voice as she moved around, teasingly brushing up against him.

"Nothing." He groaned, feeling even the tip of his ears becoming hot.

"You sure? It kind of feels like something." She said, moving her hands in between them. She sneaked her hand across his chest down to his abdomen. He inhaled sharply when her hands lingered over the hem of his cut offs. Her fingers grazed tauntingly over his skin, ever so slightly sneaking barely underneath his shorts.

"You're keys?" she asked playfully. "Wallet? A flashlight?" She giggled, pulling herself closer to him. She kissed him lightly on his jaw, trailing down to his chest; her right hand lingering over his shorts, playfully pulling on them.

"Why don't you—investigate." He said huskily, grabbing her hand and placing it right over his hard on.

She bit her lip, smiling. She felt him push his hips forward, into her hand. She timidly allowed her hand to linger there. She touched him, massaged and rubbed her hand over him; over the shorts. Her caress was gently, feeling shy for her sudden boldness.

She blushed when she felt how big he really was. She wondered if it would hurt. Then she thought the pleasure would probably be greater.

She looked up at him, his eyes closed. She pulled her hand away from him, laughing when he groaned his complain. He opened his eyes, the same longing from a week before, once again there.

She reached up to kiss him, reaching her hand to his neck and pulling him down to her. She leaned her body into him, feeling his erection pressing firmly against her thigh. His hand trailed from the middle of her back to her butt, pulling firmly and pushing her against his erection. She moaned into the kiss, lifting her leg to wrap it around him. It gave them a little more room and he pulled her closer. His erection pressed teasingly against her heated womanhood. He kissed her deeply, groaning when she moved against him.

She loved hearing him respond like that. It ignited something in her.

He pulled away from the kiss, kissing her jaw, down to her neck while his hand continued to massage her bottom, seductively trailing a finger down the middle. Her body trembled with the touch and she pushed herself against him, grinding her hips against his erection, loving the hot feeling she got from him.

Somewhere she heard the faint sound of music. Her mp3 was playing "Silence" a remix by Mt. Eden. That song always made her wonder what it would feel like to make love to it. It just felt hot. It turned her on and made her want to move her hips seductively, faster and faster as the song increased its tempo. It made her want to move like she was doing now; pushing Jacob to lay flat on his back while she straddled him.

She leaned forward, her hair cascading around her face, caressing and tickling Jacob's chest. Naomi kissed his chest, down the middle of his stomach across his hard abs. She roamed her hands along his side, feeling the hard muscle as it curved, his hips narrowing, before feeling the hard rough material of his shorts. She pressed herself against his erection. She moved and swayed her hips back and forth in a circular motion, following the beat she was hearing. Not too fast, not too slow.

If his expression was any indication of how she was doing, well then she knew she was doing one heck of a job.

Her right hand sneaked in between both their already touching bodies. She struggled with the button on his shorts but he helped her with it. She realized with a smile that he wasn't wearing anything besides the shorts. She resumed her slow descent down, touching his hot skin, tracing circular trails around the hair that covered his groin. She teased him, lingering her fingers just above reach, so close to touching his hard shaft. She felt him move underneath her, wanting her to touch him, pushing himself closer to her hand. But she kept her fingers away, teasing while they softly brushed over him.

While her hand teased and probe, she took his mouth in a hard kiss, nibbling on his lip, distracting him while her hand slowly touched him more and more until she held him softly, almost tenderly. He groaned and arched his back underneath her as she slowly started to slide her hand up and down his shaft. She kept the rhythm even, slowly picking up her pace.

She was giving free rein to her instincts, her need to pleasure him allowing her to do things she would have otherwise not done. The need was so great in her it made her daring beyond what she would have ever imagined.

She began another slow descent with her mouth, slowly kissing and nibbling her way from his lips to his jaw, down his neck, to his chest, where she lingered over his muscular breast and licked his perked buds.

He inhaled sharply, moving his hands up and down her hips, to her thighs and around to her ass. He grabbed her there, pushing her down to sit on him, moving her hips to the beat, hard against his throbbing erection. He felt her heat on him, pulsating against him.

He could hear the song too and found it exhilarating when he noticed the synchronized movements between her and the song, slow and seductive. Almost dreadfully teasing. He raised himself, needing to feel her, wanting to be inside her.

