Shades of Green

Chapter One- The First Contact

Avengers Mansion

It was a normal evening at the mansion, with several members of The Avengers waiting for any news of a global threat. Most of the team was accounted for and were there, those included that were included: Thor, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Hank Pym, and lastly the most powerful of the group... The Incredible Hulk.

The only members that were absent from the group were Tony Stark/Iron Man, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, and T'Challa/Black Panther. It appeared that Tony was busy with a meeting at Stark Industries that he was forced to attend, while Clint was off to see his partner/girlfriend Barbara "Bobbi" Morse at one of the SHIELD facilities, and T'Challa was busy rebuilding Wakanda back to its former glory from the latest destruction that siege the otherwise peaceful country.

Surprisingly, the villain activity and major threats to the planet have been low, for it seemed like all the major villains were busy hiding. Then again, they were more than likely to be buying their time and waiting for the right moment to strike! It was only a matter of time before The Avengers would be needed, but for now... everything was peaceful.

Though while most of the members were relaxing, there was one of them who was tired of sitting around and doing nothing. That one member of the Avengers was none other than the gamma powerhouse known as the Hulk. In truth, he enjoyed the combat and the fighting, for every time he went into combat, Hulk could once again prove that he is, and forever will be, the strongest one there is.

However, right now Hulk was way beyond bored, and from listening to Thor and Hank talk about stuff he really couldn't give a crap about to Wasp trying to engage in a conversation with him, he was about ready to explode into a fitful rage just for some entertainment. He really needed to get out of the mansion, and go somewhere and do something... anything!

"So friend Pym, these... particles cause you to shrink and grow?", Thor asked curiously.

"I guess if you want to put it that way, then yes, the particles can cause myself to shrink down down to a minuscule level or grow to a massive size, depending on the situation. You see it's really simple once you study up on the human body and learn...", Hank managed to answer before being silenced by Hulk's massive smashing through the steel table.

"Are you ready to shut up yet?", Hulk growled, his eyes settling on the Thunder God and the scientist.

"Whoa! Somebody is a little cranky today, huh?", Janet teased, giggling despite the glare she received from the Hulk when he turned to face her.

"Mind your own business, pixie-girl!", Hulk growled, narrowing his eyes as he stared at his female teammate.

"Calm down everyone! I know that any one of you would like nothing better to do than go fight some villains, or at least some HYDRA goons, but so far they've been laying low. So, until we're needed, we'll just have to keep ourselves busy until then.", Captain America said in a commanding tone.

It was quite common for Captain America to defuse any conflict that could arise between his fellow teammates. Being the leader of the team, it was his job to make sure that there was no fighting amongst fellow members, for the last thing this team needed was a confrontation that could cause the team to disassemble. It was this reason alone why Steve Rogers stepped in before anything else could be said.

A silence fell over the room, but it was only momentary as Thor continued his conversation with Hank Pym, while Janet once again tried to get a conversation started with Hulk. Hulk, however, was not interested in conversation, or talking in the very least. Still, he had nothing better to do, so he might as well try to have a conversation with Janet... at least until he thinks of something else to do that is.

"So... Hulk?", Janet spoke gently.

"What do you want, Janet?", Hulk answered, looking at her, but seemingly uninterested in talking.

"What do you do in your spare time, Hulk?", Janet asked innocently.

"Why do you care?", Hulk retorted.

"Well, we're all friends, and if we're going to work as a team we have to get to know one another, don't we?", Janet retorted back, a victorious smirk on her face.

"Hmph. Fine, go ahead and ask whatever you want.", Hulk muttered.

Janet smirked, for she was glad that she finally gotten Hulk to have a conversation with her, which was very difficult to say the least. He always seemed so distant from the other members of the team. She always felt that the Hulk was longing for someone to talk to and to understand him. There was just something tragic about the Hulk, which caused Janet to show sympathy for the gamma goliath. If only there was something she could do, or maybe someone whom he could relate to when it came to his unique personality and appearance.

