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Author: Paige Turner.

Summary: Set in New Moon before Alice came back. AU. A/B. "I felt like strangling her and kissing her at the same time. It was an odd feeling, two very powerful, and so very different emotions battling to win inside me."


"I swear that's never happened to me before."

Alice snorted, rolling her eyes. She grabbed one of her pillows, swinging it around into my face. "You're such a dork."

"I am, am I?" I questioned. "If I'm such a dork, then why are you with me?"

She considered this, tapping her chin. "A dork happens to be my type, evidently."

"Maybe I'm really just cool?" I offered with a grin.

The vampire lifted a delicate brow, looking down at me skeptically. "Well let's think back. You told me you were listening to Barbie Girl in the car before you picked me up for our date. You actually meowed at me and Carlisle before we left. You have no idea what to do with yourself during a sex scene in a movie-"

Oh god, she did see that!

My face burned with a blush.

"Even as a werecat you still trip over your own feet, fell out of a tree, dropped any sports ball we've played wereball with, and slipped in the shower." Alice ticked everything off on her fingers as she said them, her smile widening with each tick.

I tried to push her off the bed, but she did a fraceful roll to her feet and walked over to her dresser. "Har har." Jokes still on her, she's the one dating a dork. Yeah! She was dating me!

Dude, we were a thing now! A couple! Holy cow!

"What's with the grin, smiles?" Alice asked, looking at me in the reflection of her mirror. Her pale fingers pulled and fluffed at the black spikes of her hair, styling it in her chaotic perfection once again. Her big honey golden eyes were shining as bright as the sun whenever she looked at me, and she herself wore a blood-red smile on her face.

She giggled again and went back to fixing herself up. I shrugged my shoulder, getting to my feet. "I can't help it." I was exploding with rainbows, hearts, and little smiley faces, like I was some kind of cartoon. The smile wasn't leaving anytime soon.

"Well try to reel it in, just a tad. You're going to make it obvious." She said, turning back around to face me. She grabbed my hand in her cooler one and skipped towards the door.

I grinned even wider, excited to bring the good news to my pack. They could use a little bit of sunshine right about now. Hell, we all could. "So?"

"So..." she hesitated, stopping just in front of the door. With it closed, no one could hear us inside, as the Cullens tried their best to have privacy amongst each other, and sound proofed all their rooms. Still, Alice lowered her voice and looked up at me with a slight grimace. "I haven't told Edward about my feelings for you. Or yours for me, now."




"That's going to crush him." I said slowly, piecing it together. The pixie nodded and I frowned, my shoulders slumping. Over the past month or so, Edward had made great strides in our friendship. Since our little conversation in his room during the bonfire, he hadn't even brought up our relationship again. He had given me my space, and put great effort into being friends. Just friends, which I knew was hard for him. I caught his longing looks every now and then, sometimes he apologized when he knew I saw. I had gone from hating him, to disliking him, to being okay with his presence, all the way back around to liking him again.

As a friend, of course.

So this was not good because I really, really didn't want to hurt him. Not after he redeemed himself. He wasn't that pompous jerk anymore, he was just a nice, lonely boy who missed me.

I sighed, a pout sliding onto my face. "Well I can't tell him. That would break his heart."

"So you want me to?" Alice asked, hip jutting out and eyes narrowing. I nodded with a sheepish smile. "I can't! I'm his sister, it would be betreyal! You have to do it, you're the one who is dating someone new. That's what ex's do."

What? No! I had enough on my plate to deal with already. I had to battle the Volturi and kill the King of vampires! "You're his sister, who is now dating his ex-girlfriend. You have to tell him."

"He's going to kill me, Bella, and then no one will be dating anyone," she deadpanned. Alice groaned, head in her hands. "Okay, okay. Let's just think about this for a second." I nodded, waiting for her to continue. "I think the best course of action right now, would be to wait. There's a lot happening right now, with the newborns and the wolves, and now Victoria. Nobody needs anymore stress, right?"

I snorted. "You can say that again."

She nodded, breathing a sigh of relief. "Alright, then we'll wait until after. Once everything is squared away, and then we'll both talk to Edward. Deal?"

"But," I pouted harder, crossing my arms over my chest. I didn't want to wait. I already did my waiting! Alice's honey eyes beseeched me and I huffed, nodding down at her. "Fine!"

"Okay!" She beamed, grabbing my hand again and dragging me out the door. Sometimes I forgot how close Edward and Alice had been before I came along. The two were best friends, and I had, unknowingly, driven a wedge between them when I moved back to Forks. Of course Alice wasn't in a hurry to tell Edward. Their bond was already so fragile and still mending, this could destroy it completely, and despite everything, Alice loved her brother.