He could smell her arousal and his own. The slow trails of kisses she was bestowing on his chest did nothing to help strengthen his resolve and not take her hard and fast. He'd been dreaming, literally, of taking her, of touching and loving her body just like this. It felt almost surreal now that it was happening.

His need grew painful when she continued to caress him with her mouth. Kissing her way to his ribcage, to his side, where he felt an internal pull that ran through his stomach straight to his loins. He knew where those trails of kisses where taking her. He knew where she'd end up. He just couldn't wait 'till she got there.

He pushed her so that she'd be the one on her back and sucked on her lips forcefully. He felt her hands wrapping around his neck, pulling him to her. He licked her lower lip with the tip of his tongue, making his way inside. He kissed her long and deep, pulling her thin shirt over her shoulders. He groaned and his mouth watered when he saw the black laced bra she was wearing. He wondered if she was one of those girls that matched her undergarments. He thought it was hot if she did. Then again, he didn't really care if she didn't, they were coming off anyways.

His hand left her hips, lingering barely above her skin, creating a feather light touch as his hands roamed up to her breast. She was breathing hard and her body trembled. It turned him on knowing he was the one doing that to her. That she was whimpering with his touch, aroused by him.

He sneaked his finger underneath her bra, following the lace to the back where he unhooked it. His breath caught in his throat and his heart beat frantically against his chest. She pulled the bra off, never once taking her eyes off of him. He moaned, closing his eyes and buried his face in the hollow between her breasts. His right hand touched her soft skin, right below her chest, sliding almost carefully up to her breast. He wanted to memorize the feel of her skin, every breath she took and every moan that left her throat. His finger grazed right over her breast, carefully pinching her light brown bud. He took the other breast in his mouth, caressing her with the tip of her tongue breathing hot air over them, making them hard. She moved and squirmed underneath him, moaning and pulling him closer, lacing her fingers in his hair.

"J-Jake…" she moaned pleadingly, moving underneath him to touch him. He didn't let her. He didn't want to lose control.

"Jake!" she pleaded, wrapping one of her legs around his waist, pulling him to her. "Please..."

But he ignored her pleads, giving her other breast the attention he was so willing to give. As he sucked and licked, his left hand caressed her stomach, going farther down, pulling on the soft hem of her PJ's. He pushed them down, pulling away from her breast and sitting up to pull them off all the way. He licked his lips when he saw the black lace panties; the kind that always showed half their ass. His dick twitched with anticipation and his hand ached to touch her. He grabbed her bare ass, the part that always showed with these kinds of panties. He closed his eyes, memorizing the soft feel of it.

He got off the bed, desperately taking of his own shorts. He looked at her, laying there on the bed, in black lace, waiting for him. The covers where tangled on her feet, her hair spread widely on the pillows below her. She moved her hand shyly over her breast, covering them. She bent her leg, shyly using her thigh to cover herself. It was an image he was sure never to forget. A sight he could definitely get used to and wake up to every morning.

He didn't notice her blush until he looked at her face and her averting eyes from his chest to his erection and then back to his chest. He loved it when she blushed; when she bit her lip and looked away. Then oh so casually looked right back.

"You can look." He said, taking a step forward. His voice sounded strange even to his own ears.

Her face reddened, making him smile. "It's just-big. I think."

He arched his eyebrow, amused. "You think?"

She looked at him, and then looked away again. "I've never really been—well you know—I haven't."

"Oh." He felt his heartbeat falter. "Oh!"

Something inside him grew. Maybe it was pride for being her first; knowing he was the first man to see her like this, to touch her so intimately. Maybe it was his desire or a mixture of both. He didn't know and he didn't care. All he knew was that his desire was getting painful and his hold on it was wearing thin.

He practically jumped back onto the bed. He was getting desperate to feel her, fill her. But he refused to make it quick. He sat near her legs, bending over to draw invisible kisses on her thighs. He paid close attention to her body's respond. He kissed the inside of her thigh, teasingly, with the tip of his tongue, licking his way upward. She inhaled sharply, arching her back, making his face inch closer to her heated femininity.

He continued his assent, nibbling on the sensible skin that wasn't covered by her panties'. He used his left hand, pulling gently on the edge of her underwear, his tongue following a similar pattern as he trailed the upper border, licking the hot skin there.

He wanted to lick her; to suck on her soft mound but something inside him told him it might be too soon or too much for the first time.

