AU. The story arcs and characters should remain the same (expect for Luffy of course), at least hopefully. Also Ivankov knows of Luffy's and Dragon's relation in this story. This prologue consists of several oneshots from Luffy's childhood in this story.

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"Push!" a woman in a white nurse's suit shouted. She had been helping the woman giving birth for six hours straight and it had started to wear on her. The baby was almost out which was a relief for everyone in the room. It wouldn't be long before they could all go home and rest but for now they had a job to do.

"Just a little more my dear. You can do it!" a man said while holding the hand of the woman giving birth. He had a long black hair and a worried expression on his face. This man was Monkey D. Dragon, the son of vice-admiral and 'The Hero of the Marines' Monkey D. Garp. The woman was his wife who was giving birth to their first child. The child already had a little bit hair which was black like his father's. Dragon could already imagine himself teaching his child about all things in the world and maybe even more.

"And he's out. Congratulations, it's a healthy baby boy. As his parents you need to name him. What is it going to be?"

"What do you think honey? Any suggestions?"

"I don't know for sure love. I haven't thought about that with all the other stuff going on. Maybe something happy and carefree. AND COOL! But definitetly nothing common and boring!"

"How about Reed? It sounds pretty good…" Dragon suggested while secretly wincing at the voice of his wife's shout. Why did she always shout so loud? Everyone would get the point with lesser voice for God's sake. 'Yet she's so pretty when she shouts' he thought.

"Nah. That is too boring. Maybe something like Luffy … or Crow… or Calico?"

"Luffy… I like the sound of it. Well, welcome to the world Luffy. I'm your father and this is your mother. Say hello." Dragon spoke to Luffy with a gentle voice while his wife was muttering something about thinking child's name clearly through. All the time the newborn was curiously eying his surroundings with his small eyes, curious about everything. No one could have imagined their fates 10 years in the future, or even two years, but for now they were just a normal happy family. That is if any family from 'the Will of D.' could be considered normal…


Six years later in a house at the edge of Grey Terminal…

"Now watch as the teddy bear… Disappears." and the stuffed toy really did disappear as a hand of a large man moved over it.

"Shishishishi! Can you do your levitating trick again? It is so cool! Shishishi!" a little boy, no older than 6, exclaimed to the huge man standing before him. The boy had a short black hair, blue shorts, white T-shirt and face that could melt the heart of the cruellest man in the world. This boy was Monkey D. Luffy and the man playing with him was one of his father's friends: Bartholomew Kuma. He had a stern face even while laughing and he wore an orange jacket, jeans that had seen better days and a gray hat which covered half of his eyes.

"Maybe some other time. I have some things to discuss with your father. Besides it's very late now so you should be sleeping by now."

"Okay. Goodnight uncle-Kuma, goodnight dad, goodnight… what was your name again? Shishishi." the little boy exclaimed before going to the room which presumably was his. The man whose name Luffy forgot was seething with anger:

"How dares that brat forget my name? I'm the the great Ivankov!" That man, now identified as Ivankov, shouted. He wore… Well, let's not go into too much details for that... For now let's just assume that he has a long traveller's coat which covers his entire body.

"Relax Iva, he just likes to do that to everybody, childrens' antics *sigh*." Dragon said to Ivankov.

"Besides we have much more important things to discuss." And that was true indeed. For a couple of years they had been building a network of allies. Their plan was to overthrow the world government because the oppression of people the government practised. Dragon had been living in the Grey Terminal for years and thus he had made friends with most of the people that lived there. However, he feared for the safety of his son. Should he start the revolution, his son would be hunted just because of their relation. He had planned to give Luffy to his dear father's hands but now he had started to doubt that plan. Should the government get to know of Luffy, not even Garp could protect him. He had been careful not tell their surname for anyone but some people could recognise Luffy from their past encounters. This was one of the questions they would have to discuss before they would disembark…


Couple of hours later

"It is decided, we disembark today. Now, I have only one topic left. What should we do about Luffy? He's too young for this kind of things but if we leave him here, the World Government might go after him." Dragon told his friends with a worried expression on his face. Surprisingly it was Ivankov that answered:

"Leave that to me, I can make him look 'a little' different than he is now. That way no one here would recognise him."

"Hmmm. Go on…" Dragon said. He had little worries about that plan since 'Ivankov + make something look different = nothing good'. Still, it was worth the shot. Ivankov continued:

"Well, the plan is this…"


Later that evening.

The house was on fire. Burning hot flames engulfed the whole building inside them. By dawn there wouldn't be anything left but ashes. Everyone would assume that the people that lived there had died but that was not the case. Vice-admiral of the marines Monkey D. Garp watched as the flames reached for star-filled night sky. His son had already left with his friends and left his child for his care. As the flames started to die, he left for the nearby Fuucha village. There he would start the child's training. She would make a fine marine someday...


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