Everyone was gathered in the Cullen's enormous livingroom when we entered. Nadia and the pack were trying to look casual and lounging in the furniture, but they were all mostly gathered around Raven who was looking a lot better. Her silver eyes locked onto mine, a painful but goofy smile sliding onto her face. She gestured between her eyes and mine, her grin growing, like we had just gotten matching tattoos or something. Like we both didn't almost die from silver poisoning. Sigh. That girl.

The Cullens looked much more put together, and I almost thought it was because they'd had more time to practice. Until I remembered that the entire pack, except myself and Ivory, were older than all of them. Rosalie's golden and ruby flecked eyes flickered up to us and then our hands, the corner of her mouth curving up ever so slightly. Alice dropped my hand, but the smile on her face stayed, and something in my head clicked.

"I never hated you-"

"Could have fooled me!"

"I was just mad at you!"

"I didn't do anything to you!"

"But you were hurting her, so forgive me for not being buddy-buddy with you!"

"Hurt who, what are you talking about?"

My mouth fell open and I gaped at the blonde who rolled her eyes. She knew! She knew Alice liked me, even back then. Well great. A little heads up would have been nice. You know, instead of her classic 'you're such a dumb human' she could have went with, I don't know, maybe 'you're such a dumb human because Alice is in love with you'. Oh she and I were going to have words. Loud words, when this was all over.

"Ah, Bella!" Victoria said abruptly. She blurred over to me, a pointed look on her face, her voice sounding kind of funny. Pay attention, Swan. That's what her eyes were saying. "We just finished catching the Cullens up on everything. You know, how we're not behind the wolves and are trying to help you because we have inside scoop from the newborn army."

Ehh. What?

They were helping me because of Alice's prophecy when she was still human, because I needed to kill Aro. "Oh, yeah." That might be hard to swallow from a couple of strangers who everyone previously thought were the bad guys. Charlie here saved Alice when she was human so that I could go to war and save the world. Alice, for one, would freak right the hell out. She needed to be told gently.

A knock on the door had everyone whipping their heads up and looking around. Victoria smiled, relieved that I had followed along with her silent words. Rosalie and Nadia were still looking for a reason to tear her apart, and frankly the truth sounded like a poor lie. That was all they needed. "Ah, here's our inside man now."

Before Esme could move to answer the door, there were two new men standing in the middle of the room. My breath caught in my throat, blinking furiously. As a werecat, I could actually track a vampire's speed now. They got a little blurry still, but I could follow along.

These guys... they were just there. All of a sudden. Like back in the parking lot, it was the guy with the hood! "Holy crap, you can teleport?!"

The young man pulled his hood down, revealing a shag of silver blonde hair. He shook it out of a pair of ruby red eyes that regarded the room cautiously. "I can."

His companion staggered forward, yanking his arm free from the man's grip. "I can't, and I don't like it." He bent over, taking in a deep breath, and coughed a few times. "I'm gonna upchuck, man. How can you do that so casually?"

Victoria pinched the bridge of her nose. "This is the rest of my coven. Peter," she motioned to the blonde who had flickered out of sight, and reappeared behind Charlotte who was by the wall. "And Riley."

The boy straightened back up, a mashed dirty blonde faux hawk atop his head and onyx eyes full of mischief. "What's up?"

"Wait," Edward frowned, blurring over to the boy. He snarled, recognition flaring in his face and grabbed Riley's coat. "He's the one making newborns! I saw him in that vampire's mind, the one who went after Charlie."

Victoria looked over to her mate who shrugged. I frowned. "My dad. Not...not you." I'm sure glad this wasn't confusing! Double sigh.

The boy shoved Edward off of him, crouching down with a hiss that mirrored Edward's. The rest of the Cullens growled, squaring off for a fight. Victoria stood in front of Riley, glaring at Edward. "Would you keep your pants on, Bedhead? We've been telling you since we got here that nothing is what you thought."

"Riley is one of the newborns that was created for this army." Charlie said, coming to his defense. "On account of his impressive control, he was tasked with findin' people to change and bringin' them back with him. That's what you saw."

Victoria nodded. "We made contact with him a few weeks after that. There was still a lot we didn't know about what was going on, and something was fishy. The Volturi should have moved and crushed this army a long time ago."

The other Cullens looked around, seemingly thinking along the same paths. Rosalie had even questioned it back when we figured everything out. Charlie nodded at Riley. "He was eager to work with us, and has been acting as a double agent since."

Both Riley and Victoria rolled with eyes and I had to agree. Double agent sounded lame. He smiled though. "Yeah, I'm glad they came to me when they did. Me and a few others were about to take off. Things there...they aren't good. A lot of people don't want to fight. Most of those ones are killed. Vic and Charlie are giving us a chance to end this, not just run away. So I've been giving them information on what's happening, while gathering those I trust."

