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Beach in Goa Kingdom, Dawn Island

Luffy had a bad day. Two days ago her Gramps had thrown her into a jungle for 'survival training'. For a normal six year old child it would have meant certain death but Luffy wasn't a normal child. She had been training with her gramps for three months now with good results. Currently the biggest of her problems was hunger that had plagued her for almost the whole two days she had spent in the jungle. Finding fresh water wasn't a problem since the jungle was full of small streams with flowing clear water. Food, however, was a different thing. Most of the fruits of jungle hadn't even started to grow yet and most of the animals were too large for Luffy to beat. The rest of the animals were either caught in front of her by some other carnivorous animals or they saw her and ran away as fast as they could. Currently she was lying on a sandy beach at the edge of the jungle. She had tried to make a fishing rod but she didn't have any materials for that, other than sticks. Finding a village was also not an option because there weren't any within ten kilometer's radius.

'It's going to be dark soon… I should find a shelter for the night…'

She slowly stood up, pain aching through her because of her hunger. She cursed her hunger, she cursed her gramps for this and most of all she cursed her life. You see, Luffy had originally been a boy. At least until an accident occurred: her home had burned to the ground, her father had disappeared and she had mysteriously turned into girl during that night. She didn't know 'how' or 'why', however. Luckily she had adapted to the situation surprisingly fast and without much problems. Snapping out of her thoughts she slowly started to move towards the forest. Step by step, trees came closer until she stopped. She noticed something floating in the water near the beach. It looked like a fruit so she decided to go and see what it was. She waded in the swallow water towards the fruit look-alike and grabbed it with both of her arms. She went back to the beach and started examining the fruit. It looked like a giant strawberry but was completely yellow and covered in swirls. Normally Luffy would have asked about weird looking fruits from her gramps but being extremely hungry from the past days she decided to eat it. It tasted horrible. There weren't any words that could describe that taste. But still, Luffy ate it all for she was hungry and the fruit was (bad-tasting) food. It was quite simple math really. After eating it, she continued into the jungle for the night. She would ask about that fruit from her gramps later…


In the Fuusha village when Luffy is seven years old

"I had it guys! I'll show you not to underestimate me!" A small girl standing on a figurehead of a ship shouted. She wore blue shorts, a white T-shirt with a picture of anchor printed on it and sandals. Overall you might mistake her for a boy if you looked afar.

"Dahahahahahaha! Show us what you've got Hammer-Girl! Go for it!" A red-haired man shouted. This man was called Shanks and he was the captain of the Red-Haired Pirates. He wore a white shirt, a red sash around his waist, green pants and a long black coat. He also had a straw hat on his head. Luffy just smirked and took a stamp made of iron from her pocket. Suddenly sparks emitted from Luffy's hand and the stamp turned flaming red. She lifted the stamp next to her face and pressed it against her skin next to her left eye.

"YYOOOWWWW! That hurt!"

"You idiot! What did you do that for!" Shanks shouted

Later in the bar

"To Luffy's craziness!" "And our next voyage!" "Drink up guys!" "Hey, that's my meat!" "It's my now!" "More grog!" "Let's sing!" Voices and shouts filled the bar. The pirates had started another party for their past adventures. Their captain however was sitting at the bar talking to Luffy who now had a dragon similar to other crewmembers burned on her skin.

"It didn't hurt a bit." She said, still trying to impress Shanks. The result however wasn't something she wanted to hear:

"Liar! Never do that kind of stupid thing again!" He shouted. Luffy just stuck her tongue at him and answered:

"Yeah, yeah, I'll consider it… But why can't you take me on your next sail? I can take care of myself you know!"

"Dahahahahaha! You really think you can go out to the sea when you can't swim! Think again hammer!"

"But I've trained a lot with my gramps! I could break that table with my punch you know!"

"Oh, really…" Shanks answered with indifference. He had no doubt that Luffy was telling the truth, having met Monkey D. Garp several times during his days on the Oro Jackson. Taking her with them to a voyage would have been very irresponsible for several reasons:

Luffy couldn't swim

She was still a kid who had much to learn

He didn't want her to see the bad sides of pirate's life

Having a legendary marine vice-admiral following them was a very, very bad thing

Besides, teasing little kids was just too much fun! He might teach her to use those swords she liked to make when they left, if he was feeling nice… Luffy, however, didn't have any idea of Shanks' thoughts and was seething with rage:

"What kind of answer is that supposed to be! You are annoying me on purpose, aren't you!"

