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I was amazed how fast time was flying. Had it really been so many months? Was I really graduating in eight weeks? Was prom really happening within the month? And had I honestly found the perfect date to it?

Well, yes to all but that last sentence. I still didn't have a date for prom; but that was alright for now. I was much more interested in Andie's crush on Blane McDonough, one of the most popular richies in the entire school.

"So, has Blane asked you out yet?" I asked her one day between classes. We were hanging in the "court yard" (ha) with the other zoids.

"Hmm. No." She said, "But we talked for a while the other day in the computer lab." And she proceeded to tell me all about Blane's "computer trick".

"Well that's promising." I said to her, "Oh wait. Don't look now, but I think that's your man." I told her, noticing some richie breaching the barrier between the two worlds. He looked exceptionally out of his element.

"Oh God, that is him. What do I say? What do I talk about?" She asked me, biting her lip in that way she had.

With the exception of their chat in the lab the other day, Andie and Blane hadn't really talked much since the start of school. I guess he'd been pressured by his dick "friends" to stop conversing with her all together, and he must have caved into their criticism. But maybe this was a sign that he wanted to try harder this time around and disobey his friends' wishes.

"Spring is very conducive for love." I teased her quietly as Blane finally located us and started to head our way.

"Oh shut up." Andie said, looking down at her sketchpad and failing to hold back an elated little smile.

"How're you girls doing?" He asked casually, swinging his sunglasses in his hand.

"Quite well, thanks." I replied, smiling as kindly as I could.

"Fine." Andie said nonchalantly, "You?"

"Okay." Blane answered her, glancing around at the other zoids, "And you?"

"Well- I just said I was fine." Andie laughed, messing with her sunglasses and elbowing me as I snorted.

"Oh yeah, sorry." Blane said, sounding embarrassed, "Oh, am I interrupting something?" He added, noticing me watching on with amusement.

"Not at all!" I said hastily, "I was just about to go make Phil go to history. See ya, Andie." I added with another teasing tone before standing up and leaving the two of them alone.

Finding Phil was actually really easy. He was pestering some richie girls a little ways down the hall. From the way they were glaring I could guess what they were talking about. His pregnancy scandal was known school-wide.

"There you are, you tool." I said, pulling him by the arm farther down the hall.

"Hey Maggie." He said to me before turning his head back towards the girls, "Don't forget my offer, ladies!" He added before we disappeared around a corner.

"You are such a pig." I told him as I linked our arms.

"What, for offering a valuable service to the female student body?" He asked, feigning innocence.

"I don't know any girl who wants a kid while still in high school." I explained while rolling my eyes, "Besides, no one ever takes you up on it." I added to tease him.

"That's not true. You haven't declined yet." He said suggestively with a wink.

"Yet." I reminded him, "I don't want to hurt your feelings is all."

"How would you saying yes hurt my feelings?" He asked with a toothy grin. I snorted despite feeling my face grow warm.

"Oh please, you wish." I scoffed to cover up for myself. I just hoped I wasn't blushing.

"Oh babe do I." He agreed, moving his arm to my waist, "So where are we going? Your place? My place?"

"Our place." I replied slyly as I continued in the direction of our history class.

"Ooh, I like the way you're talkin', Maggie." He started, but stopped dead when he noticed where I'd lead him.

"What, are all these kids gonna watch? Cause I don't know if I'm into that, doll." He said as we entered the classroom. It was hard to tell when the joking started and stopped with Phil.

"Yes. They are all here to witness you going to history for the first time this week." I told him as he reluctantly took the seat behind mine, "And don't forget, we're revising your essay tonight at Andie's."

Later that night, the three of us were in Andie's pink bedroom. We were there to help Phil with his history essay; I had finished mine yesterday so I could be here for him tonight. But he simply wasn't in the game. As Andie described what the Warsaw Pact was, I shook my head and watched Phil screw around at her vanity.

"Hey dork." I said to get his attention, "We're here for you. Pay attention."

"Jeez, bossy." He said, pushing my hat over my face; which in turn made me snap his suspenders, "Ow, Maggie." He whined.

"Are you two listening to me?" Andie asked over Phil's complaining.

"Yes." I answered, shoving him onto Andie's bed and plopping down beside her, "What's he done wrong so far?"

"So far?" Phil asked, sounding wounded.

"He's bullshitting." Andie answered me. I nodded and gave him a disapproving look.

"Well what about the rest of it?" He asked, ignoring me.

Andie continued to critique the paper while I got up to play with Ace. I listened vaguely while Andie told Phil about our idea as to why he was flunking his classes. We had discussed it last week after I had finally got fed up with covering for him skipping the classes we had together and yelled at him for it. Andie had told me she thought he was just doing it to stay in high school, and I had to agree with her. Phil wasn't exactly one to face things.

"You know, I hope I'm not the only one in the world who knows what an incredible person you are." I heard Andie say softly.

"Well, at this point, I'm afraid you are." Phil replied. I turned to face them and crossed my arms.

"Hey!" I said indignantly, "So what am I?" The look on Phil's face was priceless, and it made it hard for me to actually be mad. I don't think he remembered I was there, or what he'd even said for that matter.

"You- are..." He stammered, "Well apparently you do too." He finished lamely as Andie stood up and walked to her door.

"You're an asshole." I laughed, pushing him as I joined Andie.

"After we get back from the kitchen, we have to work." Andie told him sternly, "What do you want to drink?" I didn't hear his reply because I was already tromping down the stairs.

"Sorry about him; he's an idiot." Andie said as she opened the fridge.

"He's an idiot." I agreed with a shrug, "I'll have whatever you're having." While she searched for something good, I heard something. Seeing an air vent above me, I figured that's where the sound was coming from. But it was actually singing; and the voice was Phil's.

"Love is feeling." He sang, "Feeling love!" I laughed as I leaned against the wall. But it wasn't a typical laugh…

"You just giggled." Andie said to me in an accusing, but confused, manner while handing me a can of Pepsi.

"I just giggled." I repeated, just as confused. Then Andie noticed Phil's singing too.

"You giggled at Duckie." She said in that same tone, pointing a finger at the vent. A look of realization came over her face, "You like Duckie!" I was dumbstruck for a moment before dropping my Pepsi.

"Holy shit, I like Phil!" I yelled.