Tears of the Sun

Inspired by the Bruce Willis Film.

I do not own Bioware, nor do I own Bruce Willis. If I did, then with these two forces at my command I would take over the world.

Two Weeks After Horizon Incident

"This is Citadel News Net, I'm Emily Wong," The young reporter looked seriously at the camera. "The tension that's been brewing for months in the Edigas system has finally erupted. The multi-racial colony world of New Africa has descended into chaos. On a planet inhabited by nine different species and nearly a hundred ideological groups there has been a history of enmity, particularly between the human settlements in the southern hemisphere and batarian separatists in the north."

The camera changed to show a batarian gunning down a human in the street. A human child cried as an asari commando dragged her into cover. "It appears that the turian element of the population, mostly exiles and outcasts from regular turian colonies, have allied themselves with the batarians and have declared war on the human settlements and anyone caught aiding them. The majority of the human population have abandoned their homes and are seeking shelter wherever they can find it. The Council of Matriarchs on Thessia have appealed to the asari on the planet to aid human refugees in any way possible. The elcor and hanar representatives on the Citadel have issued statements saying that they will do their best to assist humans without endangering their own settlements. With the planetary defense grid in batarian hands, the Systems Alliance appears unwilling to risk ships and soldiers to pacify a non-Alliance world. The Council have not yet made a statement on the situation, but Citadel representatives are already being evacuated."





Three Kodiak shuttles approached the giant hulk of the Everest. The first shuttle received his flight path and slowed down to enter the Everest's landing bay.

On board the Everest, Khalisah Al Jilani stood in front of her camera drone. "As you can see behind me on the SSV Everest, activity is high as Citadel and Alliance representatives continue to be evacuated from New Africa. This once peaceful planet has been rocked by a series of racial unrests and brief but bitter battles, mainly over control of New Africa's vast mineral supply."

Khalisah put her hand to her headset and listened for a few seconds. When she looked back at the camera, her face was sober. "We've just received word that Matriarch Allatha, the head of the Asari population, has been assassinated along with her entire family."

The doors on the first two Kodiak's opened to reveal a mix of asari and human civilians, along with several human marines and asari commandoes. One commando was helping a marine towards one of the medics. "He took one in the leg," she explained to the medic.

"Get him to sickbay," the medic helped the marine down onto a stretcher.

"Welcome aboard Ambassadors," the XO of the Everest met the Asari and Human diplomats. "Let me escort you to your quarters."

The door on the third Kodiak opened to reveal Operations Chief Ashley Williams. Standing behind her were four other humans, an asari, a salarian and a turian. Williams stepped off the Kodiak and strode across the deck, carrying her M-8 Avenger under her arm. The rest of the shuttles occupants quickly disembarked and followed.

"Well look at you," Admiral Steven Hackett stepped up to Williams. The Alliance admiral noted the dark circles underneath the Chief's eyes and the small graze above her left eye. "Not quite according to plan then?"

"Complications arose, ensued, were overcome," Ash replied curtly. Hackett saw by the look on her face that she didn't want to discuss it out in the open. He nodded to the rest of the troopers behind her. "Ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate that you've been helping out there, but we're going to have to put you back in. Get some chow, refit and rearm for a three day deployment in heavy jungle conditions. See the medics if you've got any scratches you want looked at. Chief, you're with me."

Williams nodded to her team as she followed the Admiral into a corridor. "I assume from your message that you found what we were looking for?" Hackett questioned as they entered his quarters. Indicating that she could drop her gear anywhere, he pulled a bottle of whiskey off a shelf and retrieved two glasses from his desk.

"Intel was right about slavers selling all the humans they could get their hands on to the Collectors. We found two hundred plus civilians from the raid on Saocol," Ashley gratefully accepted the drink. "Almost didn't get there in time sir. We were only on the ground for five minutes before a Collector ship came through the relay. They deployed a dropship, then turned their attention to the frigate wolfpack. Kokoda was destroyed and El Alamein lost her engines and weapons, but Tobruk, Gallipoli and Long Tan got up close and gave that ugly bastard a beating with their GARDIANs. Collectors ran for it after that."

"Sounds like I should give Mikhailovich a raise," Hackett smiled as he sipped the eighty year old alcohol. "He trains his frigate captains well."

"They did their job sir," Ashley actually shared the smile. After losing a full half of his 63rd Scout Flotilla against Sovereign, Mikhailovich had become one of the handful of Admirals in the Alliance who were vocal in their disbelief at the Council cover up and not so vocal in their attempts to find hard evidence of the Reaper's existence. Personality wise, the man was still an arsehole, but he was an arsehole that Ashley could trust.

"That dropship had about a dozen Collectors on board. Add about thirty slavers, mostly batarian and we were outnumbered five to one. Started running low on thermal clips for our assault rifles halfway through the fight, so Slow and Red put together some IED's and Z used her biotics to toss the explosives in behind them," Ashley shook her head. "We were lucky they didn't deploy any of those seeker swarms from Horizon or we wouldn't have stood a chance."

"I've authorized the samples that you collected on Horizon be shipped to the STG for analysis, hopefully they can come up with a countermeasure," Hackett finished his glass and set it back down on the desk. "Your team did a good job out there Chief, but I hope you're not too tired for another mission?"

"Assume it's got something to do with that can of worms on New Africa?" her question was answered with a nod. "I'm fit for duty whenever you need me sir. You know that."

Hackett indicated the graze above her eye. "Drink up, get that looked at by the medics, get some chow. I'll see you for briefing in an hour."

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