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**September 13th, 8:30pm Sam POV**

Bella blows out the candles on her birthday cake, and everyone claps and cheers as Christine cuts the first slice and hands it to her, before proceeding to divvy out slice to the rest of us. Things were in a holding pattern as we waited for our son to be born. His room is ready, we're ready, the rest of the pack, and our families are ready, all that's missing now is him.

Bella picks at her cake, a strange look on her face, and Christine turns all her attention to her, "Bella? Are you okay?"

Bella puts her hand on her stomach, "Yeah, I'm okay. I just, I think I just had a contraction."

I move to her side in a flash, "What? Wait, I didn't feel anything!"

Billy speaks up, "Boy, you can't handle that kind of pain! The imprint connection will NOT let you feel it, because you have to be strong for her."

I know it's selfish, but relief courses through me, wisely though I keep it to myself, and ask my sister, "Okay, so what happens now?"

Christine smiles, "I'm going to take her into the bedroom and do a quick exam. I'll let you know after I know how advanced her labor is."

They go down the hall, and Paul lets his breath out in a whoosh, "Damn! You ready Sam?"

My head is spinning, and I run my hands through my hair, "God I hope so!"

Charlie and my dad are right there, Charlie says, "You're going to be a great dad Sam, trust me on this. This is what we've been waiting for."

My dad nods, "It's true, Son. You're going to be great, and that's because of you, and who you are as a person. You're going to be amazing, and Bella is going to be such a great mom."

A smile breaks across my face, "God, she's going to be so amazing as a mother. It's really happening."

Christine comes out of the room, "She's changing, and then she's going to rest for a little while. It's still early, she still hasn't had another contraction, she'll call out when she does, but unless things really start moving fast, I think she'll hit her estimated delivery date of September 14th spot on."

Angela and Shanna start taking plates into the kitchen, and Jared and Kim stand up, and J tells me, "We're gonna go", he addresses the rest of the room, "I think we should all go, give Sam and Bella their space. It's the last time they'll have to themselves for a very long time."

Christine nods, "That's a good idea. Sam, as soon as her contractions hit every 5 minutes I want you to call me, and I'll meet you at the clinic. Be strong little brother, you're in for a long night."

She heads out, my dad and Kay following shortly afterwards along with Billy, Rachel and Paul. The girls finish the dishes and Jake says, "Good luck Sam, let us know when things start really happening."

Embry claps his hand on my shoulder, "I'm gonna take Ang home and come back, I'll crash here if you don't mind. Promise I will stay in my room and not bother you or Bella, I just want to be here."

I nod, "Of course bro, you know you're always welcome."

The four of them head out, and now it's just me, and Charlie. Charlie stands up, "Son, you should go spend some time with Bella. Jared was right, but also wrong, it's not going to just be a long time before you have time to yourselves, you're going to be parents, it's never goin to be just the two of you ever again."

Standing with him, I nod, "I know. Is that why I feel kinda sad underneath the high and excitement of it all?"

He smiles, "Probably. A chapter of your lives is ending, but being a parent is worth everything you give up. I promise you that."

Charlie moves towards the door, "You call me when things start moving, I want to be there waiting when my grandson is born."

I nod, and give my father in law a very manly hug, "Of course. Thank you Charlie. For everything."

He nods and heads out the door, and down the street back to his house. Sighing in the silence I make my way back to the bedroom, opening the door to find Bella laying on her side facing away from the door.

I move into the room, and get on the bed, moving close behind her and wrapping my arms around her, placing my hands on her bump, "Are you ready for this?"

She chuckles, "Ready or not, here he comes."

Laughing lightly I kiss the back of her neck, "This is true. Are you scared?"

Bella snorts, "Shitless. You have to promise me two things Sam."

Stroking my hands over her belly, I reply, "Anything."

She rubs my arms, as her stomach clenches and hardens underneath my hands, she sucks short gasps of air and makes her way through it like a champ. Her belly unclenches, and she says, "First, if something goes wrong, if God forbid I don't make it, you have to promise me that you won't follow me. He has to have one of us."

I keep my motion going, rubbing her belly in comforting circles, as I reply, "I promise, but that's not going to happen Bella, you are strong, and you are healthy, and you are ready for this. Everything is going to be fine. And by this time tomorrow night, chances are, we're going to be parents."

She relaxes back into my arms, and I continue, "So what's the second thing?"

Bella laughs lightly, before responding, "You have to promise to stay by my face. Don't look down there, I don't want you to forever see my pussy like that. I've read that some guys after seeing that they never look at their wives the same way again, the romance, and the sex are never the same for them, and it eventually breaks the marriage apart. So promise me you won't look."

Laughing, I respond, "Okay. I promise. Anything you want."

**8 hours later still SPOV**

The stop watch says 5 minutes when the next contraction hits, and I'm up in a flash, "Okay, this is it Bella!"

