CHAPTER SEVEN It's just the beginning

"Shika wake up" Temari insists for the second time. The body lying on the bed facing towards the windows continues faking its sleep.

The door suddenly opens "So is he alright?" Kankuro asks. Gaara just comes in inside the room quietly with Kankuro. The two were suppose to travel with Temari back to Konoha but along the way Temari shouted that they were slowing her down. Gaara just looked blankly at his sister while Kankuro mumbled something that sounded like "Shit we're not". But what he said loudly was that she could go ahead of them if she wanted to. Afterall, he knew how worried his sister is about that konoha ass nin. And she did arrive 11 minutes earlier so maybe she's right.

"Looks like we rushed here for no reason. That ass is as usual just sleeping" Kankuro sneers.

Shikamaru hears what is said. He sighs. He moves from his side and lies on his back then he uses his right arm to push his torso up "Choji, Ino that won't work...either" Shikamaru sees Temari, Kankuro and Gaara "You're here" Shikamaru speaks slowly looking at Gaara. "If Ino is Temari, Choji is Kankuro, dad not you too! Stop trying to cheer me up by pretending to be them!"

"Temari, I think your husband has become like this" Kankuro uses his right index finger to draw circles around his right temple and ear.

"Shika look. It's really me" Temari states in exasperation.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going back to sleep" Shikamaru lies down.

Temari marches towards the bed "You are ticklish here" Temari touches Shikamaru's left inner thigh and then bends down closer towards his ear and whispers "and you know I like it when you grasp my neck while we are doing it"

Shikamaru swallows "Temari"

Temari straightens "Yes, lazy ass"

"Temari" Shikamaru repeats her name as if making sure.

"Uh for God sake. Watching you two is like watching a...a badly scripted movie" Kankuro complains "Come on Gaara, before they start with the scenes that are not suitable for children"

"We're leaving Temari" Gaara says in lieu of goodbye. He nods towards Shikamaru.

Temari is now grasping Shikamaru's hand. She turns her head and nods it to say goodbye to her brothers.

The door closes.

Temari bows down and hugs Shikamaru on the bed. Shikamaru pulls an unresisting Temari towards him until she is also lying on the bed.

"So you came back" Shikamaru states tonelessly.

"Tch, I told you I will" Temari replies.

"You said in a month"

"Well, there was an extenuating circumstance" Temari draws circles on Shikamaru's chest and smiles towards him.

"Which was?" Shikamaru asks straight faced.

Temari lifts her body to be able to kiss Shikamaru on the mouth.

"Lazy ass got in trouble and I needed to save him" Temari laughs.

"Tch, woman" Shikamaru glares at Temari.

Temari is still laughing "What? No troublesome comment?"

"You're troublesome!" Shikamaru complains.

"And you're a lazy ass" Temari punches Shikamaru on the other shoulder hard. She's using the shoulder closest to her as a pillow.

"Ouch! What's that for" Shikamaru's voice is a bit raised

Temari sits up on the bed "For not having faith in me! You jerk you almost died!"

"Well... I didn't"

"You didn't!" Temari snarls and glowers at Shikamaru "Tell me we're you really planning on having yourself killed?"

Shikamaru opens his mouth then close it without saying anything.

Temari stands up from the bed. Places her hands on her hips and shouts "You selfish jerk! What we're you thinking!"

"Temari calm down"

"I hate you!" Temari is really fuming mad "And thank your injuries otherwise I will really hit you with my fan"

"I'm sorry, Temari" Shikamaru dolefully admits.

"You should be! You scared the shit out of me!" Temari is still glaring "If you ever doubt me again. I swear I will be the one to kill you then I'll probably kill myself and that will be on your conscience"

"Ok ok. Come back to bed" Shikamaru pats the space where Temari vacated before.

"No" Temari moves her arms from her hips and crosses them on her chest.

"Woman, I would grab you but as of the moment my stomach is still hurting and if I stand suddenly my head feels weird and...hey where are you going?"


"Then when you come back bring my favorite pillow"


"Tch, and you call me lazy"

The door closes on Temari.

Shikamaru goes back to sleep. Afterall, she will be back but minus the pillow of course.

The end


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