Mahou Sensei Negima: Tales of the Jinchuriki Guardian

Author's Notes: Naruto sprouting from the World Tree and living with Eva part comes from: "Kitsune on Campus" by Asha'man of Fire, the rest is all original... I think I did a good job at this, I hope you enjoy, this is a re-write of the story I had for the NarutoxNegima I first had... I hope you like my work, assisted of course by my beta "Demonic Light" Thank you very much for the expeditious work.

Chapter 1: The Prison, The Prisoner and the Dilemma

-Author's notes: this part will be done in first person so no quotation marks will be used-

I laid sleep for so many years... how much has changed... I still remember... the final battle... when I choose to end it all...

The time I willingly imprisoned myself... to stop the madness that brought the creation of such horrible and sad creatures...

Jinchuriki... the word should mean something beautiful... the power of human sacrifice... but... where and when I came from... it meant another thing...

Weapons, born by sealing ancient demons known as the bijuu, they were used to create military power to the ninja villages, each one had a jinchuriki, and all jinchuriki shared a commune trait.

Loneliness, despair... pariahs of society, unwanted and unloved, that was the life of a jinchuriki... and mine was no different.

Born after the attack of the Kyuubi, and then having said demon sealed into me. I was looked down on, in contempt and in pity... I hated it...

But I never knew WHY they acted like that... until many years later, after failing for the third time the academy tests.

My life changed after that, I began to train harder to make up for my being... well... stupid

Yeah, I am not the sharpest kunai there is, but thanks to kami I was a fast learner, I learned however by DOING not by reading... meaning I am more of a hands on approach kind of person.

I managed to turn the village into being friendly... many years later I became their savior...

That happened when I was 16... and then tragedy struck once more.

All Jinchuriki... minus my friend Gaara, who was brought back to life after having his Biju extracted, were dead... I was the last of my kind.

The only one who stopped HIM from achieving his goal.

I am the Jinchuriki of the demon fox with 9 tails... the one who can bring death and destruction... the last line of defense against an even MORE horrible monster (if possible) than the Kyuubi...

The Juubi... the legendary demon of 10 tails.

I learned that the Bijuu where in fact parts of the Juubi's power... how strong must the sage of six paths been in order to split that power!

Well thoughts like that aside I am in trouble... you see... I should be dead.

Yeah... Madara caught me... I couldn't come up with anything to counter his eternal mangekyo sharingan... alongside with the rinnengan... this guy plays for keeps, so I did the only "sensible" thing I thought I could do.

I made a clone... and made him rush to the village... where I told my friends about my plan... they cried and shouted against it... Hinata more so than the others... my clone hugged my females friends... and then shook hands with all my male friends... they gave the clone some stuff to give to me...

A scroll, sealed with items I could need included but not limited to weapons, ninjutsu scrolls, his book "The Tale of a Gutsy Ninja" and a few of Jiraiya most... "prized" works (autographed by said pervert... may he rest in peace), soldier pills, Sakura's soldier pill (to the clone's dismay), and of course Ichiraku ramen, as well as a ton of instant ramen.

After saying our heartfelt goodbyes the clone dashed off to where I was.

A few minutes later the clone reached and kicked Madara in the face, making him skid away from our battle and gave the scroll to me.

I then sealed the scroll on a seal on my body and begun to do many hand-signs

I called out the name of a technique I made with the help of Yamato... one that would no doubt have Madara frustrated for eternity.

Avalon... The Death by Rest Jutsu

As I said that, the seed Yamato gave me grew pushing me gently below the ground, it absorbed the nature energy and formed a protective cocoon around me as it further pushed me deeper into the earth.

The last thoughts I had in my mind (besides the delight in hearing Madara cursing me for being such an ingenious bastard and ruining his pans for world conquest) where simple…

Farewell friends... please be happy... and remember... I love you all.

And with that I went to sleep... no clue as to how much time has passed on the outside...

End of first person perspective

Many years have passed since the times of ninjas... now society is like another world... chakra was mainly forgotten and Chi and Magic took foot-hold, though not as much as chakra did during the good old days, people with any of these new skills kept themselves hidden from public eye, as to not attract unneeded attention.

