Cross the Line

Summary: Everyone always asks Claudia to do them favors that borders a line and sometimes the situation crosses that line. What happens when the line becomes thin between Claudia and her sanity.


I dare you all to cross the line again because there is a thinning line between you and my sanity. Until the end of me, this will be my sanity. The end of the road. Yes, I see it now. I always knew from the beginning that it had to end this way. I tried to tell them, but they wouldn't listen. I knew this was the day I'd have to die.

1 : Supposed Friends

How could I settle on what was right, when you just cluttered up my mind with your made-up shit you call the truth. You told me this story and asked me to pick a side. Your side. Well, no not this time. I won't. You think that I can't see what kind of person you are. You're trying to drag me into a hellish fight you and your friends have created. Show me some pride and take care of your own business yourself and stop dragging me down with you. I'm not a dog, here to lay down in your lap or to do tricks on command. I dare you to cross this line again.

2: Two Worlds

Two worlds collide, waring inside of me. I'm being pulled at by both arms this time. Brother against sister. Both asking me to side with them, both asking me to keep their secrets from the other with no regard as to how I feel about this arrangement. Right now, I loathe them both, wishing to shatter the glass I am currently washing at the sink. The fighting started early that morning. It ended late that night without a, " Hey, Claudia. Everythings alright now." towards me.

3: Her Portrait In Black

You thought I was beautiful the way I was. Can you see me? I'm not the same little girl I used to be. I'm 17 now and now is the time to bleed out the black. My hair is shaded darker to black, my clothes to black, my contacts... to black. My self portrait is black, can you see me now? Have I decided to cross a line, like so many of you have asked me to do many times before? I look around to see how my little cross has played out and I like what I see. You don't remember me, but I remember you. I thought it was dead and buried though, this feeling I mean. This feeling of rage. You were the first. The first to ask me to cross a line. You had to be dealt with...

4: Don't Look Over Your Shoulder

I followed him out of the house hoping he wouldn't see me. I knew from the beginning it had to end like this. I prayed he wouldn't hear me, see me, look over his shoulder. That this would be the one day that he would forget everything that he had been taught to do. I crept down the stairs of the house slowly, watching out for the ones that creaked. This was going to be the day. It was going to happen. I tried to tell them, but they wouldn't listen. The truth came out in some letters that have been carefully placed on their beds, but otherwise I moved into position and hoped he didn't look over his shoulder.

When I felt the impact of the car and my head hit the cement...I knew he didn't look. I had crossed a line of my own and I couldn't even take it back as everything faded into black.

A/N: So how was this? I hope it was at least a little interesting. I'm big on drama and character death can you tell?