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Harry Potter/Michael Novotny (QAF): Superhero

Michael always had a thing for Super Heroes.


Michael Novotny always had a thing for Super Heroes. His obsession had started when he was young, Captain Astro and Cyclops had drawn him in to the fantastical world of the men clad in only spandex. Sure, he liked to look at the guys, but despite what Brian said, that wasn't the only reason as to why he liked to read about their daring feats. Their ability to face the unknown, and to do it all wearing colorful underwear, and that was exactly what Michael wanted in his life. Well, he didn't want to go around in underwear, he was pretty sure that he would get even more beat up then was normal for the small Italian kid.

But little Mikey wanted to be a hero, he wanted to save the damsel in distress, and he wanted people to look up to him, and even though he knew it was a little impossible, Michael still tried. He was certain that he could be the next Spiderman or maybe even Wolverine… okay, Wolverine was a little masculine, but still, Michael wanted to be a hero.

After College, he gave up on that idea, because at a soul sucking job. The dreams are the first to go, followed by the physique. And for Michael Novotny, he had plenty of dreams, had being the keyword. But after working at The Big Q, he was just happy to dream about joining the Justice League occasionally.

Michael had given up on heroes, until he met Harry Potter.

Michael hadn't been expecting to meet his newest hero at Babylon, in fact. Normally that was a place where one met the archetypal villains that made your skin crawl, which could be both good and bad at the same time.

Harry had been dancing alone, or maybe it was twitching. Whatever it was, Michael was sure that no one could really classify what Harry Potter was doing as dancing. And the guy certainly wasn't someone who would normally go to a club such as Babylon. But Michael was drawn to the pale, crazy haired male, even though Brian had just been making fun of him.

The first thing that Michael Charles Novotny said to Harry James Potter was, "Hey."

The first thing that Harry James Potter said to Michael Charles Novotny was, "What's up Captain America?"

Yes, this was the guy for him.

Michael Charles Novotny did believe in heroes. He was going to own his own Comic Book Store, and he was going to be just as heroic as he could be. And the second he saw the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead, a small part in Michael, the same part that had made him so fascinated by superheroes in the first place, told him that Harry was a hero in disguise.

Seven months later, Michael Novotny couldn't believe how right he was.

Now he just had to convince Harry to wear some spandex…


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