Right now, there is a giant tree planted in the middle of a school that is famous for the cute girls it houses, Mahora Academy... and the name of the tree? It has many names, "The World Tree" is the one everyone calls it... but there are others... and the name that comes out the most... is "The Hero's Tree."

"There is a legend" a girl said to her juniors "About a strong man that fought against many adversities, the man was a hero... a legend to his people in the time where magic did not even exist" she said moving her arms to emphasize and dramatize the scene. All her juniors entranced by her tale.

"However the young hero met his match in the form of a evil masked villain... this man had a power to control people... and wanted a power the young man had in order to fulfill his evil deeds, however in order to stop the madman he encased himself inside this tree to prevent him from ever getting the power he wanted, the tree sprouted from a seed given by one of his friends... and slowly it pushed him down to the depths of the earth, the legend says... he is still there... sleeping... no one knows when the hero will wake up...or if he will ever do... but one thing is for sure … he was REALLY strong!" the girl said

"How strong?" a girl asked.

"He once fought a giant tanuki demon that could control sand... all in his own when he was barely 13. Not only did he defeat the demon and save his village from its attack, he even befriended it." the girl said.

"I would have like to meet this hero" a little girl said.

"Who knows? The world is vast and legends are always born... sometimes... even reborn!" the girl said.

Back to first person point of view

I fell warm... and I hear a voice.

I feel a presence... no scratch that, MANY presences...

The layout of the land has changed... it had been quite a while since I encased myself...

The seal had worn out... my strength is returning

but... do I really want to continue living?

My home is gone... my friends... gone... there is nothing else waiting for me.

Not even Madara could have survived this long...

but still I feel the primal urge all humans have...

I kept struggling and digging my way out, not giving an inch

I am Uzumaki Naruto... even if all is lost... even when all is gone... I will continue on for them.

That is what they would have wanted after all.

End of first person point of view

The dean at Mahora noticed something strange lately... he felt an immense unknown energy growing larger and larger...

"Hohohoho... something rather interesting is unsealing itself... who would have thought it would be underneath us all along?" the dean said to himself.

The energy exploded and then a single hand came out of the soil... the hand took a good grip and pulled the rest of the body out of the dirt... the energy made by the explosion was hidden by the thunder... but alerted some of the more... should we say... spiritually and magically sensitive people surrounded the tree.

There laid a young man wearing a headband with a leaf insignia on his head...

He spoke two simple words…

"" as he fell unconscious as a teacher grabbed him.

"Who the heck is this boy? Why was he buried alive under there! Take him to the infirmary!" the teacher said as the other teacher's looked around to cover the traces of the explosion and the aftermath.

"Poor kid" a female teacher said as he looked at the malnourished and mangled body of the young blond boy.

After bringing him to the infirmary, and all getting checked, they put the IV on him, closed the curtains... all he needed now was some rest... probably weeks... maybe months? Who knows?

But the person in bed was fucking Uzumaki Naruto... he defied logic and natural laws... and as sure as ramen cooks in 3 minutes he was healing already thanks to the IV, his body was absorbing the nutrients and using his own power to heal himself at a rapid state.

In 2 weeks his body was at an acceptable working condition... however he was still hungry.

He opened his eyes slowly and saw a young girl with lavender hair and red eyes... she looked rather cute.

"I must be in heaven... I am seeing a beautiful angel right in front of me" Naruto said with a sad smile.

The girl blushed in response, backing away with fright.

"GYAAAH!" she yelled making Naruto cover his ears.

"Sheesh... loud aren't ya?" Naruto said as he rose a bit from the bed... his torso exposed making the lavender haired girl blush even further.

"Urg... wha... where am I?" Naruto asked as he felt his head pound from the shriek of the girl, who was now hiding behind the desk, and from the time he had been asleep.

"Oi... you? What's your name?" Naruto asked a bit grumpy from being asleep for so long.

"I... I am Izumi Ako" she said as she peered out from behind the desk.

"Uzumaki Naruto... sorry about scaring you" Naruto said with an apologetic look.

