Seeker Heart

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Yugi looked at him. "Yami can we go back to our room please?" Yugi asked smiling.

"Yes, we can." Yami said getting up everyone had left the throne room and Yami picked Yugi up and started to walk to the room that they shared with each other. Once in the room Yami took Yugi over to the bed and laid him down on the bed.

Yugi smiled and looked at Yami.

"You look so cute," Yami said as he laid next to Yugi.

Yugi smiled and moved to where he was looking into Yami's eyes. "Thank you, no one has ever cared about me before in my entire life." Yugi said and lowered his head and kissed Yami in a passionate kiss.

Yami looked at Yugi shocked, but he liked it Yami kissed Yugi back and pulled him close trying not to hurt Yugi if his body was still hurting.

Soon Yugi pulled back with a smile on his face.

"Yugi, what has gotten into you?" Yami asked smiling at Yugi not that he was complaining, but this wasn't something Yugi would do.

Yugi just smiled and kissed Yami again, then pulled back once more "nothing I'm completely normal I just wanted to kiss you is that so wrong?" Yugi asked smiling.

"No it's not I kind of like it, what am I saying I love kissing you." Yami said smiling.

Yugi just blushed. "Really?"

"Really." Yami said

Yugi smiled and pulled off Yami's shirt. Then kissed down his chest.

Yami laid down and shut his eyes. "Ok, Now what are you doing?" Yami said having a idea of what Yugi wanted he just didn't want to hurt him in any way.

"I'm having fun now, Yami does it hurt really bad?" Yugi whispered into Yami's ear.

"Does what hurt really bad?" Yami asked caught up in the moment, but he wanted to know the question before he answered.

"Having sex? I mean I heard it hurts." Yugi whispered again.

"The first time I think it does, " Yami said kissing Yugi's neck.

"Do you think you can show me what it feels like." Yugi said smiling as he sucked on Yami's shoulder.

"What do you mean show you?" Yami said then gave it a thought. "Yugi, I don't want to do anything you are still hurt and I don't want to hurt you anymore then you already are." Yami said shaking his head.

"Please Yami, I feel better and I can take it just please…" Yugi said and was cut off by Yami kissing him.

Every time Yugi kissed Yami it sent him into cloud nine and then back down again. "Yami I really want you, and I know that you want me too. So why don't you take me and make me yours." He whispered smiling and then looked into Yami's eyes.

"Yugi," Yami said then looked into Yugi's loving and yet lustful eyes. "I don't want to hurt you." he whispered.

"You won't hurt me I know you won't just please I want you now please." Yugi asked.

"Ok fine, but if I start to hurt you please tell me if I start to hurt you ok." Yami said looking at Yugi as he kissed Yugi passionately.

Yugi smiled and kissed back and held him close.

Yami smiled and kissed Yugi's neck as he took off Yugi's clothes and kissed down his body.

Yugi moaned with pleasure.

"Yugi I don't know if we should do this." Yami said thinking that he was going to hurt Yugi.

"Please Yami please This is all I want. I'm tired of getting hurt right when I get better so if we don't do it now I don't think we ever will please Yami." Yugi whispered looking at him with his big puppy dog eyes.


Yami sighed and kissed down Yugi's body. "If you are sure Yugi." he whispered as he brushed Yugi's member.

Yugi moaned and reached down and pulled Yami's pants off looking at Yami's member. "Yami." he whispered.

Yami smiled and kissed his stomach then held Yugi's hand. Yami then started to rub Yugi's member. "Tell me if I hurt you and I will stop ok." Yami said kissing Yugi.

Yugi nodded and went and started to rub Yami's member. "I want to be yours all yours and no body else's." he said smiling happily.

"Ok I want you to be all mine and no one else's." he said smiling as he took some lube out and coated his fingers with it he slowly started to rub Yugi's but whole and slowly inserted one finger into Yugi's butt.

Yugi tensed up, but moaned at the surprisingly good feel of it.

Yami moved it in an out until it loosened up then slowly stuck another finger into Yugi's butt.

Yugi moaned with pleasure he felt like he was in heaven.

"Yugi get ready this might hurt." Yami said and put lube on his member then inserted it into Yugi's butt.

Yugi gasped with pain, but it felt good he had never felt anything like this before in his entire life then as Yugi's butt adjusted to Yami's member Yami started to move and rub Yugi's member making Yugi's head spin. "Yami!" Yugi exclaimed.

"Yugi do you want me to stop am I hurting you." he asked moaning.

"No you aren't hurting me it feels good please keep going please I have never felt like this before in my entire life." he said smiling happily.

Yami smiled with Yugi saying that and moved more and more, Rubbing Yugi's member more as well.

Yugi felt so happy then he felt something weird the pit of his stomach felt weird it felt like butterflies in his stomach his member was on fire and before he knew it he was yelling Yami's name and had came all over Yami's hand.

Yami smiled at that and licked Yugi's cum up and soon he yelled out Yugi's name and came inside of Yugi Then he pulled out and laid on the bed. "I tried not to hurt you the best I could." Yami said.

"Yami that felt amazing it did hurt a little bit, but the pleasure that I got in return was amazing I'm glad you showed me that life can have some pleasures in it." he said smiling.


Yugi shut his eyes and smiled happily. "I think I might take a nap." Yugi said smiling.

"Go ahead no one is going to stop you." he said smiling happily then kissed Yugi's head.

Yugi shut his eyes and then went to sleep. Yami shut his eyes as well thinking about going to sleep, but then did.

~A few hours later~

Yami opened his eyes when he heard a knock on the door. "Hello?" he asked looking at the door.

"My prince we need your advice in how to punish the prisoner ." A voice from the other side of the door said.

"Ok. I want to help you, but later ok I just want to rest now." Yami said.

"Yes my prince." the voice said. "I will come by later and talk to you ok." and with that the voice left.

Yami smiled then thought about what he was going to do about Anzy

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