Back in the library, he filled Harry's father in about what he had heard. The man was even more in shock.

"Tell me, that's not true!"

"I'm afraid so"

"No wonder that Harry is acting like this!"

"What do you mean?"

Lord Winfield walked over to a bookshelf on the other sight of the room. Putting some books away he opened a safe and came back with a small box in his hands.

"Sit down James. There's something I need to show you".

He opened the box and inside was a small diary.

"This one belonged to Harry's mother. She wrote in it every night before she went to bed".

He handled the diary to Dempsey.

"I wanted to give it to Harry when she was older but she refused to have it"

"Why? Why did she refuse it?"

"I don't know. Maybe because it was too painful for her"

He ducked again in the box. This time coming up with a small box from a jeweller.

He opened it and took something out.

"This here James, was my wedding ring to Harry's mother. I want you to do me a favour. "If" you two are getting married, give her then also this ring. And tell her then that her mother loved her so much and that she always will".

When Lord Winfield had said these words, Dempsey could see the tears in the man's eyes.

"But Sir... I can't do that! I don't even know or Harry and I will ever get married and wouldn't it be natural to tell Harry about..."

"About what James?"

Oh my god, James thought. Harry! How long has she been standing there? What did she hear? He pressed his fingers around the ring in his hand and hoped that she believed him when he said:

"Oh about what happened yesterday evening Harry"

"Is that where the two of you talk about? Did you figure it out?"

"Yes I did"

"Then what?"

"Not here Harry. Shall we go upstairs so that your father can get some sleep?"

"That's a good idea. Goodnight daddy!"

She gave him a little kiss on the cheek and walked away. James followed a little slower. Putting the ring in a pocket of his jacket.

"Think on what I've said to you James. I believe the rest is up to you and Harry now".

10 minutes later Harry was sitting in her room on her bed and James set next to her. Slowly he started to tell the news that Spikings had told him. Harry didn't move during the whole story but when he was finished she looked far away with her thoughts.

"What are you thinking?" he asked carefully.

"I know what happened!" she answered with a little smile around her mouth.

"It happened before!"

"What happened before?" Where was she talking about?

"When I was young. I guess my father showed you my mother's diary?"

"Yes he did. He told me that you refused to read it"

"I knew already what was in it"

"How did you know that? You never read it"

"That's what he said"

"But you did. Am I right?"

"Yes" she whispered.


"Dempsey, I guess it would be time to tell you the whole story".

She took a deep breath. "It's hard for me, but after yesterday evening... I pushed everything away for so long. I always thought I laid it behind me that I never had to think about it any more. But obvious I'm wrong. I..."

She turned around to look him in the eyes.

"Did my father also tell you how my mother died?"

"No, he didn't"

"Well, it was on a sunny Summer afternoon. My father and I were sitting in the garden when my father got that phone call. A friend of him had heard it on the radio. There were no survivors..."

When she didn't follow her story and she only looked at him with tears in her eyes he already knew the rest of it.

"She died in a plane crash, didn't she?" he reached his hand out to her.

"It came all back yesterday. When I watched that TV program and when I realised that it was your plane. If I didn't finish my report on time... you would be dead by now as well"

Dempsey put his arms around her and tried to conform her. "Tell me the rest" he whispered in her hair.

"Well, my father came up to me and tried to explain everything, but I was too little by then. I didn't understand it. I couldn't believe why my mother never showed up anymore and why everybody was so sad. I even liked the funeral" she said with a weak smile on her face.

"My father did everything he could, to be a father and mother at the same time, but I missed her so much. Cried myself to sleep every night and felt so lonely".

Dempsey didn't know what to say. The only thing he knew that he now understood why she was acting so hard sometimes. For her it has been the only way to survive during all these years.

"Is that the reason why you became a cop?"

"I think so. I felt so guilty"

"About what?"

"I don't know. I guess, I had the feeling that it was my fault that she died".

"That's ridiculous!"

"Yeah, I know that now, but back then... Well one night I went downstairs and I saw my mothers diary lying on the table in the library. My father was away for a couple of days and he obvious had forgotten that he had put it there. I don't know. But anyway I started to read it and then I knew that it wasn't my fault. She wrote that she really looked forward to her stay in America. Only she was so afraid to fly..."

Dempsey saw a tear running down her cheek. "She wanted to go to New York James"

"I had that feeling already".

"But she never made it"

"How did you feel then when Spikings told you that an American, me, was coming to stay at SI10 to work with you? Does he know about your mother?"

"Spikings knows a little bit. Not everything. He knows that she died in a plane crash but that's it. And yes, I hated you. You brought so many bad memories back. But then I got to know you and well I started to realise that I couldn't blame every American for what happened to me, and I just pushed everything a sight"

"Till yesterday"

"Till yesterday. I'm so sorry."

"He. There's nothing to be sorry for. I'm so glad you finally told me"

Another tear run down her cheek. Dempsey saw it, but he knew that after all these years she finally was ready to face the reality.

"Princess. There's no reason to be sorry anymore. I understand".

Harry bided her lips, but couldn't hold back the tears now anymore who were rolling over her cheeks. She cried in Dempsey's arms and was so glad he finally knew the whole truth.

That night it was around 1am that they finally went to bed.

"Goodnight Princess" Dempsey said putting a kiss on her cheek and wanted to walk away to his own room. But Makepeace had made an other decision now as well.

"Don't go away James. Please stay".

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes, I almost lost you. Not nearly once, but nearly twice... I can't stand it alone anymore"

So Dempsey closed the door behind him and climbed in Harry's bed. No more secrets.

"James?" Harry put her arm around his neck to kiss him. "You are my everything..."