It was often that Hulk was usually very sarcastic or independent, even more so than any of the team members. But being the kind and understanding young woman that she is, Janet was intent on helping the Hulk in any way she could. After all, if anyone stood a chance of understanding Hulk better than anyone else on the team, it would have to be Janet Van Dyne.

I wonder why he is always so grumpy? Even after being with us this long, he still keeps himself distant from the rest of us. I wonder if it has anything to do with his heart being broken by Betty Ross? Maybe he just needs a best friend or someone special in his life? Janet thought to herself, glancing at the Hulk as he remained silent in the seat beside her.

"Okay, do you have any friends? Other than us, I mean?", Janet asked.

"No, I don't need any friends.", Hulk stated as he answered her question.

"Okay... what do you do in your spare time... when you're not smashing villains or something?", Janet asked innocently.

"Exactly what I'm doing now... nothing.", Hulk answered, letting out a bored sigh.

"Well... do you have any family?", Janet asked, continuing her questioning undeterred.

"I've got a cousin... other than her... they're all dead.", Hulk answered, a slight frown appearing across his features briefly.

"Oh... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you, Hulk.", Janet responded sincerely.

"Save your pity, Wasp. Get on with the questions!", Hulk growled lowly.

"Okay, jeesh! I was only trying to provide you with some emotional support!", Janet exclaimed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Like I said before, I don't need anything from anyone! Next question... you might as well ask them now before I lose interest.", Hulk replied, anger returning to his voice once again.

Hulk wasn't really angry at Janet, for he viewed her as the closest friend he had on the entire team. When Hulk almost crushed her during that time when the Enchantress drove him mad, the Green Goliath spent many sleepless nights awake, guilt consuming his psyche for weeks after that event. It was one of the many reasons why he temporarily left the Avengers, for the thought of losing control and nearly killing Wasp was enough to bring tears to his emerald hued eyes.

"Very well, since we're talking about friends & family, do you have anyone special in your life?", Janet asked.

This question seemed to stop Hulk dead in his tracks, and it actually made him think over the question that Janet asked him. All his life, since the very day he was spawned by the gamma bomb, Hulk had always been labeled as nothing more than a monster. But there was one person that actually wanted to understand him... someone that actually cared about him... that person was none other than Betty Ross.

Still, even with Betty Ross, Hulk knew that she was more in love with puny Banner than him. It left a hollow spot in the Hulk's heart, for Betty loved Bruce Banner, but nobody actually loved him... nobody loved the Hulk. Janet seemed to sense the growing sadness within the Hulk, feeling concern for her big green skinned teammate, who suddenly appeared to be sad and depressed once again.

Oh, I hope I didn't ask something too personal! Even under all that rage and muscle, Hulk still has feelings and emotions like the rest of us. I just wish that he would find someone that would love and understand him. Someone who wouldn't break his heart like Betty Ross. But who? Most of the girls I know are either taken or not interested, though I do remember that Valkyrie was kinda fond of Hulk. Especially after he saved her when we were fighting against Loki's forces. Janet thought to herself as she awaited Hulk's response to her question.

"No.", Hulk answered in a low voice.

"So... you don't have a girlfriend?", Janet asked.

"No!", Hulk growled, some of his rage seeping back into his voice.

"Sorry I asked. Ya know, it's good to have someone who can understand you. To have someone to love you unconditionally... to actually care about you... what I mean to say is, that there's someone out there for you, Hulk. You may not realize it, and you can say that you don't need anyone, but in reality, all you want is to be with a girl that loves you for... well you.", Janet said, her voice sincere and devoid of any deceit.

"Whatever.", Hulk replied, getting up from his seat.

Stupid Janet! I don't need anyone! I'm the Hulk! The strongest one there is! Love is for puny humans like Banner! But I'm not like the puny humans, I'm not like Janet, and I'm not like puny Banner! Hulk's mind raged as he continued walking onward.

