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By Your Side

Chapter Fifteen

Every Dog Has Its Day

Duo woke up with a knot in his stomach the size of a small continent.

He'd said it.

Shit. He needed to repair this fence immediately. He had to make some excuse – that he'd been taken in by the drugs, maybe, or that he hadn't used the right words. And he had to say it fast.

He pulled himself up from the bed. He was still under the effects of the medication; he could tell because he didn't feel any pain in his legs when he stood, or in his head as he looked around. It was gray out, almost black. He looked out the window and stared at the neighboring houses before leaving his bed unmade and walking into the hallway. That pain medication was great. If he walked carefully, he felt nothing.

He thought he could hear something from downstairs, soft footfalls and a pan clinking against a stove. Heero was cooking. His mouth started salivating right there. He still had to recover from going an entire day with nothing but that hospital liquid food.

The stairs were next after the hallway, and he hesitated in front of them. He'd bumped his way down before, when he hadn't needed to worry about an audience. Did he want to do that again? Or did he want to risk falling to his death in order to save his pride? He stood there for a while, staring down at the landing. He could remember Heero coming to him earlier, when he hadn't taken his medication, but the pictures were a bit distorted. Probably because his headache had been so fierce he hadn't been sure which direction was up. But he remembered Heero's words, and his worry.

That was what made him decide; he had to get downstairs and talk this out with Heero, and he had to make sure any stupid move he might be willing to make wouldn't alter the course of the conversation to other matters. Like, say, his stupid move. So he held the banister and leaned down and sat his butt on the upper landing before using his feet to keep him stable as he hopped his butt down to the first step. Injuries sucked.

Heero must have heard him moving or something then, because Duo suddenly heard more movement in the kitchen. Heero's footsteps came out to the living room. "Duo?"

"Coming down," he said, but of course Heero came over to check on him. He stood at the bottom of the landing and seemed to watch for any slip of movement for him to rush up the stairs. Duo gritted his teeth. That cobalt gaze seemed to be asking for something, squinted like that. And there was a thinness to his lips that said he was pressing them tightly together. Duo glared at him before resuming his descent.

He could almost hear Heero's relief when he reached the bottom, and he was offered Heero's hand to get up. Once he was on his feet, it was back to the kitchen, where Duo was ordered into a seat and Heero turned off the pasta on the stove and opened the oven to pull out the chicken.

"Uh, Heero? About what I said when I woke up–"

"We'll talk about it once I've sat down."

Well. That sounded... ominous. "Okay." And he started twiddling his thumbs.

Heero pulled out the chicken, stirred the pasta, and turned off the corn. Duo didn't get up when Heero grabbed the plates, almost worried about what was going to happen. He hadn't meant to say it. He still couldn't quite believe he had. And Heero was just moving around the stove putting corn on their plates as if nothing had happened.

Heero sat Duo's plate before him and placed his own down before sitting in his seat. Duo eyed his food like it was... well, poison. "Eat," Heero said, and Duo grabbed his fork on instinct. He waited for a moment, thinking it might just jump up and attack him, but it didn't and Heero wouldn't poison him, anyway. Unless he really was that upset by Duo's stupid moment of the decade. Heero sighed. "I'm not angry."

Duo poked the chicken and just gave up. "Heero, I didn't–"

"I was told once," he said, raising his voice in order to drown Duo out, "that I should follow my emotions. A very important person in my life gave me those words before he passed away. I should follow them." Heero cut into the chicken with his fork. "I love you, too."

Duo stopped poking at his food. His jaw dropped. "What?"

He stuck the piece of chicken in his mouth and chewed. "You heard me."

Duo's heart beat hard and slow, then raced. "Heero, are you talking–"

"You heard me."

The man was just sitting there eating like nothing had happened! Like he hadn't just said... said... Duo actually heard his brain break. "You mean like... like love-love. Like–"

"Were you referring to something different?"

Duo's mouth opened and closed like a carp's. He could back out. But... if this was real – if it wasn't some illusion, then... "No."