" okay... they told me about a patient in here, but they told me he was comatose for malnourishment… that it would be months before you where up" Ako said.

"I see... say... you wouldn't happen to have a change of clothes I could use? I don't see mine here. I need something to eat... and... there is no food..." Naruto said as his stomach growled something fierce.

They stared at each other, looked down and chuckled.

"Sorry about that..." Naruto grinned.

"Is.. is there anything you want?" Ako asked.

"Ramen would be good... very good!" Naruto said.

"Let me see if the restaurant is open" Ako said.

"Sorry... and thank you" Naruto then fell back to sleep.

Ako blushed as he saw the sleeping form of Naruto.

She then shook her head left to right to get rid of those thoughts.

Naruto laid in slumber as he waited for Ako and the nourishment she would bring.

Naruto grabbed a book and began to read... he had slept enough, a book might help him understand better where he is now... he would have used the kage bunshin but his chakra reserves where near 0 right now.

When Ako returned with the goodness of ramen Naruto slurped up it happily.

"Thank you soooo much! I haven't eaten in centuries!" Naruto said with his trademark fox smile.

Ako blushed a bit.

"Ah... I forgot... I brought some of your clothing, they were really dirty so we had it washed, here they are" Ako said as she handed him.

"Thanks... you are very kind" Naruto said.

Ako blushed and Naruto chuckled.

"What is so funny?" Ako asked.

"Ah... sorry, erm … ah do you mind? I am trying to change here?" Naruto said.

Ako blushed and rushed out of the room.

Naruto then put on his orange pants and his jacket, then he saw his coat... he decided not to use it... at least not yet, the weather did not call for it.

"I am decent now Ako-chan" Naruto said.

Ako looked at him, the orange was a bit too much, but it did go well with him.

"Ah... much better" Naruto said

"say... can you tell me where we are?" Naruto asked

"Eh? S-sure... we are currently in Mahora Academy all girls division, as to what this room is, well this is the infirmary" Ako responded.

"And what are you doing here?" Naruto asked.

"Well... I am the school nurse's assistant" Ako said.

"Ah... I see..." Naruto said he tried sensing chakra but she had only the needed amount to sustain her body meaning… she was a civilian.

"So... what should I do now?" Naruto asked.

"Well... I will call the teacher or the nurse, they will be relieved that you are okay... you where in pretty bad shape when they brought you here" Ako said.

"Well... thanks, you do that... I think I will lay here and rest a bit more" Naruto said as he went back to his bed to recover his chakra.

A few minutes later a gray haired teacher, with square glasses and looked at the boy.

"Hey there boy, how are you feeling?" the man asked.

"I am feeling fine... but who are you?" Naruto asked.

"The name's is Takamichi T. Takahata, I am a teacher in this school... mind if I ask you a question?" Takahata asked.

"Go for it" Naruto said.

"How did you get buried in the ground... and how long have you been there?" Takahata asked.

"I can't remember... is been so long..." Naruto said.

"I see... well… can you walk on your own?" Takahata asked.

"Somewhat... I am still kinda disoriented" Naruto said.

"That is to be expected... if you feel up to it, would you mind going to meet the dean? He had a particular interest in meeting you" Takakahata said.

Naruto then rose from his bed "I can deal with that... better to do it now than later" Naruto said as he stood up with a little help from Takahata.

They walked down the halls of the school until they reached the dean, Takahata noticed that Naruto was concentrating... he was taking his time to memorize the layout... he raised an eyebrow, this was not normal in a young boy his age.

When they entered the dean's office Naruto looked at the old man with rather LONG earlobes, but the air he had reminded Naruto of the old Sandaime Hokage.

"Hohohoho... so you are the child we found by the world tree? How are you feeling?" the old man asked.

"I am getting better... just tired" Naruto said.

"My name is Konoemon Konoe... I have... a proposition to make you" the old man said as Takahata bowed out and left the room.

"What is it?" Naruto

"Well... I can sense it, even though you're currently exhausted, you house enormous strength... and I was wondering...if you would like a job here at Mahora? You would be a substitute teacher here... that way you can move around with a bit more freedom" offered the old man.

"I am listening" Naruto said with interest.