Hulk proceeded to walk towards the door, intent on exiting the mansion. Whether it was Janet's words that struck the right spots in his nerves, or just his need to get out and away from his teammates, he didn't really know. All that was certain was that he wanted to leave, and he didn't care where he actually went. It was no surprise to Hulk that he heard a familiar voice that demanded his attention.

"Hulk! Where do you think you're going?", Captain America demanded.

"Anywhere I want!", Hulk roared in response, smashing through the two huge wooden doors.

Out of the Avengers, it was Janet who seemed the most concerned about Hulk's exit from the mansion. She hoped that what she said didn't offend or hurt Hulk in any way, for she just wanted to help him. He was her friend, who saved her life, as well as the lives of all the members on the team at one point of time or another. She was happy with her friendships with her other teammates, and all she wanted was for Hulk to be with someone who could understand him as well as she knew her friends. She wanted him to be happy... she wanted Hulk to be with a girl that would love him, and appreciate him for who he is.

"Guess Tony's gonna have to order a new set of doors.", Hank remarked, looking at the splintered remains of the large wooden doors.

"Aye, this be the hundredth door Hulk has smashed in one of his fits of anger.", Thor added in agreement.

"What did you say that ticked him off, Janet?", Captain America asked, turning his gaze towards his fellow female teammate.

"Nothing. I just talked to him... asked a few questions... nothing major, just regular conversation.", Janet lied, not really wanting to explain her private discussion with Hulk.

"Worry not, for Hulk just needs some time to himself. He will return as always.", Thor assured his fellow teammates.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Thor. He hasn't let us down yet.", Captain America remarked.

"You've got to admit, despite his bad attitude, his heart is in the right place.", Janet added, a light smile crossing her features.

"Yes. You've got a point, Jan.", Captain America agreed, letting out a heavy sigh.

I just wish he would learn to control that temper of his! I hope that wherever Hulk has gone, I hope he stays out of trouble for once. It would be better for all of us. Steve thought to himself as he took a seat in one of the chairs.

New York City

Several Hours Later

Resting atop a skyscraper, Hulk looked out at the crescent moon that shined high above the sky. He had been sitting here for hours, not really thinking of anything, other than staring at the stars that lit up the night sky and the crescent moon that shined the brightest against the dark blue-black heavens. Whenever he wanted to be left alone, Hulk would always come to this same place, for it seemed to set his mind as ease.

Little did Hulk know that he was going to encounter someone that he'd never expected to meet. It was this person... this beautiful and yet deadly female... this first contact between them... that would forever change both of their lives. Glancing down at the buildings below, it was then that Hulk noticed someone moving in the night, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, before landing close by in a dark section of several warehouses.

Intrigued by the sight of this unexpected arrival of this individual, Hulk rises to his feet and leaps in the direction of the person who caught his attention, hoping to catch them if only to amuse his curiosity. Landing with his usual devastating impact, Hulk looks around, noticing the faint scent of a natural shampoo that lingered in the air. The smell was pleasant with a scent similar to several exotic tropical fruits and flowers.

Mmm... whoever it is, they smell really good. Hulk thought to himself, inhaling the sweet scent through his nostrils.

Hulk caught sight of something moving, and against his better wishes, he followed the shadow of his fleeing target. He came to a open area in the warehouse shipping yard, unaware that now he was the one being watched. It was when Hulk turned did the shadowy figure launch itself at him with a flying kick! However, Hulk was fast to react, grabbing the leg of his attacker and tossing her aside to land in a crouch just one hundred meters away.

The female figure rose to her full six foot tall stature before stepping into the moon light, revealing that her skin was a pale green in color, and her hair was as black as the night skies. She was wearing a green and black jumpsuit, which seemed to fit her body like a second skin. Hulk never expected this person to be a woman... a really beautiful woman... with eyes as green as his own.

There was just something about her... something that made her all the more appealing to him. Whether it was the pale green skin, her long dark raven hair, or her stunning beauty, he could not tell. There was just something about her that he really liked. As Hulk's eyes investigated this woman, so did her own eyes look upon his massive form with particular interest.