Heero stopped eating and looked up to him. His eyes seemed even bluer than usual. He placed his fork down and stood. Duo stood, too, ready to take whatever came. He felt something in his stomach quivering. He'd almost lost this friendship once, and now he was putting it on the line for what may or may not be what he wanted. Heero stopped just in front of Duo, too close to be getting ready to punch him. One of them moved first – Heero, maybe, grabbed Duo's braid first – or maybe Duo snatched Heero's shoulder – but then they each leaned forward and mashed their lips together. They stood there, lips simply pressed, feeling the warmth and newness of the sensation, before they both opened their mouths and delved their tongues inside. It was a sort of battle. Duo felt his brain misting over; his hands were lifted by some strange force to dig into Heero's shoulders and climb to the nape of his neck, into his hair. It was wild and thick and cool to the touch. He groaned. "What planet am I on?" he asked, finally ripping his mouth free and looking at Heero.

That huff-laugh whooshed a bit of air into Duo's face, making it impossible to not notice. "I find it hard to believe this is real, myself."

"For how long?" Duo asked.

Heero's hands slid to Duo's hips. "About a year now. On the mission against Barkley and his men, when you got shot defending the newbies."

Duo remembered that. It was a simple bust, but two of the newbies decided to go left instead of right and jumped straight in front of the enemies. Duo covered them and got hit in the left shoulder for his trouble. Heero had run up to cover him, and Duo could remember Heero shouting for his status. "You saw me get shot and that did it?"

"No. I saw you run to them and thought, 'shit.'" Duo saw the look in Heero's eyes, a look that pulled at his frown and deepened the cobalt in his eyes. "I had to take out the men on my side before going after you, and I found myself distracted. That's when it seemed to just... I had never thought the word before, but then it just entered my head. Right in the middle of battle." And Heero touched Duo's cheek. "But I had never had a friend before you."

"We were stupid." Heero's fingertips were warm. "I didn't want to lose all my hard work with you."

Heero half-smiled. "Am I a pet?"

Duo laughed. "Maybe a dog?" He stepped into Heero's embrace, close enough that their hips were pressed together. "What kind of dog would you be, Heero?"

"I certainly wouldn't be a chocolate lab."

Duo was laughing when they kissed again.

It was strange. It was almost as if they just slid straight into the next level, as if they'd been together for years. Nothing seemed to change. Heero spent the rest of the day with Duo, and after they finished Heero's meal, they went to the living room and just... talked. Duo told Heero that he'd refused to think the word at all, and Heero admitted he'd mentally chanted Dr. J's lectures on love before every bust. Duo explained everything that had happened when he'd been a dog, and Heero told him how scared he'd been when they couldn't find him. And when Duo asked about Heero's scream when Duo hadn't been in Relena's safehouse, Heero told him of a little girl with a white hat and a brown puppy named Mary.

The only thing that really changed was the touching. They couldn't seem to get enough of it. Heero was always touching Duo's face and hair, Duo Heero's chest and legs and just everywhere. He'd always been the one to initiate contact during the war, and he'd unconsciously made the most of it, hugging Heero, giving him light noogies, putting a hand on his shoulder as he read what was on Heero's laptop. But this was new. He could never touch Heero like this before, touches that were blatantly personal and definitely more than friends.

They went on like that, waiting for night to turn late, practically vibrating with want, until the doorbell rang. They both looked toward the door. "Stay there," Heero said, getting up from the couch they'd both been sitting on. "I'll get it."

Duo was still in a little bit of a daze from it all, so it took until the guests actually entered the house for him to realize that it was Quatre and Trowa and Wufei. Quatre looked over to Duo, then back at Heero, and then he smiled. "I'm glad to see the both of you are well. Wufei told me Heero left to come see how you were. He didn't come back, and he didn't call." Quatre raised an eyebrow at Heero.

"I forgot."

The words were met with silence. Duo almost laughed; it seemed everyone had a hard time picturing Heero forgetting something. "I guess I kind've... distracted him."

Wufei blinked and looked between them. "I can't believe it."

"Did you two actually do it?" Trowa asked. He stepped over to Duo and looked into his eyes. "You did. Unbelievable."

Duo frowned. "What the hell are you two talking about?"

"You two confessed, didn't you?" Quatre clapped his hands together. "Oh, thank goodness. I was really getting worried." Duo exchanged a glance with Heero and found the man just as lost as he. Quatre reached forward and grabbed Duo's hand. "Should we leave and come back?"

"What? No!" Duo sprung up from the couch. "What did you come here for?"

