Not in Kansas Anymore

Richard Solomon. He has been called many things before. The hero of the wastes, the last best hope for humanity, and let's not forget the Messiah. He has been called all of this since his act of heroic sacrifice at the purifier, and all across the wasteland. It has been months since the activation of the purifier, and a few weeks since the defeat of the Enclave at Adams Air Force Base. Now he hasn't been wandering the wastes, and helping any and all unfortunate wastelanders, he has been up in his ship that he had "commandeered" when he found the wrecked alien ship. Now his adventure throughout the ordeal had been an interesting one, when he had first woken up right of when he was abducted, he could see only blurry images of the aliens doing something to him. He couldn't see well at the time but he did find some kind of metal arm with a large stick into him, which caused him great pain and passed out because of it.

When he had awoken he felt as if his entire body had tried to wrestle a super mutant behemoth, and his head ached like tried to drink as much alcohol without passing out on the floor. What he failed to realize was that his body was heavily augmented to make him some kind of super soldier. Plus, his brain can analyze and remember things far faster and more complex than any human can in their lifetime. That was when he met Somah, a fellow captive when he awoke on board who wanted to salvage something good from the alien wreckage. She then explained to him that they're on a space ship, and of course it was ironic since most people on Earth didn't believe in aliens. The one thing he did not notice until later was that he was only in his shirt and boxers since waking up. Somah said that the aliens must have been really interested in him, since they let her keep her clothes. Later, both of them formulated a plan to get out of their cell after seeing a man dragged off to somewhere unknown by a giant metal claw. Their plan was to fake a fight since the aliens were always watching, while they were fighting, Richard felt as if he felt stronger, strong enough to take anything, but he put those thoughts aside and focused on not hurting Somah too much that she could be wounded. So when they made it look convincing enough, they turned against the guards and stole their shock batons. When the guards were dealt with, both of them managed to escape along with Sally, a girl who was abducted along with her sister when her parents died in the year of the bombings.

They soon went deeper inside the ship and managed to grab a spare set of clothes from a dad enclave officer from one of the cells, they met with others like Elliot, Paulson, and Toshiro Kago who were all frozen in cryo tubes. Elliot's story was that he was abducted from the time during the liberation of Anchorage along with his squad, but unfortunately will find three out of five of them dead from being experimented on an examination table. Paulson's story was that he was taken along with his family onto the ship, but unfortunately like Elliot, he was separated from his family and lost them when he was frozen in cryo. Toshiro was an enigma to everyone since from what Elliot told Richard he's from Japan and must've been taken a long time ago. Back onto the story, when he had found them, they were skeptical at first about their rescuers, well Elliot in particular Paulson and Toshiro were fine, though no one could understand Japanese. But soon enough, he had each of them help at certain parts of the ship, and along the way he managed to find his armor in the engineering deck. Now I should mention this because when Richard was abducted the clothing he was carrying was his winterized power armor, his gauss rifle, and a few other weapons just incase if he needed to kill enemies at a certain range. Now the very moment he found his gear back, he found it all very… surprising.

From what the aliens did to armor he could tell, since from what he could see was that, his armor was modified to make some kind of reaction suit. The very outlook of the armor was very different; since it mostly looked like a biomechanical suit that someone could slip in and activate it. The suit itself had many features, for one it looked like it was designed for a well-fit person to fit in, anyone else might have felt it loose and couldn't move around well. Another feature was that there were thrusters on the back and on both of the legs. The final features of the suit was the back had some sort of rectangular wings, which he thought were to keep the suit steady whenever the thrusters activated, but from further inspection, it looked like it was really a missile pod launcher. It had four pods in each wing, and it looked like the pods could charge the missiles and lock on to a target. Then there was the helmet; it was a very strange since there was optics of where the mouth would tend to be, while the rest of the head looked like it was some glass visor. All in the entire suit itself impressed Richard and couldn't wait to try it out that is until he found his gauss rifle. The rifle, like the suit, was modified it looked like it was almost as tall as Richard and looked very heavy since the weapon looked a little bulky, plus it was black. The rifle looked like an advanced version of itself, only he wondered why the rifle looked like that since, all other rifles the aliens carry are usually white and more, in a word, "cartoonish." The same could be said for all his other weapons he found on another table. When he picked up his modified rifle he found out that it was easy to carry with two hands like when he carried his rifle before, when he got a feel for it, it then transformed into some kind of energy sword that ran down along the rifle.

