Psyche- Demon of the Mind

Chapter one- chance encounter

Gaara, Temari and Kankuro were walking down the forest path; the desert was many days of travel behind them. Tucked into a pocket inside Temari's clothing was a scroll for the fith Hokage of the Leaf Village, Lady Tsunade.

Ahead of them a group of shinobi were chasing their prey and the objective of their mission. Each of them was covered in black, and their metal headbands had a picture of a Japanese dragon on it.

A kunai knife flew at them from a nearby bush; the ninja on the right instantly countered it with another kunai as a figure leapt from the bush, standing behind them.

It was a fifteen-year-old girl with dark blue eyes. She glared at them from behind a pair of glasses. Her shoulder length hair was tied back into a neat ponytail, with two bangs hanging down on the sides of her face. On her forehead was the headband all shinobi wore with pride, three spirals were on it, two at the top, one at the bottom, forming a rounded triangle.

She wore a black T-shirt underneath a long, two-tailed, black trench coat. The hem of her black pants and black boots were covered in mud.

She growled defensively as they attempted to surround her, she leapt backwards, landing on a tree branch and fled, leaping over the heads of the three sand shinobi. The girl looked down at Kankuro, Temari and Gaara, glanced back at the enemy shinobi following her and sighed in defeat, twisting her body around, spring-boarding off the trunk of a tree and landed in front of the three Suna Shinobi.

"Heh, we got the demon-girl and some new test subjects" one of the girl's pursuers said as they eyed the group.

The girl shoved a scroll into Kankuro's hands and said "No matter what, that has to get to the Leaf Village".

He shoved back at her, preparing to use his puppets, Temari had her fan already open, while sand began snaking its way out of the gourd on Gaara's back.

"We can take care of ourselves" Kankuro replied coldly to her.

She shook her head in disappointment and performed a few hand signs.

"Fire style: Dragon mimic Jutsu!"

Bat-like wings made of fire appeared on her back, and a long tail with spines appeared on her as well.

"Come and get me!" the girl bellowed at her opponents, using her wings of fire to fly upwards, and the long fiery tail for stability.

The three ninja that were after her threw kunai and shurikun after her, but she easily managed to dodge them.

The three sand siblings tried to attack the other ninja, but they just kept their distance, too focused on trying to shoot the girl out of the sky.

Frustrated, and concerned about the shinobi from Suna the girl did more hand signs.

"Fire style: Fire Beast Jutsu!"

The flames around her moved to blaze in front of her, taking the form of a lion, the large, carnivorous flaming beast charged downwards and began tearing apart the three shinobi that had tried to shoot her down. As soon as the beast made contact the men screamed as their flesh burnt and was torn away from their bodies. One man made a desperate last attempt to kill the girl, throwing a kunai at her; she was hit in the side of her arm as she made her way to the ground.

She hissed as the pain went through her and turned her back on the enemy, facing the sand ninja, their faces, like her own were hard and emotionless as the three ninja that had hunted her down now screamed as the fire beast tore them apart.

When it was over the lion vanished and the girl felt a wave of exhaustion sweep over her, the ground came rushing up to meet her, but was halted suddenly by someone grabbing her non-injured arm.

Before she lost consciousness she saw Kankuro holding her and felt herself being shifted as he slung her over his shoulder.

While the girl slept Kankuro pulled the scroll from her hand and passed it to Temari, who put it in with the scroll for Tsunade.

"She looks like she hasn't had a decent night's sleep or a good meal either" Kankuro remarked.

"And that headband, I don't recognise that symbol, just where is she from anyway?" Temari replied.

Gaara stayed silent, he had seen the look the girl gave them when she performed her jutsu, a look of sadness and concern, and he was confused by it.

"We'll soon find out" Kankuro said grimly as they neared the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

The girl woke up to find herself strapped to a chair in a dark room, around the masked faces of the ANBU looked at her, she looked around calmly, almost as if she had expected this to happen.

"We're only going to scan your memories, to see if you're a threat" One of them said.

She nodded, and silently prayed that they wouldn't boot her out, send their shinobi after her, and try to kill her for the monster that she knew she was.

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