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A Town without Eba Yuzuki: A Kimi no Iru Machi Story Chapter 1

Nothing ever exciting happens in this town, the young man thinks to himself. Nothing ever changes, and that's what good about it. Kirishima Haruto has been living in rural Hiroshima all his life in the same house with his mom and sometimes his older sister, Aoi, when she returned from studying in Tokyo. He has the same friends that he has hung out with since kindergarten: Yura Takashi and Kaga Akari. He has had a crush on the same girl since middle school, Kanzaki Nanami. Life for Haruto has had the same pattern for as long as he can remember, and that is exactly the way that he likes it.

All good things change, and Haruto felt that since he is now a first year high school student that he can man up and finally ask Kanzaki out. He doesn't have a lot of confidence that he will be successful. He is not especially smart; his grades are average. He isn't much of an athlete; he'd rather hang out with Takashi and Akari. He isn't really that handsome with a slender frame, light brown hair, and brown eyes. The one thing that he could boast of is not the manliest thing that a guy would admit to, but he is an excellent cook.

This skill arose out of necessity as his mother worked and Aoi-nee-chan was too lazy to bother. Haruto didn't mind, and soon discovered that he really enjoyed doing it. His friends liked the food that he would often bring when they went fishing, watched videos, or whatever. This was the one thing that he did well.

It was with this thought and hope that he sets off for yet another day at Kimino High School. As he arrives, he noticed Akari chasing Takashi with a book, nothing new there, as they were always like a dog and monkey, forever fighting. "Oy, Takashi, what did you do to piss Akari off this time?" He asked.

"Nothing," Takashi replied breathless from running. "She is just crazy."

"Screw you, Yura-kun!" Akari yelled. "You said that my butt had gotten bigger over Spring Break." From what Haruto could see, there was absolutely nothing wrong with Akari's figure. With her reddish brown hair and delicately curved body, Akari had become an attractive girl. Haruto was shocked at the thought. As he was thinking this, she screeched, "Yura Takashi, you are so dead!"

Even though he knew that he should leave it alone, Haruto decided to intervene before one of his best friends killed the other. "Now, now, Akari, don't kill him or I won't give you any of the fruit tarts that we are going to make in Cooking Club today."

Akari stopped quickly, "Haruto, you promised. You know that fruit tarts are my favorite," she said with a slight whine. Meanwhile, Takashi was catching his breath and enjoying Akari's dilemma.

From behind Haruto, a lilting, feminine voice exclaimed, "You three are having fun as always, I see."

Akari ran to her and cried, "Nanami-chan, listen, Takashi and Haruto are being mean to me. Takashi said that I have gotten a bigger butt, and Haruto won't let me kill him for it."

Kanzaki Nanami, her short black hair, catching the breeze, looked at the boys, and smiled. "Kirishima-kun was correct in not letting you kill Yura-kun, but any boy that says what Yura-kun did does deserve Akari-chan's wrath." She finished with an icy smile at Takashi.

"Wow, Kanzaki, you could freeze someone with that tone!" Takashi shivered. "I feel sorry for your boyfriend, when you get one that is." He glanced at Haruto who was now glaring at him as well now.

Still glaring, Haruto looked at Akari, "I changed my mind, Akari. Do with him as you like." Turning to Nanami, he asked, "Kanzaki, shall we go to class and abandon Takashi to his deserved fate?"

This brought a smile to Nanami's face, "Absolutely, Kirishima-kun, we don't want to be late, do we? Yura-kun, it was nice knowing you." She said as she began to walk with Haruto to class.

As they walked away together, Takashi and Akari stared at them. Akari smiled sadly, "I wonder what will happen if they discover their feelings are mutual?"

"Hey Akari, why do you so sound so sad?" Takashi inquired. "You almost sound jealous."

With a murderous look on her face, Akari breathed, "If you knew what was good for you, you would shut up now, Takashi."

He held up his hand. "Okay, peace. I beg your forgiveness for all my shortcomings, Akari-hime-sama. Let's get to class."

Akari smiled, "That's the first smart thing that you've said all morning. Let's go."

As they walked to class, the two didn't notice a pretty girl with long brown hair walking towards the entrance of the school. She whispered to herself, "Haruto-kun, I'm here."

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