"Relax Luffy! You're going to get your share of pirate's life some day!" "Yeah! Pirate's life is great!" "Think of all the adventures!" "And the freedom is the greatest! You can go where-ever you want!" Shanks's crew shouted to Luffy who just grinned in happiness. Shanks didn't like their antics though:

"Don't give him these dumb ideas guys."

"But it's the truth, right?" One of Shanks' crewmembers Lucky Roo answered.

"Hey captain! Can't we take her on just one voyage? Just to show what it's like." A random pirate in the background asked.

"Okay, but one of you has to stay here then." Shanks answered.

"Less talk, more fun!" Shanks crew members shouted and went back to dancing, drinking and whatever else they were doing. Luffy didn't like losing her back-up and shouted:

"You traitors!"

"You are just you young, not to mention hammer! Maybe in ten years or so I might consider taking you out to the sea but… Haammmeeerrr!

"I'm not some damn little girl anymore!" Luffy shouted trying to look extremely angry but failing miserably. Shanks could barely contain his laughter seeing her face. Then an idea popped into his mind.

"Aww, don't be angry. Have a glass of juice, it'll help!"

"Hey, thanks!" Luffy said and gulped down all the liquid in the glass in one second.

"Dahahaha! You're still a little girl! Real pirates don't drink juice! Dahahahaha!" Shanks laughed with tears in his eyes. Luffy wasn't very amused though:

"That was a dirty trick!" Luffy shouted at him and jumped of her chair. Benn Beckmann, who had been quiet for the entire conversation, decided to talk some sense to Luffy. He lighted his smoke and started to speak:

"Hey Luffy. Try to understand our captain for a bit, would you. He cares for your safety since pirate's life is an exciting but a hard and dangerous one and he thinks that you're not ready for that kind of things yet. Neither does he tease your ambition or dream on purpose."

"I don't get it. He just takes me for an idiot."

"Hey haaaaammmmeeeerrrrr!" 'She might have a point though…' Benn thought and sweatdropped. At that point, the owner of the bar, Makino, decided to enter the room.

"Luffy! Shouldn't you get going to Goa(1)? It's almost noon."

"Gah! It's already that much! No time to talk, gotta go!" Luffy exclaimed and started running towards the door. Along the way her arms and back started to grow yellow feathers and her nose and mouth started to form into a beak. Luffy kicked the door open, bumping someone to ground in process, and took flight while still transforming. In few seconds in place of a small girl there was a large yellow bird around the size of an eagle. Suddenly electricity started to crackle around her and she launched towards the sky faster than a cannonball. The guy she bumped to ground slowly stood up and scowled. This day was going from bad to worse. He decided to ignore that weird girl for now and entered the bar.

"Excuse me, we are mountain bandits…"


Several days later in Makino's bar

Luffy was sitting at the bar drinking juice. It was quite boring there without Shanks and his crew, no singing and dancing, no laughter, no drinking and parties, just emptiness. The only company she had now was Makino.

"They have been away for awhile now… I wonder what they're doing right now…" Luffy said and sighed.

"You miss them, don't you?" Makino said to Luffy.

"Yeah… They're nice even though Shanks always teases me." Luffy answered. At that point the door of the bar was opened and man accompanied by several henchmen stepped in.

"Excuse me. I and my men have come to get some drinks." The man took a slow breath and continued talking:

"Hmm. Looks like those pirates aren't here this fine day. It sure became quiet." He and his lackeys went sitting around various tables in the bar. After that he exclaimed:

"What are you waiting for? Bring us sake! We're customers!"

"R-r-right away sir." Makino stammered and went to get the drinks. When Makino disappeared from view, Higuma's attention focused on the girl sitting at the bar. Recognizing the girl, he venomously hissed:



"Mayor! We have an emergency!" Makino shouted to the town's mayor.

"What happened?"

"The bandits have kidnapped Luffy!"


Meanwhile the bandits had beaten Luffy to the ground. Despite being powerful, Luffy was quickly beaten because she was overpowered by their numbers.

"Listen well little girl, this is what you get bumping at me." Higuma said and pressed his sword against her side. He slowly applied pressure to the blade until Luffy's side started to bleed. Luffy screamed in agony, much to the bandits' delight. Normally she would have taken that kind of wound without much reaction (thanks to Garp's ridiculous but effective training methods) but now she was already worn from the beating she received earlier. Higuma drew the sword back and thrust it on Luffy's other side. She didn't have any strength to shout though.