He was pretty amazed at how the aliens modified his armor and weapon, but what made him wonder is why they would do that, even the style the armor and weapon looked like was a bit out of their style of what they normally make. He thought that they probably wanted to make him their own alien super soldier when they planned to take over Earth. Or they wanted to make him into one and have a mind control chip in his brain, and see what the results would be when he was unleashed upon the world. He shuddered at the thought of what would happen if the aliens managed to put a chip in his brain and control his every move, and make him destroy all that he loved and worked hard to save. He put those thoughts aside and decided that he would fun with his new toys later, until after he wasn't in danger.

Now if your wondering of how he figured it out that he was being turned into a super soldier was mostly because he found out when he figured what to "tinker" with when he was dealing with the tech around the ship, and he found out his strength when during his escape from the cells. One of the guards got too close while he was busy with another guard, so he just kicked it to keep it at a distance. When he was finished with the guard he fighting with, he found that the guard he kicked was dead upon impact at the end of the hallway, since he was at the other end. The guys didn't mind since they thought that aliens were weaker in physical build, but Richard knew better since the aliens aren't that weak that they can just as easily be picked up, thrown against a wall and die, he was suspicious of what the aliens did to him, and now he knew.

He then went deeper into the ship and saw of what the aliens were really making people into; they were making abominations, people who were fused with their D.N.A. He was disgusted and angered at the same time that these creatures would do this to these people, why they didn't make him like that, he will never know and wasn't willing to find out. He followed through the hallways, blasting everything and anything inside, and it was until later that he found Toshiro among the bodies of some aliens, he wondered of how he got there in the first place. He then found the death ray room and managed to deactivate it. It was until after he took control of the bridge, that they encountered another mothership, Sally then told everyone what to do Somah and Elliot were manning the controls of the ship while Paulson was the "space monkey" much to his displeasure, while Richard manned the death ray. It was a tough battle but they managed to destroy the enemy ship, until Sally said that someone might have pressed something that launched some kind of probe, and it was emanating from the exact place where the wrecked ship was. Everyone had said their goodbyes since it was mostly Somah and Paulson since Somah gained some tech that will get her a lot of caps, and Paulson wanted to see what was down there for him since he killed most of the aliens in the ship. While Elliot, Sally, and Toshiro decided to stay since Elliot said his home was gone and had no place in the wasteland, and wanted to stay here and learn more about the tech the aliens had. Sally was very happy to stay since she wanted to explore more parts of the ship since it is bigger than it looks like on the outside, while Toshiro well, no one really cares about him since they can't understand him.

It has been quite a while since he took over the ship, and he has been working on repairing key parts of the ship to get it up and running again. So far he was able to repair nearly everything and redecorated some parts of the ship to fit human size that way he could get it ready when he got a crew, to take care other parts of the ship. Everything was fine except the engine room, he has been having a tough time in having the engines cooperate with him, even with his expanded knowledge of the alien tech here, he still couldn't get the engines to start. He was still trying to get them to start up until…

"Hey there Richard, still trying to fix the engines again?" said Sally as she entered the engine room.

"Yup." He grunted as he tried rewiring the power to the engines again.

"Don't know why these damn engines won't work, I have tried everything, replacing the parts, rewiring the circuitry, and even tried to rearrange the engines to try and start it, but it still won't work. I need some help here Sally, you've been here longer than me, and surely you know how this works." He said now facing her. He was wearing only a white shirt that was now damp with his sweat, and a pair of cargo pants.

"Sorry but even I don't know how this works." She said.

"Well it's not your fault really, it's just this stupid piece of –" as he was about to say the last word, he kicked the engine as hard as he could, and hummed to life.

"Huh… didn't think that kick would work. Must've hit a vital part of the engines." He said as he examined the status of the engines.

"So what now?" Sally asked.

"Now we try and see how long these babies can last." As he walked out the room with Sally and went to one of the pads to the bridge.