Shego had just arrived to New York several days ago, for she was going to attempt to do what no villain could ever accomplish... to destroy the Avengers! While she didn't exactly know how she would actually accomplish this feat, she knew that she had to study her enemies before going into her planning stages. She had long quit working for the moronic Dr. Drew "Drakken" Lipsky nearly four years ago after the Lorwardian Invasion.

Pfft! Some invasion, and there was only two aliens! Shego mused as she recalled the events.

Hell, the Avengers took on threats that would make the Lorwardian Invasion seem pathetic by comparison. They've taken on major threats like Graviton, Kang The Conqueror, HYDRA, The Leader and the monsters of Gamma World, AIM, and god knows how many other threats! No wonder I took up this challenge, for everything else was just too easy, especially since Kimmie isn't even in my league anymore. Shego mused to herself, keeping her eyes on the Hulk as she did.

The Avengers were the biggest of the big leagues, which made them the best there is at what they did. It was this challenge that caught Shego's interest in attempting to take down the Avengers by herself. It was a major challenge... one that might be nearly impossible... but that's the reason Shego was here in the first place. If there was one thing she enjoyed, it was a challenge!

"Well, what do ya know? And here I thought I was the only green skinned person in New York.", Shego sneered as she looked at her gigantic foe.

"You guessed wrong, sweetheart!", Hulk replied, glaring at Shego as she got into her fighting stance.

It was only then when Shego really looked at the over eight foot tall towering green skinned behemoth that she finally realized who she was up against! She was going up against the most powerful member of the Avengers... the strongest one there is... The Incredible Hulk! She examined the Hulk, looking at his massive muscular body, complete with inhumanly huge muscular arms, legs, abdomen, and a vast chest that was as green as the rest of his body.

Overall, Shego was very impressed by Hulk's physique, but the same couldn't be said about his purple shredded pants. It just didn't seem to fit his appearance in the least, even if they kinda matched with his green skin color. Taking her time, she also realized that his hair was also a dark green-black in color, and his eyes were also of an emerald green color much like her own.

Hmm... not too bad. Get him some decent clothing and he might actually attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex. I guess those old sayings are true... size does matter and he definitely has the size... and green is so very sexy. Shego mused before giving herself a mental slap, while also realizing that Hulk was staring directly at her.

"What's the matter? Haven't seen a girl with green skin before?", Shego quipped, temporarily resting her hands on her hips.

"No, it's just that I've never seen a girl dress up as a green and black clad clown before!", Hulk retorted with a smirk, enjoying the look of outrage that appeared on the female's face.

"You really don't know who you're dealing with, do you?", Shego growled, enraged by Hulk's comment, which hit the right nerve.

"Aww, did I hurt your feelings? I'm so sorry.", Hulk replied with sarcasm dripping from every word.

Okay, who the heck does he think he is? I'm the one that is supposed to be mocking him and using sarcastic remarks! I don't care that he is the Hulk or how good he looks! Wait! What? Where did that last thought come from? No, focus! He's just insulted you, Shego! Now, it's time to make him pay! Shego told herself, her eyes glaring at Hulk, who stood smirking before her.

"Oh, you're going to regret using sarcasm on me, monster!", Shego snarled as she ignited her hands in green plasma.

"Look who's talking!", Hulk replied, clearly not threatened by Shego in the least.

"I'll tell you who I am, Hulk! My name is Shego, and I can assure you that you'll remember my name!", Shego responded before running at Hulk at full speed.

Hulk swung a wild strike with his right fist, but Shego easily dodged and delivered a barrage of kicks and punches to Hulk's abdomen and chest. But to her surprise, her blows were barely fazing the Green Goliath, who seemed more amused by her blows than hurt. She didn't know how it was possible for him to be standing, for she knew that those blows would have easily broken Kimmie's bones if they connected, but they had no apparent effect on the Hulk whatsoever!

