Allen sighed for the fifth time this day. He was getting bored. He stopped listening to his teacher a long time ago. And now he was just staring into space thinking of what he'll do next after school.

His usual 'bonding with Linali after school time' was gone thanks to the upcoming one hundred meter dash school competition this Saturday, which Linali happily signed up for. So Linali was out of the question.

The second option was to gamble and play poker to win some money to pay up his Master's debts. But he didn't felt like going up into one of those cheap pubs and gamble.

The third option was to visit the public library. The least thing he didn't want to do. He wasn't the type of person who waste their precious time on something useless. He usually visits the public library every Sunday but he needed to pass some paper this Friday and Allen will not have not time this upcoming days.

'Thanks to Master's debts.' Allen mentally groaned. 'I hate that bastard womaniz-' but before Allen his mentally pointless cursing the-red-haired-bastard-who-made-his-life-a-living-hell. A piece of white chalk flew out of nowhere and hit his forehead.


"Owww" Allen whined rubbing his forehead which had a big red dot while the whole class started to laugh their ass off. "Bloody hell!" Allen glared at his teacher and friends who had the loudest laugh.

"Shut up you guys." Allen hissed at his friends.

"Walker." his teacher chuckled, waving another piece of chalk on his hand, completely amused by Allen's useless efforts to shut his friends up. "If you stare off into space again. I won't just throw you one piece of chalk." His teacher chuckled again while his emerald green eye glistening mischievously. "I'll throw the whole box at your head. The school has a lot of supply, you know." He smiled sweetly.

Allen gulped he never liked that kind of smile of his. He knew behind that smile promised total misfortune. "Mister Walker, do you understand?" Just like his smile his voice was sweet but for Allen it was like venom.

"Yes. Sir Bookman" Allen mumbled as the bell rang. Satisfied with his answer his teacher nodded.

"Well there goes the bell class dismissed and don't forget we have a huge test this Monday." and with that his teacher left the class -still laughing.

"Allen that was epic." Wisely said between his laughs. "I love that teacher always know how to make an epic scene."

"Truly epic." Devitto and Jasdero agreed who were still laughing.

"You should do it again Allen!" Fo interjected. "So you could be like. Our English teacher, two spots!" At this his so-called-friends all laughed at Fo's joke.

"Haha very funny guys" Allen rolled his eyes.

"Awww C'mon Allen you should have found that funny!"

"You wouldn't find it funny if you're his victim." Allen grimaced. "that teacher hates me."

"That's not true, Allen." Wisely said, grinning widely at his friend. "The whole class thinks you're that guy's favorite."

Allen looked at him skeptically and said: "That guy hates me. I lost track of how many times he embarrassed, punished and scolded at me in front of class and school."

"See! that's the reason why. He never scolds his students nor embarrass or punish them." Wisely explained, wagging his index finger in mid air.

"You know your explanation doesn't makes any sense."

Wisely sighed. "Allen, why are you so dense?"

Allen raised a brow, starting to get irritated at his friend. "Just get to the point already. I need to go to the library."

"Fine. What I'm trying to say is he cares about you!" Wisely said happily, clapping his hands together.

"No." Allen said, deadpanned ignoring his friends' of "yes he does". Grabbing his bag and stuffing his notebook inside his bag "Well I need to go now. The library closes at sixty thirty and its' already four thirty. It will take three hours to finish this damn paper work." Allen sighed, waving at his friends. "See you tomorrow." and with that Allen left the room.


Clutching his bag tightly, Allen ran as fast he could. It started to rain when he was on his way to the public library. 'I should have brought my umbrella' Allen groaned, he momentarily stopped. After running in the rain with no umbrella and running nonstop. His legs hurt like hell and his feet was soaked and he felt a huge migraine is coming. "Just three more blocks left, Allen." The white haired teen said to himself spotting the familiar white roof of the public library. But before he could make another step, he accidentally tripped on his foot making him land on his butt.

"Could this day could get any worse?" Allen mumbled no one in particular as he tried to stand up but failed miserably noticing a huge wound on his elbow. "Owww" he whined, inspecting his wound closer. It wasn't deep but it will definitely leave a scar.

"Hey you alright?" a very awfully familiar voice asked. Allen turned around to see a familiar red flaming hair and emerald green eye.

His silver blue eyes widened in disbelief. "Mr. Bookman?"


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