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Chapter One: Ruined Date?

Percy's POV

"Chill." I told myself "It's just Annabeth. Your best friend, Annabeth" Your super pretty and smart best friend.

I was on my way to Annabeth's house. She told me a few weeks ago that she'd come to New York for her dad's job. She asked me if I could come over and of course, being Percy Jackson, I said yes. I was wondering why Annabeth wanted me over. I mean, I was happy. No, more than happy. I was overjoyed. I thought maybe she missed me or maybe, just maybe she would tell me her feelings. I was more than sure that her feelings for me is more than just "FRIENDSHIP", there was something more. When we kissed me by the lake, I felt that. Or maybe, I'm wrong.

I could see Annabeth's house from where I was standing. I've been here before during the summer. A few months passed after that. Without Annabeth. I wondered how prettier she got or how much she changed.

I could see that Mr. Chase moving boxes in and out of their house. They had probably just arrived, I thought. Would it be alright to stop by at this time?

I guess it was okay, since someone answered me:

"Mr. Jackson," It was Annabeth's dad. "Are you here to see Annabeth?"

"Yes, sir." I answered although I did still wonder how he could have seen me. I was quite far from their house.

"Well then, Percy, may I call you Percy? She's upstairs in her room. A flight of stairs up and the door to the left."

"Thank you sir." And I walked pass him and into their house. That might have been a little disrespectful, I thought.

I followed his directions. Went up the stairs and knocked on the door to the left. And there she was, as beautiful as ever. Annabeth.

"Percy!" she said as she flung herself to me "Oh my gods Percy, I missed you."Well, I was right wasn't I. She did miss me.

And all the lame Percy could say was: "Annabeth, you grew thinner."

She gave me a look. The look that says 'what?' then told me, "Seriously Percy." Then she laughed. Her beautiful laugh. "You haven't changed a bit!"

I couldn't help but laugh myself. Her laugh was contagious. "Of course I didn't change. I'm still me aren't I?"

"Yes Percy, I'm glad you didn't change" I could see that her cheeks flushed bright red. Was I right?

"Annabeth." I don't know why I said it. I just said it without even knowing why. She looked up then, her face still red. So that I didn't look like a fool, I gained my posture and said, "So, where are we going?"

"Oh. Yeah, well I thought that you could show me around New York. Since I'm not so familiar here. And since I'd be staying here for the whole year."

"You'll be staying for the whole year?" I felt too overjoyed! She's staying for the whole year!

"Why, Seaweed Brain? You don't want me to?" She looked kind of hurt.

"I didn't mean it that way! Wise Girl, how could I not want you here? That's just stupid."

"Of course I know! I did think you were gonna be happy. I was just not sure..."

We were sitting on her bed. Sunlight was seeping in through the curtains. Annabeth looked pained, I didn't know why. I hadn't meant to hurt her. She knows that, but why did I feel guilty? Her expression was like mine when I wasn't sure of anything around me. I didn't know what to do. Some manly nerve inside of me placed her head on my shoulder. I was thinking what I should say. She's wonderful and she shouldn't feel unsure.

Instead, I mumbled, "Annabeth, I want you to stay. If possibly, forever at my side." I suddenly realized what I said. Uh-oh. It sounded like a confession.

"You're right Percy. I'm sorry." She stood up, putting on her blinding smile. "Come on, Seaweed Brain! You have to show me around New York before sunset."

I guessed she misunderstood. It might have been really sudden for her if I said I loved her. "Let's go then, Wise Girl." Part of me was happy that she misunderstood. Another part, well... hope she understood what I had just said.

Annabeth's POV

I guess I acted like a girly-girl, but that time, with Percy, I couldn't help it.

Me and Percy were walking down some street called 'Sunshine Boulevard'. He was telling me that I'd find a lot of stuff here and that I could come here anytime since it was near my house. I wasn't practically paying anymore attention to him because I was busy thinking about what he said a while ago.

"Annabeth, I want you to stay. If possibly, forever at my side." It kept playing over and over in my head. His voice that always made me feel so drugged. Did he mean something in that sentence? I was busy daydreaming when suddenly I heard Percy.

"Annabeth." His voice was different now. The voice he used when we were gonna fight of monsters. In short, danger.

I looked where he was looking. Now, I knew what he meant. Emposa. Great, I thought. What a date ruiner.

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