This is a fan story I made for plants vs. zombies. I am not extremely good at English and my vocabulary isn't that wide and amazing. So no offence if you don't like it.

For this chapter:

Corelle, a 13 year old girl moves to a new house only to find it being attacked by zombies at night.

Mysterious man/peashooter: The first plant to appear. Serious, angry and impatient, he has a soft spot for the plant appearing in chapter 2 ^_^

A bright day as usual, Corelle walks back home from school. She's definitely sick of moving house almost once every few months. Deciding to stroll around the neighborhood for a while before going home, she happens to see a sunflower lying on the road.

"Hi there!" Corelle greeted to the possibly dead sunflower. "I will bring you home." She says to the lifeless flower.

As she turns in for bed at night, Corelle couldn't sleep in this unfamiliar room. She tried counting sheep until she hears a loud growling noise.

"What the?" She thought to herself. She ran to the backyard lawn where the noise probably came from. To her horror, a group of disgusting lanky zombies were walking towards her lawn.

"This... Must be a dream…" Corelle mumble. As a tall ugly zombie walk closer and closer to her calling out 'brains…' she turned and wanted to run to her parents where she knocked onto someone and fell.

"Stop being a coward and step up to fight!"

Corelle looked up and saw a tall angry looking yet handsome man with green chin length layered hair. He had bright olive coloured eyes and he wore an outfit similar to a samurai outfit Corelle saw at a cosplay shop. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up.

"Ouch!" Corelle whined.

"You have to fight" the mysterious man yelled

"What? Fight who? The zombies? I haven't even tried crushing an ant in my life!"

"I don't care! You have to FIGHT!" The man yelled angrily. Obviously he wasn't the patient type.

"How?" Corelle asked helplessly.

The tall man grinned as he transformed into a weird looking plant with a hole in front, seemingly to be the... err… mouth. Yeah, mouth. The scary olive coloured eyes were still there for sure. This helped Corelle to confirm that this weird looking plant was the same man that kept yelling into her ears.

"I need light to fight, the star and the lights on the streets are giving out some light. See those weird looking glowing balls? I want you to help collect them as I fight the zombies. I can shoot peas from my mouth that kills or at least injure them. The more light I have, the more peas I can shoot."

"Alright then!" Corelle smiled as her fear for the zombies disappeared. That weird man, or rather that weird plant now pretty much gave her a firm and secure feeling.

She collects the balls and threw them at the weird pea shooter until she realizes that the place is darkening.

"Hey! The sky's being blocked by dark clouds! The lights on the streets are gone too!" Corelle screamed to the plant.

"It must be Dr. Zomboss. He's trying to remove all light sources in the world now."

"Say what? Dr. Who?" Corelle asked as she tried to pick up the remaining light balls on the street.

"Dr. Zomboss! He's the one that let these zombies in. So now what? My energy's pretty much finished and we need light!" He cried as Corelle realized that he's speed at shooting the peas is decreasing.

The zombies were endless… But the continuous shooting of peas is ending.

"Now what?" Corelle felt tears rolling down her cheeks as the peashooter stopped shooting peas.

"Perhaps I can help!" The two heard a sweet female voice.

That's all for chapter 1 pretty long isn't it? Well who's that sweet little girl at the end? If you play plants vs. zombies you would probably know. But I should keep it a secret for the others!