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A Town with Eba Yuzuki

Chapter 12: Return of the Storm

Santoku Bank, Office of the CEO, Tokyo

Eba Naoto was a successful and powerful businessman. He was quite proud of what he had accomplished after leaving Kimino Village upon graduating high school. He shook off the dust and never looked back. He started working at Santoku Bank while he was attending Tokyo University. After graduation, he quickly rose in the company, becoming CEO before he was 35. In business, there was nothing he could not do. He held everything together when the sub-prime mortgage bubble burst in the U.S., plunging the world into recession. Naoto had invested the bank's assets so well before hand that the bank made money when others in Tokyo failed.

Because of his success, Naoto was able to befriend many movers and shakers in the Japanese government. It was through these connections that he was able to bury the charges against his daughter, Yuzuki. She had used her bodyguards to help her rape the son of his childhood friend, and left him to clean up after her. He would do all that and more to make his daughter happy as she was all that he had left of the love his life. Sure, he loved his new wife, but not anywhere near as much as he did Yuzuki's mother. 'Kana,' he thought, 'our little girl is grown up now. What did I do wrong? I wish you were here to help me with her.' Sighing in frustration, he returned to the stack of papers on his desk, his daughter and her problems temporarily pushed to the back of his mind. He would have to deal with Yuzuki later, but now it was time to work his magic. He picked his phone and asked his secretary, "Could you please get the Prime Minister on the phone for me please?"

Kimino High School

Basking in the afterglow of their successful first date, Haruto and Nanami were walking into the schoolyard, holding hands, when they sudden noticed Yuzuki standing front of them. Ignoring Nanami, the long haired Tokyoite grabbed Haruto's arm, "Haruto-kun, it's been so long. I have missed you so much!"

Haruto felt nauseous and tried to detach her arm. He needed to escape quickly before he vomited. As he was struggling, Nanami moved toward Yuzuki, hatred burning in her brown eyes. With ice in her voice, she said quietly, "Eba-san, kindly remove your slutty hands from my boyfriend and crawl back to Tokyo where sewer dwellers like you belong."

Yuzuki laughed contemptuously, "That's funny coming from an apple farmer's daughter who might be the prettiest girl in this shithole town, but has nothing else going for her! I have enough money in my PERSONAL account to insure that Haruto-kun never has to work a day in his life and then some. What do you have? Oh yeah, you have that evil glare. OOO, I'm so scared. Now get out of my way and get away from me and my fiancé. Can't you see that you're an eyesore…?"

Suddenly, Yuzuki was rocked to the ground with a thunderous slap. Nanami stood over her, "Now you listen you psychotic bitch. What makes you think for one second that I am going to let you do anything that you want? First, Haruto-kun is MY boyfriend, not your fiancé. Second, everyone in this town knows what you did to him and how your daddy fixed it so that you aren't facing any criminal charges. I have many friends in this town. You don't have one. Everyone here hates you, especially Haruto-kun. No one wants you here. Go back to Tokyo, or so help me, I'll send you back in an ambulance!" Haruto moved to Nanami and placed his arm around her shoulder. "Let's go, Nanami-chan," he suggested while leading her away.

Clutching her red cheek, Yuzuki screamed, "You fucking hick! You will regret the day that you were born when I am finished with you! You have no idea who you are dealing with!" She struggled to her feet, and began to chase after Nanami and Haruto when she was stopped by Takashi and Akari. "Move!" Yuzuki screeched. "I'm going to kill that bitch!"

Akari stood her ground. "I don't think so. Now, Eba-san, you have two choices if you are going to attend school here today. You can go quietly to class and try to learn how to be a decent human being, or you can continue being a selfish bitch and I will see to it that you pay. I can arrange for every girl in this school to beat you up."

"Really," Yuzuki sneered, "how would you do that? I can have my bodyguards to my side in 10 seconds. I just have to push my panic button, and they will come flying. Besides, why should the other girls care what you say? And another thing, why are you helping that girl take your childhood friend and crush from you? That's so stupid!"

