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Reunited Once Again

Yong Qi turned back to the carriage after helped Xiao Yan Zi to help Zi Wei and the rest. He was ready to take Zi Wei's hand when suddenly, "Xiao Yan Zi!" Zi Wei screamed as she saw her sworn sister lose her balance.

Yong Qi immediately turned around and caught Xiao Yan Zi's body just in time, so that his wife fell on his strong hands instead of the paving ground. He steadied himself on the ground with Xiao Yan Zi rested on his hand. Yong Qi poked her cheeks rapidly, tried to wake her up. Zi Wei already jumped down the carriage and knelt down next to Yong Qi, calling out Xiao Yan Zi's name. Qing'er brilliantly managed to take away kids, made space for Yong Qi. When Xiao Yan Zi responded to neither his nor Zi Wei's calls, he swept her feet swiftly and hugged her tight on his arms.

Er Tai looked at both Yong Qi and Zi Wei with worried expression on his face. He gave Er Kang 'what-the-hell-happen' look. Er Kang shook his head. Er Tai turned his face back to Yong Qi. "Follow me, Yong Qi." He said and led Yong Qi to the nearest guest room. When Er Tai walked through all those Tibetan soldiers and maids, they are all shirking away, making spaces for Er Tai, as if he is their king. He immediately commanded a couple of maids to prepare the room for Xiao Yan Zi.

Yong Qi followed Er Tai. They walked pass through entrance stairs, long hall before they reach chambers wing. On this side of palace, is where all the royal guests stay. The maids opened the door when Er Tai and Yong Qi arrived, followed by Zi Wei, Er Kang and Xiao Jian while Qing'er walked slowly behind them, accompanying the children. Yong Qi put Xiao Yan Zi to bed, gently. He covered her with a big fur blanket that the maids prepared. Yong Qi took Xiao Yan Zi right hand and touched her wrist.

Everyone gathered outside the bedroom, sat either around the table or on a couch, waiting for Yong Qi to examined Xiao Yan Zi. Er Tai called the maids, asked them to prepare hot water and some tea to be served to their guest; then he joined the group and waited for Yong Qi.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Yong Qi sat next to Xiao Yan Zi. He checked on Xiao Yan Zi's pulse, her eyes and the way she breathe. He kept silent for a couple of second, counting her weak pulse, and then he put Xiao Yan Zi's hand back under the blanket. He sighed deeply and stroked her hair gently, and then he smiled widely. Yong Qi took a blue little bottle from his bag. He opened it and smeared it under Xiao Yan Zi's nose. The mint-flowery fragrant smell pleasantly relaxing, made Xiao Yan Zi winced.

"Zi Wei! She is awake." Yong Qi called Zi Wei.

Zi Wei came running from the other room, followed by the others. Saiya came amazingly fast after the maid told her what happened, and she also rushed to Xiao Yan Zi's room along with the rest of them. "Xiao Yan Zi! Are you okay? What happen?" she asked quietly, afraid as if any louder voice could harm Xiao Yan Zi. Yong Qi stood up and let Zi Wei sat on the bed, next to Xiao Yan Zi.

Xiao Yan Zi slowly opened her eyes. She glanced around the room, noticing that everyone's there, watching over her. She decided to wake up and sat, Zi Wei help her patiently. "What happened to me? Where am I?" she asked confusedly.

Zi Wei placed her hands on Xiao Yan Zi's, tried to sooth her. "You are in one of the guest room at Saiya's Palace. In fact, it is your room, while we're here." She answered her. "You've made us worried, you know. Why don't you just tell Yong Qi if you're tired?" she said with a relief sigh.

Xiao Yan Zi looked at her, then turned her face towards everyone. "I'm sorry for made all of you worried. I'm rarely tired or weak or even fainted." She said calmly and then gasped. "Unless… Tian Ah! Yong Qi! Are you…? Am I…?" she asked Yong Qi haltingly, pointed her index finger towards Yong Qi and then backed to her.

Yong Qi looked at his wife, and then he smiled happily and nodded. "Yes… and yes, Xiao Yan Zi. We are expecting another child. You are one month pregnant." He said in assurance. Zi Wei screamed happily and hugged her sworn sister, congratulate her. The others were shaking hands with Yong Qi, who is now grinning in happiness and pride. Xiao Yan Zi blushed in reaction of their friends.