Oh, snap! I think that hurt my fists more than I hurt him! It's like punching adamantium... or tank armor at least! I'm so stupid! Of course they didn't have no effect on him! This guy eats nuclear bombs for breakfast, and takes on powerhouses like Graviton and the Abomination with about as much effort as walking in the park! So... if I can't hurt him with my regular quick strikes... maybe I should go all out and add my plasma for extra strength! Shego thought to herself as she glared at the Hulk, who was continuing to swing his massive fists at her, which she barely managed to dodge.

It was then that Shego knew that she was going to have to really let loose with all of her strength, which she always seemed to hold back greatly in her past battles with Kimmie. She was going to show ole Jade Jaws what she really could do when she was angry! Shego leaped at Hulk, delivering a powerful kick to his face followed by a barrage of brutal blows with her plasma encased hands, drawing small amounts of green blood from the giant as he slightly staggered back from the assault. Hulk shook his head as he staggered back from the barrage of blows, which actually hurt him to a degree, and yet he was also impressed somewhat that Shego was able to hit so hard.

Not bad. She can actually throw a punch. I think I'm starting to like her. Hulk mused to himself as he continued to battle with the enraged female villainess.

Shego pressed the advantage, leaping forward and slashing the Hulk's chest with her claw tipped gloves encased with plasma, drawing blood and a snarl of rage from Hulk. More blows followed as Shego continually struck Hulk in the face and abdomen, but it seemed no matter how many small wounds she would inflict or how many of his blows she dodged, he would always manage to keep fighting! It was Shego's frustration that made her fail to dodge a vicious backhand punch from the Hulk, the power of the strike sending her soaring through the air before smashing through several reinforced concrete walls before coming to a crashing halt against a extremely solid concrete wall.

Shego's body was embedded in the reinforced concrete, her body aching in pain as she fell onto the ground flat on her stomach. Never before had she'd been hit so hard, and never had she felt so much pain, for it felt like her entire body was broken. She had taken beatings from her battles with Kimmie that didn't hurt like this! Hell, even her battles with Warmonga, and her later battle against Warmonga and Warhok didn't cause her nearly as much pain!

Ow! I think he cracked my ribs! It feels like I almost got my spine shattered from the impact! God, this is really painful! I should have known better than to get into a fight with the Hulk! I always knew that my pride would get me into trouble! Shego mused, unaware of the sound of heavy approaching footsteps.

If she would walk away from this without any broken bones, it would be a miracle! Distracted by the combination of her musings and her pain, she was unaware of Hulk's approach until he loomed over her, looking down at her with his green eyes. She managed to look up at him, defiance clearly written on her face, for she wouldn't back down from anyone... not even the Hulk!

"This fight is over. If I wanted to crush you, you'd already be smashed! So, if you've got anything to say, you'd better say it now.", Hulk informed her as their eyes locked.

There was only silenced, as Shego stared defiantly at Hulk, who continued to look at her. Hulk kneels down and offers her his gigantic right hand, which Shego looked at before striking it away. She was not weak... she didn't need anyone... she was a powerful independent woman! The last thing she wanted or needed was for anyone to think she was weak! Hulk got to his feet, looking down at Shego with a look that was a mixture of confusion and anger.

I don't want or need his help! He may be the strongest one there is, but I'm still not weak! All my life, I've been treated like a monster and a villain by everyone, so what makes me think that he'll be any different! Even when I'm angry at him, why can't I look away from his green eyes? Why am I even looking at him? What's come over me? Shego wondered to herself, her defiant glare remaining on her face as she stared into Hulk's eyes.

Stupid Shego! Why doesn't she just give up? Why won't she allow me to help her? Hmph! She's just like all the rest of the puny humans. She might have green skin like me, but she doesn't know what it is like to be hunted or to be treated like a monster! What made me think that she'd be any different? Hulk thought angrily, baring his teeth in a savage snarl.

"Fine! Help yourself up! I don't need this! I don't need you! I don't anyone! I'm outta here!", Hulk snarled as he turned his back on Shego and began slowly walking away.

"Don't you dare turn your back on me, Hulk!", Shego hissed in rage.

"Watch me, glow-girl!", Hulk snarled in response before resuming to walk away.