"Should we help her?" A random villager asked from his friend

"…Nah, we would just be killed; besides she got herself to this on her own." He answered.

At this point, the mayor of Fuusha village, Wood Slap, entered the scene with Makino.

"Let the child go, please." He said and kneeled down as a sign of begging and continued speaking:

"I don't know what she did and I'm not willing to argue with you. But I'm however willing to pay you to let her go."

"As you'd expect, it's the wide elders that have knowledge of handling any situation. It's however too late for her: she insulted me and electrified couple of my men." Higuma answered and indeed three henchmen were lying in the ground unconscious. They looked like they were hit by a thunder, which also happened quite literally. Higuma continued talking:

"And for that I'll kill her"

"Luffy!" Makino shouted

"Please, just let her go!" The mayor pleaded

He raised his sword upwards and… and a sound of gun firing filled the air. The sword flew from Higuma's hand to the ground and he turned took at the street going to the port. A man with a straw hat had appeared between Makino and the mayor.

"I wondered why no one was welcoming us at the port but this is something I didn't expect." He said and started walking towards the bandits. Higuma appeared unfazed and ordered one of his henchmen to shoot the pirate captain. The man did as he was told. He pointed his flintlock pistol at Shanks who didn't seem to care about that at all.

"You shouldn't treat that thing like a toy, you know." It was all Shanks said to the bandit before Lucky Roo appeared next to that poor soul and shot him to head. This caused uproar within the bandits.

"How could you that!" One of them shouted.

"We are not some saints, we are pirates and we don't play fair." Benn Beckman answered them. This seemed to anger the bandits as they started to close with the pirates, leaving Luffy unguarded by them. Shanks had taken advantage of that small mistake and when the bandits were focusing on Benn, he sneaked to Luffy and pressed two fingers against her neck. After several seconds of staying still he removed his fingers from her neck. His face turned grim and he turned to face the bandits. His haki flared and all the bandits excluding Higuma succumbed to its effects and crumbled to ground. He slowly started walking towards Higuma while drawing his sword from its sheath. What would come next is too cruel to tell. The only thing I can tell is that Shanks gave a short but impressive speech of his believes and that Higuma's screams were heard all over Dawn Island…

About a month later

It was a sunny day. Red-Haired pirates were leaving. After using the town as a base for a year, they had decided to move elsewhere for new adventures. Currently the captain was talking to a heavily bandaged seven year old girl with crutches.

"So you're finally leaving huh?" She asked Shanks with sad tone. Shanks looked at her and nodded.

"That's right. We've been using this town as base for a long time and it's about time we move elsewhere. You sad?" he said. A smile entered Luffy's face and she answered:

"Of course I am. I don't want to come with you though. I'm going to become a pirate captain by myself!" Shanks just smiled at the girl's antics. It reminded him of himself when he was small.

"Yeah right, like you'd ever become a pirate. You're simply too small!" He said and laughed.

"Yes I will! I'll get a sip and a better crew than even you have! And then I'll find the greatest treasure!" She took a deep breath and continued:

"I'M GOING TO BE THE KING OF PIRATES!" She shouted so that the everyone nearby heard her declaration. Shanks just smirked again and started to take off his hat.

"So you're going to be greater than us, huh?" He completely took off his hat and put it on Luffy's head.

"Then it doesn't matter if I loan this hat to you." He kept a small pause and started talking again.

"Can you do me a favor and keep this hat safe for me? It's very important to me you know." He slowly turned his back to Luffy and started walking.

"Please, promise to return it to me when you've become a great pirate." He said to silently crying Luffy while walking towards his ship.

"Heh. She reminds me of myself when I was a little brat... She'll surely become something great." He said to himself and shouted:

"All right men! Hoist the sails! We are leaving!"


Ten years later

"Well, she really left, chief. We're going to miss her for sure."

"Hn. She'll ruin this town's nonexistent reputation."

"Hahaha! She really was serious about that!"

None of these comments made by villagers reached the girl's ears, partly because she wasn't bothering to listen to them and partly because her dinghy was already quite far away from the shore. The girl had a short black hair and had a dragon burned on her skin next to her left eye. She wore a red vest and blue shorts accompanied by a straw hat and a three foot long sword strapped on her back.

"Shishishishi. It sure is quite sunny today. I would have liked a storm but this one has to do." She stated and stood up

"Let's see, first I have to get a musician, then I have to get some more crewmembers and then I have to get a real ship. I should make a flag at some point too…" She drew a slow breath and shouted:



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