Characters: Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, Team-gen.
Pairing: Derek Morgan/ Spencer Reid
Spoilers: Extremely Slight Early Season Six Spoilers.
Warnings: Slash, Profanity, Sexual Content.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and nothing from Criminal Minds, it belongs to their respective owners. No money is made from this, it is just for fun.
Summary: Derek meets his dream girl at a Halloween party, only it's not a girl, but Spencer cross-dressing. Powers of attraction will be tested; will they crash and burn or ignite something? Beta-Reader: bardicfaerie
Notes: Written for Rounds of Kink at LJ. Kink is Cross-dressing. Enjoy!


Wanna be your victim, Ready for abduction.

Chapter One

From A Whole Other World

Derek Morgan was officially bored out of his mind. The many colorful and chatting people around him were just static noise to his alert ears. He was unsettled and on edge. Barely holding his aggravation at bay, this was not the day to be around others. He hated this day. It was nothing but a day for lies and fake masks. How someone could get fun from this day was unfathomable for him. Sure he got the kids getting candy part but beyond that was just plain stupid.

They were at one of the rare Halloween office parties. It was lit fairly well; the ceiling was loaded with orange and black streamers that must have taken someone hours to finish. The food was well varied, although a lot seemed to be weird concoctions spun from normal food. Eating green and dirt looking food was not on the high list of things Derek Morgan wanted to do. There was murderous looking chainsaws, axes, knifes with blood decorated over the place as if they didn't see enough of that every day. There were skulls that talked and pumpkins that glowed everywhere in sight. Fake cats stashed around corners, gargoyles hanging off tables, hanging props dangling in the air, stage smoke giving the area an unsettling feeling when mixed with the strobe lights and body parts, skeletons, zombies, and coffins that littered the place. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, except him.

Almost every face in the room was highly painted in make-up or a mask of some sort. Of course his team of the B.A.U. found it an amusing game to guess who was who, although it wasn't that hard, it gave them some giggles. There was Halloween music playing in the background, with the occasional pop and hit charts lighting up the room with some liveliness. The room was lively but still semi-professional. After a certain time they were told the place would be a little more dark and wild. Not that he minded that, wild was just the thing he was okay with, especially since there were some ladies he wouldn't mind hooking up with. He saw the strobe light of orange, purples, blues, and pinks already faintly lighting the area and faces sporadically. And he just had another hour left till that fun time was going to start up. Hopefully by that time what was left of the old-fuddy-duddy-higher-ups would be leaving, and the kids could play.

The team didn't tell each other what they were going to be, although Morgan had suspicions that the girls cheated and collaborated together. However he still was looking for their own resistant genius Dr. Spencer Reid to be in the most obvious and attention demanding costume of them all. Yet he was failing at his secret task of pin pointing him. He doubted their youngest agent would pass up the opportunity to join in this party, it's practically his favorite holiday, and one of the rare times he doesn't seem to mind the attention it throws at him. He was looking forward to their youngest agent's innocent youth and optimistic and quirky behaviors to make the night better. Something about the kid just lightened his mood considerably, even if it seemed to annoy him at times. Because right now, Derek would much rather be at some random club, riding his favorite trusty motorcycle while the weather still permitted it. Pick up a nice fine Halloween honey, maybe even take her to a gory film and get up close and personal. But no, Garcia threatened him with body harm if he didn't show up.

"Well looks like you showed up after all." Rossi's voice interrupts his thoughts.

Derek turns around to stand face to face with his two bosses.

Hotch was dressed as a pirate, but he had to hand it to his boss, it wasn't too tacky. Rossi's face was covered in pale make-up, and his costume was dressed in a unique old fashioned looking outfit, with a black and white character wig and a gray plastic barber's razor.

Derek appraises his colleagues' outfits with a glance and nods his head in approval, "Nice. Suits you two well." then speaks pointedly at Rossi, "Sweeney Todd? I thought you'd go as a mafia leader or something snazzy like that."