Wufei laughed. "This is too good."

"We only came because Zechs is going back to Noin. She spoke to him earlier today and he walked out of the cell block. He asked if we wanted to join him this time."

"I do." Heero went over to Duo. "You should stay here."

"Or I could not." Duo wanted his chance to speak with Noin, as well, since she'd tried to kill him. And if Heero was going in order to support his brother, then Duo would go to support Heero. "I guess we'll all be going."

"Are your legs all right?" Quatre asked. "Your head?"

"I'll be fine. I took the damn pills." Duo shot Heero a warning glance.

"In any case, you're to stay in the back." Wufei came up to Duo and touched his head, pushing with his finger until Duo obligingly turned his head for the man's inspection. "We've had enough of your gallivanting."

Gallivanting? "I got it." He swatted Wufei's hand away. "Let's just go."

"Go? Weren't you enjoying yourself here?"

Duo flushed. He should've known this would start. "Oh, yeah? Wanna see what you missed?" He walked over to Heero and put an arm on his shoulder. Heero just looked down at him and raised a brow.

"No, Maxwell, I do not." And Wufei looked away. Duo grinned. And the victory went to him.

They each left to their respective cars, with Quatre getting into Trowa's and Duo getting into Heero's. They all drove to the Darlian estate. Zechs waited in his car for them just outside the gate, and as they arrived he waved them to follow him. Heero took his place directly behind his adoptive brother's car, then Trowa, then Wufei, each of them looking like a funeral procession as they drove down the city streets. Duo leaned his head back against the seat and closed his eyes. He wasn't really feeling too many of the effects of the drugs, which meant that the pain would be returning soon. Fun galore.

"Are you tired? In pain?"

Duo rolled his head over to Heero and slit open his eyes. "Not really. Just thinking." Heero switched his eyes from the road for a moment and gave Duo a 'continue' look. "Just... I kind've get the whole 'gonna-teach-her' thing that Noin was pulling, but why me? Why doing all that? It was an act of terrorism. If she was trying to make the point that Relena was naïve, why not pretend to be nice and hold her hostage once she and Relena got together?"

Heero rolled his shoulders. "For one thing, she probably didn't have the chance to do that. Relena isn't allowed out of the house when hostile visitors are being received. She neglected that when she heard about what happened to us, but you saw how she had to return immediately. And secondly, the plan was slightly different than that."

Duo's brow furrowed. "How so?"

Heero switched lanes, staying just behind Zechs. "It isn't just with hostile national leaders that Relena does things... recklessly. She believes that no one truly wants to fight. That nothing can be gained from it. It's led her to several problems when it comes to threats, terrorists in particular."

That... actually made sense. Thinking that no one gained from fighting was foolish. If that were true, then why would they fight at all? People only do things in order to gain something. That was what the entire war Duo and the others had fought had been about. Who could gain more than anybody else. "Maybe... was I wrong to tell Relena that her methods were okay?"

"No." Heero turned on his turn signal again, but a crazy person cut in front of him and he had to relinquish his place behind Zechs. "You were right," Heero said. "She may still have things to learn, but what she is doing guarantees the continuance of peace." And then things shifted again; when just a moment before they'd just been their usual selves, Heero reached out and touched Duo's hand. He pulled it back quickly, but the movement alone was so abnormal it made Duo's mind slip out of its comfort zone. He had to remind himself that they weren't 'friends' anymore, but something more.

"Yeah. You're right." He closed his eyes again. Heero drove off the interstate, then stopped the car. Probably a red light. "So," he said, entering the silence, "what exactly am I supposed to call you?"


Duo looked to Heero again. Heero glanced at the light – still red – before turning his gaze to Duo, as well. "I mean, we aren't just friends now."

Something glittered in that deep blue. "No."

Things didn't really feel like they'd changed. Should they? He'd been teased enough by Wufei already that he should be feeling... something. "So what are we? Boyfriends?"

Heero snorted.

"Yeah, I didn't think that one would fly, either." He looked back out the windshield. "Green."

Heero pressed on the gas automatically, his gaze sliding forward as he turned, once again getting behind Zechs as the psycho driver kept going straight. Duo wished the people around the driver the best of luck. "Significant other."

"Eh?" Duo looked back over. "What is that? Some euphemism?"

