Chapter Five

It had been exactly two weeks since Michaela and Becky had dug their first hole. Their daily routine consisted of getting up early, digging their holes as quickly as they could and then hanging out with the D Tent boys afterwards; with whom they had gotten closer to.

Michaela was probably closest to Squid, whilst Becky and Magnet were getting along really well, something X-Ray didn't like much. They also hardly spoke to the other girls from their tent, because they didn't seem interested in these new outsiders. It was as if they had broken some unspoken rule by hanging out with the boys. They had also had two counselling sessions, and the boys still didn't coax Becky into telling them what crime she had committed to get sent here. Nor did she mention her sick mother...but Pendanski would keep pressing for her to open up, until she confesses. He of course knows that she dealt drugs but he's technically not allowed to reveal it himself.

Michaela was, however, worried about Barfbag. Most days, he didn't speak unless he was spoken to. She had tried talking to him, but she would get the same, short answers. She even tried asking Squid about it, but he shrugged off her concerns. He replied that, "most of us can't wait to get out of here." However, Michaela couldn't help but think he was going to do something to get him out of Camp. The only thing that put her at ease was that he didn't particularly want to go home either.

As usual, again two weeks on from when the girls first arrived, D Tent and Michaela and Becky followed Mr. Pendanski to the place they were to dig for the day. It was dark out, and the other groups of boys around them were also being led out by their respective counsellor.

Before she even knew it, the sun had risen. Sighing, she wiped the pouring sweat away from her forehead, wincing at her sore hands. Her muscles still ached from two constant weeks of digging and she felt like she was digging slower than ever.

"I tell you, it's burning up out here."

"It's global warming."

"The hole in the ozone is directly above my head."

"Man, the hole is in your head."

They all laughed. Michaela swerved her head and her laughter subsided. She watched as Barfbag slid out of his hole, and removed his sock and shoe from one foot. Michaela frowned in confusion. Following his nervous gaze, her own eyes widened in fear. Barfbag wouldn't dare go near that rattlesnake.


She quickly jumped out of her hole as Barfbag slowly advanced toward it. "Squid?" Michaela asked uncertainly. He looked towards her, who in turn nodded towards Barfbag and the rattlesnake.

Squid stood beside Michaela, with a confused expression on his face. "What the hell is he gonna do?"

"Look at his foot," she muttered, "he wouldn't, he wouldn't..."

"Hey, Barfbag, get back here!" Armpit shouted from behind them, "What are you doin'?"

"Get back, for real, Barfbag!" shouted a worried Magnet, "This 'ent funny!"

The other boys began to shout at the same time. Mr. Pendanski began to make his own way over, to see what the commotion was all about.

"Barfbag!" X-Ray warned, his voice dominant above the others.

Michaela ran forward. "Michaela get back here!"

She grabbed Barfbag's arm. "Come on, Barfbag, stop this right now."

He ignored her. She ran in front of him, barring his way from the snake.

"Please, Barfbag," she pleaded, "this isn't the way! You can get through this-"

The boys continued to shout behind them. "I can't," came his simple reply, barely a whisper.

Michaela could hear the rattle behind her. And it sounded close. Barfbag pushed her out of the way. Using her palms to break the fall, Michaela quickly looked back up as she lay on the rough surface.

His bare foot reached out to the snake, the rattle warning Barfbag to stay away. Michaela held her breath.

The snake attacked. A hissing sound hit Michaela's ears as it's fangs bit down on Barfbag's skin. Michaela rushed to his side when Barfbag yelled out in agony, and fell to the floor.

"Oh my Gawd," she heard Mr. Pendanski exclaim behind her. He rushed away.

Michaela held Barfbag's hand as he continued to scream in pain. The bite on his foot was bleeding, and it was already beginning to swell. D Tent rushed over to them. Barfbag was sweating and his muscles began to twitch. He continued to yell in agony.

"Michaela!" Squid yelled. She quickly looked around; the snake was still there. Barfbag's yells was blocking out the sound of its rattle. Instinctively, she kicked it away with her boot. If it wasn't for Squid, it probably would have bit her too.

A car, that none of them recognised, pulled up. The words inscribed on the car told them that it was a Chrysler. Mr. Sir and Mr. Pendanski flew out of the front seats. "Take his legs," Mr. Sir grunted, whilst hoisting him up by his arms. Mr. Pendanski did so, and Michaela let go of his hand. They lay him down in the back seats of the Chrysler.

"We're taking Lewis to the nearest hospital-" Mr. Pendanski began.

"The nearest town is hours away!" Michaela said, shocked at how far away help actually is.

"-and we still expect nine holes," he finished, and he jumped into the passenger's seat.

"We will be back tonight," Mr. Sir told them, getting into the driver's seat.

D Tent, and the two girls, watched in silence as the car pulled away, driving through the holes, toward the main road.

"Oh my God," Michaela said, still in shock. "I can't believe it."

X-Ray shook his head. "I didn't think he was that desperate to get outta' here."

"He had guts," Armpit said, "to go and step on a rattlesnake."

Michaela exhaled. "Didn't you guys know that he was really unhappy? I mean, really unhappy?"

"Can you blame us for not wanting him around?" X-Ray said, rolling his eyes. "He'll be fine."

Magnet squeezed Michaela's shoulder. "They'll have anti-venom, won't they?" She shrugged, and turned back towards their holes. Zero, it seemed, had gone back to camp. Slightly heartless.

Zigzag said, returning to his own hole, "What we gonna do about Barfbag's hole?"

"Well, I'm not digging it," Michaela declared, jumping back into her own hole. "I knew something was up with him."

"We're all digging it," X-Ray ordered.

"What? But -" Michaela stopped, noticing Becky was nowhere in sight either. "Wait, where's Becky?"

"I'm here," came a timid voice. Michaela peered into a hole to see Becky sitting inside one. "Sorry...I don't like snakes. Or blood."

"Oh. Worst nightmare, then."

"Pretty much."

Michaela saw everybody else began to dig in silence, so she returned to her own hole. Later on that day, Squid sat at the edge of her hole when he had finished. "Hey," he said.

"Hey," she sighed, continuing to shovel out dirt.

"What's up?" asked Squid, biting his lip.

"I just feel like I could have done more for Barfbag," she admitted, "so he wouldn't have wanted to leave so bad." I'd been so focused on getting the 'cooler' lads to like me...Squid especially.

"Hey, you can't help it if you like hanging out with us more," Squid smirked, making Michaela laugh slightly. She shrugged, considering this. "But, don't worry about it. It's not your fault. Ain't nobody's fault." He jumped down next to her and put a reassuring arm on her shoulder, squeezing gently. She smiled gratefully.

"Oh, thanks, by the way," she said, measuring her hole.

"What for?"

"For warning me about the snake! It probably would have bit me."

"So, I could have saved you life?"

Michaela nodded. "Well when you put it like that...yes, I suppose so."

She had never seen Squid look so pleased. He lifted himself out of her hole, and held out his hand for her. She took it, and he lifted her out.

Turning around, Michaela sucked up her last bit of saliva and spat into her hole. Now she had to help the others finish Barfbag's hole, and then things would go back to normal. Hopefully.

Author's Note:

Thank you all :) I will finish this story to the end!