Rossi's shoulders hike up in a shrug and holds his hands up in surrender, "What can I say? I like shaking things up a bit. Plus, I was told to be creative by a certain someone sparkly, and blackmail is a powerful thing." He nods to himself, eyes distant.

Hotch's lips quirk up in a smirk and Morgan huffs a laugh. Then Hotch fixes his jackets edges while inquiring, "What are you supposed to be Morgan? I thought you said you wanted to be some video game character named Master Chief?" He questions with a tilt of the head and his eye brows are raised curiously as he crosses his arms over his chest.

Derek's shoulders slump and he exhales loudly with a forlorn expression, "I did, but because I said it out loud that same sparkly one told me to change it ASAP. And how can you say no to that whirl wind of sweetness?" He smiles a mega-watt grin. "To answer your question, it was the last item I could find at the store that was even distantly cool to wear. It was this or the same mafia mobster I thought Rossi was going to be. If I'd had known he changed costumes I would have chosen that. So here I am…" He says closing his eyes gesturing towards his outfit, "DC Comics' very own The Spirit. Watched the movie and got bored half way through, but I liked the get-up though. Plus don't you think the mask adds a mysterious quality the ladies just won't be able to deny?" He winks tipping his hat.

It's true to; there is just something about dressing all up and down in black that adds an extra flair to his step. Although a lot of the costume was his own items put together. Because as soon as he bought the costume and saw that it entailed he went and bought his very own red silk tie, fished out one of his solid black button-down shirts, pants, and dress shoes. All that was left was the polyester black trench coat, black gloves, a black hat and black half mask to pull the look together. If he felt the need to leave the party and look normal again, all he'd have to do is remove a few items and it would be like normal day wear again.

After awhile of talking Morgan asks, "So where's our remaining team members at?" scanning the area.

Rossi gives a knowing smirk and stuffs his hands in his pockets, pointing with a tip of his head as he replies, "I do believe Garcia and Prentiss are over there."

Morgan turns at an angle to look where Rossi pointed, and that's when he sees the thing that sparks a fire inside him that threatened to explode right then and there.

Prentiss is a seductive kitty cat vixen, lots men are staring at her and already approaching her from all areas to which she denies politely. Garcia is dressed as Hugh Hefner in a sexy pink playboy mansion style robe, sleep mask, and cute pink fluffy slippers to match. She is grinning and bouncing on her feet talking to her.

She is everything he ever could imagine that perfection entails. Derek's jaw goes slack and he can feel his eyes widen. She is dressed as a tuxedo style playmate bunny, the definition of sexy. He could already feel his cock twitch with interest alone. Wearing a black romper, collar, matching bow tie, bunny ears headpiece, fishnet tights, flat black shoes, and satin gloves with pearl buttons. Hair in long brown luscious curly waves that rested beyond her shoulders, they shined and bounced softly from her subtle head movements. Derek felt something in his chest flutter at the sight of her. Had the rushing desire to know just how soft that those beautiful curls felt between his fingers.

The light isn't super bright, but good enough for Derek to see alabaster, silky, tantalizing, sinful looking skin. Legs so long it would put a model to shame, he could already imagine his hands roaming and conquering every inch of that length of skin. He licks his lips unconsciously, eyes roaming over her smokin hot body. All soft and subtle curves, not quiet an hour glass figure but that was what made her so sexy, she was unique and didn't quite fit but it made her beautiful. Skinny and taunt stomach, shoulders strong and a little broad, but not too much but just enough to give her a great look of posture. Cheeks bones so high it was like comparing works of art to real life. Alluring shimmery pink wet lips that caught his leering gaze, he gasped as he could just visualizing what those soft looking lips were capable of and cum in his pants right there. She turns a little and her profile is visible and he can't help but notice her tight and little perky toned ass. Derek just wished he was close enough to hear her magical voice and listen to the laugh she was now exhibiting towards her fellow girl comrades. To look into her eyes and see what color beholds this angelic creature that has graced them with her presence.