"Perhaps." Heero followed as Zechs pulled over and parked in front of a county police station. "It's what homosexual partners call one another, at least when filling out their information."

Duo blushed. Homosexual partners? Was that... how he would be defined now? Somehow it didn't seem right. He watched movies, television... he was nothing like those people. And Heero most certainly was not. He watched the back of Zechs' car, watched the taillights and they pulled up to the state penitentiary. Noin would probably only be here for a short while longer. She was too high-profile a case to be left in anything less than a modern-day Alcatraz.

They all got out as if they'd rehearsed it, each waiting for the one behind them before opening their doors and stepping out. Guards came to speak with them, but Heero and Zechs went as a team and browbeat the guards before Quatre had even stepped out. Duo watched Heero's back instinctively. Places like this, with enemies everywhere... it didn't matter if they were locked up. Duo knew full well how easy it was to escape from places like this. Going into the lion's den without proper weaponry made his shoulders ache.

Once the guards were settled once more and they'd been allowed entrance, Zechs took point. Heero took his back, and when Duo went to stand behind Heero, he was pulled back to stand between Trowa and Quatre. He could hardly see Heero, with Wufei directly behind his new... 'significant other' and Quatre behind him. They were obviously going with the power surge, with Heero and Wufei up front. It was an old formation.

Duo couldn't see much save for what was beside him, with three backs in the way of his vision and another taking his back. He looked around at the entrance booth as he passed it. The guard was tall and mustached and probably hadn't fought a battle in years. His stance made him look tall and wide, but it was full of easy holes. Maybe there were better trained men inside.

Someone was talking to Zechs up in the front, but Duo hardly got more than a glance of a uniform. Duo understood quickly why they'd chosen this formation; as soon as they were led through to the cells, the hallway thinned, until the cells gave berth to only two or three skinny people. And with some prisoners having a penchant to reach out and try to grab, it was almost necessary to go one at a time. No wonder this place wasn't used to house the strong enemies. Duo could almost see them rushing in after him, one at a time – how they would pile up until he'd have to climb over their corpses. Easy pickings.

Someone in a cell shouted curses at them. Another banged on their cell door. The guard with Zechs actually yelled at them – so of course every man in every cell started shouting and jeering and hissing at the guard. Duo sighed and touched his head. The drugs were definitely wearing off. He was starting to get that damn headache. He hoped he could last it out until he got back to Heero's.

They kept going past cell after cell, until finally they came to a stop at the very end. Duo couldn't believe it. She'd practically been taken to solitary. If the woman had wanted to escape, there was nothing between her and the back of the prison, where Duo was certain no one stood guard. Was she even still in the cell?

But he heard Zechs say something, watched him lean over. The blond disappeared from Duo's view. Heero followed shortly after, his tuft of wild hair sprouting from around Wufei's form. What were they doing? The guard was talking. Duo looked around him and saw two inmates, both of whom were interested in him. One was looking him up and down with drawn brows. The other, a female, was grinning from ear to ear. "Look, Jimmy, it's a girl for you."

The man's brows drew further over those narrow eyes. "That's a girl, then?"

Son of a... Duo had to take a deep breath. When he was a kid, he'd lived because he was thought to be a girl. Somehow it was suddenly annoying to still be thought of as a girl when he was probably a legal adult now. Wouldn't girls have breasts?

But the woman's thin lips were practically cracking her face when she answered Jimmy. "Oh, yeah."


Heero stood again, just as Trowa snickered at Duo's back. Duo's partner turned to him. "Duo?"

"Duo?" Jimmy said. "Is that a girl's name?"

"Jimmy, just look at the hair."

Duo's fists clenched. Quatre and Wufei moved slightly out of Duo's way, standing between him and Noin as Duo made his way through. Heero reached out and grabbed Duo's hand as he got closer. Duo could see Noin now, and Zechs. Both were looking at the two of them with wide eyes. "Say what you're going to say." Heero's voice was low and hard as steel. The hand over Duo's didn't hurt, but Duo could feel the strain on muscles being denied. He squeezed Heero's hand and pulled his own free.

Noin watched Duo as he stepped forward. Duo could feel the tension popping off of Heero, noticed Zechs reacting to Heero. Noin lay in her cot on her side, one elbow propping her head up, one knee bent and pointed to the ceiling. The rest of her body faced him. "Duo."

