Falling for Someone (VicTORIous)

"Hi Tori! Wanna get lunch?" Cat Valentine asked her best friend, Tori Vega. They were hanging out by Tori's locker.

"Sorry. I can't. I'm meeting André in the Music hall. We're writing a super cool song for the end of term show," Tori replied, shutting her locker. When Tori first arrived at Hollywood Arts–in Hollywood itself!-She discovered people could decorate their lockers any way they wanted to. Her locker was pink with red hearts decorated over it.

"Beck! BECK!" The two girls whirled around to see Tori's 'frenemy', Jade West, running after her boyfriend Beck Oliver.

"Jade I told you! We're through and I like someone else so leave me alone!" Beck wailed.

"Who? You haven't said WHO!" Jade demanded.

"Her last name is Vega and her real name is Victoria," Beck said. Tori went bright red and dragged Cat away from the drama.

"Oh, my God! Beck is into you!" Cat cried happily, opening the door for the Music hall. André was waiting.

"Hello giggly girls. Heard Beck lurves you Tori," André teased.

"I don't wanna talk about it," Tori sighed a bit dazed. Cat slipped out the door leaving the two best friends alone. As soon as Cat left, Beck slipped through the door.

"Hi Tori. Thought you would be here," Beck smiled.

"I need to talk to you. I was in the corridor earlier and I heard you dumped Jade for me…"Tori said slowly. Beck went bright red and took Tori's hand.

"True. Name one recent thing she did for me that was nice," Beck said.

"Ummm…She got you Lunch yesterday?" Tori suggested.

"Yeah then threw it away to a dog as I was approaching!" Beck replied laughing. André cleared his throat.

"Tori, there's something I really need to tell you..." Andre began...