Having just arrived in his office barely more than an hour ago, the principal was surprised by a knock on his door this early.

"Come in," he called.

When the unexpected visitor did enter, he was even more startled and got up from his seat.

Miss Fan Fan folded her arms and introduced sarcastically, "Long time no see, Mr Yee...I guess you would not have dreamt that I would wake up from my coma at last after 5 long years..."

He appeared very much shocked, "Miss Fan Fan...how can you say such? I'm most delighted to see you well...But...but..."

She walked up to his desk and said sternly, "But how would I know that after involving me in a car accident years ago, you would seize the opportunity to take over my position as Kingsgate College's new principal and play the game of corruption by eating up the school's financial resources!" She took out a bunch of documents returned to her care by Wang Zi and laid them all on the desk.

The principal was at a lost for words after going through the evidences. Soon, a few more people also showed up to his dilemma. They were members of the school's board of directors.

"I'm sure that I don't have to say much now...," Miss Fan Fan remarked and stepped aside.

One of the directors then demanded of the principal, "It's understood that you will no longer be a part of Kingsgate College from this second onwards."

He sunk back onto the chair and found it impossible to believe that this day would come without a single warning at all.

Meanwhile, outside the school, a huge notice was hung at the locked gate informing that all classes were cancelled. Gui Gui had arrived way early before her gang of friends and thus, made a call to Da Ya to let them know that there was no need to attend school.

Coming down the sidewalk, Wang Zi was quick to notice the empty school compound. He then joined Gui Gui by the gate just as she was about to hang up the call.

"Alright, see you gals probably tomorrow!" She ended the phone conversation. Turning about, she nearly got a fright that he was suddenly standing right next to her.

"Morning," he greeted casually.

Gui Gui merely smiled back uneasily but then was aware that something was strange this day. She glanced about, "Hey, where's your limousine...and your chauffeur,...that Mr Lee?"

He chuckled at her curiosity, "I just feel more like walking to school nowadays...like ordinary people...What do you think?"

She raised an eyebrow with suspicion, "Are you sure, Prince Qiu? And what's that 'what do I think'?"

He was somewhat bothered by her attitude and begged, "I've been thinking that after all those things that had happened, we both already are...well, you know..."

Gui Gui refused to give into his hints, "I know what? Oh, I'm like wasting my time here with no class to attend...See ya!" She spun around and went on her way.

"Not again," Wang Zi has to run after her. "Gui Gui! Wait up!" He caught her wrist just in time before she crossed the street.

"What do you want?" she cried impatiently when forced to stop.

He turned her around to face him, "Do you have to be such a cold and moody princess? I'm really taking our relationship seriously...Gui Gui, I know that deep inside, you do care about me...Can you please don't be that pretentious about your true feelings?" Taking her hands, his softened gaze towards her caused Gui Gui to blush shyly.

Looking down, she stubbornly dismissed, "I'm not in any way a princess..."

He smiled at her words and slowly got out a little case from his bag.

"What's that?" she asked as he handed it to her.

He offered, "For someone who would never admit herself a princess..."

She figured that she had better open it, "So this comes from someone who would forever call himself a Prince, am I right?"

He waited expectantly for her response. When Gui Gui finally held out an eye-catching item made up of a number of unique seashells delicately pieced together in a wonderful arrangement, she gasped, "This whole thing...has a shape which looks like a...tiara...a strikingly familiar one..."

Wang Zi nodded. He then got out that special one of a penny he has been keeping all this while, "I got my inspiration for this gift from what I had engraved on this piece of coin ten years ago..."

Gui Gui was taken aback, "So it's with you all along? Oh, how stupid am I to not realise it!"

Seeing her so troubled, he reached forward to hug her tenderly, "I know that our acquaintance began with a deep misunderstanding...But don't worry, no matter what happens, I'll always remain at Kingsgate College...because Gui Gui, you're all that matters to me...Can you please trust me for this?"

Gui Gui was somewhat touched, "You were the one who had been to St Mary's hospital as a kid back then...Is that true, Wang Zi?"

"Of course, little Angel..." It made him glad to hear her calling him by his nick once again.

She laughed at her own silliness, "It's weird, isn't it? But still, thank you, Wang Zi..."

When they pulled apart, he was most happy to behold the delightful smile on her sweetest face. He then pulled her along, "Let's go..."

She inquired blankly, "To where, Wang Zi?"

"For our first date, to the beach, where we'll gather more seashells," he returned with anticipation.

"Oh, isn't there any other place you can think of?" she moaned while trying her best to keep up with his quick pace down the street as they dashed off together hand in hand.


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