Duo cocked his head at her. "I screwed over your lesson plans, teacher."

Noin's eyes flickered to Zechs before they hardened. She smiled just enough to show her teeth. "I heard."

"This wasn't what you wanted to say," Heero said. The man practically cocked his gun like a ranger. Duo shot Heero a look, but Heero wasn't paying any attention to him. Duo bet that if Noin coughed at that moment, Heero would have shot her. He didn't know if he should feel pleased or annoyed.

Probably annoyed.

"Heero, am I not your partner? Knock it off." Heero's gaze burned into him, a dark blue fire. Duo realized the double meaning of the term and glared.

"I'm glad I missed."

Duo turned to Noin. She hadn't moved from her position on the cot. Her hair was wild. He only now noticed, as if something like that was unnecessary and thus hadn't even entered his mind. But he could see now that it was a little greasy, disheveled and obviously the worse for wear. And she hadn't been taken out of her clothes from... from when they'd fought. Duo thought he could see flecks of blood on her shirt. Probably his blood. Duo blinked. Well. No wonder Heero had gotten upset.

"You're glad you screwed up?"

She shrugged one shoulder, the one not holding her head up. "That's all I really had to say."

Duo shook his head. "Oh, no. What you had to say to me involves that drug. What are its other effects? Is there anything else I need to worry about?"

She waved his questions away. "The drug was only supposed to mess with your DNA. And since I'd left it without anything to change into, you should have reverted to your old DNA structure. Yous Shouldn't have even turned into a dog. It was my subordinates' idea to use the dog DNA as a basis for deconstruction." That waving hand fell against her side once more. "There should be no ill effects. You were a dog, now you're human. If you don't have impaired vision or better hearing right now, then you'll be fine for the rest of your life."

Duo couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Are you telling me I could still have some dog-like qualities?" He tried to tell if he did or didn't, but he couldn't be sure. His hearing felt like less, his sense of smell weak. He hadn't gotten any of that, had he? He wasn't going to look in Heero's bathroom mirror and see a little doggy tail, was he?

"If you don't, then you don't. Otherwise, you should be fine."


"Anything physical would have been found by the hospital," Zechs said, his voice quiet. Duo turned to him. "As for your senses, you would be immediately aware of such a thing."

"And that's about it," Noin said. "I don't have anything else to say."

Nothing else? A jeer was coming from behind him, one that was raising Qat's and Tro's tension. Duo wasn't really paying attention. "So that's it? You turn me into a dog, kidnap Relena, shoot me to leave some manipulative message for Relena to do as you want her to... and that's it?" There wasn't even an apology!

"I did what needed to be done."

"But you were wrong." Duo moved back a pace and felt the tension in Heero recede a bit. "Noin, during the war you were smarter than this."

"During the war, I was in charge of protecting a girl who refused to accept that war involved death!" Noin pushed herself up into a sitting position. Her hands clenched into the thin sheet on her cot. "A woman who thought speaking the truth made her immune to bullets! She threw herself between two battling mobile suits on the belief that she wouldn't be harmed!"

Duo blinked. Okay. He hadn't known about that one. One quick look at Heero, however, told him that his... 'significant other'... had very well known.

"And even now, she refuses escorts – even unarmed! She ignores her own brother's concerns – she acts as if nothing can touch her! That no one wants to!" And Noin stood, thrusting a hand toward Zechs. "And what would Zechs do if she died?"

Things stilled. Duo couldn't explain it any other way. Everyone stood in place. The small sounds of movement dissipated. From the silence came the call, "c'mon, already! I'll show you a good time, suga'!" It was from one of the two cells Duo had stood beside before. Jimmy's cell. Duo rolled his eyes. The man had been in jail for too long.

Zechs was the one to move, and every eye turned to him. He stood straight, his back like steel, turned away from her. He started walking away.

"I did the same as you, Zechs!" she said, but Zechs kept going. If anything, his head rose, as if he were trying to keep it erect. Noin stepped away from the cot, one hand reaching up, but she dropped it. And like that, everything in her sagged. "I did the same as you. The same..." She put her hands over her face and hunched in. "Even you don't understand?"

