I'm lost in this world.

A misplaced person with no purpose.

My fate is empty.

I have no future.


When I look at you.

I see life in your eyes.

You have purpose.

I envy your spirit.


I loathe you.

I envy you.

I am jealous of you.

So I make you miserable.


I tease and taunt you.

I bring you down.

I don't want you to have purpose.

I want you to lose hope.


I see you upset.

I see you become cynical.

I am proud to see you so down.

I love seeing your pain.


You didn't show up for school one day.

I asked where you were.

They said you were gone.

They said you were dead.


What is this feeling?

I feel sad.

I feel angry at myself.

I feel guilty.


You took your own life.

They said you were depressed.

I knew what they meant.

Your death was my fault.


I hate myself.

I want to see the life in your eyes again.

I want to see your hope again.

I am going to see your spirit again.


I take the knife.

I make the cut.

I feel pain but not for long.

I feel peace.


I look around.

I feel content

I see your forgiving eyes.

You are true angel.


I am sorry.

Forgive me please.

I will be evil no longer.

I am sorry for causing your pain.