"I need someone to protect my granddaughter... and the class she is in general" the old man said.

"Uhmm... I got one question ojii-san" Naruto said

"What is it?" the old man asked.

"Why would you want me to guard a class?" Naruto said.

"Well... they are going on a trip... and there are...unsavory people after my granddaughter's powers, if misused... it would spell catastrophe, and from what I can tell... I would like to have someone who can help them and rescue them when all is lost... you would be my fail-safe... so to speak." the old dean said.

"What kind of powers?" Naruto asked

"She has a vast amount of magical energy on her body... I want her to be safe... but protecting her by keeping her ignorant of the danger isn't enough" the old man said.

"I am sure you are trying your best... sooo... anything else I should know?" Naruto asked.

"One of the teachers in said class... Negi Springfield, you will be his assistant, he is also a mage, so be careful of not revealing yourself to him. I want you to look after him and bail him out if he's way over his head. Also, I made some living arrangements for you... the person you will be living with will NOT be pleased about it, but I am using you for that... you see, this student created quite a ruckus you see... this is my way of punishing her" the old dean said with a slight playful smile.

"I think we are going to get along juuust fine" Naruto said with a foxy grin.

"Takamichi-kun, can you take Naruto-kun to the cottage?" the old dean asked.

"Yes" Takamichi said as he helped Naruto out.

Naruto and Takamichi walked into the forest and found a rather large cottage.

"Wow... nice place" Naruto said.

Takamichi knocked the door.

A tall long-green haired girl opened the door.

"Greetings Takamichi-san, shall I inform master of your presence?" the girl asked.

"Please do Chachamaru-kun" Takamichi said "tell her it is about... living arrangements."

"The girl here is called Chachamaru... she is one of the students you will have to deal with... and one of the most problematic ones is coming right" Takamichi said.

After a while a young blonde girl with a Gothic lolita outfit with a lot of laces, Naruto looked at her and was taken back, she had a dark beauty, like a rose filled with thorns.


Naruto had the sense to plug his ears to avoid the shouting loli-goth.

"It's nothing like that Evangeline... the dean has asked for you to house young Naruto here during his stay" Takamichi said with a light chuckle.

"No" Evangeline said.

"I am afraid you don't understand... this is your punishment for the little 'scuffle' you had the other time" Takamichi said fixing his glasses with a smile.

"So... the brat babbled eh? Damn you Negi" Eva said

"No... Negi didn't tell on you.. you made too much noise, we know what happened, be thankful that you are just getting this as punishment" Takakmichi said

"Fine... but... wherever should I find a room to put him in?" Evangeline said.

Naruto looked around and it was true, he didn't see another room around, the couch looked comfortable enough though... but he was not looking for that if possible.

"Don't play dumb Evangeline, I know there is another room in here" Takamichi said.

"Fine... but he has to make his own dinner" Evangeline said.

"Sorry Naruto... but you will have to stay for awhile in here" Takamichi said.

After he left Naruto looked at the little blonde girl.

"Uhm... I am Uzumaki Naruto... sorry about my sudden coming I hope we can get along?" Naruto said.

Evangeline eyed him and huffed and left him... however... something he said.

"Come on Chibi-chan... don't be like that" Naruto said with a sunny smile.

"W-what did you say?" Evangeline said with a twitch of her eyes, she was annoyed by that name... only one person called her that... and she hated (loved) that person.

"Look, let's make the best of it... I REALLY did not want to intrude into your life... just call me Naruto ok? Or Nii-san... I would like that" Naruto said with a grin.

"LIKE HELL I WILL!" Evangeline roared as she left the room.

"It's okay... you... are Chachamaru-san, right?" Naruto asked.

"That would be correct, Naruto-san" Chachamaru said.

"Do you mind if I call you Cha-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I don't mind, but please, do not antagonize master to much... she is a bit...frustrated about an event that happened last night, Naruto-san" Chachamaru said.

"Cha-chan... please call me Naruto... I never liked formalities" Naruto said with a smile.

"Very well Naruto" Chachamaru said.

"Better! So, if it's not too much trouble... could you show me to my room?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, please follow me Naruto" Chachamaru said.