"How many newborns?" Jasper asked. His face was grim with understanding, and I remembered him talking about the vampire wars back when he was first changed.

Riley shook his head. "More and more each day. I couldn't tell you exactly how many, but they all wouldn't fit in this room like this." Everyone exchanged worried looks. They had that many vampires and more wolves? "We're not making anymore now. Too much spotlight from the police. And the ones we already have can't help but fight, there are casualties."

"That only means there's more reason to act soon." Esme said. "We're in the final stage now, aren't we?"

Jasper nodded silently.

Finally Peter spoke up, the quiet boy looking around the room. "That isn't the worst of it."

"How does it get worse than that?!" Ivory scoffed. Her hand gripped Ebony's fiercely, and when I focused, I could feel the anxiety and worry eminating from my pack.

"The Volturi," Peter replied, hands in his pockets. "Even if we do make it out of this alive, they're waiting. Letting us tear each other to pieces, so they can swoop down and wipe out the rest of us. They know about the wolves."

Nadia and Thane snarled, fear in their eyes. "No! They can't!"

"If they knew about the wolves, they would have made a move." Carlisle said. "Caius wouldn't wait around, he would want them taken care of immediately."

Ivan growled. "Caius is scared. The coward led an army after us all, one by one, and watched his men drive our race towards extinction. We have evolved into something he cannot defeat with numbers alone. He will wait until he knows we can't fight back, just like last time."

"It'll take time," Victoria said. "The world has evolved along with you. Aro has to save face, he needs to find a reason to put you down. Put us all down, some false justification. We have someone inside their ranks, too. He's gathering witnesses, bringing in covens he knows will side with him, and will put you on a superficial trial, where you will be found guilty, no matter what. Those witnesses will turn into part of his army, and he will crush you."

Murmurs broke out amongst everyone, desperation filling the air. "He'll need time!" Charlie said. Everyone looked over. "Even he can't make this happen without time and help. If this new army moves now, we will have a short window before the Volturi come. Time to gather ourselves and prepare. To call in all the favours owed to us and be ready for them."

"Be ready for them?" Emmett asked. "You mean be ready for war."

Victoria and Charlotte both looked at me and my heart stuttered. This was the beginning of the prophecy. An army to fight against's Aro's, like a chess board. Pawns and Knights and Castles to battle his, while the Kings fight to the death and end it all. What I needed to get to him, to get close enough to kill him.

"We can't focus on that right now." Robyn said. I looked up at her, brought out of my dark thoughts. War meant death. Of friends. Family. It would never end well, it couldn't, and I wasn't ready for it. "The newborns and the wolves, that has to be our main concern. That is happening right now, it's the only enemy we have to fight. We need to cross bridges when we get to them."

Edward nodded. "Agreed. We can't afford to be distracted in the fight, otherwise we might not...come...out...what?" He face scrunched up in confusion, turning to search everyone's faces. Obviously he was trying to track a thought. When his gaze landed on me, I frowned, wondering if he got through my little block, and finally heard me. But his eyes shifted lower, down to Alice, and started darkening. "You..."

He seemed confused, unable to understand what he was hearing and my heart jumped up into my throat. I looked down at Alice who looked petrified and guilty.

She did not just give us away!

"You...love her?" He asked, still confused but more desperately so. Denial. "But I love her, you can't love her more."

Alice stepped forward. "Edward, I'm sorry. I never thought-"

"She loves you?!" He gasped, flinching back like he had been slapped. I saw the pain rip through him, eyes pitch black and hopeless. He sunk in on himself, like someone had stolen his dream from him. "How could you, Alice?"

"Edward, please let me explain!" She begged, a sob in her voice.

She reached for him but he blurred back. "You've had people, Alice. I've had no one, I've been by myself all this time. Alone for eighty seven years, and you stole the only girl I've ever loved!"

"I didn't, Edward, I promise. I kept my feelings to myself all this time, but you ended. You were over, and I love her so much." She said. I blinked the tears out of my eyes, my heart breaking at the sorrow in both their voices. One from betreyal, the other from guilt. "We're mates, I can't fight that for you anymore. I won't, I'm sorry."

The betreyal and sadness in his face twisted into hurt and anger. "You didn't do that for me, Alice. You didn't do anything. She chose me because she loved me, and then she Imprinted on you. It's not Fate, it's genetics. Nature forcing her."

I snarled at the broken sob that escaped Alice, racing over to grab Edward by his shirt. The sneer on his face faded into resignation at my look. "How can you hurt her like that? You're her brother!"

"And she was supposed to be my sister. Not some backstabbing, love stealing, nymph-"

I rammed him back until we hit the wall. "Shut up! She did not steal me, Edward, I love her. From the beginning. Before you, and always, always more than you."

