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One Year Later…

Morgan stomped around the hospital waiting room hands on her hips, huffing and puffing as she paced the room in her fairy costume. "Why today? Why did they have to ruin my Halloween?"

John had tolerated his goddaughter's pacing and ranting for the last hour and it was time to put a stop to it. There was a trail of glitter where the girl had walked. "Morgan, please sit. They did not do this on purpose."

"I don't believe you. It was supposed to happen in two weeks. This is a conspiracy against me because I broke Mommy's favorite mug. This is my punishment. Daddy promised we could go trick or treating," the child plopped herself on the chair with a flourish. "Not fair," Morgan pouted and swung her glitter covered wand around. After a few moments she smacked John on the top of his head, transferring some of the sparkly material into his hair.

"I said I would take you trick or treating, but you said no. Stop that," John yanked the child's weapon from her hand.

The temperamental Morgan shook her head, "Because Daddy was supposed to take me. You aren't Daddy."

"Then stop complaining," the frustrated man tried to shake some of the glitter out of his head. "You had your chance. Now you have to stay here."

Morgan groaned as she took her wings off and threw them into John's lap. "Can we go out and get candy now?"

"It's too late now. Everyone went to bed and they are out of candy," John tried to counter the tantrum that was about to unfold. It was not too late to go out, but he was not going to give into Morgan's whims.

"Worst Halloween ever," the child was on the verge of tears. "They are having fun in there and laughing at me."

"I'm not sure they are having fun," John was not sure labor would be categorized as fun and he imagined that laughter would be the last sound coming from the delivery room. The end result was a true masterpiece, but getting there was an arduous task.

Morgan rolled her head back and screamed. "Stop mocking me. I want to see Daddy and Mommy now." Meltdown had commenced and tears pour from her eyes like a ferocious storm and her sobs like the howling wind.

John rubbed his forehead as the screaming Morgan caused his head to hurt. He was quickly reaching a breaking point when one of the nurses came in. It was a wonder how Jennifer and Rodney dealt with the tantrums and he could only hope the behavior was a result of Morgan no longer being the baby of the family.

Nurse Helen Delorenzo heard the yelling from ten feet away and was shocked to see all the noise coming from such a small child, "You're Morgan, right?" The middle aged woman with kind eyes felt bad for the child, knowing that it was not fun to be stuck in the hospital dressed up for Halloween with no place to go.

"Maybe," the sobs slowed down to some sniffling. Morgan stared intently on the plate in the woman's hand.

"If you aren't Morgan then can you tell me where she is so I can give her this cupcake? Her mom and dad said it was her favorite." The plate held a yellow cupcake with strawberry-cream cheese frosting and a couple of candy corn next to the small treat.

"I'm Morgan," she wiped her nose with the back of her hand.

"This is for you," Helen handed over the plate. "You are a very pretty fairy. The purple dress looks very nice on you. I bet you are excited about becoming a big sister."

"No. I don't want a brother or sister. I want it to only be me. Is there a way to keep the thing in Mommy forever?" the upset child started to lick the frosting from the top of the cup cake.

The nurse began to laugh, "It doesn't work that way. A baby cannot stay inside its mommy forever."

"Why? Isn't it comfortable in there? Why come out here where Daddy can break his promise to take me trick or treating?" Morgan sounded like the biggest brat on the planet now.

"So your dad was supposed to take you trick or treating tonight? I think getting a brother or sister is a lot better than getting candy. You'll have someone that looks up to you," Helen tried to reason with the stubborn child.

"But Kathryn says all babies do is cry and make smelly poop. She also said that her mom and dad have less time for her."

"That is not all they do. Just wait until you meet your brother or sister before you form an opinion," the nurse urged the small girl. "I have an older brother and I really look up to him. Just think about it," Helen said lightly patting Morgan's shoulder and went to stand at the door for a few moments.

Morgan was not convinced by the odd woman's claim and hurried to someone she trusted for advice, "Uncle John, do you have any brothers or sisters?"

"I have one brother. He's younger." John knew Morgan did not need to know the problems he had with David.

"Why don't I know him?" Morgan returned to playing the sweet child and curled up next to her faux uncle.

The mood swings of children never ceased to amaze Sheppard, "Just because. We kind of grew apart. You are a strange little girl you know that?"

"Well, duh. I'm a McKay. What do you expect?" Mouthy words for a young child.