He was just staring in awe when he realized he was being talked to.

"W-what?" Morgan replies, blinking rapidly being brought back to the present world.

Hotch's mouth twitches in a smile and shakes his head, and Rossi chuckles.

"We've been talking to you, have you not heard us?" Rossi asks, and his voice has an amused and smug tint to it.

"I think something else or someone else has gotten his attention Rossi." Hotch remarks knowingly, eyes going towards where Derek was staring at.

Morgan shrugs his shoulders, "Sorry, can't help it." Wanting to change the subject, his eyes dart around the room quickly and he comments, "So all that's left in our gang is the good Doctor. Where is Reid at by the way? I still haven't seen him yet."

His two colleagues give each other a glance and frown.

"I haven't seen him yet. Maybe you should go try the girls and ask them." Hotch answers.

Morgan nods and when he turns around and starts heading towards where his two fellow lady coworkers were, he finds to his utter shock and disappointment that she was nowhere to be seen and moved on to somewhere else in the huge vastly growing dark room. Lips tightening, he sighs. Thinking he will have go on a search for them now. At least he remembers her talking to Garcia, maybe he will run into her again. He doesn't remember seeing her gorgeous face around the office, so she might be one of Garcia's friends that tagged along to the party. They did dress to match after all. He had to know. He had to see more of her before he lost his chance.

Walking around the floor he runs into and is being addressed by fellow agents, some he was friends with and others he was just acquaintances with but still he didn't want to seem rude. So he almost angrily and impatiently at times had to hold his eagerness to leave in check. He was having one of those out of body experiences, he would almost compare it to being drunk and just slightly dazed, although he hadn't had anything but a few sips of beer. It was like his mind only had one thing on its track, her, her body, he had to know everything about her. It was already late and the lights were dark signaling the after party fun was starting. He could only hope that she would still be there. By the time he was done talking and excusing himself from the discussions to pursue her it was late and the open bar was already full of patrons.

Derek walks over to the bar and squeezes through the mass of highly decorated bodies and orders another beer. Turning around leaning his back against the bar he lets his head fall back in a sigh, Halloween was such a sucky day… he hated it so much more now. What a waste of a night. He rolls his head from side to side, letting his neck and shoulder crack from the built up tension his body has added on tonight.

When his turns his head to the side he notices something with ears and the mass of bodies opens enough for him to see the object of his desires. She was dancing with Garcia and Prentiss and some other agents. It seemed like they were laughing at her, she had a nervous and embarrassed look on her face and body posture was screaming tense and unease. Although she had decent moves, it wasn't exactly on the beat but her body moving from side to side swaying with the bumping beat was mesmerizing. Her skirt indecently short skirt swishing and swaying in the air, a skirt that rose up higher on the back to give anyone and everyone a nice view of her delectable ass. All he wanted right then and there was to be able to bite into that forbidden fruit.

He faintly hears the bartender alerting him that his drink is ready behind him, but he can't focus right now. He reaches into his pocket and dropped the money on the table, and stops by an abandoned table to hastily discard his now suffocating jacket and gloves quickly. His body moves of its own accord, the light of this angelic woman is calling to him, like heaven is calling to him. And before he knows what he is doing he is lunging forward towards the body of masses dancing and writhing on the dance floor, can feel his predatory senses kicking in, feet light on the ground and body moving with purpose as he gets closer. Closer to the flames, and he wants to play with fire.

Spencer Reid was so nervous and felt like he was stuck in a nightmare. He loves Halloween with all his being, his playground of fun and delight. Although when he got snuck upon by his fellow agent and friend he never thought this was how it was going to end. End his masculinity, his pride, his love for the holiday, his respect others had for him before now quite possibly. He had every intention of being a mad scientist or wicked wizard of oz scarecrow.