"One month pregnant?" she whispered, in deep thought. "Yong Qi! I hate you! I really hate you!" she said in exclamation. Everyone turned their head to Xiao Yan Zi, confused why she is mad at Yong Qi. Zi Wei stood up so that Yong Qi can sit next to his wife. Xiao Yan Zi started to punch Yong Qi's chest. "It's your entire fault. Hateful, hateful. Now, how I am suppose to enjoy this entire journey if I'm pregnant, with you nagging around me?" she asked, while keep punching Yong Qi.

Yong Qi chuckled and let Xiao Yan Zi punch him for a while. It was her old habit to punch him whenever he teased her or made her angry. But that habit had been stopped after they left the palace, until now. "Xiao Yan Zi, I…" he said patiently.

Xiao Yan Zi, who still punching Yong Qi's chest, cut his sentence. "You knew that we're going to Tibet, yet you still made me pregnant. Now you'll not allow me to do anything. Where's the fun now? It was all your fault." She mumbled noisily. Zi Wei and the others, who are watching the couple, held back a smile on their faces. This is indeed one of those lovely scenes that they hadn't seen in a very long time.

Yong Qi groaned. "Alright. Stop it, Xiao Yan Zi. Listen to me." He said and held Xiao Yan Zi's wrists to stop her from punching him. He looked at her and smiled charmingly. "I'm sorry, okay. Even though it was hardly my fault, I will take responsibility. I will let you to have fun along the journey. I won't be such a nagging husband. I promise." He said and released her wrists so he can hold her.

Xiao Yan Zi rested her head on Yong Qi's shoulder. "So, you would let me riding horses? And fight?" she asked quietly but surely with relief tone. She knew that she could trust Yong Qi, for he never lied to her. But to believe that Yong Qi wouldn't be such a nagging husband was a little too unbelievable. When she was carrying Mian Yi and Mei Ling, he didn't let her to work in their field. Her job was only to work on the house and cook. But again, nothing interesting in their little village back then. It is Tibet, city of adventure, all new adventure for them and no one can keep her away from having fun, including Yong Qi, especially Yong Qi.

Yong Qi smiled and nodded. He buried his face on Xiao Yan Zi's hair. "Yes, of course, love. Under some circumstances and rules." He answered happily, teased his wife again.

Xiao Yan Zi broke down their hug and glared at Yong Qi. "Yong Qi… You wouldn't dare to take your words back." She said, annoyed. She folded her arms together in front of her chest.

Yong Qi laughed at his wife's expression. "Trust me. I promise." He said firmly and let out a sigh of relief when he saw his wife's warm smile again.

"You really are a troublesome princess, aren't you, Huan Zhu Ge Ge?" said a feminine voice.

Everyone turned their head and made spaces for her to walk through. Xiao Yan Zi chuckled and looked back at her. "Sharp tongue as always, Saiya Gong Zhu." She answered and gestured to Saiya to give her a hug. "I am sorry if I happened to always ruining your excitement, Saiya. But I dare say that you missed me too." She said. They hugged each other tightly.

Saiya laughed happily. "I do miss you, Xiao Yan Zi. As a matter of fact, a lot." She said. Their broke heir hug and she looked at Xiao Yan Zi. "You've changed!" she exclaimed. Saiya didn't see the old Xiao Yan Zi. The rebellious and mischievous princess has changed to a mature and wise mother, from a boyish young lady into a feminine mother. It was so unbelievable to see Xiao Yan Zi changed a lot.

Xiao Yan Zi chuckled again to see Saiya's exaggeration towards her changes. "And I see you haven't. You still our old Saiya." She said. Everyone nodded in agreement. Er Tai chuckled.

Saiya sighed heavily. "Er Tai is the one who changes a lot through these years, besides our children, of course. They are growing, very fast." She told everyone while moving her hands happily.

Er Tai smiled and placed his arm around Saiya's shoulder. "They are kids… Of course they are growing. What do you expect?" he said calmly. Saiya rolled her eyes and gave the others an 'i-told-you-so' expression.

Saiya let out an exasperate sigh. "Alright everyone. It's late already. I've sent meals to your rooms. Just rest for tonight and we will start to explore Tiber tomorrow." She said. Saiya hug Xiao Yan Zi again and walked out, followed by everyone else off to their rooms.