"Your car, or mine?" Dempsey looked at her with a smile on his face.

"You take yours and I take mines. I have some things to do first. We meet again at the office" Makepeace smiled back at him: "Then you can do all the paperwork. You own me something!"

Dempsey's smile disappeared. She knew how he hated paperwork, but on the other hand... She was right. He owned her something.

"See you later" she said and drove away.

Dempsey walked back to the pub where his car was still standing. He did it! He was proud of himself. He made Makepeace coming back to SI10. He was wondering how Spikings reaction on this would be. He soon found out after his arrival at the office. At the moment he came in, Spikings entered the door and said:

"Dempsey! I want to see you in my office" and when Dempsey didn't follow him immediately, he yelled. "Not over an hour, NOW!"

Dempsey knew exactly what was coming. "I didn't do anything this time boss". He started to defend himself.

"Did I say something Lieutenant?" Spikings asked him.

"No, but..."

"The only thing I want to know: as I'm informed correctly, Makepeace was there as well?"


"And what did you do to persuade her to help you?" Spikings looked at him. "Did you solve the problems lying between the two of you?"

When Dempsey didn't give an answer he repeated his question.

"Not exactly."


"Well, I eh... well she comes back. I thought you would be happy about that". He couldn't follow it anymore. What does it matter or the two of them had solved their problems or not? That was something between them, there has nobody else anything to do with.

"Then where is she?" Spikings looked around. "I don't see her. Do you?"

"She said she had some things to do and then will come back".

"She will stay or what?" Spikings didn't like it, he didn't like it at all.

"How the hell do I know! She was with me to get Daish..."

"Yes and as I'm right, the man lays now at the bottom of the river"

"That wasn't my fault". Dempsey exploded.

"So you didn't kill him?"

"No! He just drove of backwards and parked his car into the water. I even wanted to jump in the water trying to safe him, but Makepeace persuade me not to do that".

"Well, the only eyewitness of that isn't here, isn't she?"

Slowly it started to drive Dempsey crazy.

"What are you suggesting boss?"

"You can't deny it Lieutenant, that you have killed too many people in the past".

Dempsey looked at his boss in disbelieve. This wasn't happening. He was dreaming. In a couple of hours he woke up to know this has been all a bad dream. But it wasn't a dream he realised. It was reality.

"Then we have to wait to Makepeace shows up to hear her part of the story. Till then you are suspended Lieutenant. You can write your report about the shooting and then you can go".

For the first time in his life, Dempsey didn't know what to do.

"You can't do that!"

"Oh yes I can" and when Dempsey started to walk away Spikings continued: "And leave that canon of yours here together with your badge, will you?".

He won't. Of course he won't. He looked at Spikings for at least some sympathy but he found nothing.

Slowly Dempsey handed his gun over to Spikings and took his badge out of his jacket. Then he walked out of the door and slammed it behind him.

If he has turned around for a second, he should have seen the painful look into Spikings eyes. He didn't want to do this but he had to. Orders came from above. They thought there that Dempsey did go to far this time. He tried to persuade the people upstairs to wait with their solutions till they had a full report about the shooting and everything that had followed, but they wouldn't listen. To protect his best man, he had to suspend Dempsey. He only could hope, it would be temporary.

In the meantime, Makepeace drove home. Her head by with Dempsey had said to her earlier, that he had no intention to work at the SI10 either anymore without her. Did he mean that or was it just a way to persuade her to come back so they could continue working together as they had done before? Did he indeed realise what her reasons had been to leave the force in the first place? On one hand, she hoped so, but on the other hand, she had her doubts about that. She had admit to herself, since a couple of days, that she had indeed strong feelings for Dempsey. That it became more than just a working relationship, but did he feel the same way about her? Okay, he said that he needed her, but was that on the job or in his personal life? And could she handle another moment in which she had to face another possible dead of the man she loved?

When she entered the house she picked up the receiver and made a phone call to her professor where she was now working for.

"I'm sorry Sir", she started, "But I need a brake, I'll do all the work I promised to do but I wouldn't be around for a couple of days".

"Are you alright Harry?" the man asked. She wanted to say no, but she answered: "Yes, just a little tired, that's all. I'll contact you as soon as possible".

Then she hang up and made another phone call. This time to her friend in Leeds.

"Hi Angela".

"Harry? What a surprise. How are you?"

"Can I stay a couple of days? I need a break and since we haven't seen each other since you moved..."

"Of course. By the way, how is James doing?"

"Can you do me a favour, please don't mention his name!"

There was a moment of silence on the other side. Makepeace had the illusion that Angela exactly knew what was going on, even if Harry didn't say a word but acting as a real friend Angela followed: "You can stay as long as you wish".

"Thanks" and she hang up.

Harry then walked upstairs and put some clothes in a bag. For a short moment of time she hesitated to call Dempsey to tell him where she would be the upcoming days, but then she thought that it would be better that he didn't know. First she needed to solve her own problems then it would be time for theirs.

2 hours later she drove away from home. And was on her way to Leeds.