Chapter 23 small moments

A series of small scenes to build up on character relations…

1-A Jutsu genius

Itachi walked into the Akatsuki's library to find our heroine curled up in a chair, writing things down on a notepad, various papers were scattered around her, covered in her near illegitimate hand writing and diagrams.

Lorraine pushed her glasses up as they threatened to slide down her nose and jumped slightly as Itachi picked up one of the papers lying beside her to take a look at it.

"You're formulating new Jutsu?" he asked calmly.

"A past time, plus you'll copy all of my current Jutsu anyway, better to have some sort of advantage" she replied.

"I see…" he replied, then took another look at the page he was holding, it was a simple sketch of a wind style Jutsu that sent paper bombs hurtling at the target at impossibly high speeds, once attached to the target the wind used to propel them formed a dense bubble, trapping the force of the exploding Paper bombs, essentially containing it to cause even more damage.


"They're only theoretics, I don't have the chakra reserves to start testing them yet, plus many of my other ones that I have tested have a lot of draw backs and kinks that need to be worked out".

"Even so, for someone as young as you to come up with these ideas.." he trailed off.

"I'm not a genius Itachi I just have a way of seeing things others can't literally and figuratively" she stated.

He looked over more of her ideas, an acid based water jutsu, a genjutsu revolving around the victims own memories (most likely linked to her bloodline), a lightning jutsu that could paralyse or even kill the target with a small dose of lighting chakra, and several others.

"I'm sure leader would be interested in some of these" Itachi stated.

"I figured you'd say that, but until the bugs are worked out I can't do anything with them yet"

"I shall inform him of your talents anyway, they might prove useful to the organisation"

"Alright, now if you don't mind I'd like to continue my work in piece" she replied.

2- Hiroko

It had been a week since Lorraine's initiation into the secret organisation, and she was currently on a small errand with Sasori.

"Hey um…do you live in that puppet or something?" she asked.

"You noticed did you? Not many can tell my hiroko Puppet is actually a puppet...not until I kill them anyway" Sasori replied.

"Yeah…I noticed because you smell like wood and enough poison to take down a large summon"

"I see. My puppets are an everlasting example of true art".

"True Art?"

"True Art is eternal, lasting for centuries to admired by generation after generation" Sasori explained.

"Whatever floats your boat then?"

"You don't agree?"

"Honestly? Art can change and evolve alongside the people that make them and admire them, art is whatever the artist and the audience prefers best, all we can do is respect another person's view point rather than cause conflict buy enforcing our own..if only life was that simple" Lorraine explained.

Sasori of the red sand contemplated her answer as lorraine went back to shopping.

Ok there was going to be a scene with nagato (yeah his real self) and a scene with kisame...but I decided to cut it short...things are very busy at my place atm.

this will be a 100% OC version of 'a cristmas carol' starring..

scrouge- Manaquire

love interest- Crystal

the dead best friend- Tempus

ghost of xmas past- Clarissa

ghost of xmas present- Broc

ghost of xmas future- yours truly