They walked into the cottage, it looked rather luxurious... there where vintage dolls everywhere and Naruto took a note of it...

"This would be your room" Chachamaru said as she opened the door

The room was by no means small, it was larger than his old apartment... it was rather big and he had plenty of space to goof around.

"Wow... this room is huge!" Naruto said in awe.

"As per master's instructions I am not able to cook for you... I do apologize for my master's orders" Chachamaru said.

"It's okay... can you bring me a large pot of boiling water? I could sure use it" Naruto said.

"That wouldn't be cooking for you... so I suppose is acceptable" Chachamaru said.

"Thanks Cha-chan!" Naruto said with a smile.

Chachamaru left the room and Naruto took off his shirt and jacket and saw his tattoo on his shoulder... he undid the seal and got all the stuff from his time... books, food, and clothes, and 4 pictures.

He set the pictures on the nightstand, one of his old team when he was young, another with the whole friends from the village minus Sasuke, a picture of his parents and another picture, this one of his mother.

He then put his headband on the nightstand surrounding the pictures.

Then he got a small case with many pills... he looked and to his horror there were a few of Sakura's soldier pill... if you can even call it that, to his relief there were a few of the normal ones... and a recipe book on how to make them... in the books he had a few on how to make explosive seals and the like, he sighed.

"I miss them... I miss them all so much" Naruto said as e passed his finger on a picture of his friends.

"Naruto? I brought you the boiling water... I will set it on the table for you" Chachamaru said.

"Thanks Cha-chan!" Naruto said with a smile as he pulled a few ramen cups to eat.

Chachamaru left and let Naruto to eat alone.

Naruto sighed as he waited for the 3 minutes.

Once they got done he pealed them open and began eating the noodles.

After he stuffed himself with ramen he went down, he decided to go down and talk with the blonde haired girl.

"Hey there Chibi-chan" Naruto said.

Evangeline was tired so she let it slide, but she grew interested in the blonde boy... there must be a reason why the old man put him in here... well besides to annoy her.

"Sooo Chibi-chan... how about we try to get along?" Naruto said.

"Look here Uzumaki" Evangeline said.

"Naruto, call me Naruto... I don't like formalities, too boring" Naruto said.

"Fair enough... but in turn I ask of you to call me by my name" Evangeline said.

"No can do Chibi-chan, is way too long and hard to remember" Naruto said patting her hair with a playful smirk.

She was getting more and more irritated, did this guy had a death wish? This guy... he kept reminded her of HIM... that man...

"Anyways... what happened? Why you got into a scuffle with a teacher? I wanna know more about you... if you allow me" Naruto said.

"Hmf... nothing you would understand... and I rather not talk about it" Evangeline said as she left the table. Chachamaru then picked up the dishes and began to wash them.

"Cha-chan, how about you take a break? I will do the dishes, it is the least I could do" Naruto said.

"Thank you very much Naruto" Chachamaru said.

Naruto began to wash the dishes and took notice that his strength was slowly returning thanks to his beloved ramen.

Naruto hummed a song as he finished washing the dishes. He then went to his room to for some needed sleep, his body was still sore after all.

The next morning

"Naruto, wake up... Takahata-sensei is waiting for you" Chachamaru said as she woke him up.

"Urg... thanks Cha-chan... erm... would you mind?" Naruto said with a slight blush.

Chachamaru bowed and left the room.

Naruto changed into his black and orange outfit and went down the stairs to meet with Takahata.

"I heard you where antagonizing Evangeline-san, it would be wise not to do that" Takamichi said.

"Don't worry," Naruto responded, waving his hand in a dismissive manner. "I am sure she is a nice girl underneath her cold exterior... besides... I am great with kids."

Takamichi was roaring in laughter on the inside.

"Well... it's time I introduced you to your new class... by the way... what are your strong points?" Takamichi asked.

"Well, I was trained as a soldier, so anything dealing with working out I guess..." Naruto said

"Okay, you can work under the cover as a P.E. instructor, by the way... the girls in there are going to ask you many questions... try to answer as many as possible, if you can't well... some of them will try to 'coax' them out of you" Takahata said as they stopped in front of the classroom.