She smiles, or more likely grits her teeth as she pants through the contraction. I grab her go bag, and call Christine, who picks up on the first ring, "Sam, is it time?"

I reply, "Yes, we're on our way to the clinic with Embry and Charlie. We'll meet you there."

Embry meets us in the hallway, and runs out ahead of me to go pound on Charlie's door, yelling that it's time.

Bella smiles at me as the contraction fades, "That was a hard one. I know it's gonna get worse, I hope I can stick it out naturally."

I help her into the back of the truck, climbing in behind her as I toss the keys to Charlie, "You're driving, Pop."

He nods, "Sure thing."

I don't know why I thought that was a good idea, because as soon as Embry's in the passenger seat Charlie floors it like he has a fucking siren on my truck, and heads for the clinic.

We make it 2 blocks before a cruiser with it's lights flashing pulls behind us, Charlie curses, "Fucking shit! Fucking White! I'm gonna tear him a new one!"

He pulls over and screams out the window as the officer approaches, "My daughter is in fucking labor here White! If you need to write me a ticket you follow me to the fucking clinic!"

As soon as he gets it out he floors the gas pedal and pulls back onto the road speeding the last 14 blocks to the clinic pulling into the lot with a screech of tires, and into a spot by the door, looking impressed with himself as he says, "That's a new record for sure."

I get out, helping Bella down and guiding her into the building where Christine is waiting for us. She brings us back into the delivery room and hands Bella a gown, and tells her to change before she goes into the hall.

Bella changes into the gown, and calls out, "Okay!"

Christine comes back in and gets her settled on the delivery chair. Bella reaches out and grabs my arm, pulling me up by her head, as Chris gets her legs in the stirrups and puts a sheet over top of her legs. She does a quick exam, before poking her head back up, "Okay, she's 6 centimeters dilated, now we just wait this stage through, once she gets to 10 centimeters it'll be time to push."

She focuses on Bella, "are you okay? Do you want any pain medication?"

Bella's eyes are clear, and fierce, as she replies, "I'm fine. It hurts, but I'm determined to do this naturally."

Christine nods, "Okay, but just know that once you're at the pushing stage you won't be able to change your mind."

Bella nods, "I won't change my mind Chris."

Another contraction hits and she squeezes my hand hard as she breathes through it, I coach her gently, "That's my girl, you've got this baby, that's right breathe baby."

She smiles at me fiercely, as she breathes through her teeth, and Christine moves around hooking her up to different equipment, putting a fetal monitoring belt on her stomach, "Okay, everything looks great. Baby's heartbeat is strong, Bella all your vitals are good. Like I said, all that's left to do now is wait for the next stage of labor."

**4 hours later SPOV**

Chris pokes her head back up, "Okay Bella, Sam, it's time. We're ready to push on the next contraction."

Bella moves forward, and I climb up behind her, holding her, and letting her lean back against me. She nods, and I rub her back gently, as the next contraction hits, and she bears down, screaming out as she pushes.

Christine yells, "I see his head, he's crowning, deep breath and a big push Bella!"

Bella sucks in a breath, she clutches my hands and I see stars as I feel bones snap as she screams out bearing down and pushing. Through the painful haze, I hear Christine yelling, "Here he comes, one more push!"

Bella gives one last scream as she pushes, and then I hear it, the most beautiful sound in the whole wide world, my son's first screams as he takes his first breath of oxygen in this world. Bella turns to me, tears and sweat streaming down her face, "I did it Sam. He's here!"

Her smile is radiant as I kiss her head, and she says to me, "Go, cut the cord daddy."

I climb off the chair, and get my first look at my son, God, he's perfect. I go over and Christine has him in bassinet, wiping off the birthing fluids and clamping his umbilical cord, she smiles at me, handing me a pair of surgical scissors, "Here you go Daddy, cut between the clamps."

I do as she says, and she ties off the cord and wraps him in a blue blanket, before handing him to me, "Support his head. Bring him to his momma."

My son, he's so beautiful, the perfect mix of Bella and myself, he has a shock of black hair, spiky black lashes, his skin is just a few shades darker than Bella's, just perfect. I bring him to Bella's side, while Christine goes back and tells her to just keep pushing, to get the afterbirth and the placenta out.

Bella looks at our son, she's so radiant in this moment, and I can't help but fall in love with her all over again as she falls in love with him. She gasps "Oh god Sam, he's so beautiful!"

I smile at her, "I know. Just like you."

I lay him in her arms, and she adjusts him like a pro. He nuzzles at her chest, and she laughs, "Just like his daddy."

She bares her breast, and he latches on, Christine nods at her, "It's gonna take a day or so for you to get real milk, right now what you have is colostrum, antibodies that will protect him until he gets his immunizations."

We watch him as Christine calls out, "Samuel David Uley Jr, born 9am on September Fourteenth."