Upon hearing those words, Shego slowly stood back up to her feet, anger coursing through her veins like never before! She was practically glowing with a savage emerald rage! She ignited her hands in emerald green plasma, but it didn't stop there... it kept encasing its way throughout her body until she was consumed with her own plasma energy, much like the phoenix of legend!

It was when Hulk noticed the bright green light that he turned to look at Shego, only to be blasted with the full extent of her emerald plasma power! The powerful energies were much like Iron Man's uni-beam, only green in color, and just as powerful and painful as the raw energies burned at Hulk's flesh! Shego continued unleashing all of her energy, even while the Hulk kept moving against the powerful destructive energies, making his way towards Shego.

But soon enough, Shego felt herself becoming weaker, until finally she couldn't keep unleashing her plasma powered energies, dropping to her knees as the plasma that consumed her body became extinguished. It was when she looked up that she realized that Hulk was looming over her once again, his flesh completely healed and intact, despite Shego unleashing her full unrestrained plasma power upon him.

Before she could react, Hulk lifted her up in his arms and held her in his crushing grip, his arms squeezing the very life out of her body. Shego tried to break free, but it was of no use, for Hulk's grip was like a vice as his massive arms applied more crushing pressure, enough to nearly make Shego shout out in pain. Little did Shego know that Hulk didn't really intend to hurt her, for if he really wanted to crush her, she would be dead. Instead, he was going to make her surrender, and judging from her no longer attempting to struggle, it would be very soon. He wouldn't admit it, but Hulk honestly liked holding her in his arms, for it felt so natural.

"Give up, Shego! If you do, I'll let you go.", Hulk informed, keeping his grip on the pale green villainess.

Shego tried as hard as she could to escape, but she could not break free from Hulk's crushing embrace, for it was just a struggle to even move. Then, an idea came to her, one that she was sure that would work on the big green brute. Shego let an evil smirk cross her features, which caused Hulk to look at her with confusion, for how could he predict what was on the beautiful villainess' mind.

What's she smiling about? I don't like that look. It makes me feel kinda uneasy. Hulk thought to himself, keeping his eyes on the pale green skinned villainess.

Shego was within the distance to pull off her plan, since her face was so close to Hulk's own, and now was the best time to try it out! Without warning, Shego quickly leaned close and captured Hulk's lips with her own, giving him a passionate kiss. Hulk's eyes widen in shock from this unexpected treat, enjoying the smoldering embrace of his lips with Shego's own, which eventually causes him to release his grip on Shego, allowing her to drop on the ground with a thud.

Wow! I can't say that I didn't enjoy that kiss. Who would have guessed that Hulk would have been such a good kisser? Shego mused to herself as she quickly dusted off the dirt that gathered on her jumpsuit during her fall from Hulk's embrace.

Shego quickly got to her feet, but what she seen next surprised even her. She looked at Hulk, who seemed lost and confused after the kiss. It might have been her imagination, but Shego could swear she seen a small tear fall from his right eye and slowly stream down his cheek before he turned away from her. Shego looked at him curiously for a few moments, noticing that his shoulders had slumped slightly and his head had lowered, before he turned to look at her once again.

Hulk's face was etched with a deep sadness and another emotion that Shego knew all too well... loneliness. For some strange reason, Shego couldn't help but feel the need to comfort the jade giant. She stepped towards him, only for him to let out a savage snarl of rage and pain, causing her to step back away from the Hulk. He made a mistake to show weakness to this woman, and that would not do for the strongest one there is!

What have I done? Stupid emotions! Make me weak! I ain't weak! I don't need love! I don't need friends! I don't need anyone! I'm the Hulk! The strongest one there is! All I want is to be left alone! But... she kissed me. It felt so wonderful... could she love me? Could she love Hulk? No! Shego is no better than the others who've hurt me! Hulk thought to himself, unsure of his mixed feelings regarding Shego and the kiss.

