Summary: "I hate you! And don't think I won't leave because I would" Temari threatens Shikamaru. In which Shikamaru replies "I'm going back to bed, Temari."

Rated: T, warning for possible character death

Un/selfish Love

CHAPTER ONE Un/selfish Love

"Dad, you know I want to marry her" Shikamaru states with a frown on his otherwise bored face.

"You know you can't son" Shikaku argues sadly.

"Whyever not!" Shikamaru don't see why and he's losing whatever composure he has. Afterall this is his future they're talking about.

"Son, she's a daughter of a former kazekage and the sister of the current one. Furthermore, she's from Suna and you're from here. Your union will be frown upon"

Shikamaru has heard this argument before "I –we already know that. It doesn't matter to Temari. She's ready to stay here."

"Shikamaru, Temari will be sacrificing a lot to be able to stay here. Are you sure you want her to?"

"I realize that...but I love her. It's either that or me she has to sacrifice..." Shikamaru is almost pleading. His dad has to understand or else nobody would.

"Son, are you sure that Temari won't hate you after she finds out that you're not worth it?" Shikaku pities his son but he has to tell him this.

"I just have to make sure I'm worth it then" Shikamaru's burden is easing. If his dad agrees it's only a matter of time before his mom does. Afterall his mom already likes Temari anyway.


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