Humans mark time in events. Moments of change. Moments that change their lives, shake their perception. I mark time in stretches of life. I can remember back to the time when my continents were large and few. I remember the Calamity when fire and cold came from above and the great Beasts died. I remember when humanity stopped eating from my trees and began sowing their own crops.

I too can become guilty of complacency. The Sin of Convenience is not exclusively one of Man. I too let things go too long because I did not pay attention. And now I am paying very close attention. The Humans are a beautiful thing. All the remains to be seen, is whether I will watch them in the future, or remember their loss.



Do you really think that you can save them?

They can save themselves.

They will fail. Life is temporary, destruction eternal.

Life is resilient, always becoming something better. Destruction is static.

Not good enough.

Only time will tell. Why have you returned?

You are the one who craves Balance. Did you really think that giving Power such as this to barely mature humans would not demand an immediate equal and opposite reaction?

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AN: Yes folks, I'm back. Just a little note to let you all know that there's a second story coming.

Coming soon:

Wanted: Dead Or Alive

The Planeteers are caught up in an international murder mystery, as someone draws a cunning plan to eliminate them. Second in the Heroes For Earth series.

Look for the first chapter on the 8th September, Australia Time.