Takahata opened the door and called for the young boy inside, the class looked in curiosity as their teacher's gave a shocked face, followed quickly by a smile and nod.

"Class!" the young boy said, we have a new addition to the teaching facility, I wish you all to give a warm welcome to my assistant and the new substitute teacher" the young boy said.

The door opened as a slightly older boy entered, he had sun-kissed blond hair and a tanned complexion, and deep blue sapphire eyes, in his cheeks he had 3 marks that looked like a fox's whiskers.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!" roared Evangeline.

"Ara, Chibi-chan, what are you doing here, aren't you a little young to be here?" Naruto asked tilting his head to the side.

Said vampire was using all her restraint to keep herself from making a scene out of killing Naruto in front of the class, while plotting several ways to give him a slow and painful death, once the school day is over.

"Evangaline-san is part of 3-A. Naruto, if you take a good look around, you'll see none of the girl here really look like you average middle school girl." Takahata told Naruto in a low voice. "Just finish your intro, before the class loses their patience" Takahata finished with a small smile.

"Ah right," Naruto then bowed to Negi and then to the class, grabbed a piece chalk and immediately wrote his name plus a little doddle of a spiral.

"My name is Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto, I will be assisting Negi here with anything he needs help with as well as pounding the finer points of physical education to you all... EVERYONE will attend... I expect you all to sweat, but also have fun, I think that's my introduction so now we will go to the questionnaire that many of you might have... so please if you can only one person at a time" Naruto said with a friendly smile, while taking note Takahata wasn't kidding about the girls in the class.

"Where are you from?" said a girl with a hairstyle that reminded him of Shikamaru.

"Well, I came from a far away village, but the village is gone... I am the last one from there" Naruto said.

"Yeah... the last one" Naruto said in a lower voice, looking a bit sad.

The girl sat down feeling a little guilty.

"You have a girlfriend?" another asked.

"No, didn't have much time for it. I wish I had though" Naruto answered.

"Hobbies?" Another student asked.

"Uhmm, training and eating ramen... I like ramen" Naruto said with a smile.

"Why are you a TEENAGE BOY going to be the assistant to a 10 YEAR OLD BOY while teaching a class of TEENAGE GIRLS P.E.?" Spoke a twin tailed girl with bell in her hair, trying to restrain her brash nature in front of her beloved Takahata-sensei.

"Oh, that's simple, Ojii-san asked if I was interested in a job, and I want to repay the kindness he showed me." Naruto responded.

"You didn't think it was strange to ask you to be a teacher?" she asked with a deadpanned face.

"No, age doesn't really matter when it comes down to learning now does it?" He responded with a smile.

Said girl resigned for now, seeing this as just another thing that made Class 3-A different.

After a few more questions the class-bell rung, leaving Naruto to talk to the young mage alone.

"So... I guess you are the talked about young teacher, eh? I never did catch your name" Naruto said.

"The name's Negi Springfield" Negi said stretching out his hand.

"Just Naruto will be fine... or nii-san if you want. I don't like formalities much, I find them excessively unnecessary" Naruto said shake said mage's hand.

"Well Naruto-san" Negi said, Naruto frowned "Sorry... force of habit" Negi said excusing himself.

"How did you get here?" He asked.

"Well... the dean took me in and I wanted to help, seemed like the best idea. I will do PE and help you with your class. I heard they can be a bit... "rowdy" to say the least" Naruto said as he chuckled.

"You got no idea" Negi said chuckling back.

"Well I am here in case you need help, just tell me what I can do to help" Naruto said, "Say do the teachers have a cafeteria in here?" Naruto asked.

"Why yes, are you hungry?" Negi asked.

A loud growl from Naruto's stomach was his response as he sheepishly scratched the back of his head, "I guess that answers your question."

"Well... it's around here, mind if I join you?" Negi asked.

"Not at all I would like the company" Naruto said.

They sat down and Negi was shocked at the amount of instant ramen he got... 10 cups and he finishing them in less than 8 minutes.

"Wow... you must been starving" Negi said.