But that all changed when Penelope Garcia showed up at his apartment a few hours before the party, and started begging and pleading him with tears in her eyes. Tears he assumed she faked because as soon as his weak soul caved in under the social pressure, they were gone in a millisecond and replaced with glee and a mischievous air. She had said she wanted to be the playboy bunny, but she ordered the outfits from some special fancy online site that she refused to name, claiming that the bunny outfit didn't fit her and the only thing that did was the matching costume set of Hugh Hefner that came along with it. She said it would be cute for them to match. Managing to finally convince him that by doing this he would trick everyone, the ultimate trick and treat of all Halloween's to remember. He liked the idea of that. But that was before he knew what all that entitled to become this… Playmate.

Spencer Reid didn't see a purpose or point of pornography and dirty magazines. He felt dirty even thinking about watching strangers act in their most vulnerable and animal instincts, he saw enough of that graphic nature at work. No need to be a voyeur at home as well he reasoned. However he was familiar with the pop culture and facts on the role of Playboy Bunny he was going to play. He figured he could just slap the costume on and be done with it. No change, no harm done, no problem. That did not happen.

Penelope about screamed when he came out of her bathroom in his outfit. Squealing at the top of her lungs with much more fun than she should have been having, which caused Spencer to wonder if he was the one being tricked this Halloween. He found that Garcia had called up Prentiss and found her sitting on her couch holding back laughter and a Cheshire grin that even Spencer could see that made him uneasy and scared.

The two women manipulated and used him as a doll. Spencer was made to take a bath in feminine scents and washes, the argument along the lines of he can't be a Playmate and smell like a boy. He then was practically forced to shave his face yet again, his legs, under his arms, chest and back (even though they were already bare) and … other areas as well that made him blush scarlet. The whole process was embarrassing and he wanted to cry in frustration. But after a lot of complaining and whining Garcia finally said this would act as five years worth of birthday presents, so yet again he relented.

They placed on his head an expensive wig, and dolled his face up with heavy caked makeup and fake eyelashes. It made his eye lids feel heavy and itchy, it was weird. Every time he felt the need to rub his fingers over his eyes or face, it only resulted in a slap to his hand from either Prentiss or Garcia. They even put foundation on his neck and face to cover up any stubble of a shadow he might present throughout the night (which he usually didn't). Gave him some flat ballerina looking shoes, since his height was already tall enough and didn't need heels to make him into a giant. Manicured his nails quickly and gave him French Tips, even going so far as dazzling kissable body shimmers on his exposed skin. He argued that no one was going to be kissing his skin tonight, which only resulted in sexual innuendoes and harassment from the girls in the end, so he dropped the topic.

That's how he ended up as a Playboy Bunny at an office Halloween party, which was quickly getting out of hand. He was getting hit on by fellow agents who were none of the wiser, it was embarrassing and all would be amplified by the girls picking on him and making it worse. At least they never left him alone for long, he didn't think he could handle that, being in the outfit already left him feeling vulnerable and exposed. He was used to covering up modestly and yet here he was, almost naked as if in a bathing suit ready for the sexual harassment and groping. Somewhere along the lines after some gentle coaxing and soft words from Prentiss and Garcia, he started to lighten up a bit and just go with the flow. Might as well have fun with the charade, at one time he even tried to use his most feminine voice he could muster. And to his and friend's shock it worked, and the man he was talking to bought it. It gave him courage to go along and play with it.

They mingled and toyed with the agents around the office, all the while silently looking for Morgan to show. He was curious as to if the man could pick him out of the crowd. He knew he wanted to show up as Master Chief, but after endless side glances he never saw the man. He felt something inside of him drop at the disappointment he felt at that, he didn't linger on why though because he was currently being tugged towards the dance floor.

Once in the middle of the sweaty pile of people, who were obvious to Spencer's personal space he started to lose that cool façade he worked hard to maintain throughout the night.

"Chill out Boy Genius," Garcia's admonishes over the loud music and hot air that surrounds them. "Just dance."