"Attention Commander on deck!" RL-3 exclaimed.

RL-3 was Richard's personal Mister Gutsy robot that he bought from Tinkerer Joe, but he was much more different than any other model. Richard had downloaded his programming from his old body onto a new body. RL's body was a mechanical body that looked like it support a soldier in there it and the helmet was able to retract to show the circuitry that made up RL's brain, and Richard was also able to replicate the personal shield from the aliens used to wear. The armor itself was made since Richard wanted to make the drones more powerful in armor and weaponry, and he found out that the death ray could be made into a drill to mine materials from the earth, apparently there are still some rich materials that were untouched from the bombing, and it was only a matter of time to have the robot factory inside the ship to replicate the design from RL. (Think of the armor and weaponry from Section 8. Yeah I just thought it might've been cool to see guys drop down from the atmosphere and onto the enemy.)

"At ease captain." Richard said as he went to the captain's chair. Yes he had promoted RL to captain since he wanted someone to lead the drones when he gave them bodies, and their own programming, when RL had been given the promotion, happy would be the right word when he was told he got promoted. Plus to tell him apart from the others he had RL's body be white and had an Insignia of the US on his right shoulder. The process of making the chip for a drone was long and extensive but was worth it in the end, since now he managed to make a small army of drones for RL to command whenever he needed them.

"I checked the scanners before you go up. It's good that you managed to get the engines working again, we'll be able to try and gather materials from other planets now." Said Elliot turning to face him.

"But before we test the engines, are you sure about letting your friends take over for you, since well, the group you've assembled is quite… eccentric." Elliot said with a worried look.

"Ah, don't worry about them Elliot, sure Jericho and Butch may be a handful at times but, the others will be able to keep them on track while I'm gone. Besides it's not like I kept myself cooped up in here for weeks, I tend to visit and check on everyone once in a while to see how things are going." He replied.

"Alright if you say so." He said with a hint of doubt in it.

"Oh come on Elliot, what's the worse that could happen?"

"Why do I get the feeling that by saying that you may have jinxed us"?

"Ah, would you lighten up for once in your life Elliot, now fire up the engines and get ready to jump to the nearest planet. Sally do you remember what planet is near Earth."

"Well from I could remember, the closest planet to Earth would be Mars, and from what I can tell it's a barren planet."

"Well Mars it is then, there would have to be plenty of materials for us to use when we get there."

"Hyperspace jump in 3…2….1…mark!" said Elliot as they entered a blue whirling tunnel where they were going faster than the speed of light. (What else was I supposed to call it? Slipspace jump?)

"How are the engines holding up?"

"So far so good sir."

"How about the ship Margret?"

Just then appearing on the armrest of the captain's chair came Margret, the Artificial Intelligence from what he calls her, which he made to take care of the ship since he didn't have a crew yet. Originally Margret was Margot a computer system for the Presidential Metro, and Richard thought it to be a waste for it to follow its main programming until it ran out of power and shut down permanently. So when he returned to Earth he went to her terminal and downloaded her into a data storage laptop and then modifies her to become an AI. The outlook he chose for her was that she wore a white long sleeve shirt with a pair of blank pants, and her hair was long and black. Plus, he also gave her a personality, which was mostly formal, but he made her a little perky since he wanted to lighten up the mood at times.

"I am not detecting any external damage to yet sir." Margret said facing him

"Good, let me know if anything comes up, how long until we reach mars?"

"Since were travelling faster than the speed of light, I'd say we'd get there within a few hours." Replied Elliot.

"Alright, I'll be down at engineering to work on my projects." Richard said as he went to the teleportation pad.

When he arrived to the engineering deck, he went into a large storage room and locked the door behind as he worked on his projects. They are going to love this when I'm through with this. He thought.


It seemed like it was only a few minutes for Richard since he was no near completing his projects, until Margret chimed in through the speakers.

"Commander, we are nearing out destination."

"Alright I'll be right up." He said as he put down his tools, covered up his experiment, and went to the teleporter and arrived on the bridge.

"Exiting hyperspace in 3…2…1. Now." Said Elliot who was now manning the controls.

