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I was tired of Edward, tired of his so-called perfection. Tired of him making decisions for me without even asking my opinion, tired of being treated like an inferior. I was tired of Alice playing dress up with me like I was a freaking My Size Barbie doll! I was tired of Emmett doing everything he could to make me blush, tired of Rosalie and her shitty ass attitude towards me. I was even tired of Carlisle and Esme's loving parent act, I had parents, and their names are Charlie Swan and Renee Dwyer! I know they love me but sometimes I don't want to be coddled and really I'm tired of them taking Edwards side in every disagreement.

So now I'm sitting here on my couch watching "Romeo and Juliet" with Edward and fuming that even though I expressly requested that they not have a party or buy things for me that they all went ahead and did what they wanted to do as usual. I'm debating on whether to end it before or after the party that I know is going to be a disaster.

Before I'm ready the credits are rolling, I sigh and look at Edward taking in his flawless appearance. "Edward I don't want to go to the party."

Edward scowls at me, "You're being selfish, Bella. The family has gone to a lot of trouble to plan it out and they have gotten you very nice gifts."

My eyes narrow and I start to feel angry adrenaline course through my veins, "I'm being selfish? I'm being selfish? Edward I didn't want a party in the first place! I didn't want gifts at ALL! Pardon me but I think you and your family are the one's being selfish by not taking MY wishes into account on MY BIRTHDAY!"

Edward starts rubbing his hands down my arms from shoulder to elbow trying to soothe me, "Now Love you are being unreasonable… You know that we don't really get to celebrate real birthdays and I really feel like it wouldn't hurt you to just put on a smile and try to have some fun!"

The minute he calls me 'Love' and tries to make me feel like a child throwing a tantrum is when I know that I can't do this any longer, I hate when he calls me 'Love' it's not endearing because he does not mean it as a term of endearment, it's patronizing in the worst way! He uses it mostly when he feels I'm not towing the line and going along with what he wants.

Well I'm done towing the line! "Edward I'm sorry but I can't do this. I don't think we should see each other anymore. I really do hope that you find a girl that you can mold into exactly who you want but it's really becoming clear to me that I am not that girl. I am tired of being treated like a child who cannot make her own decisions, I'm tired of you patronizing me and calling me 'love' when I really don't believe that you love me. I think you love the idea of who you want me to be and I'm sorry to tell you that I am not that girl. Please tell Alice that I will see her at school and talk to her there. Please don't come by here at night anymore, I really want this to be as clean a break as possible, I apologize for the trouble your family went to for a party that won't be happening."

During my speech Edward had just sat there frozen and looking at me as though I had lost my mind, but the entire time the only feelings I had were not of sadness or loss, but of freedom! No more Bella Barbie! No more scathing looks from Rosalie, although I'm sure I would still get plenty of those at school.

Edwards's shocked paralysis finally wore off although he was still looking at me as though I'd grown another head and perhaps sprouted bright pink hair in the process, "Bella you can't be serious! You are really breaking up with me because my family bought you gifts and wanted to throw you a party? How ungrateful can you get? You know what, that's fine! I will make your apologies to the family and perhaps I will see you in school."

He got up off the couch and stormed out of the house slamming the front door so hard that the glass shattered. I was shocked that with the entire speech I just gave the only reasons he heard were the party and the gifts. I knew that underneath the mad he was extremely hurt, I could only hope that he did not do anything crazy. Just to make sure I thought I'd call Alice.

I got up and went over to the phone, dialed and listened to it ring twice until Alice picked up and icily said, "Bella"

I knew that she knew what I was going to say; she would have 'seen' it. "Alice, I know you have 'seen' I just need to know that this will not end up tragically. I don't want to cause your family harm I just want to go back to living my own life and making decisions for myself!"

I hear her sigh, "Oh, Bella…Everything will be fine, we are leaving tonight, I actually see Edward finally giving Tanya a shot. We are going to Denali, if you need us for any reason in the future you have my number. Edward would never hurt you Bella. I'm sorry he broke your front window but he is really hurt right now. Tell Charlie that Carlisle will send him a check to cover the replacement. Live your life Bella. I love you, even though I know you felt smothered by it."

And with that, she hung up. I heard the tell tale click and I hung up too. I can't say that I was disappointed or sad though, I just was happy to be me again! I hummed a little to myself as I went into the kitchen to get a broom and a dustpan to clean up the glass from the doorway. Charlie pulled up just as I was dumping the last of it into the kitchen garbage, I heard the cruiser door slam as he ran into the house in a panic calling out for me, "Bells?"