But if that feeling inside him kept his mouth from touching her there, it didn't keep his fingers.

He kissed her abdomen, hopping that his lingering caresses would distract her from what his hands where doing. He touched her thigh with his right hand, wondering how someone's skin could be so soft. He followed the length of her thigh until his warm hand cupped her, feeling her own heat seeping into his palm. She gasped, pushing forward much like he had earlier. He cupped her harder, his forefinger inching under her panties, pulling them completely off.

He heard her breathing picking up, shallow and quick. He continued nibbling on her stomach, around her bellybutton while his hand returned to cover what her panties left exposed. He slipped his finer around her bare mound, slipping it between her folds, almost expertly finding her clitoris. She groaned, her body trembling underneath him as he caressed her gently, making sure not to over stimulate the region. He continued his caresses, never once forgetting her breast as he took one in his mouth.

He could feel her hot and wet as he inched his forefinger into her slowly. He slid his finger in and out, groaning when she lifted her leg to wrap it around him. She whimpered underneath him, pulling on him.

"Jake—p-please!" she groaned, "I w-want you—n-now!"

He quickly pulled out his finger, looking blindly on the floor for his shorts and pulling out a condom from his wallet. He positioned himself over her, his breathing stammering with need as his shaking fingers put the condom on. He spread light kisses all over her face; on her cheeks, on her lips. "I'll be careful, babe. I'll try not to hurt you."

"Stop talking—"she said, pulling him to kiss her on the lips.

He chuckled, deepening the kiss. He slowly started to enter her. First just the tip, slowly sinking in deeper, allowing her body to become use to his size as he fought the urge to take her in one swift thrust. He felt the warm radiation of her, encircling him erotically. Her scent increased, intoxicating him to near oblivion. He moved deeper, feeling the thin vale of her virginity. He took her lower lip in his mouth, sucking on it while he gave one, deep thrust. Her hands tightened around him, her eyes shut tightly.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, continuing to give her comforting kisses as he stopped his thrusting.

She opened her eyes. Her moist eyes betrayed the pain she had felt and it hurt him to have been the cause of it. "Don't stop," she whispered.

With a needful groan, he buried his face in her neck, inhaling her scent as he started thrusting into her again. His movements where slow at first. But they began to pick up speed as both their needs escalated.

His left hand grabbed her ass, squeezing it hard while his other hand held him above her. There movements became synchronized, the music still playing from somewhere underneath the sheets. It excited them both, the fast paced beat and the heavy bass adding to their ecstasy. He could feel it building up in the lower part of his stomach. He could feel it as her wall constricted around his dick.

She wrapped both her legs around him, trying to make it possible to feel him deeper inside her. Her hands pulled on him desperately, pulling his chest to touch her own as she curved her back to meet him thrust after thrust. She could feel her release building up insider her, the heat growing and growing until she thought it would burn her. She wanted to scream at him, to demand he went faster, harder. But the build was quickly taking over her. She felt her body flush with a tingling sensation, like a heat that came with every single of his thrust, spreading over her body as it started to tremble. Her release took hold of her body as she hugged him desperately, biting him on the shoulder on a last attempt to hold herself together.

She felt his uneven thrusting as his body began to shake over hers as well. His breathing was shallow and hot on her neck. He bit on her shoulder, sucking and biting harder as the tremors continued to shake his body. He kept pumping into her until with one hard last thrust; his body came to a standstill over hers.

She slowly descendent from her high; her chest was rising and falling rapidly while Jacob nuzzled his nose against her.

"Oh fuck!" he whispered against her skin.

She laughed, "Yeah-I know."

After a few minutes he pulled out of her and cradled her in his arms. He loved how she smelled. His scent had mixed with hers. She was his and there wasn't anyone in the world that could change that.

Their friends thought that after being together that their constant corny stares and touches would diminish. But they were wrong. He became possessive of her, pulling her to his side every chance he got. He'd kiss her cheek and nibble on her ear, whispering something that made her laugh when he noticed some guy checking her out.

During patrols he guarded his thoughts ferociously, unwilling to share her even then. He growled threateningly when his friends made comments about her, after—without being able to control it—he thought of how she looked laying there on her bed, waiting for him. The thought of it turned him on and to his displeasure so did some of his pack members

And that was just the day after.

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