Hey there, my name is Crystal Turquoise and I am 19 years old. This is my story.

A few months ago I had been auditions on the X-Factor...

-A few months ago-

I went into the room, ready for my audition...

"Hey I'm here for my audition," I said.

"Ok," Dermott said, "Go and stand on the big red X, ok?"

"Ok," I said and went over to stand on the X which was there in the studio.

"Hello little girl," Simon said, "And just what is your name?"

"My name is Crystal," I said, proudly.

"Ok Crystal, and what are you going to sing?"

"Abbey Road by the Beatles" I said and I put the Abbey Road CD in the cassete player.

"Great, I love that one," Cheryl said.

I knew the Beatles were a popular band so if I sung one of theirs I'd probably get through.

Anyway I sung Abbey Road and then the audience clapped.

But the judges were less impress!

"Get off my stage you were rubbish," Simon said.

"Yeah you suck man," Louis said.

They both said no except for Cheryl who said yes.

The audience booed as I was voted off.

-End backflash-

So yeah, I was rejected from my audtions.

Now I have to watch X-factor on TV like everyone else. I sat on the couch, watching all the contestants...

"I should be on this competition," I said to myself as I watched them sing.

Suddenly, Dermott came to on the stage and said "Tonight, we will have a triple eviction!"

"Oh no," said the contestants.

"Yes," Dermott said, "Nicola, Storm and Matt, come up to here."

And they did that exactly.

"What is your want?" Matt asked.

"You have all been evict, now LEAVE THIS PLACE!" Dermott shouted, jumping up and down.

"Mamma mia!" Nicola shouted and all three of evicted contestants left the stage, never to return.

Or so they thought.