Shining Endeavors

Coming to the front of the thrift store, Gui Gui looked up at its age-old shop sign. Its appearance sparked the marvel of the unimaginably long period in history it must have withstood. From the rise in the college's unsurpassed reputation to its present pitiful state, Gui Gui only beheld its undying fervour, although the extent of its past glory has dwindled considerably year after year.

She took a step forth as she armed herself with strong determination to bring back the school's once-due honour. Her hands tugged hard on the strap of her bag upon the ponder of such resolution.

Not long, as she was still indulged in her fiesty wonder, Gui Gui was alerted back to reality when a shove was felt. She immediately turned about. Instead of preparing to mutter a complaint, her expression only softened. Sighing, she offered a hand, "Oh, Xiao Jie...just look at you..."

The blurry girl stifled a yawn, "Gui Gui, why the fuss of calling me so early in the morning? It's barely the second week of school..."

Seeing her so bedraggled, Gui Gui quickly led her to a nearby bench, "How can you ask a silly question? It's a new school term and we should be fully-prepared right from the start...Second week means rest is totally over...Wake up, Xiao Jie!"

To her disappointment, the petite girl only slumped onto the seat and rested her heavy dizzy head on Gui Gui's shoulder.

From a couple of blocks away, a limousine soon stopped by the college entrance. The driver then rushed to open the car door for a youngster in the back passenger's seat.

Stepping out and moving ahead to scan the surroundings, he took down the pair of sunglasses which he was wearing. Seeming a little displeased, he smirked, "Trees are everywhere, no chance to showcase my newly-bought Armani latest eyewear...This is so low..."

Nearing the school gate, he stopped in his track. He sharply noticed the rusty bars. He took out a piece of tissue to avoid dirtying his hand as he pushed it open. Next minute, he cringed upon hearing the squeaky sound effects made by the terribly-loosed hinges.

Wang Zi merely stood in a daze with disgust for a time before finally deciding that staying a second longer in this run-down college would definitely cost him a lifetime of contentment.