I realized the front door probably looked like a break in to him and quickly called out "in the kitchen Dad! Everything's fine!"

He came in looking disheveled and quite honestly frightened "what happened to the front window Bells? Did someone try to break in?"

I sighed, "No Dad, Edward just closed it a little over-zealously on his way out and the glass shattered, I spoke to Carlisle and he said he would mail you a check to cover the expense of fixing it."

Charlie was silent and I could see the vein throbbing in his forehead "He'll mail me a check? What the hell Bella? Why did Edward break the door? Did he hurt you?"

I was quick to answer, "No Dad! He was just pissed because I broke up with him and you know Edward is quite used to getting his own way Dad. He didn't hurt me, just the door. The Cullen's are moving Dad, they're leaving tonight, that's why Carlisle said they would mail you a check for the damages."

I watched, as Charlie visibly relaxed, "Thank God he didn't hurt you Bells."

He came up and hugged me and for once I let myself sink into and enjoy my father's embrace wrapping my arms around him as he held me tight and said, "That damn kid doesn't look strong enough to do that kind of damage to the front door. They're moving huh? Is that why you dumped him?"

I released the hug as I didn't want to embarrass Charlie by hanging on too long and sat down at the table looking up at him, "I wish I could say it was but no. Dad I'm sure you noticed that Edward was a little bit controlling. I just couldn't take being treated like a child who couldn't make decisions for herself anymore! I wanted to be free! He didn't even tell me they were moving until after I ended it anyway."

Charlie came and sat across from me at the table and I had a feeling he was going to get into something heavy, "Yes Bella, I noticed the way he treated you. I was terrified that your relationship was going to turn abusive. Manipulation and control is usually how those things start. I was keeping an eye out for the other signs and I was just hoping that you would come back to yourself before it was too late. I wish I could tell you that I'm sorry your relationship ended kiddo, but I'm not going to sit here and lie to your face. Edward wasn't good for you, I was afraid that you had lost yourself in finding him. I'm just so happy that you are a strong person honey. I'm proud of you!"

I felt the tears prick my eyes as my dad told me he was proud of me for ending a relationship that I wasn't happy in. I had to agree with him, as a cops daughter I knew that generally abuse doesn't start out as physical, I only wished that I had been able to be myself and be strong from the beginning. I smiled at him, "thanks Dad! That means a lot to me. I'm happy that you aren't sorry because to be honest I'm not sorry either. I'm happy that I can be me, the real me. Now that's enough of this heavy talk, what should I make for supper? I mean it is my birthday dinner."

Charlie laughed and grasped my hand for a moment, "How about I take you out to dinner, you shouldn't cook on your birthday hon, I know how you feel about gifts but your mom, Phil, and I got you some things we thought you could use, nothing too extravagant, just practical stuff"

I stood up and smiled at him, "Sounds good Dad, I can have a piece of birthday cobbler and when we get back you can give me my gifts."

The diner was slightly crowded with the dinner rush crowd and the fact that it was a Friday night but still we got a table quickly and sat down. I was reading my menu when I caught sight of Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley watching me from the other side of the restaurant, I smiled and waved and went back to perusing the menu in front of me. "So Dad what you getting?"

Charlie looked up answering, "probably the steak with fries and the apple cobbler for dessert. What about you Kid?"

I finished looking at the menu; "I think I'm going to have the homemade mac and cheese and also the cobbler, peach though not apple"

I looked up as Jessica approached our table, "hey Bella I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, I didn't get a chance to talk to you in school today."

I smiled at her, even though we'd probably never be best friends it was nice to have someone to talk to at school, "Thanks Jess, I really appreciate that, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to talk at school from now on though"

She looked pleased but curious at that and asked, "oh?"

I rolled my eyes a little as I told her, "Yeah, I'd rather you hear this from me than the rumor mill. I broke up with Edward tonight for a plethora of reasons that we can talk about some other time, but even if we were still seeing each other his family is moving this weekend. Carlisle got a better job offer in a bigger city so either way we would have much more time to talk!"

I was saved from further questioning by the waitress approaching our table, "looks like our waitress is coming Jess, tell Mike I said hello and I'll see you guys on Monday ok?"

She smiled and said sure and went back to her table. The waitress came and Dad and I placed our orders and had a quiet rest of our meal with little conversation. We were just a father and daughter enjoying the quiet pleasure of each other's company.

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