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After three years

Allen's shoulders rolled back as he let a sigh of relief escape from soft lips. School hours were over, everybody was allowed to return home or play in the arcade. Normally, in a fine just like the day he is having right now, Allen would have gone to the nearest arcade with his friends. Unfortunately, he was the class monitor, meaning he had to check the desks of his classmates if there were items left behind and lock the classroom after everyone had left. He got up from his seat and stared through the window beside him.

The view of the school's front yard greeted him. A number of students dressed in a black uniform, enthusiastically walked away from the school. No doubt about it, they were eager to get away from school.

Allen sighed again as he collected his things and glanced around the classroom. No signs of life. His silvery blue eyes scanned the area again and then swung his shoulder bag over his shoulder. He looked at each of his classmates' table compartment, making sure nothing was left. Once he was done, he walked out of his classroom and locked the doors.

"Oi, Allen!" A cheery voice spoke, snapping out him out from his trance. "You look tired." The speaker said and then Allen felt an arm slung around his shoulder. "Wanna talk about whatever is bothering you?"

The eighteen year old teen looked at the man who just called him and wasn't surprised to see the face of his 'sensei', Lavi Bookman. "Err… no, sir. I'm fine, just tired from school." He said as he tried to ignore the slight increasing pressure of Lavi's body leaning against him. If Allen was three years younger, he would have smacked the hand away and glare at the teacher. He never tolerated the closeness of people; there were a few exceptions to this but even those people knew that Allen never liked close contact.

Lavi Bookman learned that a long time ago. The next day after the eventful day where he and his petite student spent their time together in the library, Allen voiced his discomfort to physical touch, so Lavi had a hard time with Allen after that. Lavi was persistent to have physical interactions –in a non sexual way, well at least not, yet- with Allen so Lavi slowly devised ways on how for Allen to reject human touch.

It took him at least five months till Allen reluctantly accepted physical interaction. It was the time when he and Allen were found stuck in the gym without electricity while a big storm was lashing outside the school's gymnasium.


Flashback: Three years ago

"Cold." Allen said as his teeth chattered together. There was a big rain brewing outside the gymnasium –the locked gymnasium- and the electricity wasn't present.

"Me too." His 'sensei' said but his teeth didn't chatter. The red head winced when a loud thunder as heard. "Rain have something against something us, huh."

Allen rubbed his gloved hands together. "What do you mean, sensei?" He asked as he looked straight ahead they were both resting their back against the wall and in front of them was the basketball court.

Lavi inched closer to his student. "Remember the day when we spent our time together in the library?"

Allen looked at the red haired man, flatly. "Don't put it that way, sir. It sounds so wrong –and if you are talking about that day, the day when you threw a chalk at me, leaving an evident mark on my forehead, why yes I remember."

The older of the two chuckled. "I thought you won't harbor hard feelings for that. I let you did the same thing to me and bought you dinner after the whole fiasco so no biggie."

Allen giggled but then stopped when a loud growl erupted from his stomach. His cheeks turned a cute shade of pink and then clutched is stomach. Lavi-sensei laughed.

"I do hope that we get rescued here in a few hours or else your hunger would completely take over you and then you might resort to cannibalism." He teased as he smirked at the fifteen year old.

"I-I will never do such thing!" Allen blushed and playfully smacked the arm of his sensei, earning another howl of laughter from the red head.

Lavi snorted. "Oh please. You are the infamous Allen Walker. The Allen Walker who eats more food than a small more army." Allen rolled his eyes.

"If you were a fellow student I would have punched you, alas you are a teacher." Allen said, dejectedly.

This time it was Lavi who rolled his eye. "You should be in a drama club. Anyway from the looks of it, help would arrive after a few hours and we are freezing to death." Lavi said and then looked Allen in the eye. "Wanna share body heat?"

"What?" Allen asked, feeling scandalized at the idea. "Sir, I will never ever share body heat to anyone. Especially if the person that I have to share body heat with is a guy."

Lavi shrugged his shoulders. "Suit yourself. Well… I guess the two of just have to die a tragic death." Allen raised a brow. "I can see it in the headline of tomorrow's paper! Teacher and Student Died while Locked Inside the School's Gym Together Because the Shrimpy Student refuses to Share Body heat!"

Allen rolled his eyes, again. "Alright! Alright! You win!" Allen scooted closer to Lavi. He could feel the heat radiating from his sensei. "Bloody hell." Allen muttered as he felt Lavi press closer. Their body leaning against each other. "Better?" Allen huffed.