"I'm helping Nanami because she and Haruto are my friends. I want them to be happy," Akari retorted. "That answers your second question. The answer to your first question is because Haruto has lots of friends in this town, they all know what you did to him, and they all hate you. To be a true friend means that you help protect their happiness. That is something about which a selfish waste humanity like you would know nothing about Eba-san. Kimino might be a tiny useless town to a sophisticated Tokyoite like you, but we do care for each other here."

Takashi looked at Yuzuki with disgust, "Do you understand the damage that you have done to Haruto? I don't suppose you do. What do you hope to gain by being here? No one wants you here. Please, Eba-san, go back to Tokyo and let Haruto put his life back together."

"You're stupid too, Yura-kun. You flirt with everything in a skirt with no hope of success. You are as pathetic as Kaga-san is. Everyone can see that she's in love with Haruto-kun, but she gives way to another girl, and you couldn't get a girlfriend if you bought one. Why don't the two of you just go pity-fuck each other and get the hell out of my way. Haruto-kun is mine, and nothing any of you backward inbred bumpkins can do will stop this," Yuzuki spat as she turned to leave school.

Takashi slumped to the ground, "I can't believe that we ever thought that she was nice. How does a mouth that beautiful say such ugly things?"

Akari smiled at her awkward childhood friend, and replied, "I wish that I knew. We better hurry or we'll be late for class."

At lunch time, the four friends were sitting on the roof, quietly eating their lunch. The happy feeling of that morning was a distant memory. Frightened by the silence, Takashi spoke up, "Man, I thought that lunch would never come. Do you all think that Konno-sensei was as confusing as I did in physics class?"

Haruto, appreciative of his effort, smiled at his bespectacled childhood friend, and answered, "Not really, I understood it just fine. I can loan you my notes later."

Akari chuckled, "I never knew Haruto to pay such attention in class. It must the power of dating the number one student in the first year."

Haruto and Nanami looked suddenly at Akari and blushed, she stammered, "I have been helping Haruto-kun with his studies a little but he is actually much smarter than he lets on."

Takashi snorted indignantly, "So he's been holding back on us all these years? I feel betrayed. Kirishima Haruto, you are no longer part of the Moron Club with Kaga-chan and I. You have moved into the Elites," he finished mockingly.

Akari launched her empty juice box at Takashi's head. "Why am I in the Moron Club with you two? My marks are almost as good as Nanami-chan's are. The only moron is you, Yura Takashi!"

As Haruto watched his two best friends bicker, it almost felt like old times to him except for the cold feeling that he had in the pit of his stomach. Seeing Eba again shattered the peace and contentment that Nanami had given him. He kept this to himself because he wanted Takashi and Akari feel like things were back to normal.

Nanami was ignoring the others' interplay and was watching her boyfriend. She knew that Eba's appearance affected him more than he let on. She grabbed his hand and felt him fighting tremors. She looked into his eyes with a look of such gentle love that Takashi and Akari were embarrassed when they noticed it. They hurriedly excused themselves to leave the couple alone. Once they were gone, she softly kissed Haruto on the lips and said, "It might help if you talk to me about it, Haruto-kun. If you don't, I will always be here for you. I love you and I want you to smile again."

Haruto drew his petite girlfriend into a warm embrace. "Thank you, Nanami-chan. That means more to me than anything. All that I ask from you is to be by my side. I love you too," he replied and then he kissed her, tentatively at first, but with a building passion. They broke the kiss just as the warning bell rang. Lunch was over and they picked themselves up and headed off to class, holding hands.

Parked in the back of the school was a limousine with a very angry Eba Yuzuki. She fumed, 'Who do these people think that they are? I could destroy this town with one call. They have no idea who they are screwing with.' Her anger subsided as she began to protectively caress her abdomen. She cooed, "My sweet baby, we'll be together with your father soon. Once we get him out of this hick town, he will belong to us." She opened her cell phone, dialed a number, and said, "Hello daddy, can you help me with something?"

To be continued…

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