Reid clears his throat nervously as he feels his face become redder, and stands stock still among the sweaty and disguised bodies. He was so confused. He was never a good dancer, and he did not want to make a fool of himself. The only thing he wanted to do that moment was bolt for the door. "I can't dance Garcia! All it will result in is making a fool of myself and a possible trip to the ER.. so I will respectfully give you a no thank you."

Garcia is about to answer him with a scolding look when she is interrupted.

"Care for a dance ma lady?" Kevin asks charming her with a quirky smile, holding a hand out to her.

Garcia grins, "Oh yes I wouldn't mind if I do." She purrs and wraps her arms around him seductively.

Reid gapes at her, freaking out in a panic to reach out a hand towards her, "W-wait, wait, you said you wouldn't leave me alone…" he whines knowing he sounded pitiful but he can't help it at the current moment.

Garcia turns her head towards him and gives him a sweet smile and touches his cheek briefly, "Oh don't worry sweet heart, I will still be right here. Besides you still got Prentiss here. She'll take good care of you." She winks and starts dancing.

Reid just stood there, his mortified frown turning into pout, arms crossed defensively on his chest, tapping his fingers on the inside the crooks of his elbows nervously.

Prentiss giggles and continues dancing sultry, swaying her hips and dipping down to the beat at the right moments, "Come on Reid, watch me move and copy it okay?" She suggests, smiling at him as she shoves a hand at his hip to jar him from his frozen state of panic.

Reid stumbles slightly, closing his eyes tightly only for them to snap open in alert as soon as his body touched a strange one. He jumps back towards his friends. Garcia is busy doing something on Kevin's thigh, and his ears feel hot as he feels a blush creep up his neck.

"Ah, hold on a sec my treasure." Garcia speaks to Kevin, pausing in their dance to turn and face Reid. "Here sweetie, do this." She grabs his body and starts manipulating it to her liking, once again a doll to the girls he has become. "Now, watch Emily and me."

Reid feels very awkward, yet he knows if he doesn't do this he will continue being the object of their attention until he gets it right. So he watches, analyzing, and memorizing their moves, paying careful attention to their feet, trying to match it to a pattern in his complex brain. It's just a formula he tells himself. A bend here, a dip, a sway, an arm there, a foot here, is all an equation to a certain problem. One that he will just have to try and solve, like any other math that comes his way, everything is math he comforts himself.

After a good twenty minute dance lesson, Reid was starting to get the hang of it. Nowhere near the girl's skill, but better than nothing. It felt weird being taught to dance provocatively like a woman, or what he assumed was a woman's dance moves since Kevin wasn't doing it. Letting himself close his eyes and let the music pull him in, sing its song and tug him every which way to its blaring and pulsing beat. He caught a few odd stares while dancing, he didn't know if it was because he was dancing the wrong way or not until Emily spoke up in his ear. Startled he jumps slightly and whips his head around to face her.

"Reid, you're the star of the night. Look at all the men staring at you." Emily declares, her lips turned into a smile and her brows quirked suggestively.

He is taken aback and his eyes widen by this new found statement. Reid is and has never been the one to gather this much attention unless it was for a bad and humiliating reason. This was new. Prentiss and Garcia continued to dance closer to him, bodies writhing and almost on top of each other. He felt light headed as the bass pounded and vibrated through his feet and stirred something in his bones.

"Shouldn't we go find the others? Maybe go hang out with Rossi and Hotch? I haven't seen Morgan all night, let's go find them." Reid desperately offers, as he slows his feet's pace on the floor as his arms continue to move through the air.

"Nah, I think they are good. Besides, we're having so much fun!" Garcia exclaimed, tugging Spencer closer to her side.

Biting his lip he once again closes his eyes and lets the music drown his senses and is aware of the to close bodies to his and the hands on his arms touching him. It was all still so confusing. When the beat changed to something not so spooky techno-ish but to more up-beat hard core pumping sounds he opens his eyes to take in the change of dance it might require and try to copy it.