Heero stepped forward. "With family, it's different." And he grabbed Duo's hand and turned to him. "Are you ready to go?" Heero asked, bending over slightly to whisper in Duo's ear. Duo nodded. He watched Noin as she dropped her hands, her entire body slumped, as if gravity was too heavy a burden. Her cheeks were dry, but her eyes were wet. He followed Heero out of the penitentiary without a word.

It was past midnight when they got back to Heero's house, finally leaving Zechs at the bar. Neither Duo nor Heero had drunk all that much, but they'd catered to Zechs' emotional needs – which, at the time, had been by assisting him in getting both shit-faced and safely home. The others had left shortly after they'd left the penitentiary, each with their own work to do. Wufei and Trowa had decided to go in to Preventors to change partners with Heero and Duo, and Quatre needed to release a statement to the late-night press about what had happened with Noin. Zechs had been the only one left, and Heero couldn't leave his brother when he was trying to get himself wrapped around a telephone pole.

Duo's headache had begun to storm by the time they got back, and Heero's first job when they'd walked in was to lead Duo upstairs to his pills. The light in the bedroom was left off for some reason, and the darkness was only broken by the moon outside Duo's window. It made things slightly gray, made Heero's contours stand in sharp detail. Duo set down the glass of water, keeping it away from the edge of the nightstand, and turned to Heero.

Somehow, it all still didn't feel quite right. Trowa and Wufei were getting ready to break up their partnership and rework it so that Heero and Duo wouldn't have to flounder once their relationship became known at HQ, since marital partners couldn't be partnered on busts. Maybe that would help Duo see the change? But still, it didn't feel quite right.

Heero sighed. "What is it missing?"

Duo almost jumped. "What?"

Heero raised his hand and touched Duo's cheek. His hand fell to Duo's jaw, then his neck. Duo could feel the hot punch of desire in his loins. His breathing quickened. "I've wanted to do this for so long. Why does it feel strange?"

Duo laughed. He couldn't help it. With one hand he held Heero's hand on his neck. The other he placed on Heero's shoulder. "I feel the same. It's weird, you know? Thinking of you as not off-limits. It almost hurts."

Heero nodded. Duo saw, in the darkness, that wild hair bob a bit. "Like we're playing a game."

"Like it's fake."

Heero was silent then, but the fingers against Duo's skin stilled like marble. "Fake?"

Duo squeezed Heero's hand. "I don't know. I know what I feel isn't fake." He was very glad they hadn't turned on the lights. "But what's changed?"

Heero slid his thumb over Duo's carotid artery. His pulse jumped until the blood pounded in his ears and down to his groin. Heero raised his other hand, sweeping it over Duo's hip and back until it was tangled in his braid. Heero rocked forward, his body shivering, his breath shuttering out. "This has changed," he said, his voice tight and raspy. "This." And Heero tugged his hair until his heady fell back, until his neck was open to grab, but instead of choking him, those big hands wrapped under his jaw and Heero attacked his lips, devoured them until with a sound of defeat Duo let Heero in. Their tongues battled, and even in his disadvantaged state Duo put up a fight, tugging at Heero's shirt until a button snapped and Duo could get his hands underneath it to Heero's bare skin. Heero pushed Duo back against a wall, but Duo lifted his hips up to grind against Heero until he faltered. With one leg Duo forced their erections together, wrapping around Heero's back and reeling him in. Heero gasped in a breath. Duo dove in before he could fully recover.

They hardly made it to the bed, Heero regaining enough control to push Duo back, and his one leg left on the ground buckled, sending them crashing back onto the comforter. In no time it was twisted up under them, keeping Duo from manipulating Heero, tangling him up in the covers. Once one of Duo's legs was caught, Heero managed to pin his other leg, then his hands. They were both breathing hard, each smelling the scents on the other's skin and tongue. Duo gave Heero a sultry smile and leaned up to peck Heero's lips. His heart was pounding, his face flushed. Everything in him was straining and stretching to its breaking point. "You're right," Duo said. Heero was already leaning down, biting on Duo's neck, and Duo groaned and arched everything – his neck, his back. He could feel something in his blood scream. "This is definitely different."

Heero made a sound of agreement before licking down to the top of Duo's shirt. "This will change things."

Duo grinned and pulled at the bottom of his shirt. "Good."

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