"Yeah, I feel like I haven't eaten in ages" Naruto laughed at his own little inside joke.

"So *slurp * you are like what? 9-10 years old?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah. After I graduated from my academy they send me to teach here to learn more and become a better person" Negi said... editing parts that he decided Naruto didn't need to know.

"Sounds kinda tough, reminds me of my own academy" Naruto said.

"Well Naruto-sa..." Naruto looked at him sternly "Well Naruto-nii... so I should give you a class roster so you can get to know the class" Negi said.

He handed him a copy of his own class roster that had labeled some of the girls and make some small annotations "Apparently he and that Asuna girl don't get along... well I should say didn't... they seem fine now" Naruto thought.

"Thanks for this, I will try to memorize the faces... and thanks a lot for the annotations... will help a lot with getting to know the girls better, I'll see you later" Naruto said.

He then left money on the table and started walked away.

An older woman then came and looked around "ah... you must be Naruto-san" the woman said.

Naruto looked at her, she was beautiful, had an impressive bustline, wore glasses and had flowing light brownish with a tinge of gold color hair... Naruto blushed a bit, but recovered quickly.

"Yeah... I am Naruto, and you are?" Naruto asked.

"My name is Shizuna Minamoto, pleasure to meet you" she said.

"Likewise, oh um, was there a reason you might be looking for me?" Naruto asked.

"Ah... sorry I almost forgot the headmaster is looking for you" Shizuna said.

"Ah... I will head there immediately, would you mind walking me there? I am still new around here" Naruto said.

"Sure... please follow me" Shizuna said.

In the hallways

"So... Shizuna, care to tell me a bit more about this class I will be handling alongside the other teachers?" Naruto asked.

"They all have, how should I say, interesting personalities and quirks" Shizuna said with a sweat-drop.

"I see, well... Shizuna-san, if you don't mind could we have a drink sometime to get to know each other better?" Naruto asked.

"My... aren't you a bold one" Shizuna responded with teasingly sweet smile.

"Oh... nothing like that!" Naruto said with a blush "I think we should get to know better, tha-that way it would be easier for me to interact with you since, you are Negi's adviser... and to be honest I would like to be friends. I... don't have any around here and I would like to make some new friends, and is better to make friends with co-workers to work better and have a better inter-workplace relationship" Naruto said.

Those words came from many of his instructors when they talked with each other... even Kakashi once told him to make friends with his superiors that way things would go smoother.

"I will think about it" she said with a smile "Oh, we're here!" Shizuna said.

"Thank you very much Shizuna-san" Naruto said as he went inside the dean's office.

He opened the door.

"Hohohoho... how are you doing Naruto-kun?" the old man said.

"Doing well, a bit overwhelmed with all of this. My home is really gone... isn't it?" Naruto solemnly asked.

"I am afraid so, you been under that tree for nearly 2 millenniums or so, but... if it's any consolation from what I understand from old stories and folklore... your land prospered continued to prosper long after your death" The old dean said.

"How do you know where I am from?" Naruto asked.

"The headband you had, the symbol is really old, I managed to find where I remember it from, then I found the book and read the stories. So Uzumaki Naruto, will you accept this? I need you to protect the students on a trip to Kyoto. It will be in a few days so I need you to get ready, I could really use a good young man like you around here to help protect the school" the dean said.

"Sure, why not. I got nothing else to do in this world... at least this will give me a purpose" Naruto said grinning his foxy grin.

The old man handed him a few packs of bills "This is for the clothing and other miscellaneous expenses" the old man said.

"Wow... thanks old man" Naruto said.

"I ask you not to reveal yourself to Negi-kun or anyone in the class about yourself" the old dean said.

"Got it... what about Chibi-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Chibi-chan? Dear lord... you don't mean Evangeline?" the old dean said as he chuckled.

"Don't worry... just as previously said DO NOT reveal yourself..." the old man said with a smile.

"Thanks... I guess I'll go try to get to know the students..." Naruto said as he vanished in a whirlwind of leaves.

"Hohohoho... I wonder how the class will react to a living legend?" the dean said to himself.

On the outside with Naruto

Naruto was walking outside and saw a young girl carrying many books...