That's when he notices him. He's being watched, and his brain deduces that the man is disguised as DC's The Spirit. Someone dressed in all black with a bright red tie, wearing a trench coat, hat and mask covering most of his body in mystery. But Spencer can tell he has a nice build, strong dark facial features and shoulders, and smoldering eyes that he just can't place. Something familiar, yet something he's never seen anyone ever give him before. Sure he's been given looks all around the room, that he's disregarded through the night. He knows most of the people who did and has no interest in them, plus he is not attracted to the male species.

Although while the man takes off his jacket and gloves and places them on a nearby table and turns to look at him from far away. Like he is the only person in the room, and at that moment the heated piercing stare he is receiving is shaking him to his core and his legs feel weak, he's never felt this before. He feels frozen solid, but the air around him is stifling hot, and the beads of sweat running down his neck are ice cold to the touch and tickles as they run down leaving a trail of lust in its path.

The tall dark man is suddenly making his way closer towards him. Spencer's breathe hitches in his throat and he feels like the air is being sucked from his lungs. Bodies are parting like crashing water against a strong handsome boulder. It's so hypnotizing, Spencer feels drawn in already. He could be a devil, or he could be an angel, but all he can think of doing is allowing this man to take his soul and body right there. The mere thought scares him, startles him from his musing but his heart is beating a thousand miles a minute like a humming birds wings fluttering in his heaving chest, and he can't concentrate.

The lack of concentration has made him aware that he has somehow drifted from his comrades of his own accord to meet this man in the middle. Like an invisible string is being pulled tight around his limbs, and he is being drawn into this consuming dangerous path less traveled. He has no power of will anymore and it's intoxicating, as if time is slowing down allowing his eidetic memory to soak up every second of this moment and savor it for the rest of his boring life. A spark of lighting has lit up his senses, as he marches alone to this new and different beat, slowly slowing down his fear - he isn't thinking, he isn't analyzing, just feeling, and being alive.

Spencer slows to a stop, nerves getting the best of him. He wants to test and see, see if it was him who was what this handsome man wanted. Turning on one foot, Spencer's eyes slide away from the dark man and he falls in with the rest of the crowd, trying to fade away in the crowded bodies, making it harder for this man. Make him work for it, see how important he is. His lithe body slowly rocking from side to side, bending one knee to dip and push his hips gently forwards, and snap it backwards just like Emily had taught him earlier.

Suddenly there is a light pressure of a hand on his lower back, and Spencer wills himself to slow down his breathing and not freak out. He's not sure who it is yet, is it the mysterious man or someone else? He has to play this just right and be discreet. The lights are flashing and its so mind numbing Spencer is finding it hard to see and concentrate, from the corner of his eyes he can see the masked man has found him, sought him out, choose him out of everyone here, and wants him. And the look in his eyes is breath taking; there is lust and overwhelming sense of passion battling it out within them. Once again something familiar about this man is telling Spencer to pay attention and seek that clue out, but he refuses to listen to that voice inside his head. Tonight was for trick and treating, he's tricked and now it's time for his treat.

Derek is hypnotized by this person, it's like she is from a whole different world. He presses his body closer to her back. Feels her breathing speed up and hitch as Morgan moved and pressed up against her back, keeping his body fitted tightly against hers.

Spencer's eyes fluttered open as man's hand gripped his hip with a thick hand, and felt strong thighs up against his body in a foreign way. It was like a solid wall of muscle was behind him, it felt safe, and like he was on a different planet. He gasped when he felt the soft subtle pressure as the man was trying to lead him to move and follow his lead. Small thrusts are made into his butt and a scolding hot hand is slowly sliding its way up his left arm, sending shivers up his spine, with little bolts of pleasure that are igniting under this man's hands leaving goose bumps in its trail. He is scared but he can't stop himself.