"Great, so I never really had you." He said in a dejected sarcasm. "I never really had anything. I will never have anything. So who cares what I say and what I do, because this, right now, will never change. It doesn't matter. Your love for her? Doesn't matter. Mine for you? Doesn't matter. Nothing in this world matters, don't you get that? Not her feelings, not anything!" He shoved me back away from him, roughly sending me to the ground.

My eyes narrowed as I finally caught on again. Jeeze, I was slow. "I'm not doing it."

He sneered down at me. "I don't care what you do with that harlot!"

"Edward," I warned in a firm voice. "Stop. I'm not going to do it, so just stop. You're going to make yourself feel worse."

Despair crept up in his eyes again, but he held strong to the mask of the man I used to hate. "The only thing I feel is disgust with y-you."

Alice hissed, dark eyes full of tears that would never fall. I got to my feet, holding my hand up to her. "Stop now. I won't, and I won't let the others." His lips trembled, the glare on his face shaky. "Look at me, Edward. I won't."

"Please," he whispered, his voice breaking. The mask fell away to a face crumpled in pain. "Please, Bella. I can't do this anymore. I can't. It's too much."


The boy fell to his knees, dry sobs shaking his entire body. "Bella, please! I have nothing. It doesn't matter. My life doesn't matter!"

Esme gasped and I almost jumped. I'd forgotten everyone was still here. She blurred over to her son, pulling him into her arms. "Edward, no! You can't." She looked around helplessly at everyone who watched on. "This meeting is over."

Both Carlisle and Nadia frowned. "Esme, we still need to-"

Her eyes burned at the blonde man, squeezing Edward closer. "We need to help our son." The anger in her face simmered down to concern while she pulled Edward up to his feet. "Come on, honey. Let's go talk. Carlisle, Jasper."

The two nodded, following them back up the stairs while the rest of us looked around at each other. Emmett shuffled his feet, bumping his shoulder against Scott's. "So, uh, wereball. Back yard. Blow off some steam."

"Please," Scott nodded desperately and the two raced off. The others followed, all having their own stress to work off or ignore for now. Something to distract them while they processed everything that had happened, something to take their worry and frustration out on.

In seconds, I was in the room with just Alice, Charlie, and Victoria. Riley had followed the others out, questioning this 'wereball' and Peter had flickered out of sight again. I sighed, stuffing my hands into my back pockets and rocked on my feet. "So that was awkward." Making popping noises with my lips, I looked up at the other three, all of them staring off in the distance with a disturbed face. Alice had finally calmed down again, and though I could still see the guilt and regret in her eyes, it wasn't so severe anymore. "In the spirit of getting everything off our chests, I have something to say, Alice."

Charlie looked up. "Bella, don't."

"Like a bandaid, we're just going to rip everything off. Nobody could feel any worse right now, so I think this is as good of a time as any." I said with a nod.

The little blonde growled at me with a glare. "Bella, seriously, don't. I don't want-"

"You don't want?" I scoffed. "I'm sorry, but what you want is of very little concern to me right now. My ex boyfriend just had a breakdown and tried to trick me into killing him so he doesn't have to bear the nightmare of an existence he thinks he has. My mate is hurting so bad that I can feel it when I look at her, and I know that I'm part of the cause. I, perhaps inadvertantly and unforseeably, ruined the best and closest relationship she's ever had with her brother, and she blames herself. I can't talk her out of it, just like she can't talk me out of blaming myself." My voice rose and rose in volume and pitch. "So if I have to fufill your damn prophecy and kill Aro, then you have to tell her why!"

Alice's head whipped up. "What?"

"It's not my prophecy!" Charlie exclaimed, her eyes panicked. "It's hers!"

Again, Alice whipped her head around to look at the blonde. "What?"

"Oh, please, from when she was human. She can't remember that. You're the only one who has known about it from the beginning now. It's yours."


"It's not my fault she lost her memory. She knew she would, that's why she got my help to begin with. Her plan, her setup, not mine."

"Wait, wait, wait. What?" Alice looked back and forth between us with more and more confusion each time.

I looked down at her. "Charlie knew you when you were human. She turned you into a vampire."

Honey eyes grew bigger and bigger. "...What?"

"She's been helping your human self complete little prophecies, and setting up big ones. Dragging me into it," I huffed.

Charlie scoffed. "Dragging you into it. Please. I was dragged into it. It's been about you, always you, Bella. That's how prophecies work. They're built around you. Everyone else is dragged in."

Alice stepped in between us both, her face determined. "Everyone just shut up. I don't know what's going on and that never happens, so I'm freaking out here. One at a time, tell me everything you just said."

Despite her indicating that the others were to explain things as well, all three of them looked up at me. With a groan, I took a deep calming breath.

"Simply put, I'm leading a war that will change the world."




Boom. That got heavy pretty quick. Poor Edward. And Alice, for that matter. Jeeze.