When the ship got out of hyperspace, they saw the red barren planet that was Mars.

"See nothing bad happened Elliot." As Richard towards Elliot with a look of confidence on his face.

Elliot was about to say something when Margret appeared on a holopad " Captain, there seems to be a problem with the main engines."

"What is it?" Not liking what he was probably going to hear next.

"Well sir it appears that the engines are starting to malfunction."

"Malfunction? Did the strain of jumping to another planet cause it?"

"No sir, they aren't breaking down, they're getting to ready to jump again."

A look of terror spread across his face, as he needed to deal with this problem fast, before they drift off to some unknown system.

"Margret can you try and shut them down before activate?"

"I'm sorry sir but they've already started and the hyperdrive is about to jump again."

"Everybody hang on to something!" as he grabbed hold on the railing and everyone else on the terminals and railing as well as the ship hummed again as it jumped again to its next trajectory.

It wasn't until after the ship stopped in the middle of space when it had finished making the jump.

"Everyone alright?"

"Yeah, were fine, what happened?"

"Due to the extensive damage done to the engines during your escape, when we made the jump, it pushed the engines too far and soon enough broke down." Margret said.

"I should've seen this coming, that way I might've not gotten us in this situation." he said, his tone telling everyone he was sad.

"Ah come on Richard, none of us could've seen this coming, so you might as well grin and bear it." Sally said trying to cheer him up.

"Your right Sally, so Margret know where we are right now?"

"If my scanners are right sir, and I hope I'm having a malfunction, were on the other side of the galaxy." She replied sadly.

A look of shock and terror spread across everyone's face when they heard her say it.

"Oh no, oh no, this is bad, this is very bad." Said Elliot who looked like he was on the verge on panicking.

"Ok no need to panic, this could've been worse, we could've been landed in the middle of space with no planet around." He said as he was trying to calm Elliot down.

"Worse? Worse? Things are already worse! We practically don't have the parts to repair the engines to get us home! We don't even know where we are, for all we know, we could be in near the alien's star system!"

As Richard was trying to calm Elliot down, Sally went to talk with Margret to see if there is a planet nearby.

"Hey Margret, is there any planet we can land on and make repairs?"

"Yes, but you won't like it, from what my scanners are telling me right now, there isn't much technology we can scavenge for parts."

"Well it's better than staying up here," she then turned to Elliot ad Richard, " Guys! Guys!"

"What?" both said in unison.

"Margret found a planet we make fix the ship at."

"Oh well thank you Sally and Margret." Richard said as he went to communications to contact RL.



"I need you to get a small force ready within fifteen minutes, were going to scout out a nearby planet."

"We can get it done in ten sir."

"Good I'll meet you down at the hanger near the transport."


Richard was dressed in his armor, and was making final inspections when RL came in.

"Sir! Gold team and Red team are ready to deploy sir!" RL exclaimed while standing at attention.

"Good get inside the transports for a debrief and orbital drop."

Another thing Richard improved was when he mixed the vertibirds he and the brotherhood captured from the enclave, and alien ships to serve as massive transports for his drones. He also thought the idea of orbital dropping upon your opponents was strategically effective, but for the most part he thought it was cool. As the teams climbed onto the transports he debriefed the squads on the situation.

"Alright here is our situation, ever since the jump we made from Mars, the engines couldn't take much more and now the hyperdrive to get us home is damaged. What were doing now is that were scouting out the planet for any materials we can smelt to replace the parts for the ship. However the only good news is that the engines are still operational and can still land the ship, but were also scouting the planet to find a landing zone for the ship so we can make repairs. Well be dropping near down a nearby forest and to find a clearing. We don't know what we can expect down there so watch it down there, and only fire unless fired upon. Understood?"

"Sir, yes sir!"

"Good, I'll see down below."

Their seats then went up and got them all in position to launch, from Richard's point of view he saw that the forest is much larger than he thought. When they were over their destination, the transport then fired all of them down to the surface, as they got closer and closer they activated their thruster brakes to slow down their descent. When they touched down, the impact of their drop left small craters on the ground and soon enough the squads formed up and went off to find a clearing, unbeknownst to them, they were being watched from a distance.

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