Lavi grinned. "Better." He closed his eye and let the warmth envelop him. "Say, since we are here and all wanna talk about life?"

Allen shrugged his shoulders. "I guess so. We have nothing to do better anyway."

"Sooo…" Lavi started as he prolonged the 'o' in so. "Got any girlfriend?"


"How about boyfriend?"

Allen choked. "What? No!"

Lavi raised a brow. "Really? It seems to me that you like someone." Allen didn't say anything, Lavi took that as a yes and a little spark of hope swelled inside his chest. "Come on! Tell me!"

"Why should I?" Allen puffed his cheeks. Lavi's hope dampened a bit.

"Because I must know!" He insisted, hoping for the younger male to spill his beans. "I promise that if you tell who he is I will not assign homework for one whole week."

Allen looked at him skeptically. "You sure?"

Lavi nodded, eagerly. He was acting uncharacteristically but he didn't care! This was more important.

Allen sighed, heavily. "Fine but you have to promise me that you will never ever tell anyone."

Lavi bobbed his head. "Sure! I'll even make a pinky promise." Lavi held up his left pinky and offered it to Allen.

Allen looked at his teacher, taken back at the sudden change of his mode and character. "Who are you? And what have you done to the scary Lavi-sensei?" Lavi insisted the pinky promise. "Fine." With that said Allen hooked his gloved pinky at Lavi's own pinky. "Happy?"

The red head nodded his head. "Yeah. Now tell me who he is. Is he someone that I know?" Lavi said, feeling giddy as heat started rush to his cheeks.

Allen slowly nodded his head. "Yes, he is."

Lavi's hope started to swell again. "Is he someone that you see while you are at school?"

Again, Allen slowly nodded his head. "I suppose so. I see him around the neighborhood sometimes."

Lavi's smile widened. He and Allen usually saw each other at Allen's neighbor! "So what's his name?" Lavi said, eyes twinkling in delight. In a few moments, Allen would utter his name and then he would be able to kiss those soft lips and then he would be able to say that he loves Allen too. And then, they will acknowledge each other's feelings and then Lavi will wait for Allen to turn eighteen and then he can ask Allen out. After that they could have passion filled nig-

"Kanda." Allen whispered, softly, his eyes looking at the floor. "I like Bakanda." His hope shattered into. It wasn't him.

Lavi blinked. "Oh." Lavi said and then Allen looked at him straight in the eye.

"You- You are not going to make fun of me? I like boys."

Lavi snaked an arm around Allen's shoulders. "I'm fine with that, squirt." Allen glared at him. "I'm happy that you have someone that you liked." Lavi said with a tight smile as he gazed at Allen. From the outside Lavi looked happy but from the inside Lavi was dying.

Allen nodded mutely and snuggled closer to Lavi. For once, he was the one who initiated contact without the help of taunting or teasing. Strangely enough, he felt comfortable in his teacher's hold. "Thank you, sensei. You know-" Allen was about to say something but a loud ring interrupted him.

"Oh wait, let me get that." Lavi said and fished the phone out of his pocket.

"You have a phone all along!" Allen shouted as he broke away from Lavi's hold and pointed a finger at him.

Lavi raised a brow. "Yeah? So?"

"You fool!"

"Hey!- I-"

"Couldn't you have called someone to help us get out of here?"

'Called someone?' Lavi blinked once and then twice. "Oh." Now Lavi felt really dumb which was saying a lot because he never felt dumb. He was a guy with one of the highest I.Q. to live for god's sake! When he learned that he and Allen got accidentally stuck inside the gymnasium together, he got excited –in a nonsexual, mind you- that he forgot that he could use his phone to call for help.

"Well?"Allen said impatiently as he huffed and put his hand on his hips.

Lavi smiled meekly at him. "I'm on it."

End of Flashback


To say that day wasn't the best day Lavi had but it was noteworthy. He actually never confessed his feelings to the young teen, but he was sure that Allen was aware of his feelings. With the constant jibe of Allen's friends about his attraction towards him and the love letter he always leaves on top of Allen's desk or inside Allen's shoe locker.

"Sooo… Wanna grab some food?" Lavi offered as he continued walking with Allen along the school's corridors. Allen looked at him for a second and then nodded his head.

"As long as you pay for it."


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