"That girl... Miyazaki Nodoka... she looks like she needs help" Naruto said as he dashed up to her.

"Hello there" Naruto said scaring the girl.

She yelled a loud "eep" and dropped her books.

Naruto moved fast and grabbed them all.

"Sorry, sorry... I was just calling out to you to see if you needed any help. Looks like you do, mind if I tag along?" Naruto said.

"N-no...tha-tha…thank you, U...Uzumaki-sensei" she said.

"Just call me Naruto... jeesh, why does everyone add a sufix... I don't like stuff like that" Naruto chuckled as he walked side by side with Nodoka who was blushing.

"These are quite the books you got here... say, do you mind if I call you Nodo-chan?" Naruto asked with his foxy grin.

"I... I ...I ... I wouldn't mind that Naruto" Nodoka said.

"See much better isn't it, Nodo-chan?" Naruto said.

"So... where do we go?" Naruto asked

Nodoka blushed a bit "To...the dorms... it's only a bit of a walk away" Nodoka said.

Naruto escorted Nodoka to her room and she opened the door, inside there were 2 other girls.

They looked at him as he set the books on the table.

"Hey there you must be... uhmm..." he looked at his roster book.

"Yue Ayase aaaand Haruna Saotome, right?" Naruto said as he looked at the girls, they blinked at him.

"Sorry... I am new so I don't know your names yet hehe, sorry" Naruto excused himself.

"It's okay Naruto-kun" Haruna said.

"Well that is to be expected, you just started today. So what are you doing with Nodoka?" Yue asked

"Well she was overloaded with books so I decided to help, couldn't have her fall from them now could I?" Naruto said.

"I suppose not" Yue said as she analyzed him, there was no signs of lies or ulterior motives.

"So you're gonna be my students eh? Well... how about we get to know each other a bit?" Naruto said.

"Sounds acceptable" Yue said.

"Just one thing, please tell the others not to use any honorifics or anything... just call me Naruto ok?" Naruto said.

"Sounds acceptable" Yue said once again... Sheesh... this girl only had one default look on her.

"Is she always like that?" Naruto asked

"Don't mind her, so... what do you want to know?" Haruna said.

"Well, the roster says that you like to make manga?" Naruto said.

"Yes! I do... would you like to see my work?" Haruna said with a lewd grin.

Yue pinched her "Don't show him your H-works, he is a teacher for goodness sakes" Yue hissed at her friend.

"Yare yare, alright then" Haruna said as she gave Naruto some manuscripts.

"Wow, these are good! It's really entertaining" Naruto said.

"Thank you!" Haruna beamed.

"I had a friend who liked to do this kind of stuff too..." Naruto said as he looked a bit sad, being reminded of Sai.

"Ah... well Yue here likes complicated books" Haruna said.

"She must be quite smart if she can read them" Naruto said as he looked at the books she had. Psychology, books on Plato and others works he did not know nor care of.

"Actually... she is one of the worst students in the class... her nickname is baka black" Haruna said.

"Really? But you seem like a smart girl Yue-chi" Naruto said looking at her as he got pretty close. She tried to advert his eyes.

"I GET IT! YOU HATE STUDYING!" Naruto said with a smirk.

Yue looked a bit taken back... he got her spot on.

"Nodo-chan here is one of the smartest then, besides uhmm... Chao Linshen. Well anything you might wanna ask me?" Naruto said

"Why do you look well toned?" Haruna asked.

"Well... I do train a bit for combat" Naruto responded.

"Combat? You mean like martial arts?" Yue asked.

"Something like that" Naruto said.

"Hou~, then we have someone you just HAVE to meet" Haruna said with a smile.

"Really now?" Naruto questioned.

A few moments later

Naruto, Yue, Nodoka and Haruna where in front of a door... on it, it read:

Ku Fei, Chao Lingshen and Satomi Hakase

"Uhmmm, why are we here again? Not that I mind or anything" Naruto said.

"Well Ku Fei is Baka ranger Yellow and president of the Chinese martial arts club... she will LOVE to meet you" Haruna said with a grin.

They knocked on the door...

To be continued...