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Inspired by... me playing a Spiderman video game for my 5 year old brother. I was on the last level and Dr. Octopus kept kicking my ass and so I got so pissed off... I cussed out my video game in Japanese. And I ban my brother from copying the "K" word and the "Y" word. ^^" (Yes, I know that's pathetic but he kept beating me up for a solid hour.)

Hidan was in the living room with playing Spiderman 2 on the PS2. By now he was beet-red with anger, nearly popping a vein, and was smoke coming from his head. Kakuzu walked in on this and had only one comment.

"Dr. Octopus again, Hidan?"

"Shut the f_ up, Kakuzu!" Then Spiderman got thrown into the water for the 17th time. "Dammit! Look what happened because you distracted me!" He pushed try again. "THAT BASTARD'S GOING DOWN!"

Kakuzu sweatdropped. Hidan had been playing that stupid game since 6:15 and it was now 11:23. "Don't you need to rest, Hidan?"

"Not until I save that stupid bitch!"


'This is for Rosie!' the video game yelled as he beat the crap out of Hidan.

"F_ Rosie! This is for my pride you've been beating up for the last f_ing hour!" Then the Jashinist proceed to beat the ever-loving s_ out of the man on the screen. Then it showed the dramatic clip it always shows at the end of the fight.

Hidan's face instantly lit up and he hugged Kakuzu. "Holy s_! I did it! I finally sacrificed that b_!"

Then the movie after the credits came on. As soon as it ended, Spiderman was back in the city, with a loooot of points that he would have to get.

Hidan got down to his knees and screamed to the heavens "WHHHHHHHY?" Then he started pounding his fists against the floor repeatedly shouting "S_! S_! S_! S_! S_! Son of a b_!"


Yeah... (sweatdrop)

Hidan: Did you really cuss out your PS2?

Dude, you would've been proud. (Mega-sweatdrop)

Hidan: That is sad. XD