He looked at Shego, who was staring at him, as if waiting for him to respond to her presence. Hulk could stay with her and talk, but that was simply out of the question, for the Green Goliath was of action and not words. Besides, he really didn't know what to think or what to say regarding Shego and his feelings towards her. It was then that Hulk decided to take the route he took 90% of the time, which was to act aggressive and leap away to be alone.

"Leave me alone.", Hulk said before leaping off into the distance, leaving Shego all by herself.

Shego stood by herself, contemplating the events that had just happened, wondering why Hulk didn't continue fighting her. She knew more than enough about the Hulk, that she known for a fact that the green behemoth would often relish in participating in combat, but in this case something was wrong. She really didn't know what, but the emotions and sadness in his green eyes spoke volumes.

Why did he look so depressed and lonely? Why did he react the way he did when I kissed him? You'd think that he would have smashed me, instead of acting like a tortured soul? Shego wondered to herself, trying to think of a reason of why the Hulk left her in one piece instead of smashing her into the pavement like a bug.

It was then that a brilliant idea came to Shego's mind, causing her to allow an evil grin to grace her features. Now, she had a solid plan to destroying the Avengers! It was so simple, and it made her wonder why she couldn't think of it sooner! She would befriend and seduce the most powerful member of the Avengers, the Hulk, and then use him to destroy the Avengers from within!

All she had to do is get the big Green Goliath to fall for her and befriend the other Avengers, and when the time was right, she would use and manipulate the Hulk to destroy them all! With the Hulk's immense power and loyalty to only her, she would accomplish something which no villain or evil organization ever could... she would conquer the world! Best of all, nothing would be able to stand in her way!

However, another thought came into Shego's mind, reminding her of the way Hulk looked at her. She knew very little about the green behemoth, other than what she seen on the news and that the world labeled him as nothing more than a monster. But tonight, she'd seen a different side of the Hulk, a side that few others had ever seen or even known to exist. What she saw wasn't a monster, but a being that was just as lonely as herself. One that shared many similarities with her, even if she wouldn't admit it. It made her wonder even more about his reaction towards the kiss.

Could it be that he liked the kiss? Could it be that Hulk actually likes me? Shego asked herself before once again giving herself a mental slap. There is no time to for me to worry about if he has feelings for me! Besides, Hulk probably wouldn't be interested in a romantic relationship anyway. Wait! What did I just think? No, I must not get involved with Hulk in such a way! I've got a plan to execute! I've got an entire world to conquer! Shego reminded herself as she began running off into the darkness of the night.

She could hear the sirens of police cars and firetrucks blare loudly into the night, echoing in the city that is the Big Apple. Shego had a plan, and now she had to go to the one place she knew would be the place where the Hulk would be going to stay. Shego was going to Avengers Mansion!

Author's Notes

Well, here is the first chapter, and I hope all of you readers enjoy it! If you haven't noticed, this story is based in the same universe as the animated series, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! It's an awesome show, and I can proudly say that I'm a huge fan of the series. Easily the best animated series in a long time! My advice, check it out!

If you've seen the show, you realize that they finally gave Hulk the ability to talk, just like in the comics. In case some of you haven't known, Hulk could speak in perfect sentences ever since his first appearance in 1962. He's not the dumb caveman that speaks in broken sentences like most believe, and I'm glad that they've finally gave him the respect he rightfully deserves!

I had this story planned ever since watching the micro-episodes of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but decided to wait until I actually watched the two-part series beginning Breakout, and just recently the episode entitled Some Assembly Required, which was an excellent episode. I really liked the fact that Wasp was the only member who wanted to reach out and be Hulk's friend, despite his dislike of the other members... especially Thor.

I always knew that Wasp was going to be the supportive member of the team, and you can see it here in my story, as she tries to get Hulk to open up and have a conversation with her. So, plan on her being a major character in this story. By the way, if you're wondering how the fight between Hulk & Shego came to be, it was basically inspired by Hulk's confrontation with Hawkeye & The Black Widow. Basically, it's Shego's speed against Hulk's strength, more or less.

Anyways, I hope all of you enjoy this chapter.