Helen gave pause when Morgan announced her last name. It was a name that haunted her for over thirty years. A mere coincidence. It had to be. McKay was not a horribly uncommon name and it was her own paranoia that made a connection to that Halloween decades ago. The nurse's break was nearly over and she had to return to the nurse's station to finish her shift.

There were no words that would be a sufficient reply to the obvious. "Why don't you get some sleep?" John thought he could use the rest as well and he did not want to pull Rodney from his wife to deal with a cranky child. It was his fault that Rodney had missed Morgan being born and John thought Rodney should be there to watch his second child come into the world.

At first Morgan put up a fight, but twenty minutes she was asleep snuggling up to John as she snored away. It was only a matter of time before John fell asleep too.

Several hours later, an exhausted Rodney wearing hospital scrubs entered the waiting room. The sight of John and Morgan sleeping in the chairs bought a larger smile to his face. "Morgan, sweetie it's time to get up."

"Daddy?" Morgan sat up and rubbed her sleepy eyes. "Can we go trick or treating now?"

"It's too late everyone is sleeping. Do you want meet your brother?" Rodney picked up his little fairy.

Morgan refused to answer, knowing she did not have a choice. Her father would take her anyway.

John stirred when he heard the voices, "It's a boy? Congrats, Rodney. How's Jennifer?"

"Tired. She's feeding him now," his faced beamed with overflowing pride and happiness.

"Haven't picked out a name yet?"

Rodney shook his head, "Not yet. Jen and I wanted Morgan's help with that. What do you say, Morgan? Want to help?" The father kissed his daughter's cheek. He and Jennifer knew Morgan was having a hard time adjusting to the idea that she would no longer be the baby of the family and they wanted to include her in the naming process.

"Ewww," Morgan wiped the kiss from her cheek. "I guess. I have to see him before I know what to call him."

"Good luck," John gave Rodney a sympathetic look.

"Thanks," Rodney rolled his eyes, knowing Morgan was going to be more difficult to handle than his new son.

"Wait! Halloween baby or not?" John called out.

Rodney stopped short of the door way. "Just made it. 2359." All the years on Atlantis and the SGC made military time come like second nature. Without a further word, Rodney took his daughter to meet her brother.

The first thing Morgan heard on the opposite side of the door was the wailing from the newborn. "It begins," she mumbled under her breath.

"Wash your hands first," Rodney put Morgan down so she could wash her hands with sanitizer at the door.

Morgan reluctantly complied and was almost pushed by her father toward the bed where her mother held the crying baby. She looked at the boy for a second before she turned around and used Rodney to hide behind.

The parents exchanged shrugs followed by smiles. They were over the moon with happiness over the newest addition to their family.

"What's wrong?" Rodney frowned about his crying son.

"I think he misses being in the womb. It's a little too cold and bright here for him," Jennifer smiled, completely in love with her son. "Or maybe he just wants some Daddy time."

"That could be," Rodney reached over and brushed his son's cheek with a finger. "Let's see if it works." He gently took the boy into his arms, supporting the head and neck with one hand as he bought the baby to rest on his chest. "What's all the crying about?" Rodney sat in the chair next to the bed.

When the crying did not stop, Morgan squeezed her way onto the bed with her mother. "I know a good name for him."

"What name did you pick out?" Jennifer pulled her daughter close, letting Morgan know how much she loved her.

"Lucifer. Because he is all red and wrinkly and he was born on Halloween. Also he has horns," Morgan pointed to the tufts of hair that resembled horns.

The suggestion made Jennifer and Rodney laugh. It was an interesting choice, but they weren't going to name their son after the devil.

"How do you feel about Halloween now, my love?" Jennifer grinned at her husband.

"It's definitely among my favorite days now," he looked down at his son who was still fussing a bit. "You make up being locked in that closest when I was thirteen. That evil little pixie witch was so wrong and she got exactly what she deserved. I couldn't ask for a better life. I got everything and she has nothing."

A loud slam of the door made the family of four jump. They did not see the nurse who came in to offer some bottle and diaper samples. Helen leaned against the wall, taking deep breaths to control the panic. It was not paranoia after all. The curse she had inflicted upon the geeky teenager had rebounded onto her. Rodney McKay had a happy and full family and she only had her job and that had only fallen into place several years ago after she learned someone was inquiring about her. It was the catalyst Helen needed to start to make something of her life.

"There are many happy Halloweens in your future, Dr. McKay."

"We all do. Halloween is not a day to be hated anymore."

The End!

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