Chapter 1: A Pink telephone box


There they were, looking at the asteroid belt that divided the Milky Way. The silence was peaceful.

He, The Doctor was sitting at the edge of the Tardis along with Amy Pond. She had wanted to see a little bit of home, while Rory took over the shower, in their room.

"What on Earth is that?" he turned around and saw Amy pointing into the distance. And with his keen sight he saw something that nearly shocked him senseless. But didn't. Luckily.

A pink telephone box was jumping about the meteors, and not only that, it twirled, bounced and somersaulted. Only one person would drive something like that, and survive to tell the tale. Again and again.

Getting up and running inside the Tardis, he went to the centre control panel.

Amy followed silently behind him. Rory not knowing what events were taking place was singing Mamma Mia in the shower.

Once the doctor had tracked the ship and logged on to it, a message popped up.

Hey Doc! That you there? What have you done to that Tardis!

He stepped back in shock. He let no one call him that. Apart from one, well let hadn't been an option with them.

Amy went up to the screen and read the message. Turning around he could see the smile on her face, and he knew he would be teased loads for this. But he could also see the curiosity in her gaze. And he knew he was worrying her and the other by staying silent.

But before he could reply a new message came to the screen.

Caught you by surprise, did I? It's been years since I did that. Well are you going to let me on board, or are you just going to gape like a fish all day?

He could almost see the laughter in their voice. And doing something he never thought he would ever be able to do, he pressed the button that linked two ships together and walked to the doors.

Swinging them open, he saw the bubblegum pink telephone box link to his Tardis. And by the look of it, it hadn't been anyway damaged and could still turn on its disguise.

The door opened dramatically, always their style. Amy followed him to the platform, and he could see her eyes brimming with questions.

But she would have to wait; after all he'd been waiting to see this person for more years than he can remember…

note: hey guys hope you like this, my first swing into the Doctor Who world, i hope to update soon, i just got this idea and i had to write it down, hope i got everyone interested! :)