Derek noticed the shivers under his hold and grins sultry, and bends his knees slightly to pull her down to go with him. He rises up with just the right amount of pressure applied and slams into her with the fast beat, so the woman under his hold feels his half hard man hood push up against her in the most perfect way. As they pop back up into a standing position, he hears a surprised gasp escape her lips and she turn her head to look at him slightly startled, but as soon as she does he grins at her. Causing her to quickly blush a gorgeous red and turns her head back to the opposite shoulder and gently almost testing it out, lowers her ass. Pushing down against him, causing a primitive groan to be ripped from his throat and his feet are unsteady for a moment before he rocks his hips and uses the hand on her hip to guide her. She seems to be growing bolder in her moves, and her body is slowly losing the tension he felt earlier.

The beat is bouncing around the room, filling Spencer's ears and his heart is hammering in his chest. When the man pushed up against him he almost bolted from shock, but then something else crawled into him. A sense of lust rose so fast he almost went full hard right then and there, so glad that the panties he was forced to wear were so tight that it painfully held his manly erection down. The sensation tickled, shocked him, made a tightening sensation hit him straight in the stomach, and it felt so sensitive that he couldn't help but wonder in the back of his mind, I hope he does that again. The groan he received in return made Spencer very happy and felt like he was doing something right, empowered him and left him feeling utterly sexy. Because the man was all over Spencer, his arms possessively wrapped around his body, his scent, sweat mixing with his all senses. He was going into overload. All there was in that moment was him and the mysterious man in black. It was the most erotic thing Spencer could ever imagine, as he felt the swaying and small thrusts, bouncing, and flick of the body. Wanting that sensation to come again, he tested the waters and did something he never thought he would do. He started popping his ass up and down, pushing against the strong hold on his body. Raising his arms up over his head and wrapping them behind his head to land on the man's shoulders, slowly going further to where his fingers were making a crown around the black man's head, as he panted and breathed in the warm and hot air, moaning occasionally when the stimulating pleasure was erupting in and around him.

They moved harder, faster, closer, and Derek could feel her body pressing up against him wanton in such a proactive way he's never seen before, but in a completely non-slutty way and in complete sense of being erotically attracted to the other. When her hands touched him, it was magnetizing. He felt like he was floating, leaving nothing but the glistening of orange and pink lights bouncing off her brown hair and sparkling pale skin, they were glowing in the dark room. He faltered in step when her ass started to hiccup and he couldn't think of anything but wanting more. Derek growled in approval and lowered his mouth to her long neck. Planting small bite like kisses to the exposed skin available, she then licks her lips and tilts her neck as if offering, and he wastes no second longer before taking. He can feel the jump of her pulse under her jaw line, taste the sweet and salty beads of sweat mixed with a delicious flavor of cotton candy that he didn't expect when he licked and bit down hard at her neck. He was like a bloodlust vampire drinking up every ounce of her he could.

Spencer groans low in his throat, shivering with need so strong he thinks he might faint. He could feel this light grow inside of him, growing fast into a bolt of lightning, and with one more spark it will shock the world, and rock him under his feet. Breathing in the man's breath that hits his neck in scorching strokes, he feels like putty in his hold as his legs tingle and all he can think is. Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me, infect me with your love and fill me with your poison. He turns his head towards the man in black and stares hard and pants in short quick bursts of air, the man feels the shift in position and his face rises up to meet his eyes. There is so much emotion there is takes away everything Spencer has ever learned, mental files erasing and going blank. The man's face leans in closer to his and he can't help but feel like he is standing on the frontline when the bombs start to fall, he can see the Heavens in his eyes, and hear the flames calling out his name. They say don't be afraid, you're not like the others.