She finishes what she's doing with Bella, takes away the pad, putting a fresh one under her, and comes over, "I'm sorry momma, I gotta take him to do his weight and length."

Bella reluctantly hands him over, Christine puts him on the baby scale, "7 lbs, 20 inches in length. He's gonna be a tall boy like his daddy, probably a couple inches shorter."

Bella nods, "Well he won't be a wolf so that's to be expected."

She wraps him back up in his blanket and brings him back over, Bella asks, "Will you get my Dad?"

Chris nods, "Of course."

She goes out of the room, and Charlie comes in a minute later, with a balloon, "There's my girl, and my new grandbaby."

He comes over with tears in his eyes, "You look so natural with him Baby Girl. I'm so proud of you."

He turns to me, and winks, "So I hear she made it through with no painkillers, how are you doing? How's your hands?"

Smiling, I reply, "They're fine, she broke a couple of bones but they're healed already."

He nods, "Lucky man. He's gonna be a heartbreaker, look at him. Just perfect."

Bella laughs, "Do you want to hold him?"

He sits down in the chair next to her, and she hands him to me to put in Charlie's arms. He rocks him gently, talking to him softly, "There's Grandpa's boy, you just wait, we're goin to have so much fun together you and me, I'll take you fishing, teach you how to skip rocks, we'll catch frogs and do so much together you wait and see."

Josh and Embry poke their heads in, "Hey can we see him?"

Bella nods, "Of course you can!"

They come in, and exclaim over him, "God he's perfect Sam. You and Bella make good lookin babies."

Christine comes back in and shoos everyone out, "I need some time with mom and dad alone you guys, time to get them ready to take the little man home!"

Dad, Embry and Charlie clear out, I take my son back, and Chris smiles, "Okay, Bella you're gonna be sore for a while. No sex for 6 weeks, I mean that, you don't want to chance complications or infections, so keep it in your pants big guy. If you have any questions or problems you know you can call me day or night. Any time at all. I'm here for you. You do have the option to stay here a night if you want to."

Bella shakes her head, "No, I want to bring him home."

Chris nods, "I figured that. I'll see you next week here for a checkup for both of you."

She hands Bella a box of pads, "You did really good, you had hardly any tearing down there but you're going to have a lot of discharge the next week or so, so you're gonna need these."

I hear a knock at the door, I can smell it's Embry so I say, "come on in bro."

He comes in with the baby seat, "You'll need this."

I hand our son back to Bella and go over and take the seat, placing it on the table, and hugging my brother, "I'm glad you were here. Thanks Bro. I love you."

He smiles, "Love you too bro. Go on and get my nephew home."

**About an hour later BPOV**

There's a knock on the door frame, and I look up to see Sam standing in the doorway of our son's room, our son. The discomfort is enough to tell me I'm not dreaming as I look down at him, his beautiful deep brown eyes are exactly like his fathers, he's mostly Sam, what he got from me coming in the lighter color of his satiny skin.

I rock him slowly, as Sam comes in with Jared and Kim, asking, "Hey baby, you up for a visit?"

Smiling at them, I reply, "Of course we are!"

Kim comes over to me, "God Bella, he's just beautiful! Ugh, 5 more weeks!"

Jared laughs, "It could be as soon as 3, remember Christine said she thought you'd go early."

Getting up I ask, "Do you want to hold him?"

She nods and sits down, and I place Baby Sam in her arms, "There you go baby boy, that's your Auntie Kim, she's gonna be the momma of your best friend. He's gonna be here before you know it!"

Kim rocks him gently, getting choked up, "He's just perfect you guys, I can't wait till ours is here!"

Jared hands me a bag, "Here, it's just a little something, we're so happy for you both, we're gonna head out, we don't want to intrude on your first night as a family."

Kim and I change places, and she places my son back in my arms, and Jared wraps an arm around her as they head out the door. Sam goes with them, once again leaving me alone with our son.

I can't believe that it's only been a year since my life completely changed course. It feels like I've been with Sam forever, but in reality it's been less than a year. One year ago yesterday I had finally gotten up the nerve to leave Edward Cullen. That had been the start of my new life.

I left Edward, and on a whim went to a bonfire and changed the entire course of my own destiny. What would have happened if I'd never met Sam? Would Jake have continued to be my friend once he went wolf? Would Embry have ever met Angela? Would Jake have been stuck with Janna as an imprint forever?

I guess none of it matters because I did meet Sam, I met him, and we fell in love, and now we have a baby, and one day we'll have more babies, and we'll raise those babies, and watch them find themselves, and hopefully meet their soul mates, and we'll grow old together, and live happily ever after. And all because I had finally worked up the courage to find myself, and be myself.

Authors Note: This is it folks, this story is officially finished! I want to thank every one of my readers who has stuck with this story, I know that updates have been few and far between as the story has gone on. Thank you all, and I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. It feels really good to be able to put this one in the complete column.