The air is hot and smoky and it's like rocks and sand are being poured down his dry throat. Derek licks his lips that taste so wonderful, and raises his eyes to meet that of hers. There is this transcendental level to her, something in her soul and her eyes are so big and expressive. He can't help but think that he has caught a falling lucky star, its burning under his palms and he feels like he might explode from just being in her radius. She is so unique and he is being pulled into her wave length as he leans forward and tests those waves. They rock his lips and send a jolt of desire straight to his cock, which is full on hard now. His hand moving to cup her cheek and wrap around her neck holding her in place as his other hand moves to wander over her flat stomach and roams around her body like he can't get enough, as he moves their lips with fluidity and experience, her lips glide across his smoothly. They aren't as talented as his, but more than willing and have a soft grace to them.

Spencer was on fire, every nerve sending signals to his system saying. Take me, ta-ta-take me, I wanna be your victim, ready for abduction. Never in his life has he felt all his inhibitions release like this, and let the delusion dance around his ego that he was wanted and never would he imagine he would be kissing a stranger, let alone another man. But it was more than enough, he was already infected and he was hooked and there was no turning back from this intoxicating moment. Every touch was alien to his sweat dripping shimmering skin, foreign and very much wanted, it was supernatural and extraterrestrial. He was flying high, higher than any drug. Endorphins were racing through his veins, air being sucked out from his lungs. Like his whole being wanted to melt and bury itself in this muscular body. It felt oddly safe and at home. The moment the kiss was instigated it was like supersonic boom touched his lips, his fingers tightened unconsciously and he had to hold his ground as his knees got weak from the explosion. Sliding one hand to the man's cheek he felt hot soft stubble under his touch, and when he felt a wet tongue slide across his bottom lip asking for access. He closed his eyes tightly as he couldn't hold back the whimper that escaped his lips and opened his most valued tool to the man and it was granted, and his body on its own violation moved enough for the kiss to deepen. Every move their bodies made was magic and intensified this feeling swelling in chest, it was like water. They were sinking, sinking deeper into each other. Swaying with the current and riding it out on each other. Pressing harder and more desperately, moving like they'd known each other's bodies for years, all while trying to keep an semblance of strength of will intact.

Derek was in a dream, every movement was better than the other. He didn't want to ever wake up from this feeling. Their bodies were moving together like smooth honey, he felt his hand grazing down lower from her stomach, touching the soft flirting of her skirt to go lower and rest on her well toned thigh. He broke from the kiss briefly to look at her and her eyes fluttered open, her long eye lashes were like butterflies on her flushed pink cheek bones, her dazed brown and full blown pupils' eyes took his breath away. He could do nothing more than want to sink again as he pressed his lips to hers once more in a bruising rough kiss. She made a surprised gasp that quickly turned into a moan into his mouth, as he slid his fingers to the back of her thigh and rotated her to his front. His callous hand scratching its way to her ass with intent as he gripped hold of that forbidden fruit he so desired, and gave it a good squeeze, as the other held a hold on her sharp jaw line.

Spencer knew he should be more concerned with what with others around them would think or see. But he couldn't care enough right now, because the dark man's tongue was in his mouth and doing things he never thought possible. They had fought for dominance which quickly resulted in him winning and Spencer going along for the wild ride, he even managed to catch that said tongue and experiment on something he read once. He caught the tongue in his hold and sucked on it with intent, which caused the man to shake in his hold and his grip on his ass tightened and lowered and hoisted him up a little at that. They were quickly venturing each other's bodies with every second that passed. The air turned into a moist hot sauna. It was like a rain was let loose and the heat soaked it up, leaving an oppressing air in its wake. Because each breath that was taken between kisses was like sucking up fire and drowning in water. The fingers on his ass got closer to his entrance, either on purpose or accidentally he wasn't sure. But it got his chest tightening and heart threatening to leap out of his throat, as the pressure in his groin and body raised up a notch. Spencer suddenly wanted to find out what would happen if he got more. That thought alone awoken him from his semi-cloudy lustfilled daze, something that he wasn't sure he wanted to know might happen, because right then and there all he could think was, what